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Winner Takes All Chapter 371-372

Chapter 371


The sound was like loud thunder, deafening.

Everyone looked at Chen Dong in panic.

Had he gone mad?

Was he betting that Li Deshan wouldn’t dare to shoot?

“Mr Chen!”

“Young Master!”

“Brother Dong!”

Almost simultaneously, Chu Reed, Elder Long, Qin Ye and the others simultaneously exclaimed in shock.

But Chen Dong, however, paid no heed.

Instead, his footsteps were even faster.

His face was cold, his eyes narrowed into slits, bursting with a harsh and bone-chilling cold aura.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s entire aura had changed.

He was like a sharp sword sheathed in the sky, carrying a domineering aura that looked down on everything.

His eyes were fixed on the black muzzle of the gun in Li Deshan’s hand, and all his attention was locked on it.

The footsteps, faster and faster!

Li Deshan’s pupils tightened, and his heart could not help but feel a fierce heartbeat.

Seeing Chen Dong coming, for a moment, he actually panicked a little.

This beast, was he crazy enough to bang his head against the gun?

The atmosphere was stern.

Everyone was terrified, and some of the girls had already covered their eyes tightly, not daring to look at the scene that followed.

In their eyes, Chen Dong was already considered a dead man.

The image of a shot to the head was even more visually striking than the bloodshed of the melee earlier.

“Stupidity to the core! I came to you to kill you, and now you are betting that I don’t dare to shoot?”

Li Deshan forced down his panic and said with a fierce smile.

“Then F**king shoot!”

Chen Dong bellowed, a cold aura bursting from his eyes.

The majestic aura that enveloped the whole scene was like a huge river, making people shudder.

Li Deshan was caught off guard and was frightened by this explosive shout, causing his expression to panic and his body to shiver.

“Die, you die!”

Li Deshan hissed hideously, his right hand quickly pulling the trigger.


The sound of gunfire exploded deafeningly.

The scene abruptly burst into a scream of terror.

Everyone, including Kunlun, could not help but close their eyes.

In a flash of lightning.

As if Chen Dong’s state was instantly raised to its limit, he violently inclined his head at the moment Li Deshan fired.

It was this momentary movement.

The discharged bullet swept directly past his ear, and the blazing heat even scorched a few hairs.


The bullet struck the wall.

And with it.


The steel pipe in Chen Dong’s hand, smashed down brazenly.


Li Deshan dropped his pistol, his arm showed a strange bend, the stubble of the white bones exposed to the air, a look of shock and pain surfaced on his face.

He looked at Chen Dong with horror in his eyes, as if he had seen a ghost, and the sharp pain coming from his right hand seemed like countless sharp knives, ruthlessly stirring every nerve in him.

How on earth had he managed to do that?

When Li Deshan’s miserable scream echoed.

Everyone was horrified.

Wasn’t it Chen Dong who should be screaming miserably?

Kunlun was the first to open his eyes, and when he saw the scene in front of him, his jaw dropped.

How did Young Master …… do that?

He has been through the sands, is the king of soldiers, is also a god of killing, the knowledge of firearms can be said to be the pinnacle.

The situation just now, spare him have little chance to win.

But Chen Dong had done it!

Was there no limit to the young master’s combat instincts?

Terrifying questions came to mind, making Kun Lun feel as if the scene before him was a dream.

At the same time.

As a gaze reverted to Chen Dong and Li Deshan.

An outcry of shock rang out at the same time.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The scene in front of them had refreshed everyone’s perception.

It gave everyone a sense of trance with a bolt from the blue.

What the hell had just happened to ……?

Why did the one who was looking for death not die, but the one who wanted to kill became like this?


Chen Dong smashed another steel pipe viciously onto Li Deshan’s left foot.

With a click, the bones broke.

With Li Deshan’s miserable scream, he fell straight to the ground.

At this moment, Li Deshan was so terrified that he was no longer as arrogant as he had been in front of the crowd before, except for his miserable screams.

Chen Dong was like a ghost god in his eyes, forming an indescribably great terror.

“It is you who are so foolish!”

Chen Dong towered over him as if he was looking at a dead man, “I didn’t kill Old Master Li at all, and I, Chen Dong, don’t even care about this kind of sneaking around and killing people to their faces! The Li family’s demise was caused by you alone!”

“No, it’s not like that, it’s not F**king like that at all!”

Li Deshan, red-eyed and frantic with fear, shook his head and retorted, “It’s you, it’s you, the situation my Li family is in today is all because of you!”


In a flash, a cold light flashed from Li Deshan’s waist.

Li Deshan pulled out his dagger and instantly, like a mad dog, his eyes were ruthless as he stabbed directly towards Chen Dong.

The whole crowd was once again in shock.


There was a muffled sound.

The frantic Li Deshan abruptly stopped in his tracks.

The fear and madness on his face, gradually receded, and his eyes gradually became hollow and lost their sparkle.

A stream of crimson blood flowed down the top of his head, staining his face red.

With a poof, Li Deshan collapsed to the ground.

Dang jang ……

Chen Dong threw away the steel pipe in his hand, without a ripple, and said coldly, “Death is not enough!”

The words fell.

Chen Dong then slowly left the banquet hall.

In the banquet hall, the crowd looked at Li Deshan, who had fallen in a pool of blood, and one by one, their backs were chilled and their scalps were numb.

Fear was in the air.

No one had expected that the situation would be reversed by Chen Dong in the end.

No one took pity on Li Deshan, some were just shocked at what had just happened.

“Reed, Yu Lan, I’ll leave this place to you guys.”

Long Lao came back to his senses and calmly instructed Chu Reed and Zhang Yulan.

Then he helped Qin Ye to walk outside.

As he pa*sed by Kun Lun, Long Lao noticed that Kun Lun was still lost in thought, so he said, “What are you doing frozen, the young master has left.”

Kun Lun’s eyes flickered for a moment and he returned to his senses.

At this moment, he still had more than a storm in his heart.

His heart palpitating, he said, “Where is the limit of the young master, exactly?”

“What limit?” Elder Long asked.

“Combat instinct.” Kunlun said, “Just now it should have been the young master who instantly dodged the bullet and completed the reversal of the blow, this, this …… this success rate is infinitely close to zero!”

“Can you do that?” Elder Long asked rhetorically.

Kunlun pondered for a second and said solemnly, “One percent chance.”

“Then that means it can be done.”

Elder Long nodded and said with deep eyes, “Anyone in a desperate situation, as long as they don’t lower their heads, they can always fight their way out.”

“You’re not surprised?”

Kunlun asked after him as he followed Elder Long.

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “How could I not be surprised, anyone else would be surprised by this scene, even a Daoist Monarch would be smacking his lips, I’m afraid.”

With the departure of Chen Dong’s few people.

This film industry exchange meeting also quickly ended.

But as one by one, the filmmakers filled with fear and shock left, the scene that took place in the banquet hall also swept across Kyoto like a storm.

The head of the Li family had fallen.

It was enough to shock the whole of Kyoto.

One must know that with the Li family’s decline, there were already many magnates and giants in the dark.

The fall of the Li family head was undoubtedly a declaration of the complete downfall of the Li family.

When the news swept to every magnate family head and family giant in Kyoto.

Everyone was stunned, even if it was already close to midnight.

No one had any intention of sleeping, and it was destined that the whole of Kyoto would lose sleep tonight.


Chapter 372

It was a sleepless night in Kyoto.

The giants of the gentry, the undercurrents were raging.

There were those who were shocked, those who were excited and ecstatic, and those who were gloating.

The Li family is in decline and the building is about to tumble, and there are people in the shadows who have their knives sharpened and ready to strike.

But after all, the thin camel is bigger than the horse, and it is impossible to swallow it quickly.

Now, the new family head, Li Deshan, has suddenly fallen.

This undoubtedly gave the giants a chance.

A golden opportunity to quickly devour the Li family!

The whole of Kyoto was like this raging thunderstorm, crazy and violent.

Chen Dong did not care about all this.

After leaving the hotel, he returned to the hotel where he was staying.

He loathed the Li family, but it was only loathing.

At first, he could still hold back his anger.

But with the death of the elder Li, when Li Deshan took charge of the Li family and brazenly posted him to the Darknet Hidden Killers Organisation for a bounty, the feud could not be settled at all.

The Li family would have to pay the price for their stupidity after all.

Even if Li Deshan did not seek him out, he would still find an opportunity to deal with the Li family.

Only Li Deshan’s madness had brought it all forward.

In the hotel room.

Kunlun was still in a bit of a trance, still not recovering from the scene where Chen Dong had dodged the bullet.

Elder Long was helpless at this, and could only shake his head and sigh.

And in the other room.

Chen Dong sat calmly in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the night scene of Kyoto that was still pouring with rain late at night.

He murmured softly, “After this torrential rain, the sky in Kyoto should be much clearer, right?”

“I’ll go get another room.”

Qin Ye suddenly stood up, his face full of excitement.

Chen Dong glanced at Qin Ye in dismay, “You’ve just been beaten up, can you stand it?”

“I’m young and strong, what’s a steel pipe?” Qin Ye looked indifferent.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “You’re not young, if you think she’s suitable, it’s time to consider her.”

The smile on Qin Ye’s face disappeared.

He lit up a cigarette and smoked it.

“Do you think I’m worthy?”

Murmuring softly, Qin Ye looked at Chen Dong, “I’m a patricide, such an infamous name, if I do get married to her, what will others think of her in the future?”

“Then you are tired of being with someone every day?” Chen Dong asked.

Qin Ye shrugged his shoulders and scratched his hair with some annoyance, “So I say, I’ve really played it big this time!”

Saying that, Qin Ye exhaled a puff of smoke and looked out the window despondently into the torrential rain, sighing, “Enough talk, she should be here by now!”

Looking at Qin Ye who turned to leave, Chen Dong smiled bitterly for a while.

But this was Qin Ye’s private life, and he had no reason to interfere, so he could only stand in the position of a friend and advise him.

There was no talk all night.

The next morning.

Chu Reed arrived at the hotel early to explain and make amends for what happened last night.

Chen Dong also did not care, last night’s incident, even he himself did not expect, Chu reed did not expect is also reasonable thing.

After all, who would have thought.

The former richest Li family, the new head of the family would suddenly do a crazy act of fish death at such a time?

A slightly more sane person would not have used such radical and crazy means as Li Deshan.

Chen Dong also had no intention of staying in Kyoto for much longer, so he left early with Kunlun Long Lao.

As for Qin Ye, he did not consider returning together at all.

Dry wood and fire, disturbing people now would be a lack of virtue.

On the plane.

Elder Long snickered, “Young master is in such a hurry to return, his heart is pining for young madam?”

“Well, Xiao Ying is pregnant and I want to spend more time with her, I’ve heard that pregnancy is very hard and also prone to depression, I can’t help her share this pain, so I can only be by her side as much as possible.”

Chen Dong said with a smile.

Elder Long said, “Actually, young master doesn’t need to worry too much, it’s nothing.”

“It’s always right to feel sorry for your wife.” Chen Dong rubbed his nose.

Elder Long and Kunlun laughed at the same time.

Kun Lun hesitated and asked, “Young Master, what were you thinking about when you were dodging the bullets?”

“I don’t want to wait to die, fight until my last breath, and die without regret.” Chen Dong responded.

Really …… just fighting for his life?

Kunlun’s heart was shocked, people can indeed burst out of potential in extreme circumstances.

But potential, after all, varies from person to person.

To be able to accomplish an extreme operation like dodging bullets, how terrifying must the young master’s potential be?

The plane landed at the airport on the outskirts of the city.

Chen Dong first went to Dingtai Company to take care of some matters.

Now that Dingtai had completed the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city, the company’s volume had reached the same level as Zhou Yanqiu Zhou Zunlong’s real estate company, and was even vaguely stronger.

However, Chen Dong is not satisfied with this and has plans for the company’s future development.

Even though he was now in control of half of the Qin family in Xishu, he also had Chu Reed’s entertainment company in Kyoto, which far exceeded Dingtai in terms of volume and scale.

Chen Dong also did not give up the idea of Dingtai.

This is the basic base for him to make his fortune, his roots are here.

Moreover, when he handed in his answer to the Chen family in a year’s time, any point would be taken into consideration.

One more company, and one more chance of winning!

After handing over some follow-up matters with Xiao Ma and Lone Wolf, Chen Dong then returned to the Four Seals Clubhouse with Long Lao Kunlun.

Only, just after arriving at the clubhouse.

Chen Dong then ran into Lord Meng and Zhou Yanqiu.

“Mr. Chen!”

When Zhou Yanqiu saw Chen Dong, he was instantly delighted.

He hurriedly stepped forward, his body bowing slightly, and his eyes bent into crescents under his gold-rimmed gla*ses.

“Back so soon?”

Lord Meng smiled and nodded to Chen Dong, then after glancing at Zhou Yanqiu out of the corner of his eyes, he said to Chen Dong, “Mr Zhou is looking for you for something, so I will leave first.”

“Good bye, Lord Meng.” Chen Dong nodded his head.

Only after Lord Meng had left did Chen Dong then drop his attention to Zhou Yanqiu.

Looking at Zhou Yanqiu’s slightly bowed body, he could not help but feel in a trance for a moment.

Once upon a time, he was still just the vice president of a real estate company under Zhou Yanqiu that was giving his wife’s brother a pension.

At that time, Zhou Yanqiu was so unattainable in his eyes.

Even though Chen Dong was already earning millions of dollars a year, he knew clearly that he would never be able to reach Zhou Yanqiu’s height in his lifetime, whether in terms of ability or family.

But how long has it been now?

An existence that he could once only look up to was bowing down in front of him.

In the past, Chen Dong had never imagined such a transformation.

While sighing in his heart, Chen Dong was not the least bit arrogant and said with a smile, “Mr Zhou, there is no need to be like this, just say what you want.”

Zhou Yanqiu rubbed his hands together and said, “Actually, I brought some gifts to visit you, but when I learned that only the young lady was at home, I couldn’t stay much longer, so I put down the gifts and was ready to leave, but I didn’t expect ……”

“Mr. Zhou, we have known each other for so many years, there is no need to beat around the bush.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and said with a smile, “Although we had unpleasant moments during that time, we are still on the same page now, so if there is anything you want to do, just say it, I will help if I can.”

“Good, thank you Mr. Chen for being straightforward.”

Zhou Yanqiu nodded and said with a grave expression, “I actually want to ask Mr. Chen to help me get a piece of land.”

Get land?!

Chen Dong was stunned.

Elder Long and Kunlun were also full of doubts.