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Winner Takes All Chapter 375-376

Chapter 375

The voice was cold, stern and overbearing.

The crowd in the booth instantly looked furious.

All eyes locked on one person at the same time.

That was the only young man in the entire room who still had his arm around the girl.

He was sitting on the sofa on all fours with a cigar in his mouth, clutching the girl in his arms.

He smiled coldly and looked at the lobby manager: “What are you doing? What kind of cats and dogs are you putting in there?”

The lobby manager suddenly panicked: “Mr. Wu, I didn’t let them in, it was them who forced their way in, it was Zhou Yanqiu, the one you taught a lesson to this afternoon!”

Wu Junhao laughed, pooh-poohed, spat out a mouthful of saliva and said with a cross colour, “I F**king teach so many people a day, do I still have to take names one by one?”

The lobby manager was startled and hurriedly moved to the side.

Chen Dong slowly lifted his hand and pointed at Wu Junhao, “You, get out!”


Wu Junhao leaned back on the sofa with his cigar in his mouth, looking like he had no one in sight: “Who the hell are you? Come barking at me, I’m really F**king coming out, you’ll be ruined today!”

Lone Wolf, who was standing behind Chen Dong, instantly looked hostile.

He was about to take a step forward at once, but was stopped by Chen Dong’s parting tug.

“Weren’t you the one who told my men to inform me to come and kneel down and apologize with you?”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and his cold light flashed, “Now I, Chen Dong, am here.”

“Chen Dong? Never heard of it, is there my boss Lin Lingdong’s authority in Lingdong?”

Wu Junhao was full of disdain, rubbed his temples and suddenly laughed with a look of clarity, “Oh oh oh, I remember, you are the doggies who came to see my big brother this afternoon and tried to grab the land from my big brother, right?”


One of Wu Junhao’s sidekicks shot up and pointed at Chen Dong, cursing, “Son of a B*tch, don’t even look at who you’re talking to? How many mongrels like you does Mr. Wu know how many he slaps over a day?”

“D*mn, these days, there are really a lot of shallow kings and C*nts, and there are big brothers everywhere.”

“Just one word, and the three of them will walk out of here today!”

“They’ve just been beaten up this afternoon, but they still dare to come here tonight.

The room was filled with angry voices and cross faces.

Zhou Yanqiu and Lone Wolf’s faces were sullen.

These people, they were so cross!

With a cold face, Lone Wolf walked to Chen Dong’s side and was about to speak.



Chen Dong suddenly laughed.

Only the laugh exuded a biting and piercing coldness, and his eyes were narrowed, and his eyes were even more murderous.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s eyes looked as if he could kill a god!

This scene caused the crowd in the room who were screaming to shut up in shock at the same time.

Even Wu Junhao’s pupils shrank.

“If you don’t come out, then I will come in.”

Chen Dong took a leisurely step, the smile on the corner of his mouth becoming colder and more stern, “Since you don’t know me, Chen Dong, then I’ll just introduce myself.”

“D*mn it, do it!”

Wu Junhao suddenly looked ferocious and viciously threw his cigar cigarette on the ground.

In an instant, more than a dozen people in the private room, at the same time, gathered around towards Chen Dong.

“Jumping clowns!”

Chen Dong shook his head disdainfully and in an instant, his speed skyrocketed, like a tiger descending from a mountain, with the momentum of a tiger.

Bang, bang, bang!

A series of three muffled sounds.

The three little brothers screamed miserably and fell to the ground.

Everyone’s movements gave a start, revealing a look of horror.

Ruthless people!

In an instant, a thought came to all the people in the private room, including Wu Junhao.

The air instantly seemed to freeze.

It was Zhou Yanqiu, whose gaze was burning with excitement.

Lone Wolf, on the other hand, walked quickly to Chen Dong’s side and stood side by side.

“Stand down!”

Chen Dong said indifferently.

Lone Wolf tangled, “Mr. Chen, I ……”

“A bunch of cats and dogs, I alone am enough.” Chen Dong’s voice was as cold and stern as frost, making it impossible for Lone Wolf to refute.

But this one sentence was as open and domineering as possible, as if countless sharp needles, instantly jumping the nerves of Wu Junhao and the others.

“D*mn it, why are you all standing there? Let’s go!”

Wu Junhao gave a command.

The younger brothers, who were still in shock, instantly looked at each other and looked steeply fierce, directly attacking towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s body was like a ghost, and his fists and feet brought up streaks of shadow, whistling as he blasted out directly.

He was used to seeing big fights and big waves.

This kind of petty fight, which was almost like a street brawl, was not even in Chen Dong’s mind.

Perhaps these people were indeed fierce enough in the eyes of ordinary people.

But in front of him, they were not even worthy of carrying shoes!

Bang Bang Bang ……

The loud sound like hitting a sandbag echoed through the private room.

There were constantly things being mangled.

With a miserable scream, one after another, the junior brothers fell to the ground.

Chen Dong’s attack, dry and harsh, fist and foot blast, someone must fall to the ground, simply do not give these people a chance to punch a second time.

In just ten seconds.

All of them fell to the ground, screaming in agony.

Chen Dong stood calmly in the same place, his eyebrows were cold.

Like a god of killing, he looked askance.

His eyes slowly shifted towards Wu Junhao.

When he felt Chen Dong’s gaze, Wu Junhao’s body shook, and he immediately felt like a man’s back, terrified and uncomfortable.

It was too fast!

So fast that he couldn’t even look back.

These were his best men, usually one of them would have no problem beating several, but tonight, how could they be so unbeatable?

At this moment, Wu Junhao’s body was filled with a vicious chill as he gazed at Chen Dong, feeling like he had fallen into an ice cave.

Lone Wolf was secretly shocked and smacked his lips, while Zhou Yanqiu was excited and ecstatic.

The two men’s reactions were in stark contrast to Wu Junhao’s in the private room.

In the private room, a stern and murderous atmosphere prevailed.

Chen Dong walked up to Wu Junhao in front of him like an idle court, looking down on him from above, “You beat up my man, I beat you up, that’s not too much, is it?”

His voice was cold, with a strong sense of teasing.

Wu Junhao’s face turned white and he asked offhandedly, “You, who the hell are you? In the entire Lingdong, there can never be a figure like you in existence.”

“Er Dong Chen, the East of the East!”

Chen Dong spoke calmly, “Now, take me to see your boss, Lin Lingdong.”

Meet the boss?!

Wu Junhao was horrified, in his mind, Lin Lingdong was the underground king of Lingdong, unattainable and unseen by the gods.

No one could possibly see Lin Lingdong without an order from him to see him!

“You, who do you think you are? My boss Lin Lingdong ……”

Wu Junhao roared loudly.

Only, the words didn’t finish.


Chen Dong grabbed Wu Junhao’s head with one hand and blatantly threw his head onto the gla*s table in front of him.

There was a crash ……

With Wu Junhao’s scream, the gla*s table exploded and the gla*s shattered to the ground.

When Wu Junhao’s head was pulled up again, his face was already covered in blood.

Chen Dong slowly leaned down and approached Wu Junhao’s face, his gaze cold and stern, his voice sounding like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Underworlds.

“What do you think, what kind of thing is your boss?”


Chapter 376

Wu Junhao was afraid.

Even though his face was full of blood, underneath the blood, he still could not hide the pallor of a dead man.

In the eyes of the man in front of him, there was a bitter killing intent, and not the slightest fluctuation could be seen.

It was as if he was facing a bloodthirsty beast.

This was a feeling he had never had even when he faced Lin Lingdong.

His heart beat faster, as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

In the end, Wu Junhao effortlessly squeezed his throat and let out a single word.



Lingdong Mountain Villa.

Situated in a scenic area on the outskirts of Lingdong, it was surrounded by mountains and water.

It was the top mountain clubhouse in Lingdong.

Those who can enter this place are either rich or noble, and ordinary people can only watch from afar, but cannot get close.

Tonight, Lingdong Villa is particularly lively.

The interior of the lodge is decorated with lights and colours.

A tightly patrolled caravan shows the high level of security.

Inside the lobby, there was singing and dancing and laughter.

A huge round table was filled to capacity.

“Zheng Guoji has come to my humble abode, please allow Lingdong to drink another toast!”

With a drunken red on his face, Lin Lingdong happily raised his gla*s and greeted Zheng Guoshu, who was seated at the main table.

Zheng Guodian was also slightly drunk and was excited about the banquet, so he naturally did not refuse.

As the two men drank from their gla*ses, they drained their wine.

Everyone in the audience applauded.

All the people present were prominent figures in Lingdong, but now they were also reduced to being the accompaniment at the table.

However, no one had the slightest complaint or grievance.

To be able to enter and leave the Lingdong Villa was already a great honour.

What’s more, the guest of honour invited by Lin Lingdong this evening was the master of Chinese painting, Zheng Guodian!

He is an internationally renowned titan.

It is a great honour for Lingdong to have him here.

And everyone here knew that this was also Lin Lingdong’s face.

If it were anyone else present, not to mention inviting Zheng to come to Lingdong, people would probably not even bother to talk to him.

“Hahahaha …… Xiandi Linlingdong is indeed a man of nature.”

Zheng Guote laughed and hooked shoulders with Lin Lingdong, without the slightest hint of a titanic stance.

“The first time I saw your paintings, I was amazed by them, and since then, I have never been able to stop.”

Lin Lingdong’s praise made Zheng Guote happy.

“Brother Lingdong, why don’t we take advantage of this situation and ask Elder Zheng to paint a pair of paintings?” Someone suggested.


Without waiting for Lin Lingdong to say anything, Zheng Guote answered.

Lin Lingdong’s eyes lit up and instantly revealed a fiery intent.

He was the underground king of Lingdong and had unparalleled power and wealth, but in his leisure time, he was intoxicated by Chinese painting, and had immense respect for a titanic figure like Zheng Guote.

If he could take advantage of his drunkenness to acquire an ink treasure, he would have another treasure in his villa that would be pleasing to the eye!

Thinking of this, Lin Lingdong was overjoyed and got up to personally study the ink for Zheng Guodou.

This scene made the crowd in the audience secretly amazed.

Since when could an underground king put himself in such a low position?

“Brother Lingdong, why don’t I do it?” A man suggested.

Lin Lingdong gave a sidelong glance, “Who are you to study ink for Elder Zheng? Even if it were me, I would only be doing the work of a dog and horse for Elder Zheng.”

The man’s face changed and he hurriedly retreated to the crowd.

Just as Zheng’s hand was holding the brush and dyeing the ink, he was ready to put down the brush.


“Chief Lin, Chief Wu has brought someone here.”

Outside the hall, a voice rang out.

Zheng Guo’s hand couldn’t help but give the pen a lurch.

Lin Lingdong instantly became angry and apologetically said to Zheng Guote, “Sorry Old Zheng, it’s my little brother, who has no rules and regulations, I’ll go teach him a lesson.”

“Forget it, it’s your own brother, why bother, invite them in.” Zheng Guote generously waved his hand.

Lin Lingdong was instantly relieved and hurriedly asked the man at the door to call someone in.

When Chen Dong carried Wu Junhao, he walked into the hall.

In the hall, a cry of shock rang out at once.

Everyone’s face changed drastically.


Lin Lingdong’s expression was hostile and his drunkenness sobered up a few degrees.

“Boss ……”

Originally Wu Junhao was still terrified and lost in thought, when he heard Lin Lingdong’s words, he instantly snapped back to his senses and wailed miserably, “It’s him, he wants to see you!”

“D*mn it!”

Lin Lingdong was furious and cursed in anger, without any regard for Zheng Guote who was present.

The rest of the men, also full of anger, stared angrily at Chen Dong and Zhou Yanqiu and Lone Wolf behind him.

These people, who had beaten Wu Junhao like this, wanted Lin Lingdong to teach them how to write the word “death”?


No one had noticed.

At this moment, Zheng Guote, who was standing in front of the desk pen, was shocked and his drunken eyes became clear in an instant.

How did this kid get here?

Chen Dong naturally noticed Zheng Guote in the crowd and was also a little stunned and surprised.

However, that was just about it.

Because of Gu Qingying’s relationship, Zheng Guote was his uncle by generation, and it was none of his business what kind of people the other party was socialising with.

He had come to do his business!


With a fling of his right hand, Chen Dong threw Wu Junhao to the ground.

Looking at Lin Lingdong, who looked like a raging lion, he could not help but hook the corners of his mouth and smiled, “I did not expect that the underground king who had shocked Lingdong would still be so young.”

The Lin Lingdong in front of him looked to be about thirty years old.

Topped with the title of Lingdong’s underground king, instead of looking half bandit, he looked a bit civilized and courteous.

“Boss ……”

Wu Junhao cried and howled as he was about to crawl towards Lin Lingdong, his face full of congealed blood stains, adding to his misery.


Chen Dong raised his foot and stepped on Wu Junhao’s back.

This scene instantly caused Lin Lingdong to explode.

He was the underground king of Lingdong, in Lingdong, who dared not give him some face?

Who did not know that Wu Junhao was one of his men?

Beating Wu Junhao like this was clearly a slap in the face of this underground king of his!

“If you beat a dog, you still have to look at the master!” Lin Lingdong squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

Chen Dong tilted his head slightly and smiled blatantly, “Your dog bit my brother, what kind of master do I look at when I beat a dog?”


A thunderstorm of words.

Everyone in the audience turned pale and was shocked.

My God!

Has this guy gone mad?

How dare he speak to Lin Lingdong like that?

Some people even thought they had heard wrongly when they were drunk and raised their hands to drill their ears hard.

“Good, good for you! You are the first person who dares to speak to me, Lin Lingdong, like that!”

Lin Lingdong laughed back in anger, his laughter reckless and wild.

The crowd in the room were all in a state of shock.

Everyone knew that this was Lin Lingdong’s trademark smile, and that when he smiled, there would be blood splattered!


Chen Dong, however, stepped on Wu Junhao’s back and walked right over his body amidst Wu Junhao’s miserable screams, meeting Lin Lingdong’s gaze, “This is how I, Chen Dong, always speak!”

Tit for tat.

The smell of gunpowder was incomparably strong.

A sense of slaughter pervaded.

Just as Lin Lingdong was about to lash out.

A big hand suddenly pressed on Lin Lingdong’s shoulder.

Lin Lingdong turned around and looked at Zheng Guote in dismay: “Elder Zheng, sorry, I let these curmudgeons disturb your elegance, please also move, I ……”

“No need.”

Zheng Guote interrupted Lin Lingdong’s words and said with a sullen expression, “Didn’t you want me to make a painting? Let’s do it now.”

One word came out.

Lin Lingdong and the crowd were all shocked.

They were about to see blood, and they were still making paintings?