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Winner Takes All Chapter 377-378

Chapter 377

Zheng Guote’s words seemed extremely out of place on this occasion.

It left everyone in dismay.

“Boss, what else is there to paint ……”

Wu Junhao wailed in pain.

“Shut up!”

Lin Lingdong’s eyes were stern as he interrupted in an angry voice.

Then, he swept a glance at Chen Dong to make sure that there was nothing different about Chen Dong before looking at Zheng Guote.

“Elder Zheng, please!”

This ……

The crowd’s jaws dropped and they stood frozen on the spot.

How high did Lin Lingdong hold Zheng Guote to?

People were already beating on his door and smacking him in the face, and still this kind of gesture?

They had the impression that the King of the Underground of Lingdong was a fierce and ruthless being who would spill blood at the slightest word!

I couldn’t tell that this guy was so respectful of Uncle Zheng?

Chen Dong was also surprised for a moment, an existence that could become a King of the Underground was by no means a generalist.

Not to mention his tactics, he was also extremely proud of his heart alone.

The fact that he could still agree to Zheng Guote’s request despite losing face to such an extent was not an unusual respect.

For Zheng Guote’s sake, Chen Dong was not in a hurry either.


Zheng Guote responded and waved his brush and dropped his ink.

Under the shocked gaze of the crowd, Lin Lingdong did not look impatient and angry in the slightest, instead, he bent his head closer with a concentrated and serious face, savoring it.

Soon, Lin Lingdong’s face changed.

It became astonished, appalled and disbelieving.

This scene was watched by everyone, and they were all horrified.

What had Zheng Guote …… painted?

It was just that due to the distance, it was not really visible.

Immediately, someone came closer to see it.

When they did, their faces changed dramatically.

On the snow-white rice paper, there was a …… pig in ink!

There was no context to it, it was just like a sketch.

A few ordinary strokes had outlined the appearance of a pig!

“Elder Zheng, this is?”

Lin Lingdong suppressed his heart’s shock and asked in disbelief.

Zheng Guote leaned down and blew on the ink, then picked up the drawing paper and handed it to Lin Lingdong.

“Having had a good friendship with Xiandi Lingdong, this painting is presented to Xiandi Lingdong, forgetting that you should not be as stupid as a pig!”


Lin Lingdong was struck by lightning, and his face turned blue and red in an instant.

Zheng Guoshu’s painting and words were clearly scolding him!

And in front of everyone, without any disguise!

In a flash, the hall was silent enough to hear a needle.

Everyone was chilled to the bone.

Daring to curse the Underground King like that, the next wrath of the Underground King ……

“You, you dare to scold my big brother? I ……”

Wu Junhao looked hideous, his blood-stained face was extremely terrifying.

“Shut up!”

Lin Lingdong turned back and shouted angrily, his gaze deep and powerful.

At the same time, Zheng Guote walked up to him, gave him a fist hug, and then, walked straight out towards the door.

“Elder Zheng ……”

Lin Lingdong was at a loss for words.

Zheng Guote, however, raised his hand to stop it and said indifferently, “You taste it carefully.”

“I ……” Lin Lingdong choked on his words.


Under the disbelieving gaze of the crowd.

Zheng Guote walked up to Chen Dong, a gentle smile spread across his indifferent face, and he gave an arching fist.

“Magnanimous nephew, how is Little Shadow?”


This scene was like a heavy hammer, hitting Lin Lingdong and the others hard in the eyes.

Lin Lingdong, in particular, had his mouth slightly open, lost in shock.

Chen Dong smiled and clasped his fist in return, “All is well, Little Shadow has just become pregnant.”

“Pregnant? This is a great joy, good good! Have Gu Guohua and his wife known about it?” Zheng Guohan was overjoyed.

“I don’t know for now.” Chen Dong shook his head, too many things had happened in this period of time for him to cope with.

“Well, we have to tell them both, they’ll be so happy to know that they won’t be able to sleep.”

Zheng Guote winked and laughed brightly, “You tell them to fly over, and we old friends can take advantage of this great joy and drink 300 gla*ses!”

“No, such a happy event as my niece’s pregnancy, when I go back, I must dive into painting and give it to my niece and the nephew and grandson in her womb.”

Looking at Zheng Guote who left.

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and lost his smile.

As expected of him, he was a Tai Shan Bei Dou, with some manipulation, he had done all the work, both inside and outside.

This is an invisible way to help me and save Lin Lingdong.

The brief scene left Lin Lingdong and the others in a trance like a dream.

All eyes fell on the painting in Lin Lingdong’s hand, including Lin Lingdong himself.

Such a request for a painting, the titular nationalist waved his brush and splashed ink, and casually drew a pig.

Chen Dong did not ask for it, and the titular nationalist volunteered to dive into the painting and give it as a gift.

Such a difference, a world of difference!

“Hoo ……”

Lin Lingdong rubbed his temples, exhaled a mouthful of wine breath, and once again revealed a smile.

The spirits of the crowd present were lifted.

Zheng Guote was gone, and now …… was the good show on?

Wu Junhao, who was lying on the ground, even smiled fiercely.

He swept a glance left and right at Chen Dong and Zhou Yanqiu and Lone Wolf, but his eyes looked as if he was looking at dead people.

Ever since he had followed Lin Lingdong, he had never seen one person still alive after treating him like this!

Zhou Yanqiu and Lone Wolf looked calm at this point.

“There’s no way to fight.”

Zhou Yanqiu smiled meaningfully and whispered to Lone Wolf with a whispered ear.

The words had just fallen.

Lin Lingdong suddenly asked, “Is it for that piece of land?”


Chen Dong nodded and pointed at Wu Junhao, who was smiling fiercely, “My people want to talk properly with you, your dog, who bit my people.”


Wu Junhao opened his mouth in anger.

The words left his mouth.

Lin Lingdong suddenly looked milder: “Sorry for the trouble, that land is yours now!”

His words were calm, without the anger he felt before.

There was no hesitation at all.

But when it fell on the ears of the crowd, it sounded like a thunderclap, deafening.

What was going on?

What the hell is going on here?

This is not the manner of a subterranean king!

All the people present were prominent figures in Lingdong and had seen Lin Lingdong’s kingly demeanour.

But now, Lin Lingdong’s words and actions had completely exceeded their perceptions!

In an instant, each one was dumbfounded and dazed.

“Boss, you’re ……” Wu Junhao growled in confusion.

He had never seen Lin Lingdong stoop so low, yes, just stoop!

“Shut up! Dog, get out!”

Lin Lingdong scolded angrily, then waved his hand at the dumbfounded crowd and scolded, “All disperse, I will treat you all to a banquet another day Lin.”

“Many thanks.”

Chen Dong smiled blandly, turned around and left.

Waiting until all the people had left the hall.

Only then did Lin Lingdong turn around and take a deep glance in the direction of the main door.

Then, with a poof, he sat down on a chair.

Silently, dense beads of sweat seeped out from his forehead.

To be able to become the underground king of Lingdong, the city’s scheming was definitely the best of the best and could hardly be matched by ordinary people.

A painting by Zheng Guo’s hand and some words, on the other hand, seemed to be scolding him.

But how could he not hear the warning meaning in it?

This is helping him!

The internationally renowned Tarzan Beidou was already giving him face by reminding him of this.

The difference between Tai Shan Bei Dou and Chen Dong’s relationship was so intimate, while he had to take advantage of drunken compliments to get closer.

More crucially, when Zheng Guodou and Chen Dong were conversing, the message revealed in his words was even more thunderous.

This made Lin Lingdong, quickly a*sociate himself with that rapidly rising presence in the next city, stirring up the clouds of a city.

He is the ground snake.

Chen Dong …… is the real dragon!


Chapter 378

[The King of the Underground of Lingdong, bowing his head and admitting defeat]

This news swept through the whole of Lingdong like a storm.

Naturally, Lin Lingdong knew that the consequences of doing so would make him the object of ridicule in all of Lingdong.

But he knew that he had to do it!

Even if he became a laughing stock, he would still be the King of the Underground after all.

But if he did not want to be a laughing stock, he would have to become a ghost of the underground.

Judging the situation, he discerned it clearly.

Even that night, a message was released from the Lingdong Mountain Resort.

All, no land grab!

This was a warning to all property companies in Lingdong.

It was also a gesture of goodwill to Chen Dong.

In response, Chen Dong did not care.

If it wasn’t for Zheng Guote’s sake, he didn’t know what Lin Lingdong’s attitude would be, and his attitude would be very tough anyway.

A mere underground king of a city was nowhere near as rich as the richest man in Western Shu, and the richest man in Kyoto was not even worthy of carrying shoes!

After leaving Lingdong Villa, Chen Dong did not stay much longer and returned directly.

All along the way, Zhou Yanqiu was pleasantly surprised, and praised Chen Dong even more.

How could he have ever imagined that this man who had once helped his brother retire under him had actually grown to such an extent in a short period of time?

When he thought that once he had even wavered and acted as a wallflower, helping Chen Tiansheng to backstab Chen Dong, he felt a pang of chagrin and regret.

If he had been firm at that time, would he not be even worse than Lone Wolf today?

Only, it was too late for remorse and regret.

Back at the Four Seals Clubhouse.

It was already late at night.

Gu Qingying had also fallen asleep early.

Chen Dong was worried about disturbing Gu Qingying’s rest, so he simply lay down on a chair in the hall, planning to stay up for the night.

Pregnancy was an incredibly tiring and hard task, and it was worth it to him to let his wife sleep for one more second.

But, with a text message, Chen Dong’s sleepiness was gone.

A dazed and sleepy Chen Dong was awakened by the sound of the message and he picked up his phone to take a look.

In an instant, his pupils tightened to the extreme and his expression was grave.

The content of the text message was simple, with only four words.

“Dong’er, father is safe.”

Four simple words, but like a heavy hammer blasting his eyes.


Chen Dong’s heart immediately rose to his throat, and in a flash, emotions ran high.

His hands even trembled a little as he hurriedly dialed the phone number of the text message.

But, there was one ring.

The other side hung up decisively.

“Is it not suitable to answer the phone?”

Chen Dong’s expression was frozen as he thought in his mind and hurriedly sent another text message over, “Dad, where are you now?”

Then, there was a long wait.

Chen Dong was breathing a little heavily, unable to keep his composure at this moment.

He couldn’t even help but tremble as he held the phone in his hands.

Time pa*sed, minute by minute.

Ten minutes had pa*sed in a flash.

There was still no news from the phone.

“What is this? Report a peace, and just ignore it?”

Chen Dong gritted his teeth, a little anxious.

A single “Dong’er, father, peace” was simply not enough for him.

He needed to know more.

He needed to know if his father was hurt, where he was now, what his situation was, and so on!

Rubbing his sore nose, Chen Dong sent a text message again.

“Dad, where are you now? What’s the situation with this a*sa*sination?”

An a*sa*sination had haunted Chen Dong’s mind with so many doubts.

The father who shouldn’t have disappeared, had disappeared.

An a*sa*sination that should not have been mundane, but ended hastily.

Who was behind it?

What was the meaning behind this mundane a*sa*sination?

Only, after waiting for half an hour, there was still no reply to the text message.

Chen Dong tried to call again, but this time, the other party was prompted to switch off his phone.

At this moment, Chen Dong felt the urge to explode.

He scratched his ears and kept his eyes on the phone.

After a moment of hesitation, he had no more intention of sleeping and got up to walk towards Elder Long’s room.

He knocked lightly on the door twice.

Soon, a rustling sound rang out from inside.

Long Lao opened the door and asked with a puzzled expression, “Young master, what’s wrong?”

Chen Dong made a silent gesture, afraid of disturbing his wife.

Then he pushed Elder Long into the house.

“Sorry Elder Long, for disturbing you so late.” Chen Dong said.

Long Lao smiled, “It’s no bother, people feel less sleep when they are old, the old slave is reading a book.”

Chen Dong glanced at the book on his bed and was speechless for a moment.

This old imbecile!

Long’s old face flushed and he hastily stuffed the book under the pillow.

Chen Dong sat down on the edge of the bed, flipped out the text message from his father and handed it to Long Lao in front of his eyes.

“The text message I received just now.”

When Elder Long took a glance at the contents of the text message, his eyes instantly exploded with essence and he was overjoyed, “This is Master!”

Chen Dong nodded and said with a grave expression on his face, “But I sent a few text messages over, but no reply at all, and after dialing twice, the first time he hung up in seconds, and the second time he simply switched off his phone.”

“Could it be that His Lordship’s situation doesn’t allow it?” Long Lao pondered for a while and said.

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep and puzzled as he said, “If the situation really didn’t allow for it, Dad wouldn’t have sent me a text message reporting his safety.”

In the room, dead silence fell.

Both Chen Dong and Elder Long were clueless, racking their brains in thought.

“Elder Long, is there a way to investigate the location based on this number?” Chen Dong asked.

Elder Long hesitated for a second or two, “I can investigate the location of the number, but it’s not a very meaningful reference.”

It was easy to find out where the number belonged.

But after the number card was loaded into the phone, it was able to walk around at will.

This is clear to Chen Dong.

However, he still said firmly, “Try to check, it is better to have a clue than no clue, the clearer the better.”

Long Lao nodded, seeing Chen Dong’s ugly face, he said comfortingly, “Young Master, don’t worry, since Master was able to send a text message to report his safety, at least the situation is safe now.”

“That I know, I was wondering what his purpose for doing so was.”

Chen Dong frowned in contemplation, “He is the head of the Chen family, high up in the world, with unparalleled power, a common a*sa*sination made him disappear, now that he is safe, can’t he just show up and return to the Chen family? Don’t you think this is strange, Elder Long? What is Father afraid of?”

Elder Long’s expression choked.

Chen Dong’s questioning had left him unable to answer.

Indeed, Chen Daolin’s disappearance was permeated with absurdity and weirdness.

Seeing Long Lao’s silence, Chen Dong sighed and got up to walk out, “I will not disturb your reading, by the way, this matter should be conducted in secret, get your most trusted people to investigate.”

“Old slave understands.”

The next morning.

Chen Dong was worried about his father and did not sleep all night.

It was just after dawn.

Elder Long walked out of the room and gestured for Chen Dong to follow him into the room.

Chen Dong’s heart and soul were lifted.

He got up and followed Elder Long into the room.

“Is there any news?”

Chen Dong couldn’t help but twist his hands, his nervous hands were covered in sweat.

“The number belongs to a city over in the Western Desert.”

Elder Long’s eyes were a little strange.

Chen Dong also froze, the Western Desert was originally a lonely land of a thousand miles, deserted of people, and ten thousand miles away from where the Chen family was.

How could his father’s phone number …… be from there?

“What about the specifics?” Chen Dong pursued.

Long Lao, however, shook his head, “Nothing.”


Chen Dong instantly became anxious: “You spent all night and only found out such a little thing?”

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “Young master, it’s really gone, if it wasn’t for my slave’s quick action at night, I wouldn’t have been able to find out even this little bit, because soon after finding out the place of belonging, the number was cancelled, not giving us the chance to continue our investigation.”