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Winner Takes All Chapter 379-380

Chapter 379

The room was silent.

“Canceling the phone number, father is worried about being traced by me where?” Chen Dong frowned and murmured.

Long Lao pondered for a moment and his voice trailed off, “Perhaps, it is in fear of being traced by others.”

Chen Dong suddenly realized.

Indeed, how could my father be worried about being traced by me when he could text me to report peace?

The cancellation of the phone number should be more to prevent being traced by others.

“But, who is he watching out for?”

Elder Long shook his head, silent.

He had followed Chen Daolin for many years and knew Chen Daolin’s temperament like the back of his hand.

But this time, he really could not see through it.

Not even a clue could be gleaned!

Taking a deep breath, Elder Long smiled bitterly, “Old slave’s eyes are also clumsy this time, he really has no clue, and there is nothing unusual on the Chen family’s side.”

With a single word, he also squashed the doubts in Chen Dong’s heart.

If there was one thing that was most likely to scare his father, it was undoubtedly the Chen family.

On the contrary, this time, the entire Chen family had yet to show anything unusual.

After his father’s disappearance, everyone in the Chen family, from Old Lady Chen down, was doing their best to find him.

Everything seemed “ordinary”.

“Underneath the ordinary, there should always be something unimaginable hidden. Chen Dong muttered.

There were no clues at all, the only thing he knew was that the number his father had texted from was in a city in the Western Desert.

But that was almost considered useless.

Even if he sent someone over to look for it, he would still be looking for a needle in a haystack.

Taking a deep breath, he saw Elder Long’s face full of fatigue and forcing himself to yawn.

Chen Dong said heartily, “Old Long, you should rest first, there are no clues, but at least knowing that my father is safe now, that’s some relief for me.”

He left Elder Long’s room.

Chen Dong was no longer sleepy, and after making a pot of tea, he walked out into the courtyard, pacing back and forth, tasting the tea to refresh himself.

Doubt, apprehension and nervousness were intertwined.

It put him in an extremely agitated mood.

Since his father was now safe, his biggest remaining worry was the Chen family’s attitude!

A one-year period was simply too short.

If he had been under his father’s patronage, he would have been 60 to 70% sure of delivering an answer on his father’s big birthday that would put all his successors to shame.

On the contrary, his father had disappeared.

Without his father’s patronage, if the Chen family’s attitude were to become even the slightest bit more critical at this point, then his room for manoeuvre would be reduced in an avalanche.

He would even be suppressed to the point of having no place to play!

In that case, the one-year deadline is just time for him to die.

“Now, it’s just a matter of seeing what the Chen family thinks.”

Chen Dong murmured with hollow eyes, the feeling of being dishevelled and powerless was driving him close to madness.

“It’s cold in the morning, you need to take care of your body.”

Behind him, a gentle voice rang out.

Immediately after, Chen Dong felt a jacket being draped over his shoulders.

He turned around and Gu Qingying was standing in front of him, looking at him tenderly and with a worried face.

“Why are you awake early? Don’t rest more.”

Gu Qingying shook her head, “I woke up long ago, and knew that you stayed up all night in the hall chair last night.”

Chen Dong was stunned, he was sure that he had kept the noise to a minimum last night, but how could his wife still find out?

Gu Qingying stood on tiptoe and gently scraped her jade hand on the bridge of Chen Dong’s nose.

With a sly smile, “Big fool, I waited for you for a long time last night and finally couldn’t stay up any longer before I fell asleep, the bedside lamp was left on for you all the time.”

“Don’t be so silly in the future, no matter how late you come back again, I will leave a light on for you, you are afraid of disturbing my sleep, but don’t know that it is you lying outside that makes me sleep less.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was lost in thought.

At this moment, warmth surged in his heart.

Who hadn’t looked forward to a million lights, one of which was reserved for them?

But in reality, who could do it?

Gu Qingying had done it.

With her background of birth, to be able to do this, really made Chen Dong extremely amazed.

There was a time when he had never experienced this kind of feeling in those three years.

With a slightly sour nose, Chen Dong swept Gu Qingying into his arms and said softly, “Thank you, marrying you is a blessing in my three lives.”

“Alright, I asked Sister Xiao Lu to make breakfast first thing in the morning, you go to the dining room first, I’ll ask Sister Xiao Lu to bring the breakfast over.” Gu Qingying struggled to get out of Chen Dong’s arms, warm and lovely, her beautiful eyes smiling.

“Doesn’t Bamboo Grove Courtyard have a kitchen?” Chen Dong asked.

Gu Qingying gave a scornful glance, “The chairs in the hall are so hard, how can you sleep well after staying up all night? If Sister Xiao Lu cooks in the kitchen early in the morning, it will be even worse for you to sleep.”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and laughed.

His wife had indeed been very considerate.

But what his wife hadn’t thought of was that he hadn’t slept well all night, but hadn’t closed his eyes all night.

Back to the restaurant.

Soon, Kunlun and Fan Lu brought the meal.

Chen Dong ate beautifully with everyone before he and Kunlun left the small courtyard for devil training.

Physical training, he never slacked off.

Only by tirelessly moving up the ladder could he have the future he wanted.

As Chen Dong’s physique became stronger and stronger, the devil training planned by Kunlun also continued to raise its standard.

Only in this way could the physique be pushed to its limits time and time again to unleash its potential.

Inside the Four Seals Clubhouse, the green landscape is extremely well-developed.

In the morning, the shaded paths were thick with dew and fresh air.

Chen Dong was bare-chested on his upper body, and as he exercised, every muscle presented a swollen state, like a piece of delicate rock perfectly constructed into a muscular body.

Drops of sweat, sliding down the skin, were crystal shiny.

Every inch of skin, a surging sense of power permeated.

Kunlun was on the sidelines, watching Chen Dong exercise, his eyes deep, but secretly astonished.

“Young master, it really hasn’t been showing the limits ……”

Kun Lun’s understanding of physique and fighting techniques, as well as his exercise style, had already reached the peak, otherwise he would not have stood out in the magnificent Chen family and become the “head teacher” of all the elite generation.

It was because of this that Kunlun was even more shocked by Chen Dong’s performance.

During his years in the Chen family, he had developed devil training for all the elite generation, and the best of them had made him modify the intensity of the devil training time and time again.

But, as much as possible, the limit values were quickly revealed.

The so-called limit value is when the improvement reaches a certain level, then the progress slows down, or even tends to zero.

Chen Dong, in his mind, was the number one in the Chen family’s elite generation!

Not only did his physical fitness and fighting skills progress rapidly, but even after he had repeatedly modified the intensity of his devil training, he still did not show any fatigue, showing where his limit value was.

This meant that Chen Dong’s physical ability and fighting skills, could continue to soar.

What is more crucial is ……

Chen Dong’s fighting instincts!

That was a fighting instinct that made even Kun Lun smack his lips in amazement.

Watching Chen Dong exercise, Kun Lun could not help but ask, “Young master, did you experience something in your childhood?”


Chapter 380


Chen Dong stopped exercising and wiped a handful of sweat from his face, his smile dripping with thick bitterness.

His childhood was a grey one.

His mother was the only one who had shone a corner of light for him.

When Kunlun saw Chen Dong’s bitter smile, he instantly reacted.

He hurriedly said, “Sorry young master, I was in a hurry just now, I don’t need to answer that question.”

“It’s alright.”

Chen Dong pointed to the chair not far away and gestured for Kun Lun to sit down together.

Only after sitting down did Chen Dong slowly say, “In fact, my childhood was not much, it was nothing more than being called a wild child, living a life of precariousness and not knowing where the next meal would be after eating the last one.”

“If it wasn’t for my mother’s desperate efforts to raise me, I would probably have died long ago.”

Two simple words that spoke of suffering.

Kunlun felt a pang of guilt, he just wanted to find some answers from Chen Dong’s childhood past to explain Chen Dong’s fighting instincts and strong physical growth limits.

Instead, because of these words, he had uncovered the scars of Chen Dong’s childhood.

After saying these two words, Chen Dong fell into deep thought.

He had been reluctant to remember his past.

He had worked hard and desperately to make his mother’s surfacing, to be rewarded, and to rid himself of the doom of his childhood once and for all.

Every frame of his childhood memory was dark, every frame made him feel pain, even every frame was tinged with blood.

His mother worked so hard that she got sick to pay for his food, clothing and schooling, while he was called a brute growing up, and in his anger he fought his way forward, only to be met with a severe beating and eventually his mother stepping in to defend him.

As he learned what had happened back then, he realised.

There were reasons why his father had left, but more than that, it was the Li family who ate human blood and saw him and his mother as less than human.

“I’m sorry young master.”

Guilt raged as Kunlun explained, “I was just amazed at young master’s combat instincts and physical growth limits, so I wanted to see if there were any strange encounters in young master’s childhood and if he had been exercised early on.”

As a child, the tendons and bones are in a state of growth.

That was the easiest time to exercise and the time when the growth limit could be raised the most.

“Strange encounters?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled bitterly, “A three-day beating, does that count?”

Kunlun’s words stalled.

Not waiting for him to continue speaking.

Chen Dong then got up and continued to exercise, “Well, if I had a strange encounter since I was young, then I wouldn’t have waited for the Dragon Heaven to descend upon the divine army and save me and my mother.”

Kunlun looked at the back of Chen Dong’s hard workout and was lost in thought for a while.

Perhaps …… the greatest miraculous encounter was the desperate struggle?

When his workout was over, Chen Dong washed up and headed to Dingtai Company.

The Qin family had Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian in charge.

The entertainment company in Kyoto had the two Zhang Chu’s in charge.

The city’s Zhou Zunlong could take care of itself, and Chen Dong’s focus was still on Dingtai.

This was where he had started, and even though he already had a billion pocket money from his father at the time, he still had a deep affection for Din Tai.

After listening to Xiao Ma’s report, Chen Dong decided that in the coming month, Din Tai would take five plots of land at the same time.

“Brother Dong, isn’t it too risky to take five pieces of land at the same time?” Xiao Ma said in astonishment, once upon a time, Dingtai had taken land piece by piece, and at most, only manipulated two pieces at the same time.

It was purely an accident that Dingtai had won the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city.

“Is it big?”

Chen Dong smiled blandly, “We have the ability to resist risks now, so why should we be afraid of risks?”

Looking at Chen Dong’s calm and self-a*sured look, Xiao Ma said no more, nodded his head and left the office.

“Still have to do it steadily yet.”

Looking at the piles of documents in front of him, Chen Dong smiled bitterly for a while.

If he hadn’t considered the fact that he was isolated in the Chen family now that his father was missing, he wouldn’t have just taken five pieces of land!

It had been a busy day.

Towards the end of the day, there was an additional invitation on Chen Dong’s office.

“Who sent this?” Chen Dong asked.

Lone Wolf said, “It’s Lin Lingdong.”

Chen Dong smiled, and did not open the invitation, but simply threw it into the trash.

“I still have to go home to keep my wife company.”

Back at the Four Seals Clubhouse Bamboo Grove courtyard.

Fan Lu had already prepared a table for dinner early.

A delicious meal, full of colour and flavour.

After dinner was over, Chen Dong and Elder Long walked to the small courtyard.

“Elder Long, is there any clue about father from the Chen family?”

Chen Dong asked, the matter of his father’s text message reporting his safety had been lingering in his mind.

Since the Chen family had gone all out to search for him, with the Chen family’s intelligence power, after such a long time, how should they have some clues?

Elder Long shook his head, “There’s no news.”

“When did the Chen Family’s intelligence network become this weak?” Chen Dong frowned and said in a deep voice.

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “The old master is also the one who knows the rules of how the intelligence network works best, he really might not be found if he doesn’t want to be found by the intelligence network.”

In the end …… was it still possible that his father was hiding himself?

What exactly is he …… afraid of?

Chen Dong was full of confusion, his father’s operation, making him confused.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Dong Dong said, “I want you to covertly monitor the Chen family’s movements at all times, and report back to me as soon as there is any movement.”

“Old slave understands.” Long Lao nodded and said, “Young Master, word has come from Zhou Yanqiu that the Tianmen Mountain villa has been properly disposed of and the damaged areas have all been repaired, when do we move back in?”

“Let’s wait.” Chen Dong said thoughtfully, “I always feel a bit of panic, I don’t know why, I just feel that something might happen, the Four Seals Clubhouse is ultimately safer than the Tianmen Mountain Villa area.”

After saying that, Chen Dong walked back home with a gloomy face and found Gu Qingying.

“Wife, can you accompany me out for a walk?”

“Sure.” Gu Qingying agreed straight away, “It just so happens that I haven’t gone out for a long time, let’s go to the riverside that we used to like the most when we were in college, and go there to blow the river breeze.”


The Rolls Royce drove out of the Four Seals Clubhouse.

The only person who was travelling with Chen Dong Gu Qingying was Kun Lun.

Now that the a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Kill Organisation had been withdrawn, the Li family in Kyoto had also gone up in smoke.

Chen Dong was no longer at risk of being a*sa*sinated at any time, so naturally he did not have to make such a big deal out of going for a walk.

When he was at university, Chen Dong and a few of his close friends, Gu Qingying, would go for a stroll along the riverside outside the school every now and then.

The small riverside was a place that carried part of their youth.

The Rolls-Royce was parked on the road below the river bank, and Chen Dong pulled Gu Qingying along, slowly walking up the steps and onto the river bank.

The slightly cool river breeze poured in.

It gave people a feeling of refreshment.

It was slightly cool in early autumn, but only in comparison to the hot summer days, the temperature was still a bit high after all.

It was close to eight o’clock and there were still many people walking on the riverbank for exercise.

Chen Dong carefully supported Gu Qingying as they walked slowly.

Kunlun was always two lengths behind, following quietly.

With such a distance, Chen Dong and Gu Qingying would not be disturbed, and they could also catch up immediately in case of danger.

However, Chen Dong and Gu Qingying had not gone very far when they stopped at the same time.

Not far from them, there was a man standing in front of the river bank parapet, quietly gazing out over the illuminated river, the river breeze stirring up a few strands of green silk ……