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Winner Takes All Chapter 387-388

Chapter 387

A sudden kneeling.

It caused the crowd in the cafe to gasp.

Daoist gazes were directed at them.

At the same time, Chen Dong and Lone Wolf, who were walking to the door, also stopped in their tracks.

“Chen Dong, I’m kneeling down for you, please, meet Ling Dong!”

Wang Nan Nan shouted pleadingly, her voice trembling a little.


Chen Dong shook his head disdainfully, his expression indifferent as he continued to walk forward.

Really, so desperate?

Tears welled up in Wang Nan Nan’s eyes, thinking of everything that had once happened, back then, Chen Dong had done everything he had asked of her.

The time had changed, but it had become like this now.

It was hard for her to feel this way.

“I promised Lingdong.”

Wang Nan Nan murmured in a low voice, her eyes suddenly resolute, “If you don’t promise me, I’ll go and talk to Xiao Ying!”


Chen Dong’s feet fell to the ground and no longer lifted.

In an instant, his face was as cold as frost and his anger surged.

Lone Wolf stood beside Chen Dong and instantly, his cold hair exploded and he could not help but tremble a little.

The next second.

Like a furious beast, Chen Dong turned around brazenly and rushed in front of Wang Nan Nan amidst the cafe crowd’s cries of shock.

With a snap!

Chen Dong grabbed Wang Nan Nan’s neck with his large hand and directly yanked her up.

Because it was too hard, it instantly caused Wang Nan Nan’s face to turn red and choke up.

The strong choking sensation caused Wang Nan Nan to instinctively raise her hand and desperately slap Chen Dong’s right hand.

The crowd in the cafe, too, came back to their senses, furious.

“B*****d! Let go of that girl!”

“In broad daylight, a big man hitting a woman, how dare you have shame?”

“What kind of man is a man who bullies a woman?”


The sound of angry rebuke.

It made Chen Dong feel a little funny.

These people only saw these on the surface, but had they ever thought about this woman in front of them, how bad she really was?

“Mr. Chen ……”

Lone Wolf rushed over and gave Wang Nan Nan a look, “If you don’t let go, she will soon die.”

Chen Dong let go of his right hand.

With a thud, Wang Nan Nan fell to the ground.

With her neck out of restraints, a large amount of air immediately rushed into her lungs, causing Wang Nan Nan to breathe in large, almost greedy gulps of air.

After a few breaths, Wang Nan Nan smiled decisively and slowly raised her head to meet Chen Dong’s man-eating gaze.

At this moment, Wang Nan Nan’s smile and expression were rare and frantic and fierce.

“Why don’t you simply kill me?”

“You think I wouldn’t dare?” Chen Dong’s voice was a little hoarse.

Wang Nan Nan laughed and slowly got up, “I, Wang Nan Nan, put my words here, putting aside our relationship, if you don’t see Lin Ling Dong, I will go find Xiao Ying!”

“You’re threatening me?” Chen Dong gave a cold laugh.

It was not just Wang Nan Nan’s relationship that he did not see Lin Lingdong.

He did not know that Wang Nan Nan was following Lin Lingdong before, he did not see him as usual, only now, in Wang Nan Nan’s mouth, it was brainstormed that it was because of her that he did not want to see Lin Lingdong.

Wang Nan Nan did not answer.

She just stared decisively at Chen Dong.

A few seconds pa*sed.

Chen Dong gritted his teeth and took a step back: “Good, you’ve succeeded in your threat!”

“Tonight at eight o’clock, Ling Dong Villa will be waiting for you.”

Wang Nan Nan smiled, picked up her bag and headed out.

Chen Dong stopped where he was, his face as cold as frost, his eyes fierce, and silently, his hands clenched into fists.

The crowd in the café was still pointing at Chen Dong.

The whispers distracted Chen Dong.


Chen Dong smashed his fist against the gla*s table and angrily rebuked, “Are all of them F**king idle? Groovy!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Lone Wolf, on the other hand, dropped a pile of money and left close behind.

All along the way, Chen Dong’s footsteps were quick and a seeping chill emanated from his body.

Wang Nan Nan had succeeded!

The threat had been successful!

It was as if he had hit the snake by the seventh inch and had instantly pinpointed his vital point.

He didn’t want to disturb Gu Qingying about this matter, so he wanted to cut the Gordian knot quickly, but Wang Nan Nan’s threat forced him to accept to see Lin Lingdong once.

Such a threat, such a Wang Nan Nan.

It made him sick and disgusted to the core!

On the other hand.

When Wang Nan Nan returned to the downstairs of Dingtai Company.

Wu Junhao, who had long been waiting and scratching his ears, hurriedly greeted him.

“Sister-in-law, how did it go?”

“He’s agreed.”

Wang Nan Nan smiled and said, “Get in the car and go home.”

“Really?! Sister-in-law you’re too good!”

Wu Junhao rose up in excitement and ecstasy and hurriedly opened the car door for Wang Nan Nan.

It had been half a month, Lin Lingdong had invited Chen Dong for a whole half a month!

Rather, he had also helped run errands to deliver the invitations for a week.

Without exception, Chen Dong had refused extraordinarily dryly every time.

This time, it had worked!

Excited and ecstatic, Wu Junhao was in awe of Wang Nan Nan for the first time.

Only, when Wang Nan Nan got into the car.

The overjoyed Wu Junhao suddenly froze: “Sister-in-law, why is your neck bruised?”

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled and she instantly reacted that it must have been caused by Chen Dong’s strong force just now.

She shook her head, “It’s nothing, go home.”

“Did Chen Dong hit you?”

Wu Junhao did not relent, his expression steeped in fierceness, “D*mn it, hitting my sister-in-law, do you really think we Lingdong people are easy to bully? Sister-in-law, I’m going to help you take revenge!”

Wang Nan Nan was startled and hurriedly called out to Wu Junhao.

“Wu Junhao, Lingdong dreams of wanting to see Chen Dong, I just got him to agree to this, are you going to let this go down the drain again?”

“I ……” Wu Junhao was speechless, stomped his foot indignantly, got into his car and left.

Back at the Lingdong Mountain Resort.

Wang Nan Nan then went straight back to her bedroom.

For this feast, she had put down almost all her dignity.

She had even gone so far as to make threats, which made her feel blocked up inside.

Back in her room, Wang Nan Nan locked the door behind her and flung herself onto the bed, her eyes hazy with tears, quietly shedding tears.

Thinking that Lin Lingdong would be able to meet Chen Dong in the evening, she kept rea*suring herself, “It’s okay, it’s all for Lingdong, what’s it worth if I give up some?”

Inside the study.

Wu Junhao told Lin Lingdong everything that had just happened.

Among them, it also included the matter that Wang Nan Nan was suspected to have been beaten up by Chen Dong.

After hearing this, Lin Lingdong was not the least bit happy.

Instead, he revealed his guilt and intolerance as he viciously smashed the brush in his hand on the work he had just painted.

“When did I, Lin Lingdong, ever let my woman suffer like this? Nan Nan, it’s me who has wronged you.”

At this moment, Lin Lingdong was completely unhappy.

He even felt that the idea of befriending Chen Dong that he had been trying to do before had become tedious and bland at this moment.

The moment he thought of the image of Wang Nan Nan being aggrieved in order to help him invite Chen Dong, Lin Ling Dong had a feeling of his heart cutting like a knife.

He swept past Wu Junhao, took quick steps upstairs and knocked on Wang Nan Nan’s door.

“Nan Nan, come out, I have something to say to you.”

At this moment, Lin Lingdong knew that as a man, the most important thing he should do at this time was to comfort Wang Nan Nan, even if it was just a hug.

In the room.

Wang Nan Nan said, “Lin Ling Dong, what are you doing seeing me now? What you should do is to go and prepare for the evening dinner, this is my heart and soul, you are a big man, can’t you tell the difference between importance and importance?”

Although he tried his best to suppress it.

But Lin Lingdong could still hear the sobbing between Wang Nan Nan’s words.

He clenched his fist, and at this moment, deep inside, there was only a clinging shadow left, and nothing else.


Chapter 388

Six o’clock in the evening.

Chen Dong did not go home after work, but sent a WeChat to

Then, he drove to Lingdong.

This matter had to come to an end after all.

Whether it was to Wang Nan Nan or Lin Ling Dong.

If Wang Nan Nan could threaten once, she could threaten a second time.

In the car, Lone Wolf sat on the pa*senger side and gave Chen Dong a sidelong glance every now and then.

He could clearly feel Chen Dong’s anger.

Even the speed of the car could clearly react to it.

“Mr. Chen, is it really not necessary to call Brother Kunlun and the others?” Lone Wolf felt that the atmosphere was a little off.

“No need.”

Chen Dong shook his head.

If he called Kunlun, he would inevitably let Gu Qingying know why he was coming home late tonight.

He did not want to make Gu Qingying too upset about this.

Lone Wolf wanted to say something but stopped.

Inside the Lingdong Villa.

Tonight was exceptionally quiet.

In order to invite Chen Dong to a banquet, Lin Lingdong had specially ordered that the entire Lingdong Villa would not accept guests tonight.

It was enough to show his solemnity by welcoming Chen Dong alone with the strength of the entire mountain villa.

Wang Nan Nan did not participate in this banquet.

Even after Lin Lingdong’s repeated requests, she continued to lock herself in her room, behind closed doors.

For this reason, Lin Lingdong also felt helpless.

The only one who accompanied her was Wu Junhao.

Early in the morning, the two were waiting in the banquet hall.

“Boss, it’s almost eight o’clock.” Wu Junhao looked at the time and said.

Lin Lingdong nodded, his expression gradually becoming tense and grave.

This was something that Nan had suffered a lot of aggravation to beg for.

We must not let down Nan Nan’s hard work!

Wu Junhao suddenly said, “If he still doesn’t come this time, shall we forget about it?”

Lin Lingdong was stunned.

He gave Wu Junhao a deep look.

Thinking of Wang Nan Nan’s reaction when he returned home, his heart seized hard.

Nodding his head, Lin Lingdong said solemnly, “If it doesn’t work this time, forget it, my woman has suffered for me, if I still persist, wouldn’t I be a wolf and a dog?”

Wu Junhao secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He was just worried that Lin Lingdong was still obsessed with inviting Chen Dong.

As the Underground King of Lingdong, he had never seen Lin Lingdong stoop so low only since he had followed him.

During this period of time, the underground king’s popularity in Lingdong had been gradually shifting.

If it continued, the name of the Underground King of Lingdong would have to disappear.

At this moment, a middle-aged man outside quickly ran in.

“Boss, Mr. Chen has arrived!”

This word was like heavenly music to Lin Lingdong.

Here he is!

Finally, he had come!

This day had been waited for a full half month!

Lin Lingdong was so excited that he walked quickly towards the outside.

Wu Junhao secretly praised his “sister-in-law” and quickly followed.

Inside the car park.

Chen Dong parked his car and as soon as he stepped out of the car, he was greeted by someone.

“Hello Mr. Chen, please follow me.”

Chen Dong swept a glance at the cold mountain villa and said in a cold voice while walking, “What, no one is at Lingdong Mountain Villa tonight?”

“To be honest, in order to welcome Mr. Chen, Boss Lin has specially ordered that no outside guests will be accepted at Lingdong Mountain Villa tonight, only Mr. Chen alone.”

What was the meaning of receiving him with such high specifications when he had no skin and no face to threaten to come?

Chen Dong disdained in his heart and his footsteps flew.


He saw Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao, who were walking quickly in the opposite direction.

“Mr. Chen, welcome, it is indeed an honour for Lingdong to have you here.”

Lin Lingdong took three steps forward and two steps back, greeting Chen Dong with both hands.

In his words and actions, it was as if he was holding Chen Dong up to an extremely high position.


“Don’t be polite, let’s go.”

Chen Dong did not extend his hand, and with a cold response, he swept past Lin Lingdong.

Lin Lingdong instantly froze in place, and his outstretched hands stalled in mid-air.

“Slot! Boss, this Chen Dong is too unaware of his manners?”

Wu Junhao could not help but curse in a low voice.

He was Lin Lingdong’s most trusted henchman, and at this moment, when he saw Lin Lingdong’s lowly gesture and still received no response, he could not help but be angry.

“Shut up and follow!”

Lin Lingdong spoke coldly, not being annoyed, and quickly followed Chen Dong.

After entering the banquet hall.

Without waiting for Lin Lingdong to speak, Chen Dong swaggered and sat down on the main seat.

This scene made Lin Lingdong look stunned.

Wu Junhao was even more furious, his eyes flashing with a fierce light, this F**king ……

Even Lone Wolf, was stunned for a moment.

“Have a seat.”

Chen Dong sat down on the main seat with a large horse and waved his hand indifferently.

Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao glanced at each other and sat down on Chen Dong’s left and right hands respectively.

Lone Wolf, on the other hand, found a seat at random.

The atmosphere in the banquet hall was somewhat frozen.

Chen Dong’s reaction was like a pot of cold water that doused the last trace of enthusiasm in Lin Lingdong, leaving him somewhat unsure of how to react at this moment.

“What is the reason for Boss Lin’s perseverance in inviting me for a chat?”

Chen Dong broke the dead silence in the banquet hall.

Morbidly cold eyes looked askance at Lin Lingdong.

Lin Lingdong’s heart suddenly palpitated a little as he was being watched.

This feeling had not occurred to him for many years.

On the contrary, for many years, he had been the one to make others feel this way.

With a sarcastic smile, Lin Lingdong clasped his fist and said, “It was really that incident from before that I had offended, so I have been wanting to set up a separate banquet to apologise to Mr. Chen, and I know that Mr. Chen is busy with many things, that is why I have done it again and again, so please forgive me.”

“Forgive me?”

Chen Dong sneered, “I’m sorry, I really can’t forgive you for this.”

Between his words, there was a cold intent.

Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao both froze.

Was he here to have a meal and catch up?

Or was he here to pick a fight?

“Mr. Chen, there is no need to be like this, is there?”

Wu Junhao could not stand it any longer and said, “There has never been anyone up and down Lingdong who has been treated so courteously by my boss, this is not a repeated invitation, a dozen invitations in half a month, you refused and that’s it, now my sister-in-law has invited you over, why are you making everyone so embarra*sed?”

“Junhao shut up!”

Lin Lingdong’s expression was solemn and he looked at Wu Junhao angrily.

Wu Junhao, however, looked at Chen Dong angrily as if he was oblivious, “I know that Mr. Chen’s family is big and powerful, and that he is a true dragon who has descended to this remote place, but you don’t have to trample and insult my boss like that, do you?”

The voice was cold and harsh, and dripping with indignation.

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little amused.

Seeing Chen Dong’s smile, Lin Lingdong’s forehead instantly moistened a little.

Wu Junhao also looked stunned.

“Courtesy treatment? Your courteous treatment is really the first time I have seen and heard of it!”

“Trampling and insulting? There’s a saying about taking your own humiliation, haven’t you heard of it?”

Chen Dong smiled and looked at Wu Junhao with disdain.

Immediately following, he swept his gaze around, “By the way, isn’t Wang Nan Nan your sister-in-law? Why isn’t she present, could it be, that she is afraid that I …… will kill her?”

With a single word, a chill stirred in the banquet hall.

Lin Lingdong changed greatly.

Even if he was stupid, he could hear that something was not right.

But Chen Dong pointed so directly at Wang Nan Nan, how could he bear it?

Lin Lingdong’s expression was cold as he said in a deep voice, “Nan Nan is my woman, Mr. Chen’s words are excessive!”


Chen Dong snorted, “Then using my wife and son to threaten me is considered excessive?”