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Winner Takes All Chapter 389-390

Chapter 389


Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao were struck by lightning.

Both of them instantly revealed a look of shock and horror.

This banquet was a threat from Wang Nan Nan?

In a trance, Wu Junhao suddenly thought of the bruise on Wang Nan Nan’s neck and was instantly enlightened.

Yes, if his sister-in-law hadn’t threatened, how could he have been beaten?


Lin Lingdong suddenly got up and said with a shocked face, “Mr. Chen is joking about that, right? With Mr. Chen’s position, how could Nan Nan threaten you?”

In his opinion, before Wang Nan Nan met him, she was just an ordinary woman.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was an existence that had befriended even the titanic Zheng Guodou.

The two were simply one heaven and one earth.

What kind of threat is there?

Can a mole threaten a fierce tiger?

“Boss Lin, when talking about lifelong matters, don’t you even know to investigate the person?”

Chen Dong looked askance at Lin Lingdong, his coldness surging, his eyes as stern as a sword.


Lin Lingdong froze.

How could he possibly investigate Wang Nan Nan?

When he had first met Wang Nan Nan, he had fallen in love with her at first sight.

He had always maintained an unprecedented level of respect for Wang Nan Nan.

Because he was moved, he, Lin Lingdong, should respect the woman he fell in love with.

Wang Nan Nan’s past was her own privacy, and not to probe into her past was also a part of respect.

“Mr. Chen, there must be some misunderstanding, Nan Nan could not have threatened you, and I have never explored her past, because I love her present, not her past.”

Lin Lingdong scrambled to explain.

Chen Dong was in such a state that even Lin Lingdong’s heart was chilled.

He knew that if he did not explain this “threat” clearly.

If he did not explain this “threat” clearly, this banquet of friendship would be the end of his nightmare.

The man in front of him could do it!

And in the blink of an eye!

Even if he was the underground king of Lingdong, he could not resist.


Chen Dong snorted, a stern and domineering aura between his brows.

In his narrowed eyes, however, coldness surged.

He slowly opened his mouth, his voice like a shocking thunderbolt.

On the spot, it made Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao freeze like a wooden chicken.

“What if I say that she is my ex-wife who once took half of my life?”

Lin Lingdong’s entire body froze, and his face even turned a little white.


Chen Dong’s ex-wife?

Lin Lingdong’s whole body was dazed, in a trance, but his heart was in a huge wave.

At the same time, Lin Lingdong was shocked and quickly cleared his mind.

Wang Nan Nan was Chen Dong’s ex-wife, so he was now with Wang Nan Nan, and he had asked Wang Nan Nan to invite Chen Dong, and Wang Nan Nan was even threatening Chen Dong’s current wife and children.

What was this?

Lin Lingdong’s scalp tingled and he tried to explain with his lips, but he did not know what to say.

Even if he himself were to ask himself, if he were to swap places with Chen Dong, his anger would only be greater than Chen Dong’s!

On the other side, Wu Junhao had also been stunned long ago.

Chen Dong’s words were like a bang on the head, directly smashing his brain to buzzing.

No wonder he was so furious, no wonder he was so brutal and unreasonable.

This matter would never be reasonable if it were anyone else!

Chen Dong sneered and gently picked up the silver spoon on the table: “You and I have no friendship, so why should we force it? If there is another time, there will no longer be an underground king in Lingdong.”

The last sentence was uttered at the same time.

Chen Dong’s right thumb suddenly gave out force.

The silver spoon made a slight sound and was quietly bent.

This scene made Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao tremble with fear.

The threatening implication of it made the two men terrified and afraid.

Dang Jang Jang ……

Chen Dong dropped the spoon in his hand and got up to walk towards the outside.

“Tell Wang Nan Nan on my behalf that if she dares to disturb my life again, I will ask her to be buried in the ground.”

The words were powerful and murderous.

It caused Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao’s bodies to tremble.

By the time the two of them came back to their senses, Chen Dong and Lone Wolf had already disappeared.

“Boss ……,” Wu Junhao spoke with trepidation.

Lin Lingdong, however, raised his hand to interrupt and said with an ironic expression on his face, “This time we have hit the gun, to my death, I would never have thought things would take such a twist.”

“So now sister-in-law’s side ……”

Wu Junhao asked tentatively.

With this twist, he really didn’t dare to take Lin Lingdong’s mind.

Sister-in-law was a woman from Chen Dong’s past, but now she had arrived at the boss’s side, such an entanglement, if it was in the past, Wu Junhao was clear that Lin Lingdong would have settled it simply and quickly.

Because back then, Lin Lingdong was the kingpin.

But now, he could see that Wang Nan Nan had gone to the edge of Lin Ling Dong’s heart.

Sure enough!

Lin Lingdong smiled bitterly: “One side is the future, the other is a woman, before I would choose the future without hesitation, this time, I choose Nan Nan.”

Wu Junhao nodded, “How about I go and investigate my sister-in-law’s past?”

Lin Lingdong frowned and pondered for a few seconds.

Eventually, nodding her head in agreement.

Before, she had respected Wang Nan Nan, but now, what should be known, must be probed clearly.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Lingdong got up and walked towards the villa.

Wang Nan Nan still shut herself in the house.

Lin Lingdong knocked on the door, “Nan Nan, can you open the door?”

After a few seconds.

Wang Nan Nan opened the door.

The room was a bit dim and the sightline was not good.

Lin Lingdong didn’t see Wang Nan Nan’s somewhat red and swollen eyes, and walked straight into the bedroom.

“Finished meeting with Chen Dong so soon?”

Wang Nan Nan forced a smile and walked behind Lin Ling Dong, gently squeezing her shoulders, “Why do I see that you are not happy at all?”

“Not happy.”

Lin Lingdong smiled bitterly, Chen Dong’s words just now were like a stone stuffed in his chest.

After a pause, Lin Lingdong forced down the thick bitterness and said softly, “Nan Nan, promise me that you can’t do anything silly after following me.”

“Stupid things?”

Wang Nan Nan was a little unsure.

“You are Chen Dong’s ex-wife, you should have told me earlier.” Lin Lingdong smiled helplessly.

Wang Nan Nan’s body trembled and her mind exploded with a loud bang.

She asked with an unnatural expression, “You, you knew all about it?”

“Chen Dong told me!”

Lin Lingdong exhaled a foul breath, “I don’t mind your past, but I do mind you using your former identity to threaten Chen Dong’s wife and children to meet me.”

“I ……” Wang Nan Nan looked flustered.

“No need to explain.” Lin Lingdong raised his hand to interrupt and said with a smile, “From now on, I’m not thinking of climbing any higher than Chen Dong either, we’ll both just stay here in Lingdong, honestly.”

For a moment.

Wang Nan Nan was lost in thought, and her already red and swollen beautiful eyes once again filled with tears.

She thought that Lin Lingdong would categorically let her leave after knowing about this matter.

But now Lin Lingdong’s decision was like a heavy punch that hit her heart hard.

Once she had been through too much.

She was close to leaving this world, but she finally came through.

It was also because of this experience that she knew exactly how determined Lin Lingdong was to make this decision at this time.

“Lingdong ……”

Wang Nan Nan’s voice trembled.


Lin Lingdong looked up.

In an instant, Wang Nan Nan lowered her head and leaned down, and her red lips were printed on Lin Lingdong’s lips ……


Chapter 390

On the way back to the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Chen Dong’s mood had been depressed and his face was as cold as frost.

The lone wolf on the side looked askance at Chen Dong from time to time, but kept silent.

As a man, he understood Chen Dong’s mood at this moment the most.

“Let’s stay at the Four Seals Club tonight.”

Chen Dong said to Lone Wolf, breaking the dead silence in the car.

“Okay.” Lone Wolf responded.

Chen Dong added, “This matter, help me keep it a secret, I don’t want this matter to affect Little Shadow.”

Nowadays, Gu Qingying was everything to her.

Plus, Gu Qingying was now pregnant with her sixth child, which was why he had wanted to keep it a secret from the beginning to the end.

The past was as easy as smoke to say, but to whomever it fell on, the memory of it was a thorn in the heart.

It was getting late at night.

After parking his car, Chen Dong returned to the small bamboo courtyard.

He had planned to stay up all night on a chair in the hall, but when he thought of Gu Qingying’s words that day, he tiptoed into the bedroom.

In the room, there was a dim light on the bed.

It was the lamp Gu Qingying had left on for him.

And Gu Qingying, like a kitten, was curled up in a corner of the bed, wrapped tightly in the blanket.

Chen Dong cautiously walked to the bed and did not take off his clothes, and lay down with his clothes on the bed, occupying a small corner.

He was about to close his eyes and rest.

There was a sudden movement beside him.

Chen Dong opened his eyes and saw that Gu Qingying was already facing his way, and his eyes were open.


Gu Qingying smiled sweetly and yawned as her sleepy eyes thinned.

“Mm.” Chen Dong responded, smoothly sweeping Gu Qingying into his arms, “I said I didn’t want you to wait for me, right, such a light movement still woke you up.”

“But I’m willing to lie in your arms and fall asleep.”

Gu Qingying tilted her head and looked at Chen Dong, blinking, “You have something on your mind? You don’t look too good.”

“Nothing, business matters.”

Chen Dong replied back, tonight was an end to the matter.

But facing Gu Qingying, he felt guilty after all.

Especially, if Gu Qingying had left the light on for him and wanted to lie in his arms to fall asleep.

Chen Dong scratched the bridge of Gu Qingying’s nose: “I’ll try to come back earlier and sleep with you in my arms in the future.”

“Love you husband.” Gu Qingying closed her eyes, she was too sleepy.

Chen Dong smiled gently and cuddled with Gu Qingying to sleep.

The week after, everything was calm and quiet.

Under Chen Dong’s control, the Dingtai Company had acquired land one after another and had started to push forward with its projects.

The Qin family’s financial company is like a giant in the financial sector. Based on this, Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian have no disadvantages in the financial industry.

The two of them are not weak, Qin Ye has single-handedly rolled up tens of billions of dollars to establish the financial company as the pillar of the Qin family’s industry, and Qin Xiao Qian has even made a great achievement at a young age by virtue of her own ability.

The reason why both of them have not been famous in the Qin family is that they were suppressed by the Qin family who ate human blood.

Now that they have separated from the Qin family and control half of the family’s a*sets, they are just like birds flying high in the sky and fish leaping across the sea.

Good news has also come from the Zhang and Chu families in Kyoto.

The entertainment company has moved ahead with the project and is making a lot of money.

The succession of good news has boosted Chen Dong’s confidence.

Once the snowball rolled up, in a year’s time, when it was time to decide who would succeed the family head, he believed that his achievements would put everyone to shame.

What was more crucial was this.

During this week, Chen Dong had established one thing.

That was the Chen family’s attitude towards him!

His father’s disappearance had always made him apprehensive, and while he was worried about his father, he was also worried that without his father to suppress him, those people who saw him as a thorn in their side would target him at every turn.

Facing the Chen family, it is still too difficult for him to resist.

If Old Madam Chen really let the Chen family target him, it would undoubtedly be a titanic mountain for him.

In a year’s time, it could almost crush him to within an inch of his life.

Luckily, the Chen family didn’t do that!

Several families were happy and several were sad.

At a time when Chen Dong was full of joy and riveted to develop.

In Lingdong City, however, there was a change of heart.

“Lin Lingdong’s girlfriend is second-hand, the titular Lingdong underground king is actually the receiver!”

This piece of local news was like a heavy bomb that bombarded the entire Lingdong.

As soon as the news came out, it instantly pushed Lin Lingdong into the limelight.

The once underground king of Lingdong also became the talk of the town after dinner, with snickers and ridicule in his words.

Inside the villa of Lingdong Villa.

Lin Lingdong’s face was gloomy to the core.

For a while now, he had been confused by the rumours in the community.

With his character, he didn’t care much about fame.

Otherwise, he would not have persisted in inviting Chen Dong after giving him the land despite the pressure of the rumours.

However, this was something he really couldn’t bear!

Whether it was the rumour of insulting Wang Nan Nan as a second-hand goods, or humiliating him as a receiver.

Wang Nan Nan sat on the sidelines, her face equally ugly to the extreme.

The rumours that had suddenly sprung up in the community were like sharp knives that had ruthlessly stabbed at her scars, uncovered them mercilessly, and then stabbed them into the wounds again.

Only, at this moment, Wang Nan Nan was bowing her head in thought, with a complicated expression.

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded at the door.

Without waiting for Lin Lingdong to speak, Wu Junhao pushed the door and walked in.

“Boss, it’s been checked out.”

Wu Junhao said in a deep voice, but his gaze swept towards Wang Nan Nan as if he was not there.

Wang Nan Nan raised her head, her eyes slightly flustered.

Lin Lingdong clenched his teeth, his eyes glowing fiercely, “Who did this?”

The voice was cold and stern, as cold as frost.

It made Wang Nan Nan’s face turn a little white.

Wu Junhao also had a frozen expression.

He had followed Lin Lingdong for many years and knew that Lin Lingdong was furious this time!

With a complicated glance at Wang Nan Nan, Wu Junhao said, “It’s sister-in-law’s parents and younger brother.”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Lin Lingdong instantly froze.

Wang Nan Nan’s beautiful eyes abruptly flooded with tears, and her eyes swished red.

“Nan Nan, what’s going on? You’ve never mentioned anything about your parents or younger brother.”

When Lin Lingdong saw Wang Nan Nan’s reaction, he was instantly sure of Wu Junhao’s statement in his heart.

“I… I ……”

Wang Nan Nan’s heart was like a knife, and in her distraction, she was a little speechless for a moment.

Lin Lingdong’s expression snapped.

He rose indignantly and grabbed Wang Nan Nan’s shoulders: “I respect you and don’t go to probe into your past, why would your past throw such dirty water at me?”

He was the underground king of Lingdong, he had an arrogance that belonged to him alone.

For some things, he could endure and put aside his pride.

But if he could no longer endure, there was no need to endure anymore!

If it was someone else, he wouldn’t have treated Wang Nan Nan with such thunderous fury.

But this time, it was Wang Nan Nan’s real parents and brother who were pouring out the dirty water!

How bloody should this be?

“Lingdong, take it easy.”

Wang Nan Nan looked flustered and hurriedly got up to rub Lin Ling Dong’s chest while crying with pearly tears, “I’ve already cut off my relationship with them, I’ve already cut off my relationship with them long ago, but I didn’t expect …… that they would be so ……”


Lin Lingdong spat out four words coldly.