Winner Takes All Chapter 391-392

Chapter 391

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled, her heart beating wildly.

She could clearly feel the cold, piercing chill emanating from Lin Lingdong’s body in front of her.

It made her fall into an ice cave.

“Phew ……”

Lin Lingdong exhaled a foul breath.

Turning, he let go of the panicked Wang Nan Nan, smiled morosely and looked towards Wu Junhao, “Junhao, invite them over, I want to meet them.”


Wu Junhao nodded and turned to leave.

Wang Nan Nan finally came back to her senses and said with a sobbing voice, “Ling Dong, listen to my explanation, this is really ……”

Before he finished his words, Lin Lingdong said in a cold voice, “I believe you, so this matter, I will help you to finish it.”


Wang Nan Nan was struck by lightning and stood frozen on the spot.



She knew exactly what Lin Lingdong’s status was, so the word “closure” from Lin Lingdong’s mouth caused an extremely horrible thought to pop into her head.

A chill ran from the bottom of her feet to the sky.

“Now, it’s time for you to explain something to me about your past.”

Lin Lingdong sat back in his chair with a solemn and cold expression.

He had asked Wu Junhao to investigate Wang Nan Nan’s past, but now before Wang Nan Nan’s past had been investigated, his parents and younger brother jumped out and threw dirty water, stirring up trouble all over the city.

Lin Lingdong is running out of patience, so he decides to question Wang Nan Nan.

Wang Nan Nan looked torn, her hands clenched together.

After a long time of hesitation, she slowly opened her mouth and recounted.

Time pa*sed slowly.

Lin Lingdong remained silent and listened, only his frown grew deeper and deeper.

And Wang Nan Nan was always paying attention to Lin Ling Dong’s changes during the narration.

She had been reborn in a fire, and it was not easy for her to be human again. Meeting Lin Lingdong made her feel respected, and after some trial and error, she also decided to accept Lin Lingdong.

But some manipulation by her parents and brother is what brings the beautiful dream she has just woven to the brink of shattering.

It was not a dream like the one she had at the beginning of her life.

It was just a dream that she wanted to find someone, get married, have children and grow old.

But Lin Lingdong’s deeper and deeper frown made Wang Nan Nan feel that this beautiful dream was flying away.

When Wang Nan Nan finished her story.

Lin Lingdong fell into silence.

It lasted for almost a minute before Lin Lingdong spoke, “So, you divorced Chen Dong all because of your parents and younger brother?”

“Blame me too.” Wang Nan Nan did not shirk her responsibility in the slightest.

“Blame you indeed.”

Lin Lingdong snorted, “Indiscriminate and biased, you think you’re helping, but in fact, you’re nothing but insignificant value in their eyes, no, there is value too, that is, a money tree.”

The words were softly spoken, but unceremonious.

Wang Nan Nan’s heart gave a vicious twitch and her face shifted.

Lin Lingdong slightly sat up a little straighter: “Mr. Chen is kind-hearted enough, in my place, huh ……”

A cold laugh instantly caused the temperature in the room to plummet to freezing point.

The frightened Wang Nan Nan blushed.

Lin Lingdong raised his hand and rubbed his face, saying, “When your mother used a scheme to cheat Mr. Chen out of so much money, your family left, and later, how did you break off your relationship?”

Lin Lingdong was not stupid.

Just now, although Wang Nan Nan was telling the story carefully, he could still detect that some “paragraphs” were missing from Wang Nan Nan’s words.

Of course, Wang Nan Nan had indeed omitted some things.

For example, Chen Tiansheng!

“After I left that city, I was already completely disappointed with my family.”

Wang Nan Nan’s face was full of despondency and despondency: “But I didn’t expect that after they got the money from Chen Teng, the whole person changed overnight, my mother started gambling badly and got bigger and bigger, my brother spent his days in various entertainment places, only my father was slightly better, but looking at the dramatically changed home, there was nothing he could do.”

When he said this, Wang Nan Nan’s tears, like broken pearls, kept rolling down.

“I know that family is rotten and hopeless, and I don’t want to be morally kidnapped by my mother and my brother again, used as a cash cow to find the next rich man, and then I get hurt and they indulge in pleasure, a family like that, without a bit of affection.”

Wang Nan Nan raised her head and met Lin Ling Dong’s gaze, her jade hand raised to wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes, “So I broke off all relations with them, left their city and then came to Ling Dong, and met you.”

“Oh, then I was really quite lucky.”

Lin Lingdong gave a bitter laugh and rubbed his face with both hands fiercely, “Really, quite lucky.”

Wang Nan Nan lowered her head, sobbing secretly, tears streaming down her face.

She could hear that Lin Lingdong was laughing at himself, and it was this self-mockery that made her ashamed of herself.


A large hand fell on Wang Nan Nan’s shoulder.

“I should know now why they are throwing this dirty water.”

“What?” Wang Nan Nan looked at Lin Ling Dong with teary eyes.

“There’s no money.”

Lin Lingdong hooked the corner of his mouth and said with a cold expression, “Now, I only ask you one thing, do you choose me or do you choose them. Choose me, and you shall not ask questions about what I do with them later, choose them, and I will not make things difficult for you later, you can just leave with them.”

Wang Nan Nan was dumbfounded, not expecting Lin Ling Dong to be so crisp and decisive.

Two choices, how on earth should she choose?

Words could not describe the pain she had experienced when she had broken off her relationship with her parents and brother.

And now, the choice Lin Lingdong threw out was undoubtedly making her go through the same pain again.

“You choose!”

Lin Lingdong’s voice was cold to the core.

He was the underground king of Lingdong, a true lord.

After falling into the whirlpool of emotions, once it dawned on him, he was able to pull out immediately, this was the nature of a lord.

This is the nature of a lord. If one is foolish enough to keep falling into the whirlpool of emotions, one cannot become a lord at all.

A long time later.

Wang Nan Nan bit her red lips and said, “Choose you.”


Lin Lingdong revealed a gentle smile and leaned down to gently land a kiss on Wang Nan Nan’s red lips, “Then wait, no matter what I do, you should not blame me, because their affairs have nothing to do with you.”

Wang Nan Nan was silent.

Only her eyes were red and swollen even more, and her hands were quietly clenched together.

Wait, what exactly was Lin Lingdong going to do to them?

Such doubts always lingered in her mind, making Wang Nan Nan anxious.

Another ten minutes pa*sed.

Knock, knock, knock.

A knock sounded on the door.

“Come in.”

Lin Lingdong gave Wang Nan Nan a deep glance before sitting behind his desk with a cold expression.

As he took his seat, his entire aura instantly changed drastically.

It was as if he was plucking a mountain from the ground, and there was a ruthless and domineering aura between his brows.

The door opened.

Wang Nan Nan gazed towards the door.

Wu Junhao was the first to walk in, “Boss, the man has been brought in.”

Following Wu Junhao in were none other than Wang De, Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang Hao.


As soon as Zhang Xiuzhi entered the door and saw Wang Nan Nan, she immediately became arrogant.

Her face was full of fierce hostility as she directly rushed towards Wang Nan Nan: “You dead girl, I’ve been looking for you for so long, so you’ve come here to be a canary, huh?”


Chapter 392

Wang Nan Nan lost her face.

Faced with Zhang Xiuzhi’s fierce rush, she instinctively got up to retreat.

At that moment, a large hand stopped her.

A big hand stopped in front of Zhang Xiuzhi, pulling and dragging her directly to where she was standing before.

“Aiyo, you B*****d, I beat up my daughter and you dare to stop me?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s features were fierce and vicious, pointing at Wu Junhao’s nose and cursing, “A good dog doesn’t stand in the way, it’s still hard for a clear official to break up a family matter, get out of my way!”


Wu Junhao did not spill his hand, but cast a questioning glance towards Lin Lingdong.

“Slap your mouth!”

Lin Lingdong sat indifferently in his chair and calmly spat out two words.

A word that instantly gave Wang Nan Nan a shock.

After Zhang Xiuzhi froze for a moment, her anger rose: “Who are you? I beat up my daughter, it’s none of your business ……”


Wu Junhao slapped Zhang Xiuzhi’s face.

It was powerful.

The sound of the slap was crisp and loud.

Zhang Xiuzhi was instantly knocked off balance and staggered back two steps, slightly dazed.

A sudden slap.

It also caused Wang Nan Nan to cover her mouth in shock.

Wang De’s face changed drastically.

After Wang Hao was shocked, he instantly lunged at Wu Junhao like he had exploded.

“How dare you F**king hit my mother? I’ll fight with you today!”

Just as Wang Hao was rushing towards Wu Junhao.

Lin Lingdong spoke again, “Keep fighting!”

The corners of Wu Junhao’s mouth curled up into a cold smile, and like a fierce beast, he rushed towards Wang Hao brazenly.

At the same time, several of Wu Junhao’s men at the entrance also surrounded Wang Hao at the same time.

Wang Hao didn’t know any kung fu, he was just relying on his courage, and he was no match for Wu Junhao, who was a practitioner.

In just one glance.

There was a bang!

Wang Hao was knocked to the ground by Wu Junhao.

Without waiting for Wang Hao to get up, several of his men followed him and surrounded him with an overwhelming beating.

The screams of misery instantly echoed through the room.

“Stop it, stop it!”

Zhang Xiuzhi was so frightened that her face changed drastically, and she no longer had the ruthless and cross look she had before, so she was so eager to protect her son that she rolled and crawled into the crowd and pressed herself against Wang Hao.

In an instant, all the fists and kicks that had been aimed at Wang Hao fell on Zhang Xiuzhi’s body.

The screams of mother and son echoed like the killing of a pig.

Wang Nan Nan’s face was pale as she looked at the scene in horror.

She did not expect that Lin Lingdong’s methods would be so crisp and decisive.

Seeing Wang Hao and Zhang Xiuzhi with bruises all over their faces, Wang Hao even had blood on the corner of his mouth.

Wang Nan Nan’s heart felt unbearable and she moved to Lin Ling Dong’s side.

She was about to speak.

But Lin Lingdong looked back at Wang Nan Nan, “You chose me!”

Four simple words, like a knife and a sword, instantly made Wang NanNan not know how to speak.

Wang De’s face was tired and pale.

Looking at the beaten Wang Hao and Zhang Xiuzhi, but did not move a muscle, no fluctuation in his eyes.

“God D*mn it, yo, killing people, there is no heavenly justice and king’s law ah ……”

Zhang Xiuzhi cried and wailed, “Wang De, you don’t have eggs in your trousers, your wife and son are about to be killed, still don’t know how to help?”

Wang De’s eyes flickered for a moment, and he finally came back to his senses.

He walked up to Lin Lingdong and Wang Nan Nan.

After a glance at Wang Nan Nan, his gaze fell on Lin Ling Dong.

“Mr. Lin, I’m sorry, we were wrong, please let my wife and son live.”

“A way out alive?”

Lin Lingdong snorted, “Did you ever think of a way out of life when you threw my dirty water?”

After a pause, Lin Lingdong laughed, “Fine, if you want a way out alive, kneel down for me!”

The corners of Wang Nan Nan’s eyes danced, wanting to speak but not to.

Wang De, however, smiled sadly and looked back at Wang Hao and Zhang Xiuzhi who were being surrounded and screaming miserably.

Eventually, his body trembled and he slowly bent his knees towards the ground.


Wang Nan Nan suddenly took a step forward and held Wang De, turning her head pearly and saying to Lin Ling Dong, “Ling Dong, he is my father, please don’t make things difficult for him.”

“Didn’t you break off the relationship?” A seeping cold aura flashed across Lin Lingdong’s eyes.

Wang Nan Nan looked choked and bit her red lips as she said, “With my father, no, he still treats me like a daughter.”


Lin Lingdong gave a startled eek and gave Wang De a profound look.

With that, he waved his right hand, “Junhao, all stop.”

Wu Junhao and his men stopped at the same time and took a step back.

On the ground, Wang Hao and Zhang Xiuzhi had long since been bruised and swollen, with blood at the corners of their mouths.

Zhang Xiuzhi was even draped in hair and her gaze was dull.

Obviously, she hadn’t recovered from the dramatic change of being suddenly surrounded and beaten.

“Child’s mother, Xiao Hao.”

Wang De broke away from Wang Nan Nan’s support and staggered to Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang Hao.

This shout, however, caused Zhang Xiuzhi to snap back to her senses with an electric shock.

With that.

“Ah! Wang De, for you dead useless thing!”

Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly screamed and pulled Wang De by the collar, crying and howling as her fists and feet landed on Wang De.

“You dead useless thing, someone beats your wife and son and you watch, God D*mn it, yo!”

“Sins, why am I so unlucky, why does all the bad luck fall on me?”

“My daughter ran away and disowned her own mother, and my husband is a dead and useless thing.”

Shrill, stern whistles and spilling.

Wu Junhao and the others looked indifferent.

Lin Lingdong, however, snorted disdainfully and interrupted Zhang Xiuzhi’s wailing with a gentle tap on the table with his right hand.

“Remember, from now on Nan Nan has nothing to do with you guys, if there is another time when you don’t know how to live or die, then I, Lin Lingdong, don’t mind burying you.”

The killing intent was so bitter that it instantly made the temperature of the room plummet to freezing point.

Zhang Xiuzhi’s expression changed, terrified and horrified.

“Ma ……”

Wang Hao was beaten up badly, and at this moment, he also yanked Zhang Xiuzhi in terror.


Zhang Xiuzhi’s gaze fell on Wang Nan Nan, and a look of determined madness welled up in her eyes.

“Wang Nan Nan, it’s your business if you want to be this canary, you trashy money-loser, I can’t care about it!”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s words were so strong that she screamed, “But I’m your mother, I gave birth to you and raised you, are you going to let me die this time?”

“You have already severed your relationship!”

Lin Lingdong shouted directly in a cold and stern voice.


Zhang Xiuzhi looked like a madman and waved her right hand, “Break off the bullSh*t relationship, her Wang Nan Nan’s flesh and blood and bones are all my mother’s. If you really want to break off the relationship, then die in front of me!”

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body shook, and she could no longer hold back her tears at this moment.

Only her silver teeth clenched her red lips, forcing her to hold back her sobs.


There was a sudden loud bang.

Lin Lingdong shot up, his voice horrifyingly angry, “D*mned B*tch, do you really think that the underground king of Lingdong cannot see blood?”

Wang Hao and Wang De were both startled and frightened.

It was Zhang Xiuzhi who held her neck in a fearless manner, “Then why don’t you kill me? I owe millions of dollars in gambling debts anyway, so if you kill me, I’ll be done with it!”

Lin Lingdong’s face was gloomy to the extreme.

“Boss ……” Wu Junhao looked at Lin Lingdong with a frosty face, obviously inquiring.

The underground king, who wanted two lives, was really just a phrase.

But there was no waiting for Lin Lingdong to respond.

Zhang Xiuzhi on the ground then growled again.

“You want me to sever ties with this dead money-loser all right, give me 10 million! From now on, our Wang family and this dead girl will never see each other again!”

“Ten million dollars?” Lin Lingdong narrowed his eyes.

“Is it much? You are the underground king of Lingdong, this amount is not much at all, right?”

Zhang Xiuzhi smiled smugly, “10 million I pay off a few million gambling debts, the rest of the money, that is for my son’s wedding, this money, one point less today don’t even want to rest in peace.”

“Oh …… I admire you for daring to threaten me!”

Lin Lingdong’s eyebrows were morose, his narrowed gaze fell on Wang Hao, and he said in a cold voice: “Junhao, break both legs of his son, throw them all out to me, and in the future, if you still dare to spout Sh*t or come to pester Nan Nan, break your legs once you see him!”