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Winner Takes All Chapter 393-394

Chapter 393

Six o’clock in the evening.

Chen Dong left work on time.

Just as he stepped out of the office door, the dark clouds that had been building up for a long time finally broke out.

A fine rain, intertwined between heaven and earth, was hazy.

“This rain, it’s coming too fast.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, started the car and returned to the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Autumn drizzle.

It added a few moments of seclusion and elegance to the small bamboo forest courtyard.

Gu Qingying was quietly knitting small clothes, and Long Lao was leisurely lying on a rocking chair sipping tea.

Kunlun and Fan Lu were busy in the kitchen.

Everything seemed tranquil and peaceful.

When Chen Dong returned to the small courtyard, he saw this scene and could not help but reveal a relaxed smile.

All the fatigue of the day seemed to have disappeared at this moment.

He walked straight over towards Gu Qingying.

“Honey, you’re back.”

When Gu Qingying saw Chen Dong, she smiled sweetly and picked up the small clothes she was knitting in her hands and said as if to show off, “Look at what I knitted, not bad, right?”

“Not bad, better than tying meat.” Chen Dong joked.

Gu Qingying rolled her eyes and snapped, “Who hasn’t had their first time? Now I’m knitting just fine, expose me again and I’ll still zap you.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously.

Walking over to Elder Long, he inquired, “Elder Long, is there any news of my father from the Chen family?”

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “The Chen family has never relaxed the intensity of the intelligence agency’s search for the old master, but they have just come up empty-handed, even the old slave finds this matter unbelievable.”

It was more than inconceivable.

It was simply a situation that should not have occurred.

Chen Dong frowned, with the energy of the Chen family’s intelligence agency, after such a long time, not to mention finding the family head, even if it was a vast sea of people looking for an ordinary person, there should be something.

What’s more, it was the Chen family head!

The leader of the Chen family!

“Young master is at ease, at least we know a little more than the Chen family, the master is safe now isn’t he?”

Elder Long winked and laughed strangely.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, looked at the small bamboo courtyard and said, “I think it’s almost time for us to move back to Tianmen Mountain Villa, it feels a bit embarra*sing to always stay here.”

“Old slave also thinks it’s time to do so.” Elder Long nodded, “Now that the crisis of the Hidden Murder Organisation has pa*sed, and Tianmen Mountain Villa Zhou Yanqiu has taken care of it properly, it is good to go back.”

During dinner, Chen Dong then voiced his desire to move back to Tianmen Mountain Villa.

After all, the Four Seals Clubhouse was Lord Meng’s place, they had kindly taken him in and carefully protected him when he was in trouble, now that the crisis had pa*sed, there was no reason to continue staying here.

It would only add to Lord Meng’s troubles.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, did not want to cause any trouble.

The night was hazy.

It was still raining incessantly.

In the villa area on Tianmen, the lights were dim.

It was just that after the last mercenary incident, the villa area was quite deserted.

Those who could live in the Tianmenshan Villa District were the real upper cla*s of the city.

After what happened, even if they tried their best to clean up the mess, it was impossible for all the upper cla*s to be willing to live under a dangerous wall.

With power and wealth in hand, the options are wide open.

Coupled with the fine rain this evening, the entire Tianmen Mountain villa area is in a state of silence.

The only thing that continues to fall is the rustling rain.

The gate of the villa area.

A taxi slowly drove up.


The car stopped and splashed a large amount of rain.


The car door opened.

Wang De was the first to step out of the car, holding an umbrella while leaning his back in the direction of the car.

Only when Wang Hao was lying on his back did he then grit his teeth, redden his face, and barely stand up.

“D*mn useless thing, you carry Xiao Hao well, if you drop him, I’m not finished with you.”

Zhang Xiuzhi cursed as she stepped out of the car, her hair cloaked and in a state of disarray.

Wang De was helpless and did not say a word.

Wang Hao, who was on his back, was weak, wailing and screaming in pain, while his feet were in thick plaster.

Lin Lingdong didn’t say big words, when he said he broke Wang Hao’s legs, he really broke them.

“Master driver, wait, if we don’t get in, we still have to leave in your car later.”

Zhang Xiuzhi piled up a smile and turned back to take out a hundred dollars and handed it to the taxi driver.

With that, she helped Wang Hao and walked towards the villa area gate with Wang De.

Only when they hadn’t gone far, the sound of an engine roaring suddenly sounded behind them.

The two turned around to see that the taxi had already turned around and sped off towards the mountain.

“God D*mned beast! You’re in such a hurry to be reincarnated?”

Zhang Xiuzhi stomped her foot indignantly and cursed angrily, “It’s really like a tiger being bullied by a dog in a flat sun, even a dead driver dares to flip his face at me.”

Wang De looked at Zhang Xiuzhi in despair, his eyes darkened to the extreme.

“Why are you standing there? Why don’t you come in with me?”

Zhang Xiuzhi shot a glance at Wang De.

Wang De did not make a sound, as if he was mechanical, and turned to follow.

Just looking at the gate of the opulent villa area.

Wang De hesitantly said, “Wife, we no longer have anything to do with Chen Dong.”

Zhang Xiuzhi paused.

Suddenly turning around, she glared angrily and gave Wang De a vicious kick in the leg.

“You’re a dead useless thing, why do you talk so much?”

With this kick, Wang De, who was already barely holding on, lost his balance and took Wang Hao with him, falling heavily to the ground.

The violent impact caused Wang Hao to scream like a pig.

Wang De also fell hard enough.

However, Zhang Xiuzhi’s reaction was surprising.

Hearing Wang Hao’s miserable scream, Zhang Xiuzhi immediately showed her teeth and grinned as if she was a mad dog, punching and kicking Wang De on the ground.

“You dead useless thing, dropping your son like this, why don’t you drop him to death?”

While cursing, he punched, without the slightest intention to stop.

Not to mention the thought of helping Wang Hao who was screaming in the rain.

The commotion was not small.

Soon, the security guard on duty at the villa gate rushed over.

“It’s late at night, what are you doing here? Get out of here!”

The security guard scolded, the three people in front of him were in such a mess that it was impossible for them to be the residents of the villa area.

“What the hell are you talking about? You’re a dog in human skin and you’re pretending to be human? I live in this villa area, and I am your master!”

Zhang Xiuzhi, who was in a fit of anger, turned around brazenly and cursed angrily with red eyes.

The two security guards’ faces sank at the same time.

Is this the person who lives in the villa area?

What a lie!

They were about to get angry.

Wang De finally struggled to sit up and let out an almost pleading cry at the furious Zhang Xiuzhi.

“Stop it, what kind of a mess have you made of a nice home? Let’s go, Chen Dong won’t see us, we have nothing to do with him anymore, please don’t lose face, just be a human being!”


A furious Zhang Xiuzhi was struck by lightning.

Her eyes rounded with a fierce glare as she slowly turned her head to look at Wang De.

“I’m so desperate to find a place for you guys to stay, and now you’re calling me a disgrace? Saying I’m not human?”

The next second.

Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly pounced in front of Wang De, riding on top of him and grabbing Wang De’s face with both hands in a storm.

“You dead heartless B*****d, if we don’t find that wimp now, where else can we go? He’s the ex-husband of that dead woman Wang Nan Nan, he’s gotten so rich that he kicked us out of the house after giving us so little money in the first place.

If I don’t ask him for the millions I owe, where else can I ask? Are we going to wait for the debt collectors to come to our doorstep and have us all jump off the building?”


Chapter 394

The rainy night.

Zhang Xiuzhi is riding on top of Wang De, cursing angrily while scratching fiercely.

Wang De raised his hands to resist, but his face was still scratched with blood, and he would occasionally scream in agony.

Wang Hao fell backwards in the rain, holding his feet and screaming in pain with a white face.

This scene, looking at the two huffy security guards who were ready to have a fit, were also dumbfounded.

This …… madman, right?

The two men glanced at each other and prepared to leave.

This is still some distance away from the villa area gate, these few lunatics are spreading their madness here, and the noise will not disturb the residents in the villa area.

As long as they were not close to the villa’s main entrance, they would not bother.

Just as the two of them turned to leave.

“Stop right there!”

A furious and frantic Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly stood up from Wang De and yanked the two security guards like crazy: “Two watchdogs, where are you going? Let us in, we are Chen Dong’s father-in-law and mother-in-law, and him, he is Chen Dong’s brother-in-law!”

Saying that, Zhang Xiuzhi also pointed at Wang Hao on the ground.

The two security guards were instantly frozen.

Wang De couldn’t care less about the pain on his face, he hurriedly got up and tugged Zhang Xiuzhi: “Stop it, I beg you to stop ……”

The words were sorrowful, almost pleading.

But Zhang Xiuzhi turned around brazenly, and in the rainy night, a pair of bloodshot eyes, as if they were eating people, stared deadly at Wang De.

“Shut up, mother! We, there’s no way back!”

Wang De froze in horror.

Mighty bitterness suddenly welled up inside.

Yes, there was really no way back!

Tens of millions of dollars had been lost, and Zhang Xiuzhi still owed several million dollars in loan sharks.

A good home, not even a few days of affluent life, and then it was back to the old days again, or even worse.

Wang Nan Nan broke off the relationship, and if she could not find money to fill the hole of several million again, the family of three would really have to jump off the building.

Thinking about all this time, Wang De had the feeling that it was like a dream.

In a trance, tears streamed down from the corners of his eyes.

It was at this moment.

A security guard suddenly spoke up, “Sorry, we don’t have a tenant called Chen Dong here.”


Just as the words fell, a lightning bolt thundered in the night sky.

While Zhang Xiuzhi, Wang De and Wang Hao, it was as if they were struck hard by the lightning shock.

The three of them were dumbfounded at the same time.

Even Wang Hao, who fell in the rain, forgot to scream in pain.

“There’s no Chen Dong? How is this possible?”

Zhang Xiuzhi didn’t dare to believe it and mumbled with round eyes, “You are lying, you must have lied to us, that animal Chen Dong lives in the Tianmen Mountain Villa area, we even came to look for him in the first place, how could there be none?”

Faced with Zhang Xiuzhi’s shouting.

Both the two security guards revealed their disgusted anger.

But thinking of Zhang Xiuzhi’s reaction just now, both of them cla*sified Zhang Xiuzhi into the category of madman.

At this moment, they also forced down their anger.

The security guard spoke again, “Sorry, we really don’t have a resident named Chen Dong here, in our security training manual, we have thoroughly recorded the names of every resident living here, the name you mentioned is really not there, perhaps …… moved out before.”

“Moved away?!”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s face was ashen as she stumbled backwards.

At this moment, she suddenly had the feeling that the sky was falling.

Losing her family’s fortune and owing millions, she did not feel this way.

When Wang Nan Nan broke off her relationship and even interrupted Wang Hao, she didn’t feel this way either.

But now, she did.

Because, the last straw was gone!

She knew Chen Dong’s character, that was a weak and deceptively soft persimmon.

If not, how could she not settle the score afterwards when she had backstabbed Chen Dong so much?

As long as she found Chen Dong, she would be able to squeeze a few million out of Chen Dong’s pocket to fill the hole, or even squeeze a million out of him.

It was precisely because she was certain of this idea that Zhang Xiuzhi insisted on coming to the Tianmen Mountain villa area despite Wang De Wang Hao’s doubts.

In her heart, Chen Dong has money, a mere ten million is just a drop in the bucket, picking a soft persimmon to pinch, there is always money to be plucked from the gold mine.

But the security guard’s words were like a heavy punch that shattered her beautiful dream.

If there is no Chen Dong that wimp to save the emergency, that debt collectors door ……

Zhang Xiuzhi’s mind shuddered viciously as a horrific scene came to mind.

The two guards were about to get angry as she gritted her teeth and looked at them angrily.

Wang De, however, suddenly reacted and hurriedly hugged Zhang Xiuzhi from behind.

“That’s enough! Have you forgotten the shame of being here in the first place? People have already moved out, what more do you want?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s body shook as she was in a trance, thinking of the scene when she was packed and thrown off the mountain at the gate of Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Inevitably, the look at the two security guards also became somewhat scornful.

It was not the same as before, when these security guards dared to throw, they dared to throw even more now.

Under Wang De’s dragging and persuasion, Zhang Xiuzhi finally left reluctantly, while Wang Hao also quieted down.

Looking at the three figures in the distance.

The two guards breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

“D*mn, these three lunatics really know how to choose places, where is not good to cause trouble, but to come to our place to cause trouble?”

“Alas, consider it bad luck, what kind of people don’t these days? But it’s a good thing the man talked the crazy B*tch down, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what to do, it’s not in the staff training manual.”

Just as the two men were rebuking and cursing.

An older, middle-aged security guard braved the heavy rain and came over.

“What just happened?”

“Chief, those three people just came and spilled the beans, saying that the parents-in-law and brother-in-law of an owner called Chen Dong in our villa area wanted to enter our villa area. There is no such person as Chen Dong in our villa area.”

One of the security guards gave a brief account.

Another security guard also waved his hand, “Chief, it’s alright, it’s probably just three crazy people.”


However, the two did not see that the middle-aged security guard’s face gradually became grave, and his pupils could not help but shrink.

Following closely.

The middle-aged security guard slowly spat out a sentence, “You guys have just started working not long ago, so you are not clear about the situation in our villa area, there is indeed an owner named Chen Dong in our villa area, who lives in those most prestigious villas halfway up the hill, only that Mr. Chen has a prestigious status, so his name has become a hidden secret in our villa area nowadays.”


The two security guards were startled at the same time.

In fact, when the Deadman mercenaries had initially besieged the Tianmen Mountain villa area, many of the security guards in the villa area had been affected.

After the matter was properly handled by Zhou Yanqiu, a large number of security guards were recruited again, and Chen Dong’s name, which Zhou Yanqiu had intentionally done, was also concealed from the new security guards.

These two security guards, who were new to the job, naturally did not know about the previous situation.

“Chief, really, really?”

One of the security guards’ face turned a little white, his eyes looking in horror at the panoramic road going down the mountain, “Then they, are really Mr. Chen’s father-in-law and brother-in-law?”

As they said this, the faces of the two security guards turned white.

It was even as if their hearts were about to beat out of their chests.

If it was true, then the two of them would definitely be fired.

The salary of the security guards at Tianmen Mountain Villa Area was the best in the entire industry, with a salary of over 10,000 a month, countless security guards would break their heads to get in.


The middle-aged security guard sneered, his face full of disdain.

He was an “old man” who had survived the mercenary incident, and was even more aware of what Chen Dong had done before.

Under the terrified gazes of the two guards.

The middle-aged security guard slowly spat out a sentence, “Remember, if those three people just now come back next time, just tell them that the mistress of the Tianmen Mountain Villa area is named Gu!”