Winner Takes All Chapter 395-396

Chapter 395

Early the next morning.

Chen Dong deliberately vacated the day and did not go to the office.

The beautiful name was for moving house.

In fact, he also wanted to spend more time with Gu Qingying.

When a husband could spend more time with her during pregnancy, it could also reduce the appearance of maternal depression.

Chen Dong didn’t know if this was true, but it didn’t affect his desire to spend more time with his wife.

In his opinion, to be able to watch Gu Qingying’s belly grow bigger day by day and feel the miracle of life being birthed was really a wonderful and happy thing.

Early in the morning.

Long Lao and Kun Lun had arranged for a car and a group of people headed towards the Tianmen Mountain villa area in an omnipresent manner.

Perhaps it was because it had been too long since they had returned to Tianmen Mountain Villa, and the mood of the group was all in a great mood.

There was a feeling of returning home.

Although they had lived comfortably at the Four Seals Clubhouse, and even in every aspect, Lord Meng had taken good care of them.

But it was still hard to make them feel “at home”.

Only those who have really had a home may know how valuable it is.

The long motorcade drove to the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Looking at the restored scenery around him, Chen Dong was in a bit of a trance.

“Kunlun, do you still remember that night?”

Kun Lun nodded, “If it wasn’t for Young Master, perhaps we would have all been wiped out here long ago.”

“All the troops were wiped out” was not a deliberate compliment to Chen Dong.

Rather, it was based on Kun Lun’s many years of experience in the battlefield as a mercenary king.

In the situation at that time, the entire security team was completely overwhelmed by the heavy firepower of the Deadman Mercenary Corps.

If it wasn’t for Chen Dong’s desperate attempt to drive through the siege formation of the Deadpool mercenaries, there would have been absolutely no survivors among the people present that night!

“Don’t flatter me, I was just trying to save you.” Chen Dong laughed to himself, “I’m not that great.”

“But Young Master did misrepresent the situation and saved the remaining security team members.” Kunlun echoed a laugh.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and changed the subject, “Zhou Yanqiu was indeed quite skillful in his work, everything that was destroyed around the area was restored as before, no trace of the vicious battle could be found at all.”

As we spoke.

The caravan drove to the entrance of the villa area and was stopped by the security guards of the villa area.

The two security guards went up to ask questions, respectfully and without the slightest hint of slackness.

Because, a convoy of a dozen luxury cars was indeed extremely shocking.

“This is my young master Chen Dong, we are the owners in the villa area.”

Elder Long said calmly.

After the mercenary incident, it was only logical that the security level of the villa area had been raised.

If it was the rest of the new security guards who asked, they might have been confused by Elder Long’s statement.

But these two guards happened to be the same two from last night.

When they heard the word “Chen Dong”.

Both of them changed their expressions and were shocked.

Their eyes could not help but look at Chen Dong who was sitting in the back row.


Elder Long revealed a hint of displeasure and let out a cold snort, “My young master, are you the ones who can spy on him at will?”

The two security guards were startled and hurriedly withdrew their gaze.

Without going through the rest of the process, they directly let the caravan in.

This was because they knew very well that an existence that could become a hidden secret within the villa area had a background identity that could definitely pa*s through the heavens.

Little crickets like them were not qualified to go through that tedious process.

The caravan advanced.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed, “Elder Long, security guards are not easy either, why are you scaring people, those two look fresh-faced, they should have just started work not long ago.”

“It is because the faces are raw that the old slave is so.”

Long Lao smiled warmly, but his eyes were shining, “After such a big incident at Tianmen Mountain Villa, the young master survived the disaster, but it also sounded the alarm, one has to be on guard.”

Chen Dong smiled and said no more.

It was indeed necessary to sail carefully.

And at the gate of the villa area.

The two security guards looked at the motorcade entering and took a long time to come back to their senses.

“Is that really Mr. Chen that the chief said? It looks so young!”


The other security guard echoed, suddenly thinking of last night’s scene and hesitantly said, “Should we talk to Mr. Chen about last night?”

“What’s it to us? The people have all left, and I don’t think they’ll be coming back, so it’s better to do more than that.”

The villa had long since been restored to its original state.

Every corner of the villa had been carefully repaired, not only could no flaws be identified, but it was even more perfect than before.

“Young master, Zhou Yanqiu has done a good job, this time this villa has been carefully decorated and furnished, and many surveillance and defense means have been added.” Elder Long said with a smile.

“He is slowly becoming more like a person.” Chen Dong said oddly, but thought of what had happened when Zhou Yanqiu had flattered Chen Tiansheng.

The group of people got off the bus and started moving.

Of course, all of this was Kunlun Fan Lu and the others’ business.

Chen Dong stood by the side, wrapping his arm around Gu Qingying’s small waist as he silently watched the scene.

It was only when his gaze dipped to the small clothes in Gu Qingying’s arms that he could not help but laugh, “A pile of silk threads and the clothes are not yet woven, why are you so precious?”


Gu Qingying puffed up and scolded Chen Dong, “This is our baby’s clothes, and it’s also the first piece of clothing I’ve knitted since I grew up, so of course I have to treasure it.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you treasure the clothes, I treasure you.” Chen Dong smiled brightly.

Gu Qingying instantly blushed a little and whispered, “So many people are here, don’t know how to be ashamed.”

“If I say something sweet to my wife, how can they object?”

Chen Dong held his head high and said proudly, “Kunlun Fan Lu and the others are busy moving things, and Long Lao has been directing here, but he’s so old and his ears are probably not too good, he shouldn’t be able to hear.”

“Ahem ……”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Long Lao, who was directing, coughed twice and turned back apologetically, “Sorry, old slave that was properly heard.”

Chen Dong: “……”


Gu Qingying shyly lowered her head, and her right hand quietly and untraceably reached the fine flesh of Chen Dong’s waist, pinching it fiercely.


On the coiled mountain highway.

A taxi, was speeding towards the gate of Tianmen Mountain Villa Area.

In the car.

Wang De’s gaze was dark and hollow, and his expression was almost dull.

And on the side.

Zhang Xiuzhi was cursing and swearing.

“I think we were just cheated by those two watchdogs last night, the Tianmen Mountain villa is so expensive, over 100 million dollars, how could that wimp Chen Dong just say move?”

“It’s all your fault you’re a useless piece of Sh*t, no egg in your trousers, if you hadn’t stopped me then, I would have rushed in to find out what was going on.”

“You’re a loser, you useless piece of Sh*t, I’ve had a hard life, I’ve had so much bad luck, today I must go in and see for myself!”

The taxi driver frowned a little at his words.

Through the rear-view mirror, he glanced at Wang De and snickered.

“Big brother has a good enough temper, he must be a spoiled wife.”

“Mind your mother’s business, huh?” Zhang Xiuzhi scolded angrily with a crossed brow.

The taxi driver laughed sarcastically and said no more.

“People are just joking, why do you bother?”

Wang De’s eyes finally regained some focus: “People have said they’ve moved out, why do you have to be like this? What’s more, we really don’t have anything to do with him anymore!”


Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly slapped Wang De’s face, “I don’t need you to care about what I do? If you’re so good at talking, then why don’t you ask those creditors not to pay the money? If I don’t have a few million to fill the hole, even if I jump off a building, I will hug you and jump with me!”


Chapter 396

All along the way, Zhang Xiuzhi’s curses echoed in the car.

Wang De once again became obscure-eyed and dull, as if his soul was in an out-of-body state.

The taxi driver could not help but increase the throttle and speed up, trying to clear his ears as soon as possible.


The taxi stopped in front of the villa’s main gate.

Zhang Xiuzhi dragged Wang De out of the car and turned back to the taxi driver and said, “Wait for us here, we’ll settle the bill together later, we still have to return.”

“Sister, you can settle this trip for me first, we’ll count it later on the return trip.” The taxi driver said.

“Bah! You mother F**ker, last night I just got screwed, do you really think I’m stupid and can’t be cheated by you black-hearted drivers?”

Zhang Xiuzhi viciously spat on the ground: “If I give you money, you will immediately have to turn around and leave, wait here, I can live in this villa area, still short of your three melons and two dates?”

The taxi driver had a helpless face and no longer retorted.

He did want to collect the money and leave immediately.

He didn’t care about Zhang Xiuzhi’s words in the slightest.

Those who lived in this villa area would take a taxi?

What’s more, he could hear clearly what Zhang Xiuzhi had just complained about in the car.

Now he only had the luxury of settling the front of the car later.

Zhang Xiuzhi dragged Wang De towards the villa area gate.

The toe was high and the footsteps were fast.

Not putting the security guards of the villa area, in the slightest, in his eyes.

“This lady, please wait a moment!”

The security guard greeted him and blocked Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De’s path.


Zhang Xiuzhi instantly turned red and raised her hand to slap the security guard on the face, “Watchdog, you can still stop your master? Get lost!”

The security guard was dumbfounded by the slap, he had been on duty for so many days and had seen many owners in the villa area, but this was the first time he had met such a person.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I’m just following the rules.”

The guard held back his aggression and bowed his head in apology.

“Do your mother!”

Zhang Xiuzhi raised her hand to fight again, “I just want to go in today, the king of heaven can’t stop me!”

She was so fierce and spirited that she was at her best.

But the slap didn’t land before Wang De pulled her back.

“Can’t you talk properly? Why is your temper getting worse and worse?”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s eyebrows went up and she turned back to look at Wang De angrily, “Are you trying to stop me again?”

The shrill, stern whistle soon attracted the homeowners entering and leaving the villa area, and the rest of the security guards.

One of them, was one of the security guards from last night.

“Bad blood, why did you come back when you’ve left?”

The guard cursed lowly and quickly stepped forward, waving his hand impatiently, “Why are you here again? Do you really think that anyone can enter our villa area?”

Last night, he knew what had happened from the chief.

At this moment, this security guard no longer had a good face for Zhang Xiuzhi.

A shrew who was almost crazy, he didn’t hit anyone, in his heart, it was already considered very polite.


Zhang Xiuzhi, however, did not relent and said in a shrill and stern voice, “You watchdog, you have really grown a temper, it was you last night, wasn’t it? I felt something was wrong last night, you watchdog still learned to lie to your master?”

“You ……” The guard’s face turned red at the dislike.

Without waiting to argue, Zhang Xiuzhi showed her teeth and laughed, “Fine, you won’t let your master in, so get your a*s in there and call that loser Chen Dong out! He slept with my daughter for three years for nothing, and now I’m here to make up for it!”

Sleeping in vain?

Wang De’s jaw dropped.

What kind of words could a mother say to her daughter?

“Why are you standing still, why don’t you get your a*s in there?”

When Zhang Xiuzhi saw that the security guard was not moving in place, her suspicions became more and more correct.

With a stern voice, she lifted her hand and smacked the guard in the face.


The guard raised his hand and grabbed Zhang Xiuzhi’s wrist, his face suddenly sank as he shouted, “The mistress of this Tianmen Mountain villa area is surnamed Gu, there’s nothing to do with your crazy woman’s daughter!”


Zhang Xiuzhi’s expression changed, and she instantly felt a knife stabbed viciously in her heart.

The thought that if it wasn’t for those changes at that time, the mistress of this villa area would have to be surnamed Wang, Zhang Xiuzhi’s heart ached terribly.

The more heartbroken she was, the more her anger grew.

Without warning.

Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly sat down on the ground, spilling and rolling, crying out to the heavens.

“Oh, there’s no justice, God D*mned beast, you’ve slept with my daughter for three years and now you’ve lifted your trousers and denied it.”

“For the sake of the mistress, he kicked out the original spouse, this god D*mned wolf heart and dog lung.”

“Poor my daughter, she was slept with for three years for nothing, and now she’s not only a broken woman, she doesn’t even have a compensation.”


The cries drew smacks from people entering and leaving the villa area.

“My God! When did such scum and scum live in our villa area?”

“That can’t be right! I see that this woman is fierce and unreasonable, is she throwing dirty water?”

“If it’s really like this woman says, then that person is really a beast.”

As she listened to the people talking, Zhang Xiuzhi’s heart burst with joy and she cried even harder.

She knew very well that only by making a big fuss would she be able to meet Chen Dong in person.

As she was used to being domineering and unreasonable, Zhang Xiuzhi had obviously adopted this tactic as a habitual killer!

The guard’s brow was furrowed and he was at a loss for words.

I’ve already said what the chief told me to say, but why can’t I solve the problem?

There was a standoff at the gate.

The property manager, in a hurry, drove up to the door of Chen Dong’s villa.

In fact, the property manager already knew about it when Chen Dong entered the villa area with his motorcade.

“Mr. Chen, it’s not good.”

The property manager’s face was hard to see, it was indeed enough of a headache to have such a disturbance at the entrance of the villa area.

“What is it?”

Chen Dongzheng was holding Gu Qingying in his arms, looking at the property manager in surprise.

The property manager was also a man of the cloth, and after taking a glance at Gu Qingying, he gestured for Chen Dong to walk to the side.

Only after he got away from Gu Qingying did he say to Chen Dong, “There are two old people at the gate who are causing trouble, saying that you slept with their daughter for three years for nothing, lifting your trousers and not admitting it and not paying for it, now we don’t know what to do about this, I would like to ask Mr. Chen for advice.”

Zhang Xiuzhi, Wang De?

Chen Dong’s expression went cold as his depressed anger surged up.

The spirits of the underworld!

Wang Nan Nan had come back, and this family of nasty people had come back with him!

When his anger reached the extreme, he laughed instead, “How shameless, to say things like I slept with their daughter for three years for nothing in front of everyone, you really don’t take your own face as a face and don’t take your daughter as a human being.”

Although he was laughing, the property manager still felt the piercing coldness.

Followed closely.

Chen Dong’s gaze was stern as he stared at the property manager, “Shouldn’t this kind of scum just be packed away? You are asking me because you want me to become the property manager?”

The property manager nodded his head and left.

Ten minutes later.

The gate of the villa area.

A dozen security guards swarmed up and directly set up the crying Zhang Xiuzhi and the dumbfounded Wang De, tied up their hands and feet and threw them into the taxi.

This scene frightened the taxi driver into a state of panic.


The taxi driver only came back to his senses when a pile of red banknotes slapped on the driver’s console.

“Send them away, as far away as possible!”


The taxi driver was overjoyed, ignoring Zhang Xiuzhi’s angry scolding, and with a drift, he drove straight towards the mountain and sped off.