Winner Takes All Chapter 403-404

Chapter 403

Rain falling heavily.

Thunder and gale force winds.

It swept through the night sky tonight.

As Chen Dong and the three of them returned to the car, Long Lao glanced back just in time to see Lin Lingdong leading Wu Junhao down the hill and towards the car.

“Young master, Lin Lingdong has left Wang Nan Nan alone.”

Elder Long whispered softly.

“He’s not stupid.” Chen Dong said.

Elder Long nodded his head.

Those who could get to the level of Lin Lingdong were by no means good, regardless of their scheming and sleight of hand they were definitely top notch, and their ability to judge the situation was even better.

Putting aside Chen Dong’s might, simply asking Lin Lingdong to make a trade-off would definitely be the same as it is now.

No one can tolerate their beloved ones bottomlessly helping their loved ones.

When the bottomless choice to help is made, it is already making bottomless harm.

In fact, this is exactly what happened.

Lin Lingdong also witnessed all this with his own eyes, and his heart felt the sadness of a rabbit dying.

If he didn’t make a choice at this point, there was no guarantee that what happened to Chen Dong now would not be what happened to him in the future.

The Rolls Royce slowly drove towards Tianmen Mountain.

All along the way, the air was oppressive.

Everything tonight was just like the thunderstorm outside.

Both Elder Long and Kunlun knew how Chen Dong was feeling right now, and even they, too, were clogged up inside.

The dead were great, and to be buried in the ground was the greatest respect and tribute the living could pay to the dead.

And tonight, with something like this, anyone else would definitely have the heart to kill.

“Little Shadow, it’s late at night, go and rest.”

Fan Lu took her jacket and draped it over Gu Qingying’s body, looking outside at the lightning and thunder and pouring rain, worrying, “You’re carrying a baby now, the weather is cold, what about the baby if you stay long and catch a cold?”

Ever since Chen Dong and the three of them left, Gu Qingying had been worried and had been sitting in the living room, not going back to her bedroom, her eyes always fixed on the villa door.

She didn’t know what was going on.

But the look in Chen Dong’s eyes made her very uneasy and terrified.

“Sister Xiaolu, will something happen to him?” Gu Qingying looked back at Fan Lu and said almost supplicatingly, “Can you accompany me out to look for him? I can’t get through to his phone, it’s off.”

Fan Lu frowned slightly, and the worry deep in her eyes could not be restrained from coming out.

She did not feel wrong about Chen Dong’s killing intent before he left.

Even more than Gu Qingying, she was certain that something must have happened to Chen Dong.

Because Gu Qingying relied on her understanding of Chen Dong’s subtle observations.

She, on the other hand, had sensed Chen Dong’s murderous intent from the instincts of a killer.

But she did not dare to tell the truth, which would only make Gu Qingying more frightened and worried.

Hesitating for a moment, Fan Lu said, “Take it easy, I’ll give Brother Kunlun a call.”

Taking out her mobile phone, under Gu Qingying’s expectant gaze, she dialed Kunlun’s mobile phone.

But the system reply tone of the phone made the light of expectation in Gu Qingying’s eyes instantly dissipate.

The phone was switched off!

Gu Qingying instantly clenched her hands together, her red lips tightly obliterated.

“Don’t rush, there’s still a call from Elder Long.” Fan Lu’s heart sank for a moment.

She was not afraid of Gu Qingying pulling her out to find someone, but she was worried about the safety of Chen Dong’s three people.

Three people had gone out and two had turned off their phones, something must have gone terribly wrong!

“Good.” Gu Qingying forced down the panic in her heart and nodded her head.

Just as Fan Lu was about to dial Elder Long’s number.


The villa door, opened.

Chen Dong, who was soaked to the skin, walked in.

Gu Qingying and Fan Lu, were instantly overjoyed.

But once they saw the three of them soaked to the bone, the two of them froze at the same time.

“Where have you guys been?”

Gu Qingying’s face changed and she ran to Chen Dong in a hurry, not caring that Chen Dong was covered in water, she directly jumped into Chen Dong’s arms, “I understand if you don’t talk to me, but why did you even turn off your phone, do you know that I am worried about you?”

Chen Dong’s cold, frosty face finally regained the slightest hint of emotion.

Feeling the very hard hands around his waist, he said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, I ……”

Not waiting for him to finish.

Gu Qingying then pulled herself out of Chen Dong’s arms and hurriedly called out to Fan Lu to bring a towel over to wipe the rain from the three of them.

“Don’t rush to explain anything to me, go back to the bedroom first and change your clothes and take a hot bath, it’s easy to catch a cold wearing wet clothes like this.”

Gu Qingying said seriously.

Chen Dong looked stunned, and at this moment, his heart suddenly had a slight warmth.

He nodded his head and went upstairs.

After Gu Qingying admonished Elder Long and Kunlun once more and told Fan Lu to take care of the two, she hurriedly followed Chen Dong upstairs.

“What the hell is going on?”

Fan Lu asked worriedly as she wiped the rain from Elder Long and Kunlun’s bodies, “When Mr. Chen went out just now, he was full of monstrous killing intent, it really scared me.”

Long Lao sighed helplessly, took the towel from himself and headed upstairs, “I’ll go upstairs to change first.”

Kunlun didn’t move, letting Fan Lu wipe the rain from his body, and said in a deep voice, “Madam’s grave was ploughed up, and a handful of her ashes were raised.”


Fan Lu was struck by lightning and froze on the spot.

A second later.

Her face was cold as she said in a deep voice, “Who the hell deserved to die so much?”

“The young master’s former mother-in-law.”

Kun Lun’s eyes were full of shade and indignation, “Already killed.”

“Deserved to be killed!” Fan Lu gritted her teeth.

The bedroom.

The shower clattered with the sound of running water.

Chen Dong stood under the rosette head, not removing the clothes from his body, letting the water wash over him.

He tilted his head and closed his eyes, feeling the warm water flowing over his cheeks and sliding down his body.

Even now, his mind was unsettled, as if the waves were churning.

Inside his chest, it was even more clogged.

The guilt was so great that he almost suffocated.


Gu Qingying pushed open the bathroom door and looked at Chen Dong, who was standing under the water stream, in surprise.

“Honey, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, go out first, don’t get wet, I’ll be out soon.”

Chen Dong glanced back at Gu Qingying, he could not bear to worry about Gu Qingying and was also afraid of angering Gu Qingying, so he deliberately put on a strong smile.

Gu Qingying’s eyebrows knitted slightly, and instead of retreating, she stepped into the bathroom.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. When you lied to me, your eyes were all broken!”

Chen Dong froze.

He was about to speak.

Gu Qingying then said softly, “I know that something big, big must have happened to you just now, and I also know that you are very unhappy right now, you don’t have to tell me exactly what happened, but you can hug your wife and cry for a while, I don’t want you to suppress yourself because of me.”

The gentle voice was more than a million words.

It hit Chen Dong’s heart directly, like a heavy hammer blow.

Gu Qingying tilted her head and let the water fall onto her face, still smiling, “Don’t worry, the shower is on, they can’t hear you if you cry out, my wife will help you keep it a secret.”

Looking at Gu Qingying, Chen Dong smiled.

Only while he smiled, two lines of tears flowed from the corners of his eyes.

His body trembled and he finally buried his head in Gu Qingying’s arms.

The sound of the shower water drowned out all sounds.

Gu Qingying was the only one, gently stroking Chen Dong’s back, comforting ……


Chapter 404

This night.

Chen Dong lay in Gu Qingying’s arms and slept very, very heavily.

This was also due to the raging exhaustion after the excess of grief, and Gu Qingying’s careful comforting.

When the sunrise spilled over the earth.

Chen Dong opened his eyes, and there was no more sorrow in his eyes from last night.

Gu Qingying couldn’t help but breathe a secret sigh of relief, she knew that last night Chen Dong was really depressed to the extreme, at that time she asked one more question, it would only make Chen Dong suffer more.

“Right husband, I told my parents about my pregnancy, and they said they would come over recently.” Gu Qingying said.

“Great, let me know when the time is confirmed, I’ll pick up mum and dad from the airport.”

Chen Dong said with a smile as he straightened his clothes.

Gu Qingying’s pregnancy was a big deal, and it was only right to inform his parents of such a big happy event.

“No need, I will just go with Sister Xiao Lu and Brother Kunlun when the time comes.”

Gu Qingying helped Chen Dong sort out his clothes, “You’re so busy, work is important.”

Chen Dong intimately scratched the bridge of Gu Qingying’s high nose: “Even if you’re busy, you can’t neglect your parents, right?”

Gu Qingying’s heart was warmed and she did not argue anymore, and acquiesced.

When Chen Dong and Gu Qingying went downstairs, the look on Chen Dong’s face surprised both Elder Long Kunlun and Fan Lu for a moment.

Especially Elder Long and Kunlun.

The two of them had personally experienced a scene last night where Chen Dong’s body was radiating majestic killing intent, and the current Chen Dong made them both somewhat in a trance like a dream.

After having breakfast.

Chen Dong went straight to the company.

In the restaurant.

Fan Lu and Kun Lun were organising to clean up the dishes.

Gu Qingying asked Elder Long in confusion, “Elder Long, what happened last night?”

Elder Long didn’t hide anything and told the whole story.

After hearing this, Gu Qingying’s expression became extremely complicated.

His eyes were deep as he murmured, “No wonder he was so repressed last night.”

“Yes, but it’s all thanks to Young Madam’s blessing that Young Master was able to come out of his gloom so quickly.” Elder Long smiled gratefully.

Gu Qingying suddenly said, “Elder Long, please prepare incense, wax, paper money and tributes for me, I want to go and pay my respects to my mother.”

Long Lao was startled for a moment and said, “Young Madam is just pregnant now, going to the grave to pay respects may disturb the fetus.”

“Why is Elder Long still so superstitious?”

Gu Qingying raised her willow eyebrows and laughed playfully.

It was just a folk rumour that a pregnant woman who was just pregnant could not go to a grave or a temple, she would not believe it.

“It’s not that old slave is superstitious, young madam is just pregnant now, it’s best to nurture the baby quietly, not to mention disturbing the fetus, this trip to the mountain alone will be a lot of physical exertion for young madam.” Long Lao argued.

“Alright, it’s alright, I have it in my heart.”

Gu Qingying waved her hand and said with a sullen expression, “Chen Dong didn’t tell me about such a big incident, now that I know about it, I have to go and pay my respects to mother’s. As the daughter-in-law of the Chen family, if I don’t even go and pay my respects at this time, I am simply unfilial.”

With a single unfilial word, all of Long Lao’s words of dissuasion were blocked back.

Following this, Gu Qingying lowered her head and gently rubbed her stomach: “Besides, as a daughter-in-law, I’m pregnant, can’t I go and tell my mother-in-law?”

Long Lao hesitated for a moment and nodded his head in agreement.

It was also at the time when Gu Qingying and Long Lao Fan Lu were heading to Li Lan’s grave together.

Chen Dong also arrived at Dingtai Company.

Just as he entered the office and sat down, he received a text message on his mobile phone.

Chen Dong casually picked it up and took a look, and his face immediately sank.

The content of the text message was very simple.

There were only four words.

“My son, be careful!”


Chen Dong’s heart and soul were lifted.

Not caring about the content of the text message, he hurriedly dialed the text message number.

However, just like last time, just as soon as it rang, it was hung up directly by the other party.

Chen Dong was a little anxious and hurriedly sent the phone number to Elder Long, asking him to trace and probe immediately.

Then he replied with another text message: Dad, where are you now?

With that, it was a wait that lasted as long as a second.

The last time my father sent a text message, it was the same as this.

The only difference was that last time it was a message of safety, but this time it was a reminder.

So what exactly was …… being careful about?

Chen Dong’s brows were furrowed and his thoughts were turning rapidly.

Now that he and his father were in a situation where he was in the light and his father had gone into the dark by the way because of the missing a*sa*sination, what he could see and the crisis he was in must be more than him.

To be able to make his father, who had been hiding his whereabouts, suddenly send a message to alert him, was by no means unwarranted.

“The Chen family?”

Chen Dong murmured.

The only “crisis” he could think of right now was the Chen family.

Without his father to oppress the Chen family, if Old Madam Chen and the Chen family wanted to move him, it would be as easy as a snap.

As soon as this thought came to him, Chen Dong felt that it was impossible.

After all, his father had been missing for so long, and all of the Chen family’s energy was focused on finding him. He had initially worried, but gradually let his guard down as time went on.

“Or maybe …… Hidden Kill?”

Chen Dong raised an eyebrow, followed immediately by another shake of his head in denial.

This idea, more absurd than the Chen family.

Uncle Chen Daojun once Deathfall Will, even directly broke the rules of the Hidden Kill organization, now it is even more unlikely to come at him.

Other than that ……

Chen Dong was in deep doubt.

Nowadays, he could count his enemies on his fingers, the Li family had been completely wiped out, and the Qin family in Xishu had already been suppressed by Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian, who did not dare to make any moves.

Other than that, there were other enemies?

For almost ten minutes, Chen Dong still found nothing.

Instead, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

Chen Dong woke up with a start and saw that it was a call from Elder Long, and instantly the excitement in his heart lessened by a few points.

“Young master, the number has been cancelled.”

On the phone, Elder Long’s voice was a little low.

“It’s been cancelled again?”

The essence in Chen Dong’s eyes exploded and he was a little frantic.

This time, the cancellation speed was even faster than last time!

What exactly was Father …… so afraid of?

The phone number had already been cancelled, and he had even less expectation that his father would reply to that text message of his.

“Okay, got it.”

Chen Dong hung up the phone, his mind, which had calmed down early in the morning, becoming choppy at this point.

His father’s four-word text message reminder had left him worried and unsettled.

But he couldn’t think of anything to be careful about!

This almost frantic emotion stayed with Chen Dong for the whole day.

At the end of the day at 6pm, Chen Dong left the office in a state of confusion.

He got into his car and was about to start it to go home.

A phone call came through.

It was from Qin Ye.

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment, why was Qin Ye calling at this time?

After taking a deep breath and calming down his jumbled thoughts, Chen Dong picked up the phone.

When Qin Ye spoke his first words on the other end of the line.

Chen Dong was instantly struck by lightning, finally realising what his father’s reminder was about!

On the phone.

Qin Ye’s voice was suppressed and low to the extreme.

“Brother Dong! We’ve met a tough one, our company has been sniped at in the market today, a heavy loss of one billion!”