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Winner Takes All Chapter 405-406

Chapter 405

Is this what my father warned me to be careful of?

Chen Dong instantly came to a clear understanding.

A loss of one billion dollars was not fatal to the Qin family financial company headed by Qin Ye, but it was still a wound to the bones.

Such a loss could not be considered small!

What’s more, how big was his own bottom line these days?

“Who did this?” Chen Dong immediately inquired.

If he knew who had actually sniped Qin Ye, he might be able to know what exactly his father was afraid of by keeping his tracks hidden.

“There are five forces in total.”

Over the phone, Qin Ye’s voice was somewhat low: “There are three domestic capitals, and two foreign capitals.”

After a pause, Qin Ye said in a deep voice as if he knew what was on Chen Dong’s mind, “There is no shadow of the Chen family among them.”

Not the Chen family?

Chen Dong’s eyebrows tightened into a Chuan character, his mind in a complicated state.

When he had asked, he had already prepared himself for the Chen family to be involved.

However, Qin Ye’s words caused the doubts in his mind to deepen.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong pinched the bridge of his nose and asked, “Have you investigated the bases of these five capitals?”

“The three domestic capitals are Zhongke Investment and Shihua Capital in Magic City, and the third …… is a group in Northwest China.”

Speaking at the end, Qin Ye’s voice paused for a moment, followed by adding, “The two foreign capitals have yet to be scouted out, but the initial clues deduce that those two capitals should be very complicated and dangerous.”


A flash of essence appeared in Chen Dong’s eyes.

Within the entire frontier, the coastal region in particular was the strongest in terms of economic development, and every city was a place where dragons and tigers were hidden.

The northwest, on the other hand, was, to put it bluntly, a desert, and while people were scarce, it was also destined to have few powerful capitals taking root there.

This was why Qin Ye had paused, not to mention Qin Ye, and even Chen Dong found it somewhat absurd.

As for the two foreign capitals, Chen Dong didn’t care for the time being, it was hard to draw a conclusion before a thorough investigation was done.

He put down his right hand that was pinching the bridge of his nose and said in a deep voice, “I think we should investigate that capital group in the northwest, with the huge capital in that kind of place, it should be easy to investigate the old base.”

“I’ve already asked Xiao Qian to do that.” Qin Ye said.

After a pause, Qin Ye asked again, “By the way, is there any news from your father’s side?”

Hearing these words.

Chen Dong instantly smiled to himself, “You don’t say, it was only this morning that my father sent me a text message telling me to be careful, I thought about it all day but I didn’t think of what exactly to be careful of until this call came from you.”

On the other end of the phone, Qin Ye was silent.

After a few seconds, Qin Ye said in a deep voice, “It’s a big game! I’ll have Xiao Qian investigate these five capitals as soon as possible, plus I’ll be careful with the manipulation in the latter days.”

“You go ahead and do it, you’re better at this finance thing than me.”

Chen Dong hung up the phone, his expression was gloomy to the extreme, and he could not hide the look of doubt in his eyes.

Qin Ye was right, this time it was indeed a big game!

If there was a shadow of the Chen family behind this manipulation, then it would have saved him the trouble, at least knowing that it was the Chen family that was trying to deal with him.

But now, of the five powers, none of the three domestic ones had the shadow of the Chen family.

This means that …… maybe there are other forces that have their eyes on him!

Perhaps these forces were not as good as the Chen family, but they were definitely behemoths, existences that could truly strangle him!

Thinking of this, Chen Dong instantly had a Laoshi evil fire.

To be targeted and swept away for a billion dollars for no apparent reason, anyone else would have to hold their fire.

After rubbing his face, Chen Dong started the car and returned home to Tianmen Mountain.

When he arrived home, Gu Qingying was watching TV and knitting clothes in the living room.

While Elder Long was sipping tea, Kunlun and Fan Lu were busy in the kitchen.

Everything was as usual.

However, Elder Long could still see that Chen Dong’s face looked a little unnatural.

“Young master, something is wrong?”

Chen Dong nodded his head and gestured for Elder Long to go up to the rooftop.

After reaching the rooftop.

Chen Dong sat down on a reclining chair and said in a deep voice, “Today, Qin Ye and his side was sniped by five capital forces and lost one billion dollars!”

“One billion?!”

Elder Long’s face changed greatly as he exclaimed in shock.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at Elder Long: “Elder Long, you are knowledgeable, do you know any of the larger capital forces over in the northwest?”

He was not worried about Zhongke Investment and Shihua Capital, both of which were well-known giants in the financial world, sweeping through the financial sector and had few rivals.

It made sense that they would be pitted against Qin Ye’s financial company.

Only the one in the northwest!

The appearance was bizarre, and the reason for engaging in sniping was also permeated with weirdness.


What was even stranger was this.

Elder Long frowned and pondered for almost a minute.

Only then did he shake his head and say, “As far as Old Slave knows, there isn’t any big capital in the Northwest, that place is simply not suitable for big capital to take root, and some ‘small capital’ in general is not qualified to participate in sniping.”

“That’s interesting.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled meaningfully.

Where no big capital existed, a big capital suddenly appeared, and also participated in the sniping, and in the end the sniping was successful.

This company, it was too suspicious!

“Young master, the Qin kid will take care of it, this has something to do with the Chen family?”

Elder Long comforted, following closely with the same thoughts as Chen Dong had when he first knew about the sniping.

Chen Dong shook his head and smiled bitterly, “There is no shadow of the Chen family at all, apart from that Northwest company, there is also Zhongke Investment and Shihua Capital, in addition to two overseas capital forces.”

Long Lao’s face was sunken to the point where he twiddled his fingers lightly with his right hand and murmured, “Five forces are sniping at us at the same time, obviously they are prepared, but if there is no shadow of the Chen family, then what is the power that has brought these five capitalists together?”

The words had just fallen.

Chen Dong’s mobile phone rang.

Picking it up, Chen Dong said, “It’s Qin Ye calling.”

He picked up the phone and pressed the speakerphone button at the same time.

“Brother Dong, I have replayed this incident today a few times and found a very weird thing.” Qin Ye’s voice was dense with doubt.

“What?” Chen Dong asked.

Over the phone, Qin Ye slowly said, “When the five capital forces sniped at us, midway through, the one in the northwest actually pushed back a hand, that is, midway through the remaining four capital forces sniping at us, the one in the northwest temporarily entered and helped us push the share price up in a reverse wave before it was a sharp turn down.”

One word came out.

Chen Dong and Elder Long’s faces changed abruptly.

As they looked at each other, both of them revealed a look of puzzlement that was difficult to understand.

“Pushing up a wave in reverse, what kind of operation is this?” Elder Long blurted out, “Temporarily joining and pushing up a wave, it should be helping us, but then joining hands with the remaining four families to reap the rewards, is this power an enemy or a friend?”

Chen Dong was also terribly puzzled.

As Elder Long said, if it was really a sniping harvest, it didn’t make sense that they would temporarily join in and then push the share price up in a reverse wave, but the end result was also indeed five companies sniping Qin Ye and the others together.

This wave of manipulation instantly made the whole thing a bit confusing.

However, what Chen Dong did not expect was that.

Over the phone, Qin Ye slowly revealed an even more unbelievable fact.


Chapter 406


When he heard Qin Ye’s words, Chen Dong had the feeling of being struck by lightning.

Over the phone, what Qin Ye had said was.

“Not only does that capital power in the Northwest not possess the ability to snipe us, it is even less known in the entire Northwest!”

A word like thunder.

Even though he had already learned the approximate result from Elder Long’s mouth before.

Hearing Qin Ye’s words now, Chen Dong still had a feeling of being shocked.

In other words, he was not even ranked among the capital forces of the entire Northwest!

On the contrary, such an unranked capital force had temporarily entered the game and not only pushed up a wave against the trend, but also finished the harvest together with the remaining four capitalists.

It is important to know that the Qin family of Xishu was able to lay claim to the position of the richest man in the first place, precisely when Qin Ye made an astonishing hit, sweeping the capital market by tens of billions and setting the stage.

Qin Ye’s ability in finance is not an overstatement to say that he is an absolute genius.

The remaining four major capitals joined forces to form a major force, and it was only logical that Qin Ye could not resist.

But that company in the northwest, which was just a small gra*shopper, was actually able to get a piece of the pie even among a group of fighting gods?

That would be absurd!

“Kid Qin, what’s the name of that company?” Elder Long asked after him.

Qin Ye said, “It’s called the Jun Lin Group.”

“Never heard of it.”

Old Man Long smiled bitterly, rubbed his nose and said, “Kid Qin you’ve been given a piece of meat to go by such a company, doesn’t it feel like playing with a hawk and getting pecked by a hawk instead.”

“Old man Long, you should stop burying me.”

Qin Ye retorted in frustration.

Following closely, he added, “Brother Dong, of the two companies overseas, one of them has been investigated clearly and is the Hong Society, and the other should have Rothschild’s shadow.”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning and his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

He did not know about the Hong Society, but he knew about the Rothschilds!

Ancient and powerful families, internationally renowned giants!

After taking a deep breath and suppressing his shock, Chen Dong smiled, “With Rothschild involved, your loss this time is not unfair at all.”

“I’ll hang up now, I still have to think of a way to follow up.” Qin Ye’s voice was somewhat downcast.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Dong smiled bitterly.

He could hear Qin Ye’s frustration and powerlessness.

But this was something that even he did not know how to comfort.

Qin Ye was indeed a genius, and did have the arrogance of a genius.

But in the face of Rothschild, even a genius would be dulled.

A powerful family that stood at the top of the world, with a heritage formed from long years of existence, was simply not comparable to ordinary powerful families.

It is true that the Qin family was once the richest in Western Shu.

But the richest man in Western Shu has changed his name from generation to generation.

Its heritage, in every way, cannot be compared to that of a behemoth like the Rothschilds.

It is just like the Chen family.

The so-called genius also depends on who one is comparing it with.

Compared to ordinary people it was a genius, but if it was placed in the Chen Family’s elite generation, it would perhaps disappear into obscurity.

Chen Dong looked up at Elder Long, “Elder Long, do you know about this Hong Society? Is it a power in our frontier?”


Elder Long nodded his head, his eyes deep as he recounted.

“The Hong Society can actually be traced back to more than two hundred years ago if you trace back, initially it was established in the form of a gang, with the change of times, the Hong Society also moved away from the frontier and roamed internationally, the means of reproduction has also undergone a radical change, its methods are harsh and ruthless, it has developed wildly for more than two hundred years, its heritage, has made some of the international powerful families sweat.”

“How about compared to Rothschild?” Chen Dong asked.

Elder Long pondered for a few seconds and gave an odd smile.

“Depends on how it is compared, if it is a comparison of economic manoeuvres, Rothschild wins, if it is a comparison of other unseen manoeuvres, Hong will be able to make more than 90% of the powerful families tremble in fear, and Rothschild is among them.”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded.

According to what Elder Long had said, the Hong Society was not actually considered a powerful family, but a collection of forces with intricate factions.

After more than two hundred years of development, a root system had gathered together to form the Hong Society, a huge tree in the sky.

Although it was not a powerful family, its deterrent power and heritage was definitely no weaker than any other powerful family!

“It’s a bit interesting.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled meaningfully, “I really didn’t expect that I, Chen Dong, could actually draw the hand of existences like Rothschild and the Hong Society, what virtue is there in that?”

“Young master, this matter is too deep in concealment, old slave suggests that boy Qin should gather his wings for a while.” Elder Long spoke in a deep voice.

The three local capitals, he did not care.

But the Hong Society and Rothschild, however, had to be guarded against!

The two behemoths were like giant beasts pressing down on the territory, and if they were to meet them head on at this point, there was a high chance that they would be in a situation that was too tragic to recover from.

Long Lao was well aware of Chen Dong’s current family’s wealth, even with Chen Dao’s gift before he disappeared, but compared to the Hong Society and Rothschild, it was just an ant to shake a tree.

“I want to reign it in, and Qin Ye won’t either.”

Chen Dong smiled, his gaze was stern, “What’s more, people have already brought their swords to the doorstep of their homes, if I converge, am I waiting for these behemoths to rush into the house and kill indiscriminately?”

Long Lao: “……”

Chen Dong waved his hand, “Let’s put this matter aside for now, Qin Ye should be able to handle it.”

Chen Dong was not a weak and bullyable character, if he was really weak and bullyable, he would not be where he was today.

His personality is changing, but his nature remains the same.

The so-called convergence, that has to see the right time, now this situation convergence, is undoubtedly self-binding, sitting waiting for death.

Instead of waiting to be harvested, it would be better to take the plunge.

Seeing Long Lao’s face sullen, Chen Dong continued, “Long Lao, during this period of time, I still need to trouble you to help me investigate that Jun Lin Group in the northwest.

Elder Long’s obscure gaze suddenly lit up.

Subconsciously approaching Chen Dong, he inquired in a low voice, “Does Young Master suspect …… Master?”

Chen Dong smiled noncommittally, “If it is a friend, then nine out of ten times it is my father, if it is an enemy, it is hard to guess.”

He did have such a thought.

The King’s Landing Group’s move was too bizarre.

And on the surface, this group was not qualified to make a move at all.

It was just in time for his father to warn caution before Qin Ye’s side of the story.

Without linking his father to the Jun Lin Group, not to mention Chen Dong, no one else would be able to do so.

“Old slave understands.” Elder Long nodded his head and retreated.

As he walked to the door, Chen Dong’s voice once again came from behind him.

“Also, the surveillance on the Chen family’s side should not be slackened.”

Caution was the key to success, now that his father had disappeared and lost his biggest backer, Chen Dong had to be even more careful and cautious.

Under the night, Chen Dong quietly lay on the recliner, his gaze deep as he gazed up at the starry night sky.

For a long time.

Only then did Chen Dong slowly murmured, “Dad, how on earth did you disappear? And what are you afraid of?”

This was what Chen Dong couldn’t figure out the most right now.

How could the Chen family head be forced to hide in the east?

The night breeze was slightly cool.

Not knowing how long had pa*sed, Chen Dong gradually fell asleep.

In a trance, he felt someone near him.

Immediately afterwards, a jacket was placed over his body.

Gu Qingying’s gentle voice rang in his ears, “It’s late at night, why don’t you go back to your room with me and sleep?”