Winner Takes All Chapter 413-414

Chapter 413

There is no free lunch in the world.

The Hong Society has flourished for more than 200 years, much less is it likely that people are as stupid as they can be, idly inviting old ancestors into their doors to make offerings.

The price, for sure, is there.

It was just a matter of coming early and coming late, and exactly what the price was.

This was something that Chen Dong knew in his heart.

But with the situation just now, he had to make a choice.

Qin Ye was his brother and the man at the helm of his ten billion dollar family fortune.

With five forces joining forces to snipe, Qin Ye would have had no chance of fighting back if the Hong Society had been allowed to give its all.

This was a matter of Qin Ye and the answer he would give to the Chen family in a year’s time.

He did not dare to gamble; if he lost the bet, he would lose everything.

Therefore, he could only choose to join in and seek a chance of survival for Qin Ye.

Without the Hong Society’s sniping, Qin Ye’s chances of reversing and turning the tide would become even greater.

When he returned to the Tianmen Mountain villa, it was already nine o’clock in the evening.

After parking his car, Chen Dong had just walked through the door when he saw Gu Qingying.

“When did you change your car?”

Gu Qingying’s agate nose twitched as she smiled and enquired.

“I borrowed someone else’s, something happened just now.” Chen Dong was distracted by the Hong Society and casually explained, before calling Long Lao to go up to the rooftop.

Gu Qingying stopped in place with a complicated expression and murmured in a low voice, “A woman’s scent …… is a very delicate natural scent.”

While murmuring, she slowly lifted her gaze and looked deeply at the BMW i8 in the garage.

A woman’s sensitivity allowed her to distinguish it instantly.

With her family background, she was even more aware of what the lingering fragrance on Chen Dong’s body represented.

It was simply impossible for an ordinary perfume to have that kind of fragrance.

Not even a top quality perfume could.

The only thing that could be distinguished was the natural fragrance that had been carefully blended into the

The rooftop.


Chen Dong threw the Hong Society token onto the table.

As soon as Elder Long saw the token, his old face instantly revealed a look of shock.

“Young master, this is the Hong Society token! You, how did you get it?”

Chen Dong sat down helplessly in his chair, “They gave it to me.”

“The Hong Society gave you a token?” Elder Long was filled with dismay.

Chen Dong nudged his mouth, “Turn over the other side and take a look.”

Elder Long took a deep breath, forcibly suppressing the shock in his heart as he slowly picked up the token and flipped it over to take a look.


The iron-painted word “Yuan” instantly struck him like a heavy hammer on his eyeballs.

In an instant, Elder Long’s expression fluttered and he was frozen on the spot.

“Yuan, the word Yuan token …… represents the Hong Society’s Yuan generation.”

Long Lao’s entire body was in a state of shock, his lips trembling as he said, “Impossible, the Hong Society would never give this Yuan Zi generation token to the young master, they have a whole system for naming new people, and it’s not voluntary, people simply wouldn’t give it away, much less this Yuan Zi generation.”

“The first twenty-four characters of the Hong Society, the last twenty-four characters, a total of forty-eight characters, with their strict rules, as time goes on, only the generations will go backwards, and occasionally exceptions are made to promote a generation, but that is only for those who have done great service to the Hong Society.”

“Of the Yuanzi generation, there is only one person in the Hong Society today, and that is a true Ancestor-level figure to whom even the leader of the Hong Society must bow.”

A series of murmurs showed the uproar in Elder Long’s mind at this moment.

Chen Dong laughed to himself and shrugged, “Then you are lucky, Elder Long, to have now met the second Ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuanzi generation.”

A “boom” sounded in Elder Long’s mind.

At this moment, he even felt his eardrums being shaken to the point of tingling.

With rounded eyes, as if he had seen a ghost, he looked at Chen Dong in horror.

“Young, young master has not only entered the Hong Society, he has also been ranked by them as a Yuanzi generation?”

Chen Dong nodded, “Isn’t it just like a dream?”

From Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong’s mouth, he already knew how heavy the generation of the Yuanzi generation really was.

Below one, above ten thousand.

One person, and that was just Ye Yuanqiu, the equal generation, was nothing more than the difference in seniority.

And above ten thousand people, that is the Hong Society’s three thousand six hundred sects, all under, even the dragon head is also among them.

Long Lao did not hide his horror, no, he could not hide it at all.

“What the hell is going on? Are those people from the Hong Society crazy?”

“The token of the Yuan Dynasty, the Hong Society will never give it, the Dragon Head will not agree to it, nor will that old immortal of the Yuan Dynasty, nor will the people of the three thousand six hundred sects.”

At this point, what was left of Elder Long’s sanity was just holding back from screaming out and jumping up in place.

“But they just gave it, just now.”

Chen Dong was full of doubt and helplessness, “Moreover, the one who gave me this token is the same old immortal of the Yuan Zi generation that you have been talking about, Elder Long, Ye Yuanqiu.”

Elder Long was confused.

Completely and utterly dumbfounded.

Chen Dong had already expected Elder Long’s reaction.

In fact, this matter, but if it was said to anyone who knew about the Hong Society, the reaction would probably be the same as Long Lao’s current situation.

He continued, “Moreover, do you dare believe that I was let in without letting me pay any price, and that I was worshipped as an old ancestor.”

“Impossible! There must be a demon when things go wrong, this kind of treatment is unparalleled in the world, Hong will act in such a manner, there must be a calculation.”

Elder Long casually threw the token onto the table, “Young master, this is a price we cannot afford, this Hong Society cannot be entered, and the token cannot be taken.”

“I think so too.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, “But they are using Qin Ye as a threat, if we don’t enter and receive the token, the Hong Society will give its best to snipe Qin Ye, this immediate price, I can’t afford it either, so I can only put this price, into the future.”

Elder Long’s body shook and he staggered back a step in shock.

Chen Dong’s words gave him a sense of uncertainty that his body had been emptied.

His body went limp and he sat down on the chair.

Under the dim yellow light.

Chen Dong could clearly see that Elder Long’s eyes were red.

The colour of horror gradually transformed into monstrous anger.

Instead of being surprised, he felt that this was normal.

Not to mention Elder Long, even he was holding a ghostly fire in his stomach right now.

Being comprehensively suppressed and forced to join the club, and whether it was the price of Qin Ye being sniped in front of him, or the price that might come later, he could not afford it.

This sense of stifled anger turned into a rage that could burn the sky.

For a long time.

Elder Long suddenly smiled.

Only the smile was full of bitterness, and his reddened eyes were fogged up and turned hazy.

Chen Dong was afraid that Elder Long would not be able to bear it, so he got up and said comfortingly.

“Elder Long, relax a little, perhaps it won’t be as bad as we think? At least Qin Ye’s crisis can be temporarily alleviated, and I can now rely on this token to command the 3,600 sects of the Hong Society as an Ancestral Elder, and be above all people under one person.”

“Old slave understands, old slave understands.”

Long Lao was flooded with tears and shook his head with a bitter smile, “It is my sin to blame Old Slave for his poor a*sistance, which has led Young Master into such a situation.”

After saying this, Elder Long got up and walked towards the stairs.

His figure was not as straight as before, but slightly stooped, showing the tiredness of an old man.

Chen Dong smiled helplessly.

He looked at the stars and moon in the night sky.

His eyes were filled with resignation.

Murmuring to himself, “Pretend it’s a good thing, right, at least for now it’s good for Qin Ye. I wonder what will happen on Qin Ye’s side when the market opens tomorrow?”


Chapter 414

This night, Chen Dong did not sleep at all.

On the one hand, he was worried about Hong Hui and Qin Ye, and on the other ……

It was his wife who did not burrow into his arms and let hug him to sleep.

After getting married, Chen Dong had long since gotten used to sleeping with Gu Qingying in his arms.

This was the first time Gu Qingying’s back was turned to him.

“Could it be that Xiaoying has misunderstood something?”

Chen Dong frowned in confusion.

When dawn came, Gu Qingying got up early in the morning, just like any other day.

Chen Dong could not help but dispel the doubts in his mind.

After having breakfast, Chen Dong drove his car to the Dingtai Company early.

Today, it was up to Hong Hui to show how he would behave!

Without the pressure of the Hong Society, which was a huge monster, I believed that Qin Ye would also be able to cope better.

However, this was beyond Chen Dong’s control. After a few moments, Chen Dong suppressed his anxiety and focused on his work.

In a flash, it was half past nine in the morning.

Chen Dong was reviewing the documents when Qin Ye’s phone call came.

“Brother Dong, great joy!”

The first time he picked up the phone, Qin Ye howled in excitement over the phone.

It seemed that Ye Yuanqiu had kept his promise.

Chen Dong smiled gratefully, “How is the situation now?”

“Hahahaha …… This great joy, even I didn’t expect it myself.”

Qin Ye’s voice couldn’t contain his excitement, this out of control performance was hard to come by on him, “As soon as the market opened just now, the Hong Society suddenly turned their guns, not only did they no longer join forces with the remaining five to snipe, they were even …… lifting us!”


Chen Dong was a little surprised, Ye Yuanqiu had only said that he would let Qin Ye off the hook once he joined the Hong Society.

Now not only did he let a horse go, but he even turned his gun around to help Qin Ye, this is really an unexpected pleasure!

“Brother Dong, this time we’re stable, with the help of the Hong Society, plus our own operation, this time at least I’m 30% sure of flipping the tables.”

Hearing Qin Ye’s excited and ecstatic voice, Chen Dong couldn’t help but reveal a pleased and relaxed smile as well.

Thirty percent chance!

That’s really big!

Compared to the previous “death without life”, it was already extremely good.

In the past few days, he had also felt extremely depressed because of the sniping of Qin Ye.

In the face of the enormous power of the five powers, even though Qin Ye was still at a standstill, Chen Dong knew clearly that he was already halfway to the ghost gate.

And the tens of billions of dollars in a*sets under Qin Ye’s control was one of the important parts of the answer sheet he would hand over to the Chen family in a year’s time!

Once there was a deficit, it meant that the answer sheet he handed in a year later would definitely be crippled.

Tens of billions of a*sets were easy to say, but it was not easy to manipulate them and make them a “test result”!


Suddenly, Qin Ye on the phone exclaimed, “Something’s wrong!”

Chen Dong’s brow furrowed, and the heart he had just put down instantly lifted up again.

Over the phone, a series of sounds of tapping on the keyboard rang out.

“Something’s not right, how is this possible?”

“Is this a surprise or a shock?”

“Such a small company, he can still become a demon?”

Listening to Qin Ye’s series of shocked cries over the phone.

Chen Dong quickly captured a very crucial piece of information – a small company.

Of the five capital forces, the only one that could be counted as a small company was the King’s Landing Group!

“Qin Ye, what happened to the Jun Lin Group?” Chen Dong was busy asking after him, while also trying to calm Qin Ye down.

Financial manipulation like this, one second of heaven and one second of hell, the more critical the situation, the more chaotic it must be.

On the phone, after a few seconds of silence.

Qin Ye suddenly said incredulously, “Brother Dong, the King’s Landing Group is also lifting us up, how dare you believe this?”

With a single word, it caused Chen Dong’s eyes to instantly bulge with blue veins at the corners.

Hong would help, that was because he had joined the Hong Society and agreed to Ye Yuanqiu’s terms.

This Jun Lin Group, what was the situation?

“It’s really become a demon!”

Chen Dong murmured, his voice low and powerful: “If he helps you, then let him help, this is something you go control now, I have to investigate this Jun Lin Group now.”

A small, unknown company in the north of the desert in the west had temporarily joined the sniping in this “fight of the gods”, which was already bizarre.

But now they are helping Qin Ye?

It’s impossible to see the wind and the rudder!

From the beginning to the end, the operation of the King’s Landing Group had left a strong suspicion in Chen Dong’s heart, and the whole thing was weird.

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong redialed Elder Long’s number.

“Elder Long, please compile all the information from the last investigation into the Jun Lin Group and send it all to my company.”

“Young Master, what has happened?” Elder Long was a little stunned.

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, “This Jun Lin Group is afraid that there is a demon!”

Hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong leaned back in his chair and rubbed up the bridge of his swollen nose.

The heart that was originally put down was also raised at this moment.

The operation of the King’s Landing Group was really incomprehensible, but it could barely be explained by the phrase “seeing the wind and making the rudder”.

But the point is, the current wind, even if Hong will help, is still a headwind for Qin Ye.

How could a small company have the audacity to do that?

An hour later.

The information about the Jun Lin Group was then served to Chen Dong’s desk by Elder Long as it was.

“Young master, there is nothing to investigate about this Jun Lin Group, we have already checked the bottom of it last time.” Seeing Chen Dong’s ugly face, Long Lao could not help but say.


Chen Dong gave a strange laugh, flipping through the information while saying, “This company temporarily joined the sniping, first helping Qin Ye lift a hand, and then converging with the remaining four to snipe the operation, which was already bizarre, and just now, guess what happened?”

“What?” Elder Long asked, he still didn’t know what was going on on Qin Ye’s side.

“The Hong Society turned their guns and started lifting Qin Ye, less than ten minutes later, the Jun Lin Group also turned their guns and lifted Qin Ye.”

Chen Dong finished flipping through a book of information and looked at Elder Long with a gaze, “Elder Long, with your experience and sleight of hand, at a time like this, if you were the one controlling this Jun Lin Group, would you dare to do so?”

Elder Long’s pupils tightened to the extreme and he was silent.

But the silence was already an answer.

He dared not!

It was an inertia for capital to seek to maximise capital gains while avoiding risks.

Now Qin Ye’s situation, even if Hong would help, it would still be a situation of nine deaths.

And the “reverse operation” of the King’s Landing Group is not at all a profiteering while avoiding risks, it is more like …… survival from death!

This is very different from proper capital.

The gods fight, mortals suffer.

The King’s Landing Group, a mortal, has not only joined the battlefield where the gods are fighting, but is now helping the weaker gods to F**k several other powerful gods together!

“Old slave and young master will check together.”

Elder Long returned to his senses, exhaled heavily and flipped through the information together with Chen Dong.

In the office, there was silence.

Regarding the Jun Lin Group, Elder Long had investigated so clearly that the information was stacked in two piles.

What made Chen Dong frown was that every single piece of information showed how mediocre the company was, not the slightest bit special.

Seeing that the information was getting thinner and thinner.

The doubts in Chen Dong’s heart were getting thicker and thicker.

Elder Long’s face was also becoming more and more grave.

When Chen Dong picked up the last piece of information and flipped through it.

Suddenly, his gaze froze.

His eyes fixed on a certain extremely simple piece of information between the lines.


Chen Dong pressed his palm on the desktop and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “Elder Long, I seem to have found it.”