Winner Takes All Chapter 415-416

Chapter 415

Long Lao’s obscure eyes burst out with a fierce burst of essence.

He hurriedly went around behind Chen Dong and looked in the direction of Chen Dong’s finger.

As for Chen Dong, his eyes also became stern.

The message was brief, and if one did not carefully examine it word by word, sentence by sentence, it would have been difficult to spot.

What’s more, the message was extremely ordinary in the first place.

The content was that the Jun Lin Group had once worked with a subsidiary of the Chen family, jointly opening a small mine for a year, and eventually terminated this cooperation due to the scarcity of ore.

“One year, this is just an ordinary piece of cooperation information.” Elder Long’s brows knitted together.

The implication beyond words was that this piece of information was not important.

Chen Dong smiled evasively and said, “It was indeed an ordinary cooperation message, not even a pleasant cooperation between two happy families, but now that the Jun Lin Group has intervened across the board, don’t you think this message has become bizarre, Elder Long?”

Elder Long’s face was pensive, still unsure.

“Young master, are you overthinking?”

Chen Dong was not in a hurry and said, “A small company, where would they get the capital to interfere in this matter with Qin Ye? And where would they get the guts to do something that even you, Elder Long, wouldn’t dare to do?”

As he said that, he clicked on the piece of information on the file.

“What if we use this cooperation information as the source, a hypothetical situation, and then run through the motives of the Jun Lin Group?”

Elder Long’s body shook, and with his experience and reading, he instantly sorted out a line and thought of a possibility under this heavy a*sumption by Chen Dong.


Elder Long blurted out.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously and said with deep eyes, “Perhaps when the dust settles on this matter of Qin Ye, it is time for us to take a trip to Desolate North.”

If one a*sumed the cooperation as a thread, a vein that linked the Jun Lin Group and the Chen Family.

Father was now missing.

With the King’s Landing Group alone, Chen Dong did not believe they would dare to do these operations now.

But if his father was added to the mix, with his father’s handiwork, the matter would no longer be bizarre.

“Yes, yes, yes, we have to go, we must go!”

The light in Elder Long’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, and the look he gave Chen Dong was even more full of astonishment, “This a*sumption of Young Master does make sense, if it is really Master’s handiwork, everything will be taken for granted, even if there is only a one percent chance, we should go on this trip to Desolate North.”

“As long as we find the old master, with the old master’s shelter, the young master will not have to be constrained in every way, and we will be able to completely get rid of the current situation.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep and the corners of his mouth curled into a smile.

If he found Pa, he might also know what exactly he was afraid of when he kept disappearing.


The Chen family.

Inside a small courtyard.

Streams of water gurgled.

Chen Tianyao, Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei were gathered together.

“This time, that wild B*****d Chen Dong will definitely not be able to turn over a new leaf.”

Chen Tianyang sat on his wheelchair, his face full of smugness, “Why don’t we add more chips to completely make that wild B*****d lose everything?”

“Three billion, isn’t that enough?”

Chen Tiansheng raised his eyebrows and said, “Tian Yang, you just know how reckless you are, do you know how many favours it cost us to contact Zhongke Capital and Shihua Investment? There’s also the Rothschild side, I’ve used up that only favor this time.”

Money has a price, but favours are priceless.

But between the gentry, favours are also repaid one by one, and anyone can calculate the account clearly.

“Right ah Tian Yang, Brother Tiansheng is right, we want to take down Chen Dong’s financial company, smashed three billion into it, when Zhongke Capital and Shihua Investment operate, they still have to inject their own funds, we continue to increase the bet, they should not take it.”

Chen Yu Fei’s pretty face was covered in frost, “Brother Tiansheng also used up the only favor he had with Rothschild, keep raising the bet and they won’t pay attention to us anymore.”

“If it doesn’t work, then it won’t work, anyway, with this kind of operation, even with that father killer of the Qin family sitting for that wild B*****d, they definitely won’t be able to top it.”

Chen Tianyang smiled smugly, only his eyes were shadowy and dripping with resentment as his gaze glanced at his feet.

He had been injured for a hundred days, and until now he was still sitting in a wheelchair.

And, for the second time!

“This time is also God’s help, originally there were only three forces sniping at that wild B*****d, I didn’t expect that there was also the Hong Society joining in, I guess they also want to share a big piece of the pie, but that Jun Lin Group in the desert north is a bit interesting, the pack of wolves eating meat, they even dare to come in and grab a mouthful of soup.”

Chen Tianyang leaned back in his wheelchair, “That wild B*****d Chen Dong is probably so anxious these days, isn’t he? That scumbag Qin Ye is so crushed that he can’t even resist, I didn’t even bother to look at the handicap today.”

“I didn’t look either.”

“Me too.”

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei looked at each other with a smile.

An ending that had already been predetermined, the process would only attract their interest in paying attention during the first two days, but now that the ending had been decided, it had become tedious to watch it again.

“But if we do it, will it cause grandmother and those elders to be unhappy?”

A girl with a delicate mind, Chen Yu Fei gently reminded, “At least he’s also the heir?”

Because of what happened last time, she could now be said to be the most miserable of the three, having lost her base in the entertainment industry, and there was no hope of competing for the position of family head in a year’s time.

If she wasn’t careful, she would even be deprived of what she had now.

“Che, are you scared, Concubine Yu?”

Chen Tianyang shrugged, “Grandma and the others are busy looking for the family head these days, the three of us are doing this so secretly, there’s no way they’ll know about it, even if they did, grandma and the others would probably clap their hands, don’t forget that’s a wild child, if it wasn’t for the family head dying to take shelter, he’d be nothing.”

This time, it was the three of them who were secretly carrying out the matter, and the level of secrecy was such that only the three of them, and the leaders of the three capitalist forces knew about it.

Chen Tiansheng nodded and agreed, “Don’t think nonsense, Concubine Yu, this is a competition between our heirs, it’s not like it’s against the family rules, besides, even that wild B*****d can break the family rules, why can’t we?”

“My brother is right!”

Chen Tianyang nodded with a smile, followed by a sinister look, gritting his teeth and saying, “Yufei, there is no hope for us to be the head of the family now, my brother has a better chance, let’s take down that wild B*****d Chen Dong, together we can help my brother take down the other heirs, in the future when my brother becomes the head of the family, you and I will have no meat to eat?”

Chen Yu Fei’s eyes shone up.

She nodded in agreement with Chen Tianyang, “Right, anyone in this Chen family can become the head of the family, but only that wild B*****d Chen Dong cannot sit on it, bringing down his financial company is breaking his arm, after a year, he will just wait to die.”

At those words.

All three of them laughed.

Chen Tiansheng was even more red-faced and sprightly.

His scheming and scheming was outstanding among the elite generation of the Chen family, and he had planned this plan.

As Chen Yu Fei had said, anyone in the Chen family could be the head of the family, even if he was not the one who ended up being the head of the family, there was no way he would let a wild child sit on the head of the family.


A phone call suddenly came to Chen Tiansheng’s mobile phone.

Chen Tiansheng had just picked up the phone when his face changed dramatically.

There was no longer the complacency he had just felt, all that was left was an endless gloom.


Chapter 416

“D*mn! How could this happen?”

Chen Tiansheng rose in anger, his face gloomy to the core.

The sudden burst of shouting caused Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei to be horrified.

Both of them looked at Chen Tiansheng in horror, completely unaware of what had happened.

But both of them knew Chen Tiansheng, to have such a big change of emotion, it was obvious that things were big!

“I don’t care what you guys do, I want him dead anyway!”


Hanging up the phone, Chen Tiansheng’s eyes clouded to the extreme.

“Brother, what the hell is wrong?”

Chen Tianyang asked warily.

“Look at the handicap!”

Chen Tiansheng walked towards the house with big strides.

Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei’s faces changed drastically at the same time.

Had something gone wrong with the sniping?

The two hurriedly followed Chen Tiansheng into the house.

Chen Tiansheng quickly opened his computer and took a look at the handicap.


He slapped his palm on the table, “D*mn, just D*mn!”

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei also hurriedly got closer to take a look, and the two of them froze on the spot.

“How could this happen? It was fine when the market closed yesterday!”

Chen Tianyang was furious and pointed at the computer screen, “What the hell is going on this morning?”

Chen Yu Fei kept her mouth shut and looked at Chen Tiansheng with a slightly pale face.

Chen Tiansheng clenched his cheeks, forcibly suppressing his anger, and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

“As soon as the market opened this morning, the Hong Society struck hard at lifting Qin Ye, following which that little B*****d of a group, the Jun Lin Group, also fell back on lifting Qin Ye!”

“Originally five families sniped Qin Ye, now it has become 3 against 3, we, the three capital, were caught off guard and killed by the Hong Society, in just one hour’s time, dropped ten percent!”


The sound exploded like a big thunder.

Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei were completely dumbfounded.

A vicious chill ran from the soles of their feet to the sky.

A ten percent drop?

How much money would that have to be?

The amount of money that had to be spent to snipe Qin Ye’s ten billion dollar family fortune was an absolutely astronomical amount.

And this ten percent was calculated from that sky-high price!

“D*mn it, are those people from the Hong Society pigs? Such a good opportunity to eat meat, why do they have to do this?”

Chen Tianyang was so angry that he almost jumped out of his wheelchair, his face was blue and he gritted his teeth, “They suddenly went to help Qin Ye, is this a F**king attempt to fight us to a standstill?”

“The Hong Society was supposed to be the outsiders going in for the meat, now they’re suddenly turning back to Qin Ye, are they ……”

Chen Yu Fei still had some sense, at this point the flowers lost their colour and exclaimed.

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyang, who were in a rage, were startled at the same time.

Chen Tiansheng, who was shadowy as if he was a viper, said in a cold voice, “That wild B*****d, where on earth did he get so many connections? Is he a god descending to earth?”

All three of them were not stupid.

At this moment, Hong Hui suddenly turned against them, and with a little thought, they knew that Chen Dong and Hong Hui had reached some kind of cooperation.

In an instant, the three were both shocked and angry.

They had to know that the Hong Society covered the entire realm, with 3,600 sects in the Society and countless disciples.

It was no different from any of the powerful families.

Even if it was not as big as the Chen family, the Chen family had to treat the Hong Society with care and courtesy.

Where in the world did a wild child, a wild child who had just emerged, get the energy to draw the Hong Society to him?

If Chen Daolin had not disappeared, the three of them would not be in such a state of shock as they are now.

With Chen Daolin’s status and skills, if he wanted to mobilise the Hong Society, he could indeed do so.

But now, Chen Daolin had disappeared!

In Chen Tiansheng’s view, it was simply impossible for Chen Dong to enlist the help of the Hong Society!

Unless the gods came down to earth!

“Brother, think of something, what should we do now?”

Chen Tianyang was so anxious that he couldn’t even calm down, “Three billion is a small amount of money for us, but if we can’t overturn Chen Dong and lose three billion, I can’t swallow this anger, if we let Chen Dong play a hand in this fire, our face will be lost!”

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei looked aghast.


This was a financial confrontation, a fight of life and death.

Between you and me, money flows quickly.

It was already disgusting enough to lose one’s wife and one’s army.

If Chen Dong also rolled away his wife and soldiers, then what was this scheme?

Doing charity?

Robbing oneself to help the poor?

Just at this moment.

Chen Tiansheng’s phone rang again.

Once he saw the number, Chen Tiansheng was stunned.

He was busy picking up the phone.

It lasted for only two seconds before the phone was put back down again.

Chen Tiansheng smiled sadly, “It’s from Rothschild.”

“What did they say?”

Chen Tiansheng asked impatiently after him.


Chen Tiansheng angrily slammed the phone to the ground, shattering it.

Chills surged through his body as he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “The game is over, they’ve pulled out!”

In an instant.

The room was dead silent.

Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei were completely dumbfounded.

Rothschild’s capital had withdrawn, so wouldn’t that make it 2 against 3?

If it was the other two capitals, the three of them could still manoeuvre if they wanted to.

But Rothschild was different, it had entered the market itself on a favour from Chen Tiansheng.

Now that people have backed out, the favour is used up and there is not even a way out!

“Now we’re just going to wait for death?” Chen Tianyang looked at Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei with a rueful smile as his expression even became a little dazed, “Wait until Chen Dong and Qin Ye reverse their ways and flaunt their power against us?”

“Then what do you say?”

Chen Tiansheng looked at Chen Tianyang angrily.

The Hong Society’s reversal had shaken him to his core, and now that Rothschild had withdrawn, it had shattered his original plan in its entirety.

The possibility of bringing down Chen Dong had now become slim!

“How about …… raising the bet?” Chen Yu Fei suddenly suggested.

Chen Tiansheng smiled bitterly: “Do you think that Zhongke Capital and Shihua Investment are the sons we raised? You can just say raise? They won’t fight Chen Dong to the death!”

The words had just fallen.

Chen Tianyang glanced at the computer screen inadvertently and suddenly screamed.

“Brother, Yu Fei, there’s been a change! It looks like we won’t lose yet!”

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei got closer to take a look and were instantly overjoyed.

“It should be the two capitals that are adding strength.” Chen Yu Fei instantly reacted, “If Hong Hui doesn’t help too deeply, the two capitals will still have a chance to fight Qin Ye.”

“That saves us the trouble, but since the situation has improved now, it’s just as well to discuss with the two capitals about raising the stakes.”

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes glowed as he said, “How about an increase of two billion?”

“Let’s make it five billion! If you want to play, play bigger! Concubine Yu is right, it doesn’t look like the Hong Club has gone out with much strength, otherwise it wouldn’t have been reversed back by the two capitals so quickly.” Chen Tianyao gave a sardonic laugh.

“I agree.” Chen Yufei echoed.

And on the other side.

Din Tai Company.

Chen Dong looked at the WeChat from Gu Qingying and couldn’t help but reveal a pleased smile.

He swept a glance at the stock market situation.

The smile on his face grew even bigger.

The phone rang, it was Qin Ye calling.

Chen Dong picked up the phone and Qin Ye said joyfully.

“Brother Dong, the bait has been released.”

Chen Dong smiled, his gaze was stern: “Putting out a long line to catch a big fish, if they want to eat me, Chen Dong, I will make them spit out all that they ate and have to pay back a piece of meat!”