Winner Takes All Chapter 417-418

Chapter 417

Nearing the close of business.

Chen Dong turned off his computer.

Waiting quietly for Qin Ye to return.

Sure enough, Qin Ye’s call came soon after.

“Brother Dong, we’ve lost roughly one billion today.”

“Very good.”

Chen Dong smiled and nodded, at this moment, his face was no longer gloomy and solemn.

Qin Ye followed closely, “The net will be closed tomorrow.”

“Well, let’s just close the net tomorrow morning, no need to continue playing for too long, Zhongke Capital and Shihua Investment are old demons, I’m afraid they’ll come back.”

Chen Dong carefully admonished.

It was not easy enough to see the light this time.

To be able to save the day and recover the loss at the end was even more hard won.

He still understood the importance of proper satisfaction.

A man’s heart is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant, and the one who dies in the end will probably be himself.

Hang up the phone.

Chen Dong found Gu Guohua’s WeChat and sent a message over, “Thanks dad.”

Glancing at Gu Qingying on the screensaver photo, Chen Dong was filled with tenderness.

Marrying such a wife is really God’s favour to me, Chen Dong!

If it was just the help of the Hong Club and the Jun Lin Group, Chen Dong would not have had the thoughts he had now.

Because he was clear that the matter of the Jun Lin Group was only a guess right now, and remained a variable until it was confirmed.

As for the Hong Society, Ye Yuanqiu had promised to help, but Chen Dong really didn’t expect the Hong Society to sell its dead weight.

But a weibo from Gu Qingying in the afternoon made him as sure of himself, and his plan was deferred to the current one of putting in a long line to catch a big fish.


The reason is that Gu Qingying told him that she had already contacted her father-in-law for him, and that Qingying International would come in and lift Qin Ye at the necessary moment.

With his father-in-law as the top pillar in place, the play could naturally go a little further.

With Rothschild’s capital retreating, CSC Capital and Shihua Investment’s are still there, and all the losses will have to be recovered from his two, and even more can be recovered!

Review the situation.

The times are different and so are the vision and ideas.

Chen Dong is not a weak and bullying character. When the situation is not right, he thinks of self-defence, but when the situation is downwind, it is the time to settle the score!

He left the company and just walked downstairs.

Chen Dong saw that Ye Linglong was beating around in front of her car.

He ignored it and walked straight to his own car.

“Hey! Our Hong Society has helped you so much, and you see me and run away without a greeting?”

Chen Dong had just walked to his car when Ye Linglong’s voice rang out behind him, “If you don’t appreciate this, buy me a meal or something, you should at least give me a greeting for the sake of me lending you my car before you leave?”

He glanced back at Ye Linglong, “Do I have to take the token out and force you to kneel down and call me Ancestor?”

“You ……”

Ye Linglong’s stunningly beautiful face instantly turned red.

When facing Chen Dong, she really had the urge to be ignited to explode in place at any moment.

Because of the short stop just now, with Ye Linglong’s stunning beauty, she had already attracted a lot of people to stop and look around.

At this moment, seeing such a stunning beauty actually talking to a man.

The crowd of onlookers could not help but look at Chen Dong with envious and jealous eyes.

Feeling the gaze like a sword, Chen Dong did not bother to pay attention to Ye Linglong and directly got into the car.

As soon as the car was started, a stunning silhouette stopped in front of the car.

Chen Dong’s expression turned cold.

This was going too far.

“Chen Dong, come down!”

Ye Linglong slapped the bonnet.

This scene drew a gasp of shock from the surroundings.

“My God, what the hell is going on here?”

“D*mn, why do I feel like this plot is a bit like dog blood?”

“The slag abandoned the beautiful woman in anger, and the beautiful woman showed up to demand justice?”


The sound of chatter was like a tidal wave.

The people who are watching are never too concerned about the matter and naturally a*sociate the matter to a “deep” level.

However, Ye Linglong paid no attention to the strange looks and comments of the people around her.

She twisted her waist and walked straight to the pa*senger side.

She raised her hand to pull the car door, but found that it would not open.

Ye Linglong’s eyebrows knitted together in displeasure.

In all her life, no one had ever refused to let her into the car!

This D*mned Chen Dong!

The car window was down.

Chen Dong coldly said to Ye Linglong, “Get lost!”


Ye Linglong was filled with surprise, thinking she had heard wrong: “What did you say?”

“Please mellow out and leave!”

An icy voice came from inside the car.

Almost simultaneously, the car engine let out a roaring roar.

With a kick of the accelerator, Chen Dong directly left in the dust, leaving Ye Linglong standing frozen in place.


The people around were long stunned.

There was a flurry of shouts of shock.

“D*mn, he doesn’t know how to show mercy to the jade, that guy is too cross, right? Such a pretty girl, how dare he foul-mouthed someone?”

“A flower in a cow dung, why didn’t he put it in a cow dung like me?”

“Cut, you guys are all blind, don’t even look at who that man is just now, that’s Dingtai boss Chen Dong!”


As a voice rang out, all the onlookers’ faces changed drastically.

Because Ye Linglong was too beautiful, so when she was standing in front of the BMW i8 just now, there were already many people quietly raising their mobile phones to take secret photos.

And the scene between Chen Dong and Ye Linglong just now had been captured in all its glory.

Everyone’s minds were set on huge waves.

In this city, Chen Dong had long been a household name.

Chen Dong’s marriage was even a city-wide sensation.

But the scene just now ……

By the time the crowd came back to their senses, the exasperated Ye Linglong had already driven away.

The onlookers who came back to their senses couldn’t help but feel a little lost, such a stunning beauty, it’s a pity to see one less glance.

But at the same time, some of those who took the photos could not help but have their minds swarmed with thoughts.

In the age of self-publishing, it is always easy to get attention and become an internet sensation, sometimes all you need is a piece of “news”.

Back at Tianmen Mountain Villa.

Gu Qingying was sorting out some documents.

Chen Dong looked a bit distressed and said as he approached, “Wife, you are pregnant now, you should rest more, don’t be too tired.”

Yingli Building Materials Company had always been managed by Gu Qingying, and all of Dingtai’s buildings were now relying on Yingli Building Materials to supply materials.

“My parents are coming over in a couple of days, so I need to sort out the information, so I’ll ask them to look it over for me then, right?”

Gu Qingying smiled sweetly: “Such a little thing, it won’t tire me out, I am in charge of Yingli, it’s easy, it’s you who reminded me that it’s true that you should take care of your health.”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and lost his smile.

It was not that he was tired, but Gu Qingying’s words made him react.

With Gu Qingying’s academic ability, managing a Yingli building material was indeed killing the machine with a bull’s-eye.

It was also easy for Gu Qingying to sort out all this information in her hands.

Stretching his back, Chen Dong lowered his head and kissed Gu Qingying on his forehead, “I’ll go upstairs to take a shower first, and help you sort it out together later.”

“Go ahead.”

Gu Qingying smiled.

Looking at the back of Chen Dong who went upstairs, her eyes flickered and the smile on her face gradually dimmed.

Waiting for Chen Dong to go upstairs.

Only then did she murmur softly and suspiciously, “It’s that natural fragrance again ……”


Chapter 418

After dinner.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying accompanied Gu Qingying for a walk as usual.

Only, what made Chen Dong puzzled was.

Gu Qingying had less to say and kept her head down, her heart heavy.

“Something on your mind?” Chen Dong broke the quiet.

“No.” Gu Qingying shook her head, still not looking at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong paused.

“When I lie, I never hide it from you, and when you lie, it’s all broken.”

Gu Qingying took two steps forward and stopped.

She said calmly, “I’m sorry, let’s go home, I’m a bit tired.”

After saying that, she turned around, swept past Chen Dong and headed in the direction of home.

What the hell had happened?

Chen Dong froze in place, Gu Qingying’s reaction was clearly that something was on her mind.

But this reaction was really a first!

“Could it be that I have done something wrong to provoke Little Shadow?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and carefully recalled, it seemed that he hadn’t done anything wrong anywhere, right?

“The car thing?”

A possibility suddenly occurred to Chen Dong.

Back to the bedroom.

Gu Qingying was already lying on the bed, in the same position as last night, probably planning to sleep back to back again.

Chen Dong was a bit helpless, so he washed up a bit and then lay down on the bed, hugging Gu Qingying from behind.

With this action, he obviously felt Gu Qingying struggle twice.

However, with a slight force of his hands, he suppressed the struggle.

“Wife, are you because of the matter of that car I drove back yesterday?” Chen Dong asked.

Gu Qingying was silent.

That should be it!

Chen Dong instantly understood and explained, “That was someone else’s car that I borrowed, it belonged to a girl, but I promise, it was never what you had in mind.”

When a pregnant woman was pregnant, it was most taboo to sulk.

Chen Dong didn’t want to hurt Gu Qingying because of this one little thing, so he straightforwardly told her the truth.

“Mm, go to sleep.”

Gu Qingying nodded her head and answered like a mosquito.

Chen Dong was instantly confused, this reaction, what was the situation?

He subconsciously let go of Gu Qingying, but Gu Qingying still had her back to him, not moving at all.

Was it not because of the car?

Chen Dong’s heart became even more puzzled.

On the other side.

The Chen family.

Inside the small courtyard, Chen Tiansheng, Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei gathered together and did not fall asleep.

“Brother, we’ve guessed right, we’ve harvested a billion dollars from that wild B*****d Chen Dong in one day today!”

Chen Tianyang held his gla*s of wine with a smug smile on his face, “Rothschild is also stupid enough to run away when he sees that something is not right.

Chen Tiansheng smiled faintly, obviously agreeing with Chen Tianyang’s statement.

However, he could also understand Rothschild.

After all, that scene during the day had spared him from sitting down and storming out himself.

It made sense, rationally speaking, for Rothschild to pull out.

“Now we’ve smashed another five billion down, once the market opens tomorrow, I reckon we can just make Chen Dong and Qin Ye despair, right?”

Chen Yu Fei shook the red wine gla*s in her hand, her drunken eyes flushed with laughter.

At this moment, she had the feeling of an evil outlet.

Because of Chen Dong, she had lost her hard-earned base in the entertainment industry and lost her bottom line to compete for the position of family head.

As long as she could bring down Chen Dong, she could only have a little balance in her heart.

“Hahahaha …… Yu Fei you are talking a little too lightly, I guess tomorrow Chen Dong and Qin Ye will want to jump to their deaths?”

Chen Tianyang was full of smugness, winked and laughed strangely, “That wild B*****d Chen Dong, probably couldn’t even dream that it was the three of us who single-handedly facilitated this sniping against him, probably he will only think until his death that it was Zhongke Capital and Shihua Investment who teamed up to short them, right?”

At these words.

The smiles on Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei’s faces grew even bigger, revealing an overwhelming sense of confidence.

This was the confidence that came from relying on the Chen family!

Ten billion in a*sets was all that Chen Dong and Qin Ye’s financial company had.

And to the three of them, they were the heirs of the Chen family, relying on the Chen family’s family fortune, ten billion was nothing more than pocket money in their eyes!

They could “kill” Chen Dong with a little pocket money, so how much more superiority could they feel?

“That wild B*****d, he can never see the situation, and what he thinks is a very strong base is just pocket money in our eyes.”

Chen Tiansheng revealed his thoughts in a rare moment, his words filled with condescension, “This is the difference between us elites and that wild B*****d, that wild B*****d won’t be able to catch up even in his lifetime!”

Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei burst out laughing at the same time.

The sound of laughter echoed through the small courtyard, incomparably happy.

All three of them had suffered losses at the hands of Chen Dong, and now that they had joined forces, they were finally raising their eyebrows.

Even more, the three of them had already envisioned the image of Chen Dong’s big disaster tomorrow, which made them laugh even louder.


The sky was white with the belly of a fish.

Chen Dong woke up early and went to Dingtai Company.

Today, it was the time for Qin Ye to reap the rewards in a big way.

When he arrived at the company.

Chen Dong did not deal with the company’s affairs, but made a cup of tea and sat quietly by the window, watching the clouds roll in and out.

After several days of trepidation and repression, he was now finally able to relax.

Not only that, but also because of this incident, he had spied a clue to his father’s whereabouts.

Chen Dong had already decided to make a trip to the north of the desert as soon as the matter with Qin Ye was over.

If it was as he had speculated, then he would be able to find his father and subsequently solve all the doubts in his mind.

Why had his father disappeared?

And what was he so afraid of that he had been struggling to hide his whereabouts?

Nine o’clock in the morning.

Chen Dong picked up his tea and took a light sip.

His calm expression, too, gradually turned cold and stern, and killing intent erupted in his eyes, “Now, the hunting moment begins!”

He did not turn on the computer.

This was because he was clear about how powerful Qin Ye, the Hong Society and Clear Shadow International would really be when they joined forces.

What’s more, there was a “variable” in the mix – the King’s Landing Group.

Rothschild’s capital has already been withdrawn.

The rest of CSC and SWC could not hold back the momentum, just as he had feared a few days ago, and CSC and SWC would be D*mned if they would.

The only worry now is how much of this harvest can be harvested?

Also thinking the same as Chen Dong were the three Chen Tiansheng at the Chen family.

Early in the morning.

Chen Tiansheng, Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei woke up early.

After a night of heavy drinking and a short sleep, the three of them did not feel the least bit tired and sleepy.

To them, it was extremely uplifting to sit in the dark and watch Chen Dong on the verge of despair.

Early in the morning, the impulsive Chen Tianyang turned on his computer.

As soon as it was nine o’clock, the stock market opened.

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Yufei also sat around the computer.

Chen Tianyang couldn’t help but rub his hands together: “Brother, Yufei, are you excited? Are you surprised? We’ll soon be able to witness the scene of Chen Dong’s broken arm.”

“I’ve already booked a place for the celebration.” Chen Tiansheng smiled faintly, a shining light in his eyes.

Chen Yufei also smiled sweetly, “As long as we bring down Qin Ye’s financial company, I want to see if this wild B*****d Chen Dong can still jump up and down? The more miserable his death is, the happier I will be!”