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Winner Takes All Chapter 441-442

Chapter 441

It was late at night.

When night falls in the north of the desert, the temperature plummets dramatically.

The cold wind stung the bones and penetrated the marrow.

Chen Dong sat calmly in front of the window, looking at the sparse lights that were still on in the city, but he had no intention of sleeping.

The Zheng family’s birthday banquet had never calmed his heart until now.

The apparent calmness was merely a pretense of composure.

Father …… was really here!

And has a great relationship with the Zheng family!

In this way, the previous series of tumultuous operations of the Jun Lin Group in the stock market could be reasonably explained.


The door opened.

Elder Long and Kun Lun walked in with tired faces.

“How many waves is it?”

Chen Dong asked without looking back.

“This is already the twenty-third wave!”

Elder Long pounded his back as he sat down on the sofa exhaustedly, “Why don’t we change to another hotel? The conditions are almost as bad as they are, but it’s better than this night of torture.”

“Why don’t I just stand outside and keep watch?” Kunlun suggested.

Chen Dong shook his head, “At the Zheng family birthday banquet, the Zheng family master bowed his head to me and was seen by everyone, those so-called upper cla*s, it is impossible for them to be quiet, and you standing outside will not help.”

After thinking about it, Chen Dong said to Kunlun, “Brother Kunlun, go down and tell the hotel management, anyone who comes to see me, stop them outside, no one is allowed in, hang a sign out to tell those who visit us what we mean, these people, they are not worth socialising with.”

“Go, go, go, go, but I’m tired of breaking my back.” Elder Long waved his hand hurriedly.

The Zheng family was already a huge power in the city, the number one family but with a strength beyond the “realm” of the city.

At the birthday banquet, all the dignitaries in the inner courtyard had seen the Zheng family head bow to Chen Dong.

Even if they were calm on the surface, those so-called bigwigs would never let go of this great opportunity afterwards!

From the time he left the birthday banquet until now, the two dozen or so waves of visitors could have coped well enough with Elder Long.

Just as Chen Dong had said, the so-called upper cla*s bigwigs in a small corner town were really not worth socialising with.

When a frog sits in a well, it also thinks that the sky it sees is the sky, and it also thinks that the bottom of the well it controls is the world.

Just as Kunlun turned to walk out.

The intercom on Elder Long’s waist suddenly rang.

The hotel was a bit overwhelmed by the swarm of visitors, and crucially, the identity of the visitors made it a bit difficult for the hotel manager, so he gave Elder Long a walkie-talkie straight away.

When someone visited the hotel, he would ask for permission to refuse the visitor in the name of Chen Dong.

It was only those who could not be excused that Elder Long and Kunlun stepped in.

In other words, there were far more than twenty-three waves of people visiting this evening!

“Mr. Chen, Young Master Jun Lin of the Zheng family is here!” A voice rang out over the intercom.

Chen Dong smiled, “Kunlun, go and bring him in.”

A few minutes later, Zheng Junlin rushed into the room with a face full of excitement.

Today’s series of transformations had turned his twenty years of perception upside down.

He was the Zheng family’s eldest young man and the trash that everyone had known throughout, and the Zheng family had never put him in their sights because everyone was certain that he would not be able to become the next head of the family.

But now, he had been handpicked by his father!

And it was all because of Chen Dong!

“Brother Dong, you, you are truly my lucky star!”

As soon as he entered the door, Zheng Junlin fell to his knees, almost hissing.

“You kid, why did you kneel down as soon as you entered the house?”

Long Lao was startled, and he quickly commanded Kun Lun, “Why don’t you pull him up?”

But Zheng Junlin paid no heed, his head knocking heavily on the ground.

Knock, knock, knock!

Three in a row, knocking his head into some bruises.

Only then did Zheng Junlin say with a sobbing voice, “Without Brother Dong, I, Zheng Junlin, would never have been able to turn around in my life.

The words were so powerful that people had no doubt.

Even Elder Long and Kunlun were shocked by Zheng Junlin’s decisiveness.

How bold did he have to be to bow down and entrust his life?

“Just this one thing is worth handing over your life to me?”

Chen Dong got up and looked at Zheng Junlin with a smile.

Zheng Junlin’s eyes were red and he said with a sobbing voice, “Brother Dong, you don’t understand, I’ve been oppressed in every way for the past twenty years, and I’ve suffered a lot from people poking me in the back.

“It was your presence that brought me back to life! I see hope!”

Chen Dong let out a snort of laughter.

“You’re such an A**hole!”

Zheng Junlin scratched his head and laughed, getting up and taking a heavy, deep breath to suppress his surging emotions.

He wiped a tear from the corner of his eye and laughed, “Let’s go, let’s go, I’ll make sure to treat you guys, Brother Dong, to get high until dawn tonight!”

Chen Dong frowned, thinking of the A**hole words Zheng Junlin had said, he understood what the so-called getting high till dawn meant.

“You guys go ahead, I’m a bit tired.” Chen Dong shook his head.

On the contrary, Old Man Long, who was sitting on the sofa with a shrivelled look on his face, suddenly his eyes lit up.

“Old man go, suddenly my back doesn’t feel sore and my legs don’t hurt anymore.”

“I won’t go either.” Kunlun shook his head.

Zheng Junlin was a little embarra*sed, he had to be properly thanked for this.

Without waiting to speak, Elder Long climbed onto Zheng Junlin’s shoulders, “Little junior, take the old man to get high, technical exchanges are important!”

“Go on.”

Chen Dong said helplessly to Zheng Junlin.

Only then did Zheng Junlin nod his head and lead Old Man Long away.

When the door closed.

It was only then that Kun Lun could not help but spit out, “Young Master, Elder Long is becoming more and more skinless and shameless.”

“You’ve worked with him for so long and you didn’t even realise that he is hiding deep enough.”

Chen Dong let out a bitter laugh, recalling how he looked when he first met Elder Long, how calm and majestic was Elder Long then?

Who knew that underneath the calm and majestic skin, there was such a restless and spirited soul hidden?


The sound of a mobile phone message suddenly rang.

Chen Dong took out his phone and saw that it was another unfamiliar number.

When he tapped into the message, a light suddenly burst into his eyes.

The content of the message was simple.

“See you tomorrow outside the city within the ruins of the Stormy Old City, Father!”


Chen Dong revealed a gentle smile and slowly put down his phone.

When Kun Lun heard the shout, he had roughly guessed the content of the message as well.

He smiled as if relieved and murmured, “Finally I get to see my lord, I wonder how he is doing now.”

Chen Dong nodded.

After his father had been a*sa*sinated and disappeared from the Chen family, his heart had not been able to let go.

The whole incident had been bizarre and unusual, and when he saw his father tomorrow, he would finally be able to ask what had happened.

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong suddenly laughed strangely.

“I, as a son, cannot match my father’s dao after all.”

“How so?” Kunlun asked.

Chen Dong laughed, “My father should have guessed that I would come long ago and deliberately waited for me at the Zheng family birthday banquet.”

After a pause, he raised his eyebrows, “Otherwise, why didn’t he tell the Zheng family head about my identity earlier? Instead, at a critical moment, a phone call suddenly informed of the identity?”

Kunlun revealed a puzzled look, “What is the purpose of Master doing this?”

Chen Dong smashed his mouth and pondered for a few seconds.

With an uncertain tone, he said, “Do you think he is doing this like he is helping me to establish my authority?”


Chapter 442

The next morning.

Chen Dong, who had not slept all night, took Kunlun to the remains of the Windy Old City outside the city early in the morning.

This was considered to be one of the city’s attractions.

But among the locals, the so-called ancient ruins were nothing more than ruins.

The sand and wind have sharpened the ruins and they no longer look like ancient ruins.

The Mercedes-Benz G is a sandy, rocky ride.

The yellow sands of the Gobi are becoming more and more common, and the landscape is yellow.

As for human traces, there were none.

Chen Dong sat in the pa*senger seat, his mood a little complicated.

He was quite excited to see his father soon.

But the phone number from last night, which was once again cancelled, made him apprehensive.

What exactly was his father …… jealous of?

Now that he had found his way here, why was he still cautious enough to cancel the number immediately after a text message?

“Young master, ahead of us is the remains of the Ancient City of Wind Waves.”

Kun Lun reminded.

Chen Dong retracted his distracted thoughts and looked out ahead.

He could vaguely see a few broken walls sprawled across the diffuse yellow sand.

And those few broken walls were the remains of the ancient city as the local people called it.

“It’s indeed desolated to a great extent.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “My father chose this as the meeting place, and his tracks are hidden enough.”

According to his estimation, this place was about fifty kilometres away from the city.

Such a long distance, coupled with the yellow sand covering the surrounding area.

It would be hard to pay attention.

Looking down at his mobile phone, the signal had long since disappeared.

Trying to contact via mobile phone was simply not possible.

“Will Elder Long be worried about us when he goes back to the hotel?” Kunlun noticed Chen Dong looking at his mobile phone and inquired.

Chen Dong smiled, “I sent him a text message when I was leaving, it won’t happen, besides you think he can come back so early?”

Kunlun smiled spontaneously and increased the throttle.

After sweeping past the few broken walls he had seen earlier, the car creaked to a halt.

Chen Dong got out of the car and walked towards the depths of the ruins.

The wind and sand around him was so strong that even if he was wrapped in a scarf, he would eat a mouthful of sand if he was not careful.

Along the way, we could always see broken walls, either standing strong in the sand or buried by the sand with only a trace left.

Everywhere there is a sense of desolation and desolation.

There was no sound but the whistling of the wind.

It is deadly silent.

The yellow sand beneath my feet made a “rustling” sound, and with every step I took, my feet sank into the sand.

After walking a hundred metres or so, Chen Dong saw a circular platform between several broken walls.

The circular platform was quite engulfed by yellow sand, and its surface was covered with historical traces.

“Wait there.” Chen Dong pointed to the platform.

After settling onto the platform, the two began a long wait.

With no mobile phone signal, they could not even make contact, and there was no other way but to wait for their father.

Time pa*sed slowly.

Both Chen Dong and Kun Lun were a little bored with waiting.

In the distance, there was finally the roar of a car engine.

The yellow sand that was lifted all the way could also be seen.

“Here it comes!”

Kunlun’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly got up.

Chen Dong’s heart contracted fiercely, and he also got up with him, gazing profoundly at the yellow sand that lifted up in the distance.

At this moment, his heart was thumping uncontrollably.

The apprehension, excitement and joy of about to see his father, all kinds of emotions intertwined.

And yet.

Bang Teen!

With a loud bang.

An ancient city wall not far away burst into flames, and the compacted earth instantly flew in all directions.

A jeep, like a fierce beast, whistled and rushed directly towards this side of the round platform.

“Young master be careful!”

Kun Lun almost instinctively stopped in front of Chen Dong.

Almost simultaneously.

The jeep threw a tailspin and stopped across the front of the dome.

A frosty-faced Chen Daolin got into the pa*senger side, opened the door and shouted, “It’s been discovered, get in!”

Found out?

Found out by who?

In an instant, Chen Dong’s mind was overwhelmed with doubts.

All the joy of seeing his father for the first time was instantly gone.

A sense of urgency, as if a large invisible hand was around his throat.

Not waiting for Chen Dong and Kunlun to react.

In the distant sky, there was a sudden “rumble” of helicopter propellers.

Chen Dong’s body shook and his pupils tightened to the extreme.

He looked up sharply and saw three helicopters, flying rapidly towards him.

Flying at low altitude, the rapidly rotating propellers blew up a fierce wind, lifting the yellow sand on the ground into the sky, blurring the vision.


Chen Daolin shouted as he slammed his foot on the throttle.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun woke up with a start and hurriedly got into the car.

Without waiting to close the door, Chen Daolin hit the steering wheel and sped off towards the depths of the desert.

Through the rear-view mirror, Chen Dong could clearly see three helicopters, which were coming closer and closer to him.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Chen Dong was a little terrified, the joy of being reunited with his father was now cautiously frightened and appalled.

As he inquired, he slowly turned his head to look at Chen Daolin.

After not seeing him for so long, Chen Daolin’s brow was still majestic, but his face was weathered, with many more wrinkles.

And the way he was dressed, it would be more or less the same to say that he was ashen!

Chen Dong really did not dare to imagine that the Chen Daoling in front of him was actually able to control the Zheng family’s Jun Lin Group in secret.

With the Chen family’s wealth, it was by no means possible for his father to be in such a mess, right?

“You appeared at the Zheng family birthday banquet yesterday, and when I sent you a message at night, it was tracked!”

Chen Daolin’s face was grave, his eyebrows knitted tightly, while he spoke, the accelerator was ruthlessly stepped on to the bottom, the jeep engine roared and roared as if it was a beast.

In that short time, it was tracked?

Chen Dong’s heart gave a vicious twitch, and a bad chill ran from the bottom of his feet to the sky.

No wonder his father had, before, cancelled his number in the shortest possible time after each contact.

“Master and young master, they’re catching up!”

Kun Lun, who was sitting in the back row, bellowed in a deep voice.

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes jumped wildly, only then did he realise that the three helicopters were no longer visible in the rear-view mirror, while the roar of the propellers was coming from above his head.

Sitting in the car, he could still glimpse one helicopter in the air to his left and right, and the other one, right overhead!


Almost simultaneously.

There was an ear-splitting whine in the air.


A shell landed on the side of the jeep and exploded instantly, sending up a cloud of sand.

Even though it missed the jeep, the powerful shockwave still shook the body of the jeep and almost lifted it off the ground.

Caught off guard, Chen Dong couldn’t help but let out a cry.

Luckily, Chen Daolin held the steering wheel with both hands and steered a bit, before the jeep regained control.

“Who the hell are they?”

The stunned Chen Dong looked at Chen Daoling with round eyes.

Even if Chen Dong was determined, he could hardly keep his composure!

This …… was simply aiming to kill people!


Chen Daolin did not reply, but coldly said to Kunlun.

“Kunlun! There are weapons in the trunk, give me a hard shot back!”