Winner Takes All Chapter 443-444

Chapter 443


Before the words were out of his mouth, another shell landed not far away.

Luckily, Chen Daolin was prepared for it, and with a tailspin and a roar of the engine, the jeep was like a beast that crashed through the yellow sand that the explosion had raised.

He felt the vibrations from the car and listened to the roar of the helicopter propellers overhead.

Chen Dong’s whole body was a little dazed, tense, and even his throat was a little tight.

It gave him the impression of being in a mercenary battlefield.

Gunfire was flying and blood was boiling.

The next second, perhaps, he would be hit by a shell and reduced to ashes in a raging sea of fire.

In the back, Kunlun quickly dug into the trunk and yanked out a very long object wrapped in black tarpaulin.


Ripped off the black tarpaulin.

Heck, it was an RPG gun!

As a former mercenary king and blood-soaked god of killing, Kunlun’s knowledge of firearms was at the pinnacle.

Skillfully reloading, he then punched the cracked gla*s.

Set up the gun, aim, fire.

Less than a second before and after.

A single RPG shell, trailing its wake, shot upwards.

The explosion didn’t go off.

Kunlun calmly opened his voice: “Missed!”

Chen Dong saw Kun Lun through the rear-view mirror, and from the beginning to the end, Kun Lun’s face maintained an eerie calmness.

At this moment, Kunlun had a kind of “life and death is light, do it if you don’t want to” boldness.

His eyes looked at his father again.

The face, covered with vicissitudes, was calm and steady, his gaze focused on the front, and if there were any ripples, perhaps the only ones were the slightest frown.

The calmness of Kunlun, the calmness of his father.

It was like two heavy hammers that ruthlessly blasted at Chen Dong’s eyes.

In a flash, he had a feeling of shame.

Compared to his father and Kunlun, his own current reaction was simply …… cowardly!

Almost at the same time.

Chen Daolin, who was driving, suddenly said, “Dong’er, do you think that your current state is sufficient to shoulder the Chen family?”

A sentence, like a red-hot sword, poked Chen Dong’s heart fiercely.

Chen Dong clenched his teeth and lowered his head, feeling his body burning hot.

In the business world, he was able to sweep through the world with a light heart.

In a life-and-death struggle, he could calm himself down, find the opponent’s weaknesses in his calmness, and explode into a terrifying combat instinct.

But now …… he was afraid!


Another cannonball fell.

The terrifying blast shockwave, the body of the car shaking violently, and even make the entire body of the car is overwhelmed “creaking” sound.

However, Chen Daolin continued to steer the vehicle calmly.

And Kunlun, too, was loading and aiming.


The RPG shell shot up into the sky.


With a deafening explosion.

A blazing fire blazed above the sky.

The helicopter, wrapped in flames, crashed to the ground and rumbled again, causing an even bigger explosion.

“Two more, Kunlun you can’t.”

Chen Daolin snorted, instead of appreciation, he was thick with contempt, “All these years, are you pampering yourself and your gun is rusty?”


Kunlun, however, pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled disdainfully.

Following that, he loaded and aimed up again.

Chen Dong experienced this scene first hand, terrified and frightened.

He looked around, trying to do something.

But he was dismayed to find that nothing could be done.

Perhaps …… it would be a help if he could keep his composure at this point!

“Am I …… really that weak?”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

As soon as it appeared, it was as if his chest was stuffed with stones and clogged.

The strong feeling of shame made Chen Dong feel like drowning.

“Something can be done, something can definitely be done.” Chen Dong clenched his fist and kept admonishing himself.

da da da ……

But such admonitions thumped away with a dense, ear-shattering sound of machine gun fire in the air.

With a near-instinctive cry, Chen Dong’s entire body curled up in the pa*senger seat.

A burst of intense strafing followed.

A strong smell of gunpowder steeply permeated the car.


Almost at the same time, Chen Daolin, who was driving, had a stern look on his face.

Chen Dong was distracted and hurriedly looked back.

The rear half of the jeep’s body was already full of holes, which had been swept out by machine gun fire.

And at that moment Kun Lun was leaning back in his seat, his face twisted in pain.

The RPG gun, leaning against the car window, had a bloody hole in Kunlun’s left shoulder from a bullet, and blood was gushing out like a fountain.

“I… I’m fine.”

Kunlun clenched his teeth, his eyes flushed red, his killing intent raging.

At this moment, he was like a fierce beast.

Struggling to get back up, he tried to lift the RPG, but this movement involved the wound, and immediately the pain caused Kunlun to suck in cold air, and his body shuddered as he leaned back into the seat again.

His right hand even instinctively pressed the wound on his left shoulder.

Chen Dong’s scalp tingled, and Kun Lun’s injury seemed like the tip of countless needles, stabbing him in the eyeball.

Just as he froze.

Chen Daolin’s cold, stern voice suddenly rang out.

“Dong’er, what should you do?”

Do something?

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened and he was filled with doubt as he looked at Chen Daoling with a dull gaze.

Chen Daolin spoke in a cold voice, “If you don’t stand out, all three of us will die in this desert today.”


Stand out!

Chen Dong awoke with a sudden start.

He fiercely gritted his teeth and went straight to the back row.

Ta-da-da ……

From the helicopter, the machine guns were once again firing intensively.

And from the other helicopter, another shell blasted down.


The shells exploded and the machine guns swept in.

The terrifying shockwave instantly caused Chen Dong to lose his balance and fall to the back row.

The dense gunfire, moreover, instinctively made him curl up into a ball.

When the gunfire stopped.

Chen Dong let go of his head with both hands and saw, to his horror, that the entire car was full of holes, as if it was about to fall apart at any moment.

“Young master!”

While panicking, Kunlun was the one who threw the RPG, directly into Chen Dong’s arms.

Feeling the blazing heat of the rifled barrel, Chen Dong froze like a chicken.

“It will work, it will work, if it doesn’t, I will die, father, Kunlun and me, all will die!”

The words kept repeating in his mind.

Chen Dong took a deep breath as he sat in front of the other side of the car window and smashed the gla*s with a thud, just like Kunlun had done before.

Setting the RPG out, Chen Dong hesitated to fire it.

Looking through the scope at the helicopter hovering overhead, Chen Dong’s face was slightly pale, and his forehead was seeping with dense beads of sweat that ran down his cheeks.

“Dong’er, what are you waiting for?”

Chen Daolin scolded angrily, “You’ve been training for so long, can’t you still control yourself even in such a small scene?”

A small scene?

Chen Dong’s heart cried out, how the hell is this a small scene?

“If you can’t even control yourself, what else can you control?”

Chen Daoling squeezed out a sentence from his teeth in a deep voice: “The weak are controlled, the strong control themselves, and the king controls everything.”

“It can be done, it will be done! I am not weak, I …… want to be the king!”

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed into a slit, his eyes bursting with shrewdness.

The moment the helicopter appeared in the scope.

He, who had been hesitant, finally pressed the launch button decisively ……


Chapter 444


The blazing heat swept through.

The shells trailed their trailing flames into the sky.


The helicopter turned into a sea of fire in the air and crashed to the ground, exploding even more again.

“It’s working!”

Chen Dong’s eyes lit up with wild joy.

But then, the intense pain that came from both arms caused the smile on his face to violently turn into a grimace of pain.

The terrifying recoil of the RPG instantly paralysed both of Chen Dong’s arms, and his bones even felt as if they had been cracked.

The pain was excruciating!

Seeing that Chen Dong had scored a hit, Chen Daolin, who was driving, and Kun Lun, who was in the back row, all smiled in relief.

Three planes, two of which had already been resolved.

This was a sudden drop in pressure for the three.


Chen Daolin took a untraceable sidelong glance at the rear-view mirror, but his expression changed abruptly.

“Watch out!”

With an explosive shout, the jeep even let out a beastly roar.

The speed skyrocketed, almost leaping forward in a forward stance for some distance.

Almost simultaneously.


A cannonball fell, landing right behind the jeep.

The terrifying power instantly exploded the sky with yellow sand, as if it lifted up the ground.

Chen Dong, who was inside the vehicle, felt the whole world go silent as his mind buzzed.

He was horrified when he felt a terrifying thrust hit the jeep and immediately saw the rear end of the vehicle deformed and torn apart, sending the whole jeep flying!

Rumble ……

The jeep fell onto the sand and tumbled a dozen times, bringing up dozens of metres of yellow sand, rendering half the sky yellow.

The only remaining helicopter was able to avoid the yellow sand in the sky by making a U-turn.


Finally, the jeep came to a halt.

Smoke was rolling in and the bodywork was badly damaged.

The gas tank was ruptured and petrol was flowing everywhere, filling the air with the pungent smell of petrol.

The helicopter hovered in the air, seemingly observing, with the faint sound of people talking.

And inside the car, Chen Daolin was trapped in his seat by his seatbelt, the impact had ruptured a gash in his forehead and was gurgling and oozing blood.

Kunlun’s arm was impaled by the broken metal of the car, as if he was pinned to the top.

Chen Dong also fell and smashed his entire body into the car in the powerful tumbling impact, and was now dizzy, with blood seeping from his mouth and nose.

However, none of the three said a word.

Kunlun even held himself together and raised his right hand, making a silent gesture to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong wiped the blood from his mouth and nose, his expression cold and stern, his eyes firm.

In this situation, the slightest noise might be met with a cannonball from the helicopter overhead.

But Chen Dong knew better than to say that he was the only one in the car who had the power to resist.

If the helicopter was not shot down, death would come sooner or later.

Silently, Chen Dong struggled to move his body, his right hand gripping the RPG gun tightly.

Through the thick smoke and yellow sand, he quickly searched for the helicopter.

A chance, just one!

Succeed, live.

Fail, die.

Chen Dong didn’t know whose men were in the helicopter, but he knew that the other side was after their lives.

In this situation, there were only two outcomes: life and death.

Rumble ……

The helicopter propellers roared, kicking up a fierce wind.

Chen Dong clearly saw that the helicopter was slowly descending.

Is this a way to …… catch people alive?

Chen Dong’s mind was frozen.

At that very moment, a large bloodstained hand landed on his leg.

He raised his eyes to see that his father was craning his neck with difficulty to look at him.

“Find a way to escape!”

Chen Daolin carefully squeezed the words out of his mouth, but his gaze was obscure with a determination to die: “Me and Kunlun, stop them.”


Chen Dong froze, looking at his father’s blood-stained, weather-beaten face, his heart felt as if it had been pierced by countless sharp needles at this moment.

Even if father and Kunlun stopped those people, but if I escape?

Then what am I …… an animal?

In a trance, Chen Dong’s mind suddenly recalls his mother’s appearance before she died.

The feeling of heartache of being stabbed by needles became stronger and stronger at that moment.

All over his body, it was as if he was cut by a knife.

Breathing became even more difficult.


Chen Dong suddenly laughed, “In your eyes, does your son always need to be protected?”

Chen Daolin froze.

In the next second, the light in Chen Dong’s eyes flashed widely, and the corners of his blood-stained mouth opened abruptly as he let out a roar.

“Mum is gone, and I will never allow myself to see Dad go again!”

With the explosive roar.

Chen Dong kicked open the car door and leapt up.

The RPG gun was instantly aimed at the helicopter that was descending not far away.

This explosive roar instantly caught the attention of the people inside the helicopter.

Ta-da-da ……

A burst of machine gun fire and an instant rain of gunfire swept in.


Almost simultaneously, Chen Dong pressed the firing button amidst the roar of fury.

Time, at this moment, suddenly became slow.

The trailing flames of the RPG shells scorched the air, causing it to distort.

Amidst the hail of bullets, the shells were like dragons, going straight through.


The helicopter was hit by the shells and turned into a ball of fire, falling to the ground and exploding instantly.

And the rain of gunfire, too, swept down onto the sand as far as it could go in front of the jeep.


The RPG gun in Chen Dong’s hand fell to the ground, looking at the raging sea of fire rising up not far away.

He smiled with relief, “It worked!”

In Chen Dong’s dictionary, there was no such word as waiting for death, nor did he have the habit of trying to live at the cost of his father and brothers.

Even if it was a life of nine deaths, he would still fight to the death!

At the same time, Chen Daolin and Kunlun, who were inside the car, also smiled with relief.

It was just that both of them looked at Chen Dong’s back, but they both became odd.

Kunlun was in awe.

Chen Daoling, on the other hand, was relieved.


Ten minutes later.

Chen Dong finally moved Chen Daolin and Kunlun out of the wrecked and oil-leaking car.

It was more than thirty metres away from the jeep, a distance that would also prevent the jeep from suddenly spontaneously exploding after leaking oil.

It was close to noon.

The temperature in the desert was soaring, just like a big steamer.

Even though Chen Dong’s body was already covered with beads of sweat.

But they had just survived a robbery, so they didn’t care about the heat.

Chen Dong checked Chen Daolin’s and Kunlun’s injuries. Kunlun was the most seriously injured, but he was not fatal for a while.

What’s more, he was nearly exhausted now, and in the middle of nowhere, there was no mobile phone signal, let alone a search for help.

Chen Dong could only rip off his clothes and tear them into strips of cloth to simply bandage Kunlun’s wounds.

“Dong’er, you’ve grown up.”

Chen Daolin looked at Chen Dong, who was bandaging Kun Lun’s wounds, and suddenly smiled gratefully.

Kunlun, who was on the side, smiled along with him, only that the wound was involved, causing him to grimace and his smile to become ugly and bizarre.

Chen Dong finished tying the last knot and sat down paralyzed on the sand.

Breathlessly, he returned, “I don’t know if I’ve grown up or not, but I need to remind you of this.”

With his eyes gradually looking coldly at Chen Daolin, Chen Dong said in a cold and stern voice, “From now on, either father and son will work together, or I will do it myself, and let my father and brothers cover me with their lives to survive, I can’t do that, and you are not qualified to teach me that even if you are my father!”

Chen Daolin and Chen Dong stared at each other, and at this moment, Chen Dong’s gaze gave him a shuddering feeling.

Even Kunlun, too, gazed at Chen Dong with a complicated expression.

Snapping ……

The cold and stern look on Chen Dong’s face disappeared in an instant, and he patted the gravel on his palm.

He slowly asked, “Now, can you tell me what exactly has happened?”