Winner Takes All Chapter 447-448

Chapter 447

“What’s the hidden secret?”

Chen Dong’s mind was lifted.

Being limited to just a few things that a few people knew was the information he really wanted.

Elder Long twiddled his fingers and said with a somewhat strained expression.

“The old lady didn’t actually marry into the Chen family in a big way.”

Chen Dong instantly deflated, “And this is called a hidden secret that you and my father know about? There were quite a few others in my father’s generation, even if it wasn’t a grand marriage, you two shouldn’t be the only ones to know about it.”

“It is naturally impossible to hide the marriage from everyone, but the reason for the marriage can be concealed.”

Elder Long gave an odd smile, “His Lordship mentioned that the old lady was originally the jewel of a certain powerful family, and back then, at a C*cktail party, she met her husband, the one who was on the edge of the Chen family.”

Speaking of this, the strange smile on Elder Long’s face grew thicker and thicker.

Deliberately, he pressed his voice to the point that only Chen Dong could hear it.

“It was also that C*cktail party where that Chen family fringe borrowed wine and forcefully female F**ked the old lady, and the old lady’s family couldn’t get in the way, so they forcibly promised the old lady to the Chen family one.”


Chen Dong was dumbfounded on the spot.


He couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath backwards, his heart even racing a little: “This is, indeed, a great hidden secret.”

This matter, if it was publicised, with the Chen family’s status, would definitely shock the world.

The face of a luxurious family was of utmost importance.

A messy affair that led to this marriage, if it was known by outsiders, it would definitely be enough to knock the Chen family off the altar.

A glimpse of this can be seen in the case of Qin Ye’s father in the first place.

The fault lies with Qin Ye’s father, so when Qin Ye killed his father in the first place, he also had one more chance to save his life.

The outsiders all knew that Qin Ye had killed his father, but they never knew why he had done so!

The same thing was obviously true of this incident with Old Lady Chen.

“It was because of this incident that led to the marriage, so after the marriage the old lady never consummated her marriage with that forefather again, and even the old slave heard from the master that on that only absurd occasion, the old lady was pregnant, but it was also secretly aborted by the ashamed and resentful old lady.”

Elder Long said slowly, “And as a result of that, there was no more bloodline extending down from that line of the Old Mistress.”

“In that case, she is still quite stalwart.”

Chen Dong smiled meaningfully, “Even the most towering figures have only become victims of the gentry’s face after all.”

“Yes, this matter has become more and more secretive since the old lady’s generation pa*sed away one after another, and in the entire Chen family, the only ones who know about it are the old master and the old slave.”

Elder Long smashed his lips together and gave a sarcastic laugh, “It was thanks to the fact that Old Slave was a close friend of His Lordship and took care of His Lordship’s daily life and food that he had only heard His Lordship mention it once by chance.”

After a pause, Elder Long asked, “Why is Young Master asking about this?”

“Nothing, just enquiring.”

Chen Dong shook his head and casually replied.

He was trying to find out the reason why his father had told him to beware of Old Lady Chen and the Chen family.

However, it seemed that the two hidden secrets that Elder Long had mentioned could not be found for any real reason.

It was nothing more than stale gossip.

An old lady who had become a victim of the face of the gentry, it would be strange to say that there was no resentment.

Or, to put it more shamefully, if that Chen ancestor had been a bit more successful in the Chen family, I guess the old lady would have been able to quell some of her resentment.

But being forced, being married, and being on the fringe of the Chen family all add up, and it would be strange for the old lady to leave the Chen family a legacy.


After a long wait, the lights in the emergency room finally went out when it was dark.

Kunlun was wheeled into the general ward, and Chen Dong’s heart was completely put into his stomach.

After letting the doctors and nurses treat the wounds, Chen Dong and Elder Long didn’t go anywhere and stayed in the ward to guard Kunlun.

Zheng Junlin had arranged for over thirty security guards to surround the ward.

This also gave Chen Dong a lot of peace of mind.

This time, showing his head at the Zheng family birthday banquet had immediately led to a killing spree.

Even if the sword was pointed at his father, he had to guard against it now.

A life-and-death risk had exhausted Chen Dong to the point of exhaustion.

Guarding the ward, sleepiness surged through him.

He lay down directly on the sofa and fell asleep.

Dangling ……

In a daze, Chen Dong felt his face being smashed by a small object and something fell to the floor.

He slowly opened his eyes, only to see that Kunlun on the hospital bed had awakened.

The night outside the window was dark and the ward was lit up.

It must have been late at night, and even Elder Long couldn’t carry on sleeping.

But under the light, Kunlun’s face, which was less bloody, was staring at Chen Dong intensely, his brows tightly wrinkled into a Chuan character.

The surprise in Chen Dong’s heart instantly turned into consternation.

He was about to get up.

However, he saw Kun Lun’s eyes fiercely stare.

Something was going on!

Immediately, Chen Dong’s heart pumped and he hurriedly suppressed the urge to get up, lying flat on the sofa and glancing at Kun Lun with his eyes.

Sure enough.

Kun Lun’s eyes wavered, signalling him out of the window.

Chen Dong’s gaze dipped to the window, and in the darkness of the night, a few hospital lights were vaguely visible.

Other than that, it was uneventful.

Only when he was about to withdraw his gaze, he suddenly wavered to a dull light reflected vaguely from the roof of the building opposite.

On closer inspection, the dull light, again, was gone.

But that was enough.

In Chen Dong’s perception, the only thing that could reflect such a faint light was the scope of the …… sniper rifle!

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong brazenly got up, a dodge, directly leapt to the curtain, with a roll on the ground, clattered the curtain closed.

Almost at the same time.

Kun Lun on the hospital bed also sat up with a jerk and rolled over, taking Elder Long, who was lying asleep on the side of the bed, to the floor, while vigorously kicking over the hospital bed.


A gunshot rang out, shockingly exploding the night sky.

The bullet pierced through the gla*s, pierced the bed, and hit the floor with a loud thud.

“Kunlun, Long Lao!”

Chen Dong, who was hidden under the edge of the window, turned pale.

“It’s alright, it missed!”

Kunlun responded, instantly making Chen Dong breathe a sigh of relief.

Immediately after, Chen Dong saw Elder Long crawl out from behind the bedpan with a panicked look on his face.

“I’ll send the bodyguards over.”

Long Lao rolled and crawled, rushing out of the ward.

Soon, Chen Dong heard the sound of intensive footsteps ringing outside.

At the same time, the half-open door of the ward opened and a dozen of bodyguards poured in.

Chen Dong’s mind was fixed and he hurriedly bowed and walked behind the hospital bed.

In this short period of time, his back was already covered in a white fur sweat.

If it wasn’t for Kun Lun’s reminder while he was asleep, it was not certain who the shot had hit just now.

Only, after seeing Kun Lun’s injury, Chen Dong’s face changed once again.

Because of the violent movement just now, the location of Kun Lun’s gunshot wound had long since oozed out a large amount of blood, then half of his body.

“I’m fine, young master.” Kunlun forced himself to endure the severe pain and squeezed out a smile.

“D*mn it!”

Chen Dong cursed fiercely and turned his head to the dozen or so bodyguards inside the house and bellowed angrily, “All of you go over there and bring me that killer, I want to see him alive and I want to see him dead!”


Chapter 448

A few minutes later.

Elder Long then turned back with his men.

“Young Master, the men ran away and left behind a sniper rifle.” Long Lao helplessly handed the sniper rifle to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong looked sullen, “If Kun Lun hadn’t happened to wake up, we would be three corpses in this ward now.”

Kunlun lay on the floor and smiled helplessly.

“Young master, blame these bodyguard’s, the killer had planned his escape route long before he acted, the distance between the two buildings, the time it took for Elder Long to rush over with his men, was enough for him to escape.”

Saying that, he took the sniper rifle from Chen Dong’s hand and looked through it.

Chen Dong didn’t care, and was busy dealing with the follow-up with Elder Long.

A gunshot late at night had a great impact.

What’s more, after this ward had been sniped, it was obvious that it was uninhabitable and would have to be changed again.

However, the crowd was busy working.

No one noticed that Kunlun, who was looking over the sniper rifle, had a look of surprise in his eyes, staring at the position of the stock for two seconds.

By the time Chen Dong had finished his work, the doctor had also arrived to re-treat Kunlun’s wound.

After the change of wards, Chen Dong and Elder Long had no more sleep.

Kunlun, on the other hand, lay on the hospital bed, pondering.

Half a day later.

Kunlun said, “Young Master, Elder Long, let’s go back tomorrow.”


Chen Dong looked at Kun Lun in surprise, “With this injury of yours, the doctor has instructed that you should be hospitalised for at least a week before you can leave.”

A week was only out of danger, it would still be a long time before it was truly healed.

“Just tomorrow, I can hold out.”

Kunlun said firmly, “Now that His Lordship has met, and the killers have appeared tonight, this is not our territory, I fear a greater change of heart.”

Elder Long’s eyes flickered for a moment and said, “Young Master, listen to Kunlun, there should be no trouble on the chartered plane all the way, back to our territory, then let Kunlun stay at the Lijin Hospital, if something does happen, we can cope better than being here.”

Chen Dong pondered for a few seconds and nodded helplessly.

It was true that there were some constraints here. With the Zheng family’s strength, they could definitely take over the city.

But the key was that the Zheng family and the King’s Landing Group were the cards his father had left him, and he was not willing to involve the Zheng family in this as a last resort.

The next day.

Early in the morning, Long Lao was busy with all the formalities.

With Zheng Junlin escorted by his bodyguards, the vast convoy arrived at the airport in the nearest city nearby.

Luckily, the journey along the way was safe and sound, and after taking off on the chartered plane.

Chen Dong also breathed a sigh of relief and his gaze deepened.

Kunlun, on the other hand, was even more relieved.

It was after seven in the evening.

The plane finally landed at the airport on the outskirts of the city.

Fan Lu and Lone Wolf were waiting outside the airport long beforehand.

After getting into the car, Chen Dong first took Kunlun to the hospital for treatment, with Fan Lu accompanying him.

Only then did he return to Tianmen Mountain with Elder Long and Lone Wolf.

Back at home, Chen Dong did not feel like sleeping either.

He sat on the rooftop with a heavy heart, drinking beer and blowing the night breeze.

Elder Long walked up and brought a bowl of noodles.

“Young master, it’s been a long journey, have some dinner.”

“No appetite.” Chen Dong’s gaze twinkled and he put down his beer with a smile, “Elder Long, do you feel that Kunlun has become strange since the attack last night.”

“Panicked?” Elder Long said.

“So you’ve noticed it too?”

Chen Dong rested his hands on his head and lay back on the recliner, “He hid it well, but I just feel that his words and actions, all oozing nonchalance, are different from the Kunlun I know.”

“Perhaps, he found out something.” Elder Long smiled, “But now that we’re back here, we don’t have to be as powerless to deal with anything else that comes up as we were last night.”

“That’s true, since Kunlun didn’t say anything, he has his reasons, just like my dad said, what comes around always comes around.”

Chen Dong smiled as I gazed deep in thought.

“Young master, what do you plan to do next?”

Long Lao stretched out and leaned back in his chair, “At home, it’s always a bit cold.”

“You are asking me about Little Shadow?”

Chen Dong drifted off and smiled, “I want to go to her side tomorrow, to look for her, this matter is a misunderstanding, but it is ultimately my fault.”

“What’s wrong with Young Master?”

Elder Long was a little surprised, “Old slave also just wanted to remind young master to deal with this matter as soon as possible, but he did not have the heart to discuss who is right and who is wrong.”

“If Little Shadow is crying, then it is my fault.” Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and blamed himself, “I promised to give her happiness, yet I gave her tears, isn’t that sinful enough?”

Elder Long looked at Chen Dong profoundly.

Half a long time.

He slowly said, “Old slave will take care of this side, and all the work will not be left behind. I hope that young master will succeed in his mission this time and bring back young lady successfully.”

Chen Dong smiled and waited for Elder Long to leave.

At this time of the day, it must be daytime on the other side of the ocean for Little Shadow, right?

Chen Dong took out his mobile phone and tried to call Gu Qingying.

Only, just after one ring, the phone was hung up.

Chen Dong was not surprised and called a dozen more times in a row with the same result.

He sent a WeChat message to Gu Qingying: Wife, I was wrong.

After a long wait, the message sank like a stone into the sea.

Undaunted, Chen Dong rested his hands on his head, looked at the starry sky and murmured, “Xiaoying, I’ll be by your side tomorrow.”

Across the ocean.

It was morning.

Li Wanqing frowned at Gu Qingying, and then looked at the phone in Gu Qingying’s hand.

“Dong’er’s phone and WeChat?”

Gu Qingying said with an indifferent face and an obscure gaze, “No answer, no reply.”

“But mum thinks you should talk properly.”

Li Wanqing said in a calm and gentle tone, “This matter, no matter who is right and who is wrong, no matter what the final result is, you two should talk about it, it’s not good for anyone if you keep stagnating like this.”

“Mom ……”

Gu Qingying was a little impatient, and just as the words left her mouth, her face swooshed and changed.

She hurriedly got up and ran into the toilet, lying on the side of the toilet and dry heaving for a while.

Li Wanqing followed her in, rubbing Gu Qingying’s back with pain.

After vomiting for a while, Gu Qingying was exhausted and sat down on the floor with a slightly pale face, her beautiful eyes flushed and filled with tears.

She looked down at her slightly bulging stomach and suddenly cried out.

“Can’t you fight for your life? Do even you have to make it hard for mum now?”

“Little Shadow, what are you talking nonsense about?”

Li Wanqing looked solemn: “Pregnancy vomiting is a very normal thing, why are you blaming the baby.”

After returning to this side, Gu Qingying began to vomit, a painful feeling that only someone who had experienced it first-hand could know first-hand.

It was also by taking these things in her eyes that Li Wanqing’s heart ached for her daughter.

While suffering from the pain of the affair with Chen Dong, she also had to endure pregnancy vomiting and the immense physical and psychological pressure.

One couldn’t let everything, all the time, torment one’s daughter, could one?

“Mum, it’s hard for me.”

Gu Qingying jumped into Li Wanqing’s arms and cried, “If it was the old Chen Dong, he would have come to me a long time ago.”