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Winner Takes All Chapter 449-450

Chapter 449

The following morning.

Chen Dong packed his baggage early and headed for the airport.

“Young Master, do you really not need Old Slave to accompany you?” Elder Long drove the car and asked once again.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “No need, Kunlun is still in hospital, you still have to help take care of the company, I am also going to find Little Shadow on this trip, nothing will go wrong.”

Elder Long nodded, “If there’s any trouble, please ask Young Master to contact Lao Nu, Lao Nu will contact the Chen family office over there.”

After rushing to the airport, the normal boarding procedure took place.

After boarding the plane, Chen Dong sat in the first cla*s seat, looked at the ticket in his hand and smiled gently.

“Wife, here I am.”

Separated by oceans, the flight time alone would take more than ten hours.

Chen Dong took out some books to read up, long hours that he did not want to pa*s by sleeping.

To become better, apart from talent, what was needed was persistent accumulation of little by little.

And this was by and large the case with the people in the business cla*s.

The better they were, the harder they worked.

Soon, however, Chen Dong, who was concentrating on his reading, was interrupted by someone.

“Sir, can you lend me this book?”

A voice as gentle as water and as melodious as a yellow warbler’s cry rang out in his ears.

Chen Dong looked up, and what caught his eyes was a tall, beautifully dressed girl, with a fair and delicate face slightly powdered, and a pair of long, round and slender legs, full of youthfulness, giving people a bright feeling.

“Which book?” Chen Dong asked calmly.

The girl pointed, “It’s this book, ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and handed the book to the girl.

“Thank you.”

With a warm smile, the girl returned to her seat.

A mere hiccup, Chen Dong did not think anything of it and continued reading.

Time pa*sed slowly.

Inside the first cla*s cabin, silence was always maintained.

Chen Dong read the books for a long time and his eyes were sore and swollen.

He put down the books, asked the flight attendant for a gla*s of red wine and a blanket, and after drinking the red wine, he put on the eye mask, lowered the seat and closed his eyes to rest.

Time pa*sed quickly as he slept.

Chen Dong had a solid sleep.

Although his trip to the north of the desert had been short, it was difficult to describe the stress and exhaustion it had caused him.

After returning home, he did not have time to rest before leaving for the other side of the ocean again.

It was only now, on the plane, that he was truly rested in the true sense of the word.

When I woke up, the sky outside the window was a little dim.

“How long did I sleep for this?”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, and when he looked down, he saw that The Count of Monte Cristo was resting on his lap.

He had finished reading it so quickly?

Chen Dong picked up The Count of Monte Cristo and read it. It was a novel that he had always loved when he was in college, and he would always carry it with him whenever he went on business trips.

Just as he opened the cover, Chen Dong saw a poker card “Ace of Spades” stuck on the first page.

“A bookmark?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled faintly.

He picked up the Ace of Spades and was about to get up to return it to the girl, when he suddenly glanced at the back of the playing card, and saw a small line of words faintly written on it.

“Beware! Stay calm!”

Beware of what?

Chen Dong was stunned and subconsciously turned back to look at the girl.

The girl was looking intently at another book, her expression serene and calm, and this scene alone, standing still, was like a painting.

A sudden reminder, and so cryptic.

There must be something going on!

Chen Dong was not foolish enough to shout out loud, and his gaze looked askance at the other pa*sengers in the first cla*s cabin without a trace.

A sense of foreboding came over him.

Every pa*senger, regardless of their nationality or race, looked a little unnatural at this moment.

Even though they were trying their best to disguise themselves, an odd atmosphere still lingered throughout the entire first cla*s cabin.

Chen Dong, too, saw the pa*senger in front of him on his left, flipping a playing card in his hand.

Looking down at the Ace of Spades in his hand, Chen Dong’s brow furrowed and his heart beat a little faster.

Is this the news that was communicated to the entire first cla*s pa*sengers while I was sleeping?

To silently pa*s the news to everyone, that girl probably borrowed a lot of things, right?

Chen Dong’s heart fluttered as he turned back to look at the girl once again.

With such a reminder on the plane, could it be a …… hijacking?

This was the only possibility Chen Dong could think of right now.

Also just as he looked at the girl’s hand, the girl also happened to look up and met his gaze.

Eye to eye, the girl smiled sweetly, only her eyes were deep and powerful, without the slightest hint of a smile at all.


Just then, a scream suddenly sounded from the back of the cabin.

This scream, like a big thunder, instantly broke the dead silence in the first cla*s cabin.

The first cla*s pa*sengers, who had been looking unnatural, were panicked and frightened as if their nerves had been shattered by the scream.

Almost simultaneously, the sound of footsteps rang out in the rear compartment.

Several pa*sengers, fearful, rushed into the first cla*s cabin, among them the stewardesses and stewardesses.

“Hijack, someone’s hijacking the plane!”

As soon as a stewardess rushed into the first cla*s cabin, she immediately screamed with a pale face.

This scream caused even more panic in the first cla*s cabin, the screams of panic were deafening.

But before the stewardess could take a step forward, a large, dark, bushy hand, as if it were the hand of death, suddenly grabbed the stewardess’ delicate neck from behind.

A huge force erupted, and the big hand pulled the stewardess up with a near-flying momentum, pressing her head with one hand and slamming into the fuselage of the plane.


Blood instantly blossomed like a plum blossom.

As the big hand loosened, the flight attendant’s frail body fell limp to the ground, her face completely unrecognisable.


This scene caused everyone to be horrified.

Looking at the pagoda-like man who rushed into the first cla*s cabin, all of them were terrified to the core.

Chen Dong sat on the chair and took a look at the man, his body was tall and lofty, at least one meter nine, with dark skin and muscles that looked like rock graves.

He gave off a fierce, power bursting feeling!

As soon as the pagoda-like man rushed into the first cla*s cabin, he immediately rushed towards the C*ckpit of the plane.

“What a nuisance.”

Chen Dong rubbed his face helplessly, “Going to see my wife to admit my mistake, how can I still encounter this Sh*t?”


Almost at the same time, a sinister figure suddenly darted out from a diagonal.

It kicked the pagoda-like man in the chest.

Under the huge force, the tower-like man instantly lost his balance and fell backwards to the ground.

As the man fell to the ground, the huge force hit him, and the silhouette was shaken backwards and landed steadily in front of Chen Dong.

It was the girl!

Chen Dong subconsciously supported the girl’s back, helping her to remove the force.


The girl gave Chen Dong a grateful look, and then burst out, “Everyone, calm down, I am a professional international security officer, I will be able to handle this emergency perfectly!”

This shout instantly calmed down the frightened pa*sengers in the cabin.

Almost at the same time, the girl rushed straight at the towering man like an arrow from a string.

Her frail body was in stark contrast to the bandits.

But the girl froze and burst out with terrifying fighting power, fighting and tangling with the bandits.

Chen Dong looked at the battle and rubbed his nose.

“He even dared to hijack the plane, how can he still be alone?”

As he spoke, his gaze suddenly saw a box of playing cards on the ground, which had fallen down after the girl had tumbled to the ground earlier.

Chen Dong laughed dumbly and picked up the playing cards.

Just then, in the rear cabin, amidst the dense screams of panic, came the sound of intensive footsteps again.

Three big, burly men, like fierce beasts, rushed into the first cla*s cabin.

Two of them were even clutching specially made, cobbled-together knives in their hands, glinting with a biting coldness ……


Chapter 450

The four against one situation instantly turned the fight from a tussle to a one-sided headwind.

The girl’s fighting skills were excellent, this was undeniable in Chen Dong’s eyes.

But the difference in stature and numbers put the girl in instant danger of life and death.

Two specially crafted and spliced knives with a cold, cold aura buzzed and whistled as they slashed directly at the girl.

The girl dodged the slashes, but she was a little too slow.


The knife sliced narrowly through her arm, bringing up a red bloodstain.

The girl’s face looked pained and she didn’t have the slightest chance to catch her breath.

The other two bandits also immediately bully their way in.

This scene made the pa*sengers in the cabin look horrified and desperate.

The slightest hint of peace that the girl’s outburst had brought to them just now had vanished into thin air.

Some cried, some prayed to God, and some screamed in terror ……

The two young airmen, hesitant and indecisive, looked terrified to the extreme.

Chen Dong was the only one, sitting calmly in his chair.

Looking at the girl in crisis, his right hand subconsciously squeezed the ace of spades from earlier.

In just a dozen seconds, the girl was completely caught in a deadly situation.

She had received several punches and kicks from the two bandits in quick succession, and had received a knife.

The girl was already completely pa*sive, but her slightly pale pretty face was always as calm as frost.


One of the bandits took advantage of the girl’s exhaustion and kicked her in the abdomen.

With a scream, the girl flew backwards towards Chen Dong’s side.


Chen Dong raised his hand to hold the girl’s back, helping to remove the huge force.

As soon as she landed on the ground, the girl spat out a mouthful of blood, and her face turned even whiter.

“Thank you.”

She glanced at Chen Dong gratefully.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, “I can help.”

“Please trust the professionals!”

The girl said stubbornly, bracing herself to get up and rush up again.


Chen Dong gave a bitter laugh.

The girl was trying to be brave, but he had no patience to wait any longer.

Just at that moment.

Chen Dong’s gaze froze.

In his line of sight, the four bandits attacked the girl at the same time, and the two knives even went up and down, cutting directly across the girl.

“It’s over!”

A look of panic and despair finally flashed across the girl’s calm and collected face.

Two fists were no match for four hands, let alone eight hands now!

The girl suddenly let out an explosive cry and, with the conviction of taking a hard slash, she bravely lunged at the other two bandits.



The two bandits were kicked out of the room.

But a heavy punch followed and landed hard on the girl’s stomach.

As the girl bowed in pain, the long knife came down even harder on her neck.

Feeling the bone-chilling coldness, the girl lost her face and even closed her eyes in despair at this moment.


In a flash of lightning, a sound of breaking wind suddenly sounded.



The sound of cutting into flesh, with a bandit’s miserable scream suddenly exploded in the girl’s ears.

The girl’s face paled and she opened her eyes to see the long knife hovering above her head.

The right wrist, which was holding the knife, was stuck with an ace of spades, deep into the bones and dripping with blood.

This was ……

The girl looked startled.

And the scene stunned the fearful and desperate pa*sengers in the cabin.

It was just a scene, so fast, so fast that no one saw who had struck!

The three remaining bandits were also stunned, their eyes darting about, scanning around in an attempt to find the one who had struck.

The girl was surprised for a moment, but soon regained her composure.

In between the three bandits’ search for the first cla*s cabin, she gritted her teeth and lunged at them again.

The three bandits roared and shouted at the same time, lunging at the girl.

Just as the knife-wielding bandit, swung his knife again.


There was another cracking whistle.

A poker card, cut into the wrist of the knife-wielding bandit with unerring accuracy, splashing blood.


The girl was overjoyed and kicked the knife-wielding bandit in the air, sending him flying.

Chen Dong sat on the seat in silence, his long and persistent devil training had made his physical strength and precision, both of which had long ago been towards out of the ordinary.

A piece of cardboard, in his hands, was enough to become a killing weapon.

The four bandits were not even in his mind from the beginning to the end.

The only thing that made him sick was the fact that the hijacking had made the flight, troublesome.





Chen Dong watched the battle between the girl and the bandits at all times, and every time the girl was in crisis, a cardboard card flew out at the right time.

Precise and sharp as a knife.

In the blink of an eye, the girl’s situation was resolved.

The pa*sengers in the first cla*s cabin, all focused on the battle, saw that the fight between the girl and the bandits had suddenly become intense and evenly matched.

It was a matter of life and death, and no one cared about anything else.

This also made Chen Dong’s strikes go unnoticed.

The girl was the only one who was frightened every time she struck.

Several times, the flying cards struck out, curbing the girl’s dangerous situation at the right time.

It only took a minute.

All four bandits were successfully subdued by the girl.

While lying on the ground, wailing and screaming, all four bandits had horrified eyes.

On their bodies, although in different positions, they all had one or two cardboard cards that went deep into their bones.

They knew clearly that if it wasn’t for the person who flew the cards, the girl in front of them, it would have been impossible to subdue them!

And at that moment, the airline youngster and some male pa*sengers, who had finally gathered their courage, rushed up together and tied up the four bandits in five pieces.

The girl became the “saviour” of everyone’s heart.

After the crisis, there was applause and screaming and cheering from everyone.

But the girl, standing in the crowd, looked askance at Chen Dong’s position, her eyes full of surprise and gratitude.

With the crisis lifted, Chen Dong put his blindfold back on and leaned back in his seat to rest.

When the plane landed at the airport, a sea of people immediately gathered around.

While the pa*sengers were evacuated in an orderly manner, the whole incident was investigated, and countless journalists flocked to report on the matter.

A hijacking is traditionally an extremely serious story.

Wherever it happens, it attracts the attention of everyone.

The girl who was the “saviour” was the focus of a barrage of journalists.

Surrounded by pa*sengers and the media, it was difficult to move an inch.

But Chen Dong paid no attention, took his luggage and silently followed the crowd out of the airport after taking a few statements.

Only just as he walked out of the airport, he was stopped by someone.

“Hey, thank you for earlier!”

Chen Dong laughed dumbly and looked back at the girl who chased him out, “Did you finish the interview so quickly?”

“Thank you, my name is Tian Ai, what’s your name?” The girl’s eyes shone with divine light as she stared at Chen Dong curiously.

The man in front of her seemed to have a mysterious veil, making her curious and desperate with the urge to tear it away to see what was going on.

“Chen Dong, Er Dong Chen, Dong of the East.”

Chen Dong smiled and waved his hand, “I’m busy, goodbye.”

Tian Ai froze for a moment and quickly caught up with Chen Dong, facing him and walking backwards while inquiring, “Just now you obviously had the ability, why did you strike so stealthily?”

“Because I was afraid of trouble, I struck out straight away, it delayed my time too much.” Chen Dong kept his footsteps and raised his eyebrows in a teasing smile, “You also said that you were a professional, I chose to believe you.”

Tian Ai’s pretty face flushed red, a pang of embarra*sment escaped her at the thought of what had happened on the plane.

Shrugging her shoulders, Tian Ai said, “Then you should have been interviewed with me just now, without you I would never have been able to complete this mission, such glory should belong to you.”

“No time, I’m in a hurry.” Chen Dong shook his head.

Tian Ai was already a little exhausted from the vicious fight on the plane just now.

Hearing Chen Dong’s words, she was instantly puzzled, it was a hijacking just now hey, such a big deal, what could be more serious than that?

She panted and said, “What is your hurry? I might be able to help you, I know this city very well.”

Chen Dong stopped in his tracks, “In a hurry to confess your mistake to your wife, you can help?”

Tian Ai: “……”