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Winner Takes All Chapter 47-48

Chapter 47

Lone Wolf’s pupils clenched, driving the centipede-like scar at the corner of his eye to twitch.

Was it really a raw melon egg?

In a short period of time, Chen Dong had changed, as if he was a different person in his eyes.

This made the lone wolf wonder in awe.

In the darkness, Kun Lun’s eyes were rounded and filled with shock: “Good, so fast!”

He had brought Chen Dong to the underground boxing arena, saying that he wanted Chen Dong to experience actual combat, but in fact, he wanted to sharpen Chen Dong’s mind.

The so-called combat experience was just a combination of fighting skills with strong mental qualities, perfectly matched for execution in real combat.

Because Chen Dong had always been in the habit of working out, plus his own innate physical condition had advantages, so after many days of devil training under Kunlun’s guidance, physically he was actually already considered qualified.

What was lacking, was the mental quality.

When one’s psychological quality is not strong enough, even if one is physically strong, when facing an opponent, one will be as dazed and confused as Chen Dong was when he first faced the Lone Wolf and was pa*sively beaten like a wooden chicken.

And Chen Dong’s change of heart caused Kunlun to be stunned.

He truly did not expect that after a brief exchange of blows, Chen Dong would enter into a state of mind so quickly!

“His Lordship’s vision has always been so precise.” Kun Lun muttered to himself.

The shouting continued at this point from the darkened audience stage.

The scene inside the iron cage was only a few seconds long.

Even the audience did not even notice Chen Dong’s entire transformation due to the distance.

“Hoo ……”

Lone Wolf exhaled a breath as a brilliant aura flashed in his eyes, “That’s a bit interesting.”

Before the words left his mouth, Lone Wolf abruptly exploded.

His body was like a wolf, as swift as lightning.

Chen Dong’s transformation had left him with a lump in his throat, he did not intend to play, he only wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.

Under the strong light.

Chen Dong stood tall, his eyes under the mask staring intently at the charging Lone Wolf.


Must be calm.

He kept adjusting his breathing.


The sound of breaking wind rang out.

Lone Wolf’s fist came directly towards Chen Dong’s face.

Just at this moment.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows twisted as he sank his waist and stood on his horse, violently deflecting his head.


The wind whistled in his ears.

“Dodged it?”

Lone Wolf’s face changed greatly.

However, his strong combat experience made him quickly calm down, using the momentum of his forward charge, the moment his right elbow held Chen Dong’s head flat, he fiercely bent his elbow and ruthlessly slammed into Chen Dong’s temple.

This was, the killing move!

Once he was hit, Lone Wolf was absolutely sure that Chen Dong would be crippled even if he didn’t die.


In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong raised his right hand to block Lone Wolf’s elbow strike.

The powerful impact crushed his arm against his head, but greatly weakened the killing power of the elbow strike.

“Dodged it again?”

A huge wave lifted in Lone Wolf’s heart.

He’d never seen a raw kid who could adapt so quickly after entering a steel cage!

It was this dazed moment of concentration.

An icy voice rang out violently in his ears.

“One move, that’s enough.”

Chen Dong’s body bowed violently, as if he was a fierce tiger ready to strike, his left hand clenched into a fist, and with the power of his waist pole turning around.

Bang Teen!

A punch that struck Lone Wolf squarely in the armpit of his right hand.


The Lone Wolf let out a miserable cry, and was directly smashed sideways by the punch, landing heavily on the ground.

The intense pain, and the paralysis that struck his armpit, made him so pale that he could barely stand up.

The shouting scene was abruptly dead silent.

The spectators in the darkness all stared in disbelief at the scene inside the cage.

What the hell had happened?

Only Kun Lun in the darkness, after the shock, smiled helplessly, “Young master, still saving your hand?”

Fighting techniques were killing techniques, this was a truth he had learned between life and death.

Life and death within the iron cage was actually really not valued.

With his combat experience, there were no less than ten ways for Chen Dong to throw a punch just now, which could either kill or maim the Lone Wolf.

On the contrary, Chen Dong had struck the Lone Wolf’s armpit.

Such a place could make the opponent lose his fighting ability for a short period of time, but would not hurt him at all.

Inside the iron cage.

Chen Dong slowly walked towards the Lone Wolf.

The Lone Wolf had already stood up, his face pale from the severe pain, and his right hand was still hanging down, unable to lift it for a while.

This fight was no longer in doubt.

In a fight to the death, the loss of one arm would be followed by an avalanche of defeat.

“You’ve lost.”

Chen Dong looked at Lone Wolf calmly.

“You won’t continue?”

Lone Wolf was dumbfounded, he was all ready to be completely put down in a pool of blood by Chen Dong.

Having fought like a beast in this iron cage for many years, he was all too aware of the rules of this.

Point and click, it simply did not exist.

Any other opponent in his situation would have put on a bloody show for all the spectators present without mercy.

Chen Dong looked indifferent and was silent.

Lone Wolf was a little unsure, the man in front of him, wearing a mask, really gave him too different a feeling.

The ability to adapt quickly, the point-to-point outcome of the fight.

This made him speak incoherently, “You could have continued beating me, you could have scrapped one of my arms, even pinned me down in a pool of blood and beaten me violently, or even beaten me to death, with the energy of this boxing world, they, they have the means to set things right, why not continue?”

“I was trying to gain fighting experience, why be so cruel?” Chen Dong smiled and said, “It felt good to fight for the first time, thank you.”

Thank you?

First time?

Lone Wolf was completely dumbfounded.

Through the mask, he seemed to see those eyes with a smiling expression.

For a long time.

Lone Wolf lowered his head, “Thank you.”

He knew clearly that if Chen Dong hadn’t shown mercy, as he had just said, “one move is enough”, he would really have been completely destroyed with one punch.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong waved his hand and turned to gesture for the referee to open the cage.

He already had experience in his first fight, and he was clear about the way he should fight.

In the time that followed, he only needed to accumulate this kind of fighting experience often enough.

And now, with the whole place dead silent, it was clearly not the right place to stay.

After all, at least 90% of the audience had lost their money.

It would be better for him to leave the place as soon as possible and leave the audience a little time to calm down.

“What’s your name?”

Behind him, Lone Wolf’s voice came.

Without stopping, Chen Dong lifted his right hand and waved it.

Lone Wolf stood in place with an odd expression on his face, and finally revealed a smile.

Leaving the boxing altar, he made his way home.

“Kunlun, how did I fight just now?” Chen Dong inquired about Kun Lun’s opinion.

Kunlun’s gaze flickered for a moment and said, “Not bad, not bad at all.”

Chen Dong nodded, rubbing his chin with his right hand, “Well, I also think that the reaction time was too slow, and I didn’t get into shape at the beginning, and I was hit twice by Lone Wolf, if he hadn’t been careless, I wouldn’t have even had the chance to fight back.”

Kunlun subconsciously looked out the car window at the night scene, suddenly somehow do not know how to respond.

Young master …… too serious, bad ah.

 Chapter 48

After returning home, Chen Dong did not rest, but took Kunlun to a nearby small park to continue his devil training.

The first real-life battle made him gain a lot while at the same time, he was also deeply aware of his own shortcomings.

Chen Dong is not a person who rests on his laurels and does not seek improvement.

Since he was a child, he has been able to walk step by step to this day with the reputation of being a wild B*****d.

He knew that he could only get more if he gave more.

If he wanted to defeat Chen Tianyang, then he would have to work a hundred times harder than Chen Tianyang a thousand times.

Even, at the cost of his life.

Excellence is only reserved for those who work hard, and never favours anyone, including geniuses.


The Din Tai Hotel, inside the presidential suite.

Chen Tianyang stared grimly at Zhang Heming in front of him, silent.

In the room, it was as if the air was freezing.

Zhang Heming cowered, fearful, standing in place, not daring to make the slightest sound.

Gu Qingying had secretly changed the announcement on Yingli’s official website, opening an opening for the city to boycott the circle formed by Chen Dong.

He couldn’t change it, so he could only appear here and return things to Chen Tianyang.


Chen Tianyang sneered and stared at the bank card on the table, “Mr. Zhang, taking money without doing anything and now sending it back, are you playing with me?”

Zhang Heming’s face changed and he hurriedly explained, “Brother Chen, I, I didn’t mean to play you, it’s really because I’m also under the control of others, my boss’s daughter came to take over the company, I moved down to the position of vice president, changing the announcement, she also did that.”

He did not dare to hide the slightest bit.

Chen Tianyang seemed to him to be an existence with a veil of mystery shrouding his body.

He did not know just how powerful Chen Tianyang was, but he would never dare to provoke it.

“Your boss’s daughter?”

The gloominess in Chen Tianyang’s eyes intensified, “I didn’t expect this.”


Zhang Heming’s heart stared and he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, he glanced at the seat next to him; he had been in the room for almost half an hour, and he had been standing for a solid half hour.

“Sit down.” Chen Tianyang said.

When Zhang Heming sat down, Chen Tianyang asked again, “Who the hell is your boss? As soon as his daughter arrived, he directly made you, the former old boss, lose control?”

“I, I actually haven’t met my boss a few times, his industry is doing great, and this Yingli building material has only been around because he left a thought for himself, he doesn’t come to the company often.”

Zhang Heming smiled awkwardly, “And this time Gu Qingying and Chen Dong used to be university cla*smates, I guess remembering the love of cla*smates, that’s why he insisted on doing this.”

Chen Tianyang raised an eyebrow, “Do you have a photo of Gu Qingying?”

Zhang Heming was stunned and hesitated for a moment before his gaze steeped in determination, “Yes.”

With that, he took out his phone and flipped to a photo of Gu Qingying.

It was one he had secretly taken when he was at the company.

He had other ideas about Gu Qingying, and he now understood that Chen Tianyang should also have other ideas.

He chose the latter because he wanted to use it to get closer to Chen Tianyang.

If he continued to stay at Yingli, he would at most be a president, and if he wanted to enter the real business circle of the big boss, he did not know how long it would take.

Chen Tianyang’s appearance showed him a shortcut.

When Chen Tianyang saw Gu Qingying in the photo on his mobile phone, even though he had read countless women, he could not help but have his eyes lit up and was stunned.

Without hesitation, Chen Tianyang said, “Ask her out for me.”

The corners of Zhang Heming’s eyes twitched twice, but he quickly calmed down and nodded, “Yes, I’ll try my best.”

“I’m not asking you to try your best, but to make sure you ask her out!”

Chen Tianyang sounded resolute, picked up the bank card on the table and threw it at Zhang Heming, “I don’t have the habit of taking back the money I give out.”

After saying that, he waved his hand and let Zhang Heming leave.

Only after walking out of the hotel did Zhang Heming slowly come back to his senses.

Originally, he still wanted to be in the company, near the water, and have a wonderful affair with Gu Qingying.

But now, Chen Tianyang’s reaction left him helpless.

With his refined eye for understanding people over the years, how could he not understand what Chen Tianyang was thinking?

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Heming murmured in a low voice, “No poison, no husband, Gu Qingying you can’t blame me!”


Early the next morning.

When Gu Qingying arrived at the company, Zhang Heming immediately entered the office.

“Chief Gu.”

Zhang Heming called out.

Gu Qingying frowned: “Is there something wrong?”

She didn’t have the slightest good feeling towards Zhang Heming, especially when Zhang Heming broke the contract and insisted on boycotting Dingtai, Zhang Heming was left with nothing but disgust in her heart.

“That, are you free tonight?”

Zhang Heming rubbed his hands together, “I’d like to invite you to dinner, as an amends.”

“Hmm, got it, I accept your apology.” Gu Qingying flipped open the file and said in an icy tone, “But the dinner tonight, it’s not necessary.”

Zhang Heming became a bit anxious and was about to speak.

However, Gu Qingying waved her hand, “Go out first, I still have to follow up on the supply of materials from Dingtai.”

With one word, Zhang Heming was unable to speak, and could only exit the office in gloom.

Back in his own office, Zhang Heming’s face was completely gloomy.

His knuckles tapped lightly on the desktop, making a “thud” sound.

After a long time, he narrowed his eyes and murmured gloomily, “Really, are you going to force me?”

Dingtai Company.

Chen Dong was busy when he received a WeChat from Gu Qingying.

“Chen Xiangsen, are you free tonight? Let’s have dinner together.”


Chen Dong dryly replied with a word, revealing a smile.

Just as he was about to put down his phone, WeChat rang again.

After seeing who was sending the WeChat, Chen Dong’s brows furrowed in some boredom.

The message was from Wang Nan Nan.

The content was also very simple: I want to talk to you.

Chen Dong ignored it, he already had nothing more to talk to Wang Nan Nan about.

All of it, was already over.

As for his affair with Gu Qingying, was it necessary to explain to Wang Nan Nan?

Before he could put his phone down, two beeps sounded one after another on WeChat.

One was from Wang Nan Nan.

“If you don’t talk to me, I’ll go to your company!”

These words were, obviously, a threat.

However, the Wang family should not have known at this time that he had become Dingtai’s boss.

With these words, Wang Nan Nan was clearly trying to make a scene when he was still the vice president of Dingtai and came to the company to talk.

The other weibo message was from Lin Xue’er.

“Mr. Chen, can we have dinner at my place tonight?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose helplessly and his eyes rolled for a moment.

He suddenly smiled.

Then he replied to Wang Nan Nan with a WeChat.

“Sure, see you at the Duoyu Pier tonight.”

He then replied another one to Lin Xue’er.

“Great, but no more going to your house, I invite you to the Duoyu Fish Pier.”

Putting down his phone, Chen Dong smiled contentedly.

The Du Fish Pier was considered a restaurant with a nice environment, facing the river and looking at the night view, a place where many young men and women liked to date.

I just wondered what it would be like if the sister and sibling met up.