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Winner Takes All Chapter 49-50

Chapter 49

Late afternoon.

Chen Dong finished his work early.

He had to have dinner with Gu Qingying in the evening, which, in his opinion, was the first date between the two of them and had to be taken seriously.

Even Gu Qingying didn’t mind his past, it was even more unreasonable for him to turn away Gu Qingying’s feelings.

One had to live, one had to go and start again and again.

Not after being hurt, one should tighten one’s shell and reject everything.

For her first date, Gu Qingying also seemed very serious.

She finished the work in hand early and got up to go to the bathroom to dress up and tidy up.

But what she didn’t know was that when she left the office, Zhang Heming quietly walked in.

After carefully looking behind him, Zhang Heming took out a small pill bottle from his pocket, unscrewed Gu Qingying’s cup and threw two pills into it.

This medicine, which he had purchased by chance from a channel he had obtained after years of wandering around major bars hunting for S*x.

Ever since he had this medicine, he had never missed a girl he had taken a fancy to in a bar.

Two tablets were enough to make a man lose his strength and blur his consciousness until the next day.

After carefully shaking the cup a few times to make sure the pills had dispersed, a cold light flashed in Zhang Heming’s eyes.

“Gu Qingying, don’t ever blame me.”

After saying that, he turned around and quietly left the office.

When Gu Qingying returned to the office, she did not notice anything unusual.

She looked at the time and felt that it was still early, so she picked up a cup and drank water while looking at the paperwork.

Gradually, a hint of dizziness came over her.

“Too tired?”

Gu Qingying rubbed her temples, somewhat puzzled.

Her workload in the past two days was indeed huge, and she had almost racked her brain to mobilize all of Yingli’s channels in order to help Dingtai.

But after resting for a while, that dizzy feeling, instead of easing, had become stronger and stronger.

Along with it, there was a weakness all over, as if the strength was being withdrawn one by one.

Gu Qingying took out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat to Chen Dong: “Chen Dong, I …… I’m suddenly so tired.”


Chen Dong replied: where are you? I’m ready to go over and pick you up.

Gu Qingying smiled.

This workaholic, still knows to prepare to pick me up in advance?

There wasn’t even a car, I should have been the one to pick you up.

But she still replied with a message, “I’m at Yingli Building Materials.”

On the first date, Chen Dong’s attitude was clearly that he took this date very seriously.

It made sense that the boy would pick up the girl.

She wasn’t going to, with a straight face, hurt Chen Dong’s dignity just because he didn’t have a car.

Also right after she finished her reply.

Creak ……

The door to the office was pushed open by Zhang Heming.

Zhang Heming smiled as he walked up to Gu Qingying: “Mr. Gu, still not off work?”

“No, it’s nothing …… just feeling a bit tired and taking a break.”

Gu Qingying waved her hand, that feeling of weakness and dizziness, even stronger.

“The staff are off work ah, just you and I are left.”

Zhang Heming smiled and said, “Why don’t I take you back?”

After saying that, he didn’t care if Gu Qingying agreed or not, he directly picked up Gu Qingying and walked out with Gu Qingying’s shoulders.

Gu Qingying instinctively wanted to resist, but she really had no more strength, and after being picked up, her whole body almost collapsed into Zhang Heming’s arms.

Sniffing the fragrant breeze, Zhang Heming’s heart was in his mouth, and he looked at Gu Qingying with a feeling of loss.

Such a stunning beauty should have been his to enjoy.

Now, instead, it had to be given to Chen Tianyang.

“You …… let go.”

Gu Qingying’s words instantly chilled Zhang Heming’s mind.

His expression was so gloomy and hostile that he did not pay attention to it and helped Gu Qingying to walk outside.

Gu Qingying was not stupid, on the contrary she was very smart, much less some rich second generation stupid white sweet.

The condition of her body at this moment was clearly not the result of too much exhaustion.

It was simply being backstabbed!

Zhang Heming’s carelessness made her panic and fear, and it was a good thing that her phone was still stuck on the WeChat interface where she was chatting with Chen Dong.

She powerlessly pressed the video call with Chen Dong ……

Chen Dong walked out of the Dingtai company.

Looking at Gu Qingying’s reply, he was puzzled for a while: “Why is this girl at Yingli Building Materials?”

Before he could even think about it, the video call came.

He clicked on the video.

A blurred and shaky image was displayed on the phone screen.

Chen Dong’s face froze in a flash.

He did not make a sound immediately, but frowned and stared intently at the situation on the opposite screen.

Apparently, Gu Qingying was moving, and in a very odd position, vaguely seeing a person holding her up and walking out.

Something was wrong!

Chen Dong’s mind went “boom”.

He hastily stopped a taxi, quickly muted his mobile phone and almost growled at the taxi driver, “Quick! Yingli Building Materials! Go to Yingli Building Materials immediately!”

The taxi driver was taken aback and hurriedly put the car in motion.


Chen Dong directly slapped all the more than one thousand yuan in his pocket onto the driver’s console.

“Hurry up, give me hurry up, I’m going to save someone, Master!”


The taxi driver’s face changed drastically, and with one foot on the gas, the taxi’s speed skyrocketed.

Chen Dong sat on the pa*senger side, his hands clutching his mobile phone as he stared intently at the video call screen.

Although he had turned on the mute, he could hear the other party’s voice, while the other party just couldn’t hear him.

His hands trembled a little and his breathing became rapid.

Something must have happened!

Otherwise, Gu Qingying wouldn’t have sent such a video call.

He didn’t know why Gu Qingying was at Yingli Building Materials, nor did he know what had happened to Gu Qingying.

But as a matter of urgency, he had to get to Gu Qingying’s side immediately.

To stop any danger that might happen.

“You, where are you sending me to?”

In the mobile phone video, Gu Qingying’s breathless voice suddenly rang out.

This made Chen Dong’s heart rise to his throat.

“Tai Shan Hotel.”

Zhang Heming’s voice rang out.

Chen Dong was instantly jealous, and his eyes were on the verge of eating people.

He heard Zhang Heming’s voice, and after learning the words “Taishan Hotel”, he even reacted to what had happened.

“Touch my woman, you want to F**king die!”

The words that came out of his teeth sent chills down the taxi driver’s spine.

The taxi driver wanted to comfort, but glanced at the video and looked at Chen Dong’s face.

He gave up, and even drove the taxi faster.

No matter who it was, he wouldn’t allow his woman to be hurt!


There was a sudden sound on the other side, followed by the company ceiling in the video.

Obviously, the phone had dropped.

Chen Dong’s face sank: “Master, go to Taishan Hotel immediately.”

At this time, it was obviously too late to block people in Yingli Building Materials Company.

And by going to Tai Shan Hotel immediately, there was still a high chance of saving Gu Qingying.

On the way, Chen Dong’s breathing was incomparably rapid, and the cold light in his eyes flashed as if he was a fierce beast that would choose to devour people.

His mobile phone was even clacking as he squeezed it.

However, what was left of his sanity allowed him to inform Kunlun.

With Kunlun around, there would be no worries about beating people up!

Finally, the Tai Shan Hotel appeared in sight.

A crunch!

The taxi driver did a tail-drift and brought the car to a steady stop in front of the Tai Shan Hotel.

Chapter 50

As Chen Dong got out of the taxi in a fiery hurry.

His gaze suddenly froze.

Not far away in the car park, there was a white Porsche 911 parked.

It was Gu Qingying’s car!

Had it come too late?

Chen Dong couldn’t think of anything else, as if he was a ferocious beast, his eyes were red as he turned around and rushed into the Taishan Hotel.

As soon as he entered the lobby, he saw two familiar figures flanking him as they walked into the lift.

“Little Shadow!”

Chen Dong shouted, but the lift doors were already closed, which in turn attracted a stream of stares from within the lobby.

Quickly rushing to the front desk, he angrily said, “Which room did that pair go to just now?”

The receptionist was taken aback, but it was the hotel’s duty to protect the privacy of its guests.

She stammered and was about to respond.


Chen Dong slammed his fist on the reception desk and gritted his teeth, “My girlfriend has been drugged, if anything happens to her, your Taishan Hotel won’t be able to F**king open.”

At this moment, he was so furious that he didn’t bother to pay attention to anything else.

What’s more, with Elder Long’s sleight of hand, it wasn’t impossible to have the Tai Shan Hotel shut down!

The receptionist girl was stunned by Chen Dong’s words and hurriedly said, “18th floor, 999, Presidential Suite.”

Chen Dong turned around and rushed towards the lift.

Luckily, the delay at the reception desk was not long, and when he arrived at the 18th floor, he happened to see Zhang Heming holding Gu Qingying and walking to the door of a room.

“Let her go!”

Chen Dong rushed over in big strides.

Zhang Heming, who was about to knock on the door, was suddenly startled, and after he turned around with Gu Qingying and saw Chen Dong, his face instantly changed dramatically.

“Chen …… Dong ……” Gu Qingying had completely lost her strength at this point, and even her consciousness was blurred to a great extent.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Dong rushed close to the front.

Without the slightest delay, a fist smashed directly into Zhang Heming’s face.

Zhang Heming had the intention to dodge, but Chen Dong had been trained by the devil of Kunlun during this period of time, and his physical strength and fighting skills were not something that an ordinary person could resist.

With a bang, Zhang Heming threw off Gu Qingying with a miserable scream, staggered back and fell to the ground.

He covered his face and let out a pig-like scream as blood seeped out from his fingers.

The punch had directly broken his nose.

“Little Shadow ……”

Chen Dong hugged Gu Qingying, his face full of anxiety.

It was so close!

It was so close!

If he hesitated for a moment, or delayed for a minute on the road.

What was waiting for him and Gu Qingying would be a different ending.

Gu Qingying slowly raised her head, her blurred vision looking at Chen Dong, and smiled foolishly, “You, really came?”

After saying that, she closed her eyes and pa*sed out.


There was an explosion in Chen Dong’s head as anger surged.

It was as if a volcano had erupted in his chest.

He glared at Zhang Heming on the ground like a beast and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “Don’t you know that she is my woman?”

After saying that, he gently helped Gu Qingying to sit on the ground.

Then with a cold face, he slowly walked towards Zhang Heming.

At this moment, Zhang Heming was already dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do except to cover his blood-soaked mouth and nose and scream at the top of his lungs.

He didn’t expect that something he had been planning would actually kill a Chen Dong halfway.

Being a thief, he braced himself on the ground with one hand and retreated in fear: “Chen Dong, you, listen to my explanation, this, this is a misunderstanding.”


Chen Dong sketched up a cold smile.

With that, he raised his foot.


A kick landed on Zhang Heming’s head.

Zhang Heming instinctively raised his hand to ward off the blow, but the terrifying force still caused his entire body to crash into the wall and faint to death on the spot.

Chen Dong looked at Zhang Heming on the ground indifferently, without the slightest change in his expression from beginning to end, not to mention not caring if Zhang Heming was already dead after this kick.

He was not a weak man.

In the underground boxing world, he did not lay a deadly hand on Lone Wolf, that was because he was there to gain fighting experience, there was no need to do so.

But, now, he laid down a deadly hand.

Gu Qingying was his girlfriend, his woman.

It was his scales of defiance!

Touch, and you die!

Chen Dong turned around and looked at the closed door of the room, the anger in his eyes growing more and more furious.

Both fists clenched and clicked.

Was this …… a confession being made?

His girlfriend, drugged by Zhang Heming and sent to this room to please the man in the room?

Simply ridiculous!


A powerful kick, blatantly kicked open the door of the hotel room.

In the room, a mellow and exciting music was playing.

The curtains were closed, making the room a little dark.

And on the living room chair, a figure sat up, head hanging, hands and together, propping up his chin.

“Chen Tianyao?”

Even though the light was not enough for Chen Dong to see Chen Tianyang’s front, he could still distinguish it from the angles.

A man intent on killing him, he would not forget even if he turned into dust.

“Hm hm hm ……”

A sinister cold laugh rang out as Chen Tianyang slowly raised his head, his gaze shadowy as he looked towards Chen Dong: “You wild B*****d, you dare to even rob my prey?”

The tone of his voice was as if a superior was teasing an inferior.

He slowly got up, straightened his pencil suit, and slowly walked towards the door.

Chen Dong’s brows knitted together, somewhat surprised that the person in the room was actually Chen Tianyang.

However, it was about Gu Qingying.

He took a step forward, “She, I want to take away.”

“Who are you to take her away?” Chen Tianyang laughed disdainfully, “On the basis of the fighting skills you’ve practiced for a few days under Kunlun? Don’t be funny, a wild seed is a wild seed, call you a waste and you are a waste, you are definitely no match for a genius like me who grew up with an elite education.”


The words had not yet ended.

Chen Tianyang violently charged towards Chen Dong.

As he neared, he jumped up and stomped on the wall with one foot, while his other foot directly brought up a wind-breaking sound and swept his whip leg towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s face sank as his body swayed, while his hands lifted up with a bang, blocking Chen Tianyang’s whip leg.


Chen Tianyang snapped in shock.

But in the next second, the expression on his face changed abruptly.

In a flash of lightning, after Chen Dong blocked Chen Tianyang’s whip leg with both hands, his hands fiercely wrapped around and brazenly hugged Chen Tianyang’s right foot.

“Get the hell off me!”

With a loud shout, Chen Dong lashed out, brazenly pressing Chen Tianyang towards the ground.

Chen Tianyang’s face changed drastically, too late to react in any way.

He was slammed to the ground with a bang by Chen Dong.

Even his face was white, and he almost lost his breath.

Without waiting for Chen Dong to come forward, Chen Tianyang hurriedly got up and looked at Chen Dong in shock.

He had not expected that this wild B*****d had actually changed so much in such a short period of time.

The fighting technique just now, he was certain that the Chen Dong from last time would never have used it.

Even if he would have used it, he would not have decided to strike in a short instant.

Such fighting instincts sent chills down his back.

However, Chen Tianyang was still full of disdain.

He was an elite genius of the Chen family, surprised, but not enough to make his confidence crumble.

“A bit interesting, today, you will lie here, and that woman outside, too.”

He sneered playfully, revealing his confidence as an elite of the Chen Family.

The next second.

Chen Tianyang brazenly charged towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s expression was solemn and he was about to meet him.


A cold light flashed in his vision, and Chen Tianyang was already holding a dagger in his right hand.

As soon as the dagger appeared, it was like a poisonous snake, stabbing directly towards him.