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Winner Takes All Chapter 51-53

Chapter 51


A cluster of blood splashed.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows tightened and his face flushed with hostility.

On his left arm, a bloody gash was oozing blood.

Fortunately, he had dodged in time, otherwise this blow would have cost him an arm, even if he didn’t want to die.

To Chen Tianyang, human life was really nothing.

“Tsk …… thought it was so powerful, but it turned out to be a piece of trash.”

Chen Tianyang slowly turned around and stood in the doorway, blocking Chen Dong’s way, smiling teasingly and coldly.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong took a deep breath and stared intently at Chen Tianyang with a sullen expression.

Chen Tianyang suddenly lifted one leg to the door frame and said with a smile, “Actually you have a choice, as long as you crawl under my crotch, you will live, but you have to leave this woman behind for me.”

“Then let’s see who actually stays!”

Chen Dong’s eyes flashed brilliantly, and in an instant he grabbed a chair and rushed towards Chen Tianyang.

In the dimly lit room, the two fought.

From time to time, there was the sound of a dagger hitting a chair.

Having experienced a real battle, Chen Dong’s whole person had changed qualitatively.

But compared to Chen Tianyang, there was a gap after all.

Soon, he fell into a disadvantage.

Several times, the cold dagger brushed against his body, and if he hadn’t reacted quickly and dodged each time, he would have been covered in blood after such a short while.


Finally, the dagger cut through Chen Dong’s right arm.

His brow furrowed and he retreated quickly in pain, the cut on his right arm was so deep that it could be seen through the bone, and blood was flowing everywhere.

Chen Tianyang stopped and gazed at Chen Dong as if he was watching a clown.

Chen Dong’s change had indeed surprised him.

But it was only a surprise.

He did not think that Chen Dong had the ability to fight against him.

“A feral seed, is a feral seed, even if he turns over, then he is still a feral seed.”

Chen Tianyang laughed coldly and shook his dagger, shaking off the blood on it, “If you don’t want to leave, then I will leave you here, so that he can be completely cut off.”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, maintaining his composure.

But at this moment, his heart was racing uncontrollably.

This was because he really felt the threat of death.

The difference between his strength and Chen Tianyang’s was a huge one, and at this juncture, it was simply not something that could be compensated for by any external force.

And Chen Tianyao exposed his killing intent, dripping with it.

This madman, perhaps next time, would stab the dagger into his heart.

But when he thought of the unconscious Gu Qingying outside, ruthlessness flashed steeply in Chen Dong’s eyes, and he bit through the tip of his tongue with one bite.

With the help of the pain, he allowed himself to calm down quickly.

Grabbing the chair beside him again, he was ready to strike.


Chen Tianyang raised an eyebrow, somewhat stunned that Chen Dong could still have the will to fight in this situation.

The next second.

Chen Tianyang slowly raised his dagger and leaned his body forward in an attacking motion, “Once, you’re dead!”

“Come on!”

Chen Dong roared, raising his chair to take the lead and rushing towards Chen Tianyang.

Ever since he was a child, he had taken one step forward and never backed down, despite his reputation as a wild B*****d.

Now, when it was about Gu Qingying, it was even more impossible for him to retreat.


The piercing dagger whistled and attacked.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened, but he did not dodge.


The dagger pierced into his chest.

A cold smile had just appeared at the corner of Chen Tianyang’s mouth, but it fiercely turned into panic.


The chair smashed into Chen Tianyang’s body in response, thumping and exploding.

Chen Tianyang’s body shook as he stared at Chen Dong in front of him with a face full of shock, a strong sense of dizziness hitting him frantically.

“You ……”

Chen Dong grabbed the dagger with one hand, while his other hand fiercely grabbed Chen Tianyang’s collar and said with a fierce smile, “I am not even afraid of death, would I be afraid of fighting for my life with you?”

Although he was laughing, the icy coldness in his tone made Chen Tianyang feel that the temperature around him had plummeted by a large margin.

His body couldn’t help but tremble, and his heart banged faster.

At this moment, facing the smiling Chen Dong, Chen Tianyang had a rare feeling of intense fear, and his bones were terrified.

Chen Tianyang did dare to kill Chen Dong.

But how could he have not expected that Chen Dong would actually fight against him even though he had taken a dagger from him?

This was a life for a life fight!

“Die, you go to hell!”

Chen Tianyang suddenly went mad as his right hand grabbed the dagger and twisted it fiercely.

Squeak ……

A sound that made hearts tremble emitted from Chen Dong’s chest.

It was the sound of the dagger tearing through flesh.

But Chen Dong, however, did not let go of his hand, even though his left hand was covered in blood from the dagger cut.

He stared at Chen Tianyang with his eyes full of ruthlessness.

Feeling the blood flowing rapidly out of his chest, his right hand also lifted up and grabbed the dagger, pressing it fiercely against his chest.

Only in this way could he delay as long as possible.

Only then could he save Gu Qingying.

“Lunatic, you’re a F**king lunatic! Give me death! Give me death!”

Chen Tianyang’s face was a little pale and his pupils were lax as he growled in anger.

Chen Dong’s reaction had really scared him.

He wanted very much to pull the dagger out of Chen Dong’s chest, but Chen Dong’s hands were pressing down on the dagger with deadly force.

Was this madman …… not even afraid of death?

This is not the bloodiness of a wild B*****d!

“Young master!”

Just at this moment, a roar as thick as thunder rang out.

Chen Dong’s expression suddenly relaxed and he smiled as if relieved, “Is Kunlun …… here?”

The reason why he chose to fight without a life was not because he really wanted to defeat Chen Tianyang.

The exchange of blows just now had shown him that it was impossible to defeat Chen Tianyang by fighting hard.

Therefore, pressing the dagger into his chest and stalling for time was the best option for him.

This was because when he came to the Tai Shan Hotel, he had informed Kun Lun.

As long as Kunlun arrived, then he would be saved!

Almost simultaneously, Kunlun’s lofty tower-like body rushed to the door.


Kun Lun glared angrily and slammed his right hand fiercely onto Chen Tianyao’s back.


Chen Tianyang let out a miserable cry and swept straight past Chen Dong, flying out and landing heavily on the ground.

“Young Master ……”

Kunlun held Chen Dong in panic, looking at Chen Dong’s chest which had long since turned red, and could not help but feel a raging anger.

He was sent by the master to protect the young master.

But now, the young master had actually been injured like this by Chen Tianyang!

“Chen Tianyang, you are seeking death!”

Kun Lun gritted his teeth and was about to step forward.

However, Chen Tianyang abruptly chided, “Kunlun! You dog, don’t forget whose family you grew up on, touch me and you’ll F**king die!”

Kunlun’s expression choked.

The room was filled with the smell of blood.

Silence could listen to needles.

Suddenly, a frail but murderous voice rang out.

“Breaking his leg won’t be a problem, will it?”

Kunlun looked at Chen Dong in consternation.

Chen Dong smiled weakly.

He knew that Kun Lun was ultimately a member of the family, and Chen Tianyang was an elite trained by the family.

Letting Kunlun kill Chen Tianyang, even if Kunlun dared, the subsequent trouble would be enough to make Kunlun lose his life.

But scrapping a leg ……


Kun Lun smiled morosely, let go of Chen Dong, and rushed towards Chen Tianyang with big strides.

The next second.

“Ah ……”

A miserable scream that sounded like killing a pig echoed within the Tai Shan Hotel.


Chapter 52

Chen Dong slowly opened his eyes.

A pungent smell of disinfectant water rushed into his nostrils.

He was in a bit of a trance, “I’m not dead?”

On the side, Kunlun, who looked grave, finally felt relieved and smiled, “Young master, that dagger avoided all the vital points, you just fainted from the haemorrhage, fortunately you were rescued in time.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, this was something he had not thought about.

At that time, he only wanted to protect Gu Qingying, even if he was really stabbed to death with a dagger by Chen Tianyang, he did not regret it.

As long as he could stall for time until Kunlun arrived to save Gu Qingying, it would be enough.

It was really luck to have the dagger avoid the vital point.

Chen Dong looked at the room and suddenly looked solemn: “Which hospital is this?”

If his mother knew that he had been injured, she would not be able to bear such great excitement.

“Young master, don’t worry.”

Kun Lun hurriedly rea*sured, “Elder Long explained this when he left, so I sent you to a different hospital.”

Chen Dong let out a sigh of relief before speaking, “How is Qingying?”

At that time, before he fell into a coma, he had seen Kunlun break one of Chen Tianyang’s legs with his own eyes, so Gu Qingying was definitely in no great danger.

However, she had been drugged by Zhang Heming, so he was not sure exactly what the situation was.

“She’s fine too.” Kunlun said, “Miss Gu has been looking after you for the past day and night.”

A day and a night?

Chen Dong smiled, “This girl, she’s all right and she’s still by her side, how could she have ever suffered from this?”

Although he was not sure about Gu Qingying’s family background, he knew that Gu Qingying’s family was wealthy and gave him the impression of being a rich second generation Missy from college.

Having Missy at her bedside day and night to take care of her was really quite a burden on Gu Qingying.

The words just fell.

Creak ……

The door to the hospital room was pushed open.

Gu Qingying walked in with a face full of fatigue carrying a thermos bucket.

This day and night of care had made her physically tired, but according to the doctor’s prediction, it was almost time for Chen Dong to wake up.

So, she left the ward despite her exhaustion and went home to make soup for Chen Dong.

Chen Dong had been so badly injured, he must be properly tended to after he woke up.

As Gu Qingying swept wearily towards the hospital bed, her delicate body suddenly trembled.

The next second.

Her eyes swished red and she ran to the bedside in ecstasy, jumping into Chen Dong’s arms, “Chen Dong, you’ve finally woken up!”

“Hiss ……”

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically as he was pressed into Gu Qingying’s wound with severe pain, he hurriedly said, “Xiaoying, it hurts, it hurts ……”

Gu Qingying was startled and hurriedly got up, touching his chest in panic: “Yes, I’m sorry, I was too excited, I didn’t think of your wound.”

“It’s alright.”

Chen Dong forced himself to endure the severe pain and squeezed out a smile.

Looking at the exhausted Gu Qingying, Chen Dong touched her head heartily, “Are you stupid? I’m fine, why do you still make yourself so tired?”

“What do you mean it’s alright?”

Gu Qingying’s beautiful eyes glared, but her eyes were filled with tears, “You were so badly injured in order to save me, it was worth it even if I was tired, you are the one who is stupid, the big fool!”

With that, she fell onto Chen Dong’s arm and cried out loudly.

The sudden scene caught Chen Dong off guard.

Looking at the crying Gu Qingying in his arms, he was suddenly a little unsure of what to do.

Kunlun’s face sank as he coughed lightly and left the ward without looking back.

“Big fool, you are a big fool, who asked you to save? Do you know it hurts to have a knife stabbed into your flesh, and you’re bleeding so much, you’re a big idiot.”

Gu Qingying cried as she spoke.

Chen Dong smiled, “Because, you’re my girlfriend.”

“Then you are still a big fool.” Gu Qingying complained.

Chen Dong smiled and did not say anything, but raised his hand and gently patted Gu Qingying’s back.

He knew that Gu Qingying must have been terrified, and even more so, his heart ached for him, and it was quite good for Gu Qingying to cry out and let off steam at this time.

Gradually, Gu Qingying’s cries weakened.

The day and night of sleeplessness had made her exhausted to the extreme.

In addition, after she had cried bitterly, her sleepiness had come.

Looking at Gu Qingying, who was sleeping in his arms, Chen Dong patted her back dotingly and murmured softly, “Silly girl, you have dared to bet your whole life, how can I let you lose? Protecting you is what I should do.”


In front of the bank counter, Lin Xue’er’s soul was in disarray.

She had never expected that when she arrived at the Fish Dock last night, not only had she not seen Chen Dong, but she had seen Wang Nan Nan instead.

The image of their chance encounter is now embarra*sing to think about.

Since the engagement party had gone badly, she didn’t even see Wang Hao anymore, and she had no contact with the Wang family.

What happened on the scene at the time was, to outsiders anyway, the Wang family’s fault.

And by not getting in touch, she was reasonably putting herself on a higher pedestal.

But in the face of Wang Nan Nan, she was still a bit overwhelmed after all.

And the way Wang Nan Nan looked at her was indeed full of resentment.

But because of Wang Hao, the two didn’t tear their faces apart and sat peacefully and awkwardly chatting together for a while.

Only after she couldn’t wait for Chen Dong, after she didn’t reply to her WeChat messages and didn’t answer her phone calls, did Lin Xue’er get up and leave.

“Teasing me?”

Lin Xue’er scratched her head in annoyance, she was able to meet Wang Nan Nan at the “Du Fish Pier”, when she thought about it, it seemed that only Chen Dong could have manipulated all this.

With her teeth clenched on her red lips, Lin Xue’er was annoyed to the extreme.

She had considered letting Wang Hao take over, but she really didn’t want to give up Chen Dong.

Especially after getting five million from Chen Dong, that thought of not wanting to give up kept swelling.

But Chen Dong’s love for her made her a little apprehensive.

Wang Hao, the receiver, had to be held in her hands after all!

Having made her decision, Lin Xue’er looked at the lobby, which was not much occupied, and got up to ask the manager for a leave of absence.

Leaving the bank, she went straight to the nearby supermarket to buy some fruit, intending to visit Zhang Xiuzhi.

When she was about to pay, she suddenly remembered that Chen Dong’s mother was also in hospital in Lijin.

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Xue’er turned back to the supermarket and bought a large pile of tonic products before paying for her trip to the hospital.

When she arrived at Lijin Hospital, Lin Xue’er deposited the pile of supplements at the doctor’s desk before carrying a bag of fruit to Zhang Xiuzhi’s ward.

When Lin Xue’er arrived, Zhang Xiuzhi, Wang De and Wang Hao were all overjoyed and happy.

Wang Hao even gathered around Lin Xue’er, shushing and asking for warmth.

However, this instead made Lin Xue’er feel that Wang Hao was a waste of time and could not help but frown and show her dislike.

The visit was short, but after a few minutes, Lin Xue’er said goodbye and left.

Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi hurriedly asked Wang Hao to see them off, and Wang Hao followed in a frenzied manner.

Lin Xue’er frowned slightly, “Wang Hao, you take care of auntie, I have other things to do.”

After walking out of the ward, Lin Xue’er took a deep breath, and a smile appeared on her originally frosty pretty face.

She walked quickly to the guide desk, carrying all the tonic products she had deposited, and walked quickly to Li Lan’s ward.

Just as she walked into the ward, she was carrying water.

Not far down the corridor, Wang Hao, who had come out with a kettle to help Zhang Xiuzhi fetch hot water, froze in place with a stunned expression.


Chapter 53

Wang Hao rubbed his eyes incredulously.

How could Lin Xue’er enter Chen Dong’s deadbeat old mother’s ward?

At this moment, his entire body was in a trance.

Step by step, he slowly walked towards the ward.

And inside the ward.

Seeing Lin Xue’er, Li Lan smiled amiably and asked Fan Lu to greet Lin Xue’er.

It was different from just now in Zhang Xiuzhi’s room.

At this moment, Lin Xue’er was like a new person, full of smiles, shushing Li Lan one after another, and even peeling an apple for her with her own hands.

There was a world of difference between the before and after.

In the ward, Lin Xue’er and Li Lan were happily chatting about family matters without the slightest disconnection.

While outside the ward, Wang Hao saw everything inside the house through the gla*s on the door.

At this moment, his mind was buzzing and he stood in the doorway in a daze.

It was even as if the computer was down, completely devoid of any thoughts.

What was in front of him left him in a daze.

He could never have imagined that Lin Xue’er, who was a high-cold goddess in front of him and his family, would actually be so gentle and lovely when facing Chen Dong’s deadbeat old mother.

More crucially, how did Lin Xue’er know Li Lan?

Time pa*sed slowly.

The people in the corridor looked at Wang Hao with eyes full of weirdness.

But Wang Hao didn’t have the heart to care about anything else, all his attention was inside the ward.

Just like that, it was kept for half an hour.

Lin Xue’er finally got up with the intention of leaving, and when she opened the door of the ward and saw the dumbfounded Wang Hao, the smile on her face disappeared abruptly.

After a brief moment of panic, Lin Xue’er regained her composure and asked coldly.

“Why are you here?”

Wang Hao’s heart fluttered for a moment, snapping back to his senses as raging anger erupted.

“I ……”

Not waiting for him to roar out yet, Lin Xue’er’s face was steeply cold: “Don’t disturb your aunt’s rest, or don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

After saying that, she turned around and left.

Wang Hao became anxious and quickly chased after Lin Xue’er: “Xue’er, what’s going on here? Shouldn’t you explain it to me?”

“Explain what?” Lin Xue’er glanced at Wang Hao with disgust, she had never been in the habit of explaining to Wang Hao.

What’s more, she couldn’t explain what had just happened, goodness knows what, when Wang Hao had bumped into her.

“In the ward, that dead old lady, why did you go to see her?”

Wang Hao glared angrily, as if he was an exploding angry lion.

“Wang Hao, you’ve had enough! Do you have any more family education, what do you mean by dead wife?”

Lin Xue’er angrily rebuked, “She is at least your ex-brother-in-law’s mother, what’s wrong with me going to see her? Because of the two of us, your brother-in-law and your sister got divorced, I went to visit her with guilt, and you still have a point?”

Wang Hao’s expression was choked.

Was that really the case?

Before he could react, Lin Xue’er stepped forward, hugged him, stood on tiptoe and nodded at his mouth, softly saying, “Alright, it’s not what you think, I’m really just visiting with guilt, be a good boy and go back to take care of your mother, then get enough money for the bride price, and we can get married.”


Wang Hao was instantly happy, “You, you don’t blame us for what happened last time?”

“Fool, how could I blame you guys?” Lin Xue’er gave a scornful glance and waved her hand, “Alright, I’ll go back to work first, don’t think too much about it.”

Looking at Lin Xue’er’s back, Wang Hao stood frozen in place in shock and joy.

He was indeed angry about Lin Xue’er’s visit to Chen Dong’s mother.

However, in his heart, the highly educated Lin Xue’er was indeed more rounded and perspicacious than him in dealing with people, and more importantly, Lin Xue’er was kind-hearted.

Therefore, Lin Xue’er’s casual perfunctoryness was indeed a good one in his heart to be able to explain the scene just now.

After dropping his doubts, all Wang Hao was left with was happiness and excitement.

After the engagement banquet, Lin Xue’er had not seen him, and he knew that Lin Xue’er was angry, and was even trembling with fear of breaking up with Lin Xue’er.

But today, when Lin Xue’er came to visit her mother, and the words she just said, it was clear that she was no longer angry, and that there was still a possibility for the two of them to continue!

“Xue’er, don’t worry, I will make my parents and sister get enough money to marry you as soon as possible.”

Wang Hao clenched his fist and his gaze was firm.

When Wang Hao happily returned to the ward, both Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi were frozen.

In the past few days, the two of them had never seen Wang Hao so happy before.

“Xiao Hao, what’s so happy about it?” Zhang Xiuzhi asked first.

Wang Hao smiled and said, “Mom and Dad, Xue’er is not angry anymore, and she just told me that as soon as we get enough money together, we can get married.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Wang De clasped his hands together in excitement.

Zhang Xiuzhi, on the other hand, looked as if she had expected this and smiled smugly, “This child Xue’er, ah, she is beautiful and well-educated, I knew she would be generous, Xiao Hao, you can’t let her down.”

“That’s for sure, I will never marry Xue’er in my life.”

Wang Hao clenched his fist, his gaze firm, and then his expression suddenly darkened, “Just, Mom and Dad, when will I get enough money for this bride price?”

At these words.

Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi were stunned at the same time.

They glanced at each other, and Zhang Xiuzhi clenched her teeth in anger: “It’s all your sister’s fault, that dead girl has messed things up so badly, we still have to let her figure this out.”

“It’s not appropriate to push your daughter so much, is it?” Wang De was a little hesitant.

“If you can, why don’t you go get the money? You’re a stinking teacher, you’ve borrowed from everyone, but you still haven’t got enough?”

Zhang Xiuzhi glanced at Wang De, thought about it and made up her mind, “When I get out of the hospital, I will definitely find a rich man and marry that dead girl off, and ask for a large bride price so that Xiao Hao will have money to get married.”

“Hahahaha …… thank you mum.” Wang Hao happily hugged Zhang Xiuzhi.

Wang De, who was on the side, sighed and didn’t retort.


It was getting late.

Chen Dong could not bear to continue to let Gu Qingying accompany him and suffer after him, so he let Gu Qingying go home.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

After Gu Qingying left.

Chen Dong moved his body and changed to a slightly more comfortable position.

The injury on his chest made it impossible for him to sit up for a while, and after being pillowed on Gu Qingying’s arm for so long, his back was going numb.

Only when he was more comfortable did Chen Dong then ask, “Kunlun, how did the follow-up matter work out?”

Kunlun said, “Zhang Heming has been brought to justice, and it’s definitely not light.”

“You know I’m not asking him about that.”

Chen Dong smiled, in his eyes Zhang Heming was nothing more than a jumped-up clown.

A mere pug who wanted to curry favour with Chen Tianyao by offering up Gu Qingying.

Kunlun looked a little helpless, “Chen Tianyang just ruined his leg and left the city.”

“Only second?” Chen Dong raised an eyebrow and gave a cold laugh.

“He doesn’t have enough evidence to be brought to justice.”

Kunlun’s lips noodled, then said solemnly, “Young master, you may have been a little unclear about the Chen family’s energy, Chen Tianyang is not even allowed to kill us, and if we did, even the master would not be able to protect us.”

“Then he can kill me?”

Chen Dong looked huffy, hostility surging in his eyes as he snorted, “It’s because I’m just a wild child, my name is not right, right?”