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Winner Takes All Chapter 489-490

Chapter 489

The caravan moved on.

As Chen Dong had predicted, four more groups of killers appeared one after another.

However, they were all thundering and raining, and the wave of attacks were quickly taken care of by the Hong Society members who had been ambushed long ago.

Yuan Yigang was always holding the map, secretly calculating the distance to the slum.

As he got closer and closer to the slum, his expression became more and more gloomy.

Yuan Yigang could foresee that a raging a*sa*sination scene was about to erupt in the slum, which was a world away from these current a*sa*sinations.

Even though he, the leader of the Hong Society, was used to seeing great storms, beads of sweat seeped out of his forehead.

Chen Dong sat silently in the car, staring out of the window, although the surface was calm.

But with his right hand, he tightly gripped his gun and carefully put it into his back waist.

At that moment, an engine roared outside the car.

A yellow McLaren sped up and came alongside the car Chen Dong was sitting in.

Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed.

The front of the yellow McLaren had obvious signs of a collision.

He frowned, “Is this the car that rear-ended us just now?”

Yuan Yigang, who was staring at the map, twitched his eyebrows, raised his eyes to look out of the car and nodded soberly, “It should be that one.”

“He ran fast, the car crash actually managed to catch up.”

Chen Dong’s brow gradually furrowed, “But now it’s running very slowly again, neck and neck with us.”

As he spoke, Chen Dong suddenly turned his head and his gaze locked with Yuan Yigang’s.

Yuan Yigang’s expression froze.

Immediately afterwards, both of their faces changed drastically at the same time.

“Enemy attack!”

Yuan Yigang shouted.

Almost simultaneously, Chen Dong and him plunged under the car together.


A gunshot rang out and the bullet struck the bulletproof gla*s of the car.

The terrifying impact instantly caused the bullet-proof gla*s to show rippling cracks and spread out.

The sudden gunshot sounded.

The car instantly snaked down the road for some distance.

Followed closely by.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


A series of AK-47-like sweeping shots exploded into the long air.

The journey, which had been fairly calm, suddenly became tense and intense.

The caravan was instantly in a bit of disarray.

Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang were in a vehicle that had taken almost all the fire from the barrels of the guns poking out of the McLaren.

The entire body of the car was covered in sores.

If not for the bulletproof modification, this round of shooting alone would have turned everyone inside the car into a hornet’s nest.

Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang lay on their stomachs thoroughly, reducing their targets as much as possible.

Listening to the strafing gunfire from outside, Yuan Yigang shielded Chen Dong with one hand while cursing angrily.

“D*mn, it wasn’t an accidental car crash at all just now, they broke in on purpose to make us let our guard down so they could find out exactly which car we were in.”

“Tap, they’re tightening their grip on us.”

The Hong Society member driving the car shouted in panic.

Yuan Yigang looked hostile as he looked out through the dappled car window.

The McLaren seemed like a yellow lightning bolt, keeping close to the car, the two cars were only two or three metres apart.

And the barrel of the gun that peered out of it was now spitting tongues of fire menacingly.

“Intercept, intercept for me!”

Yuan Yigang roared into the intercom.

In a flash of lightning, the convoy, one car in front and one in back, moved across to the lane where the McLaren was, one in front and one in back, blocking it exactly.

But there was no time for the convoy to make its next move.

The yellow McLaren suddenly seemed to have gone crazy and swung its tail violently towards the vehicle in which Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang were riding.

Bang Teen!

The terrifying impact instantly sent the body shaking.

The McLaren’s powerful horsepower, roaring like a beast, surprisingly toppled the vehicle hard and pushed it out sideways, with large sparks erupting from the front of the car.

“Is he trying to run us over?”

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth curled up in a cold smile.

The toughness of an ordinary McLaren and a carefully modified bulletproof car were not even comparable.

“D*mn it, ram it back for me!”

Yuan Yigang looked grim, a whole convoy was here and he still let a McLaren take advantage of the situation, it gave him a feeling of shame.

The Hong Society member driving the car responded and jerked the steering wheel, sticking directly with the McLaren.



Almost at the same time, the two cars that were pinning the McLaren in front and behind, hit the body of the McLaren at the same time.

The whole body of the McLaren was instantly deformed.

But the engine continued to roar like a wild beast, without the slightest momentum to back down and escape.

“I’ll do it.”

Chen Dong suddenly said, bracing his hands on the seat and slowly straightening up his upper body.

Then, under Yuan Yigang’s horrified gaze, he slowly opened the side window.

Because of the angle, the frantic strafing from the McLaren could not reach the inside of the car.

However, Yuan Yigang still looked horrified and chided, “What are you doing?”

Chen Dong didn’t pay any attention, but said to the Hong Society member who was driving, “Buddy, do you know how to drift with a tail? Come one if you can.”

Crunch ……

In an instant, the car made an ear-splitting sound.

As the Hong Club member jerked the steering wheel, the body instantly flung up, the wheels rubbed the ground and even raised a thick smoke.

It was also while the body was drifting that Chen Dong turned to one side and quickly faced the barrel of McLaren’s sweeping gun.

At this moment, time seemed to slow down.

Panic was written all over Yuan Yigang’s face.

The corner of Chen Dong’s mouth, on the other hand, was hooked into a bloodthirsty cold smile.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong held the gun in his left hand and fired a shot the moment the angle was right at McLaren.


The gunshot rang out.

The bullet hit the man strafing the pa*senger side of the McLaren with unerring accuracy, and his head splattered with blood like a watermelon bursting.

The original fierce sweeping gunfire also came to an abrupt end at the same time.

Chen Dong slowly closed the window of the car.

With an indifferent expression, he leaned back in his chair, “Now, you should be able to settle this, right?”

Yuan Yigang was dumbfounded, the panic on his face had not yet receded.

After the gunman was taken care of, a nearly deformed McLaren was no different from fish on the chopping block in Yuan Yigang’s eyes.

But just now ……

“Are you crazy?!”

Yuan Yigang’s body trembled in horror, and after waking up, he looked at Chen Dong angrily, “Do you know that if you missed this shot, you would have been swept into a hornet’s nest by the gun!”

“Didn’t I hit it?”

Chen Dong shrugged, “If we don’t settle this tangle as soon as possible, the purpose of this trip won’t be achieved.”

Yuan Yigang froze.

Indeed, if they were delayed by this McLaren for too long.

If the vehicle they were riding in was badly damaged, the trip would inevitably come to an end.

Trying to draw out the forces behind the scenes would simply be impossible.

Chen Dong’s decisiveness to kill made Yuan Yigang’s heart beat faster.

Yuan Yigang picked up his walkie-talkie.

“Wreck the car for me!”

Boom, boom!

The two cars sandwiching the McLaren instantly rammed the McLaren like wild animals.

The McLaren, which had lost its gunman, no longer had the arrogance of the rampage it had just had.

Two cars were left to fend for themselves.

The convoy continued to move forward in an orderly manner.

After what had just happened.

The whole convoy became more cautious and lined up more densely so that they could react instantly if there was an unexpected situation.

It was not like just now, when a round of strafing had pa*sed before arriving for support.

Yuan Yigang took a glance at the map.

Then, his gaze looked stonily ahead, “Up ahead, that’s the slum.”

Chen Dong raised his eyes to the front, rubbed his nose and smiled, “The real a*sa*sination …… is about to begin.”


Chapter 490

Chen Dong’s eyes looked forward.

The buildings in the distance, short and dilapidated, messy and old, gathered into a fall, forming a clear dividing line with the tall buildings lining up around them.

It gives the impression of crossing over.

Just by looking at it, one can feel the poverty pounding in one’s face.

Even the roads, too, are gradually becoming bumpy and ragged.

A strong sense of bumpiness can be clearly felt as the vehicle moves along.

In the air, a mixed pungent smell of rotting and urine mixed together permeated the air.

Chen Dong could not help but frown.

Yuan Yigang said in a deep voice, “Here, all are people without hope.”

“Hope is never given to oneself.” Chen Dong responded, “If one does not want to give oneself hope, then there is no hope at all, if there is still a flame burning in one’s heart, a small amount will add up to a large amount, and one day a wildfire will be able to start a prairie.”

Yuan Yigang glanced at Chen Dong.

Rubbing his nose, he murmured with a smile, “I really can’t understand you a bit, being so young, yet seeing through so many things.”

“Because it’s all been experienced.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously and pointed to the dilapidated slum, “Since we were young, my mother and I have kind of lived in the slum, right?”

Yuan Yigang’s smile choked.

With a shrug, he collected his playful look and picked up the intercom to get everyone pumped up.

The slums, a combination of decay, darkness and decay.

As Yuan Yigang said, it was inhabited by a group of people at the bottom, without hope.

A group of people with no hope in a zone of three disregarded areas, believing in the same laws as in the natural jungle, simple and brutal.

The weak eat the strong!

Even for a piece of bread, a bloody battle may break out.

The reason why Yuan Yigang and Ye Yuanqiu had initially opposed Chen Dong’s intended route to include the slums was that, in addition to fearing a raging a*sa*sination attempt by the forces behind the curtain, they were also worried about the crisis in the slums.

This was a place where killing opportunities were inherently rampant.

“Everyone follow the group, no stopping, try to cross the slums as fast as possible.”

Yuan Yigang barked into the intercom, his voice resounding, not giving anyone the slightest chance to hesitate.

This …… was an order!

“Going through too fast will give the forces behind the curtain no chance.” Chen Dong was somewhat speechless.

Yuan Yigang gave a bitter laugh, “There is a difference between what you and I call fast.”

Chen Dong said no more words and gazed ahead.

Gradually, the distance to the slum grew closer and closer.

The unpleasant smell in the air was getting thicker and more pungent.

The smell of wreckage poured in.

It gave people a depressing, fearful feeling.

Along the way, one could also see women dressed in rags, their eyes frozen in place, watching the caravan.

And along the roadside, too, were men with bare shoulders and tattoos, gazing wistfully.

On a normal day, few people would come to the slums.

What’s more, it was a fleet of luxury cars.

Soon, Chen Dong understood the difference between Yuan Yigang and the “fast” he was talking about.

The broken and potholed road made it impossible to increase the speed of the convoy.

Even if it was fast, the caravan was still moving as slowly as a tortoise.

There were also people from the slums clustered in front of them from time to time, and they could only be driven away, and when they dispersed, the convoy could only pa*s slowly.

Chen Dong frowned, looking at the chaos outside.

He was suddenly a little melancholy.

After all,……, he had been too hasty.

If he had known that it would be like this in the slums, he would have thought carefully about re-routing.

With the current average speed of the convoy, which is less than thirty yards through the slums, as long as the killers in the shadows are not blind, they can probably point to where to hit, right?

“Does it suddenly feel like you’re still too young?”

As if Yuan Yigang had read Chen Dong’s mind, he gave a bitter laugh.

Chen Dong did not hide it and nodded his head in response to the bitter smile.

It was at this moment.


A loud bang suddenly sounded from the front.

Immediately afterwards, noisy and clamorous human voices rang out.

Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang’s faces sank at the same time.

Yuan Yigang hurriedly picked up his walkie-talkie and asked, “What’s happened up ahead?”

“The head car has hit the woman in the slum, people have gathered around, and I’m having someone deal with it.”

Over the intercom, Ye Yuanqiu’s low voice rang out.

Because of the collision, the road ahead was blocked and the whole convoy was at a standstill.

And the noise at the front was getting louder and louder and noisier.

The crowd gathered more and more.

Such a scene was a headache for even the members of the Hong Society.

The fear of the cross is most aptly used to describe the current situation.

Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang, who were sitting inside the car, had their faces completely sunken.

This was because they both noticed that as the caravan came to a halt, time pa*sed.

A number of people had already gathered around them, not going to the front to tangle with them, but standing by intently, gazing at each car with an unkind look in their eyes.

“I have the feeling of entering a wolf’s den.” Chen Dong rubbed his nose.

“We can’t wait any longer, if we drag on, not to mention the forces behind the curtain, I reckon these people can’t be patient anymore.”

Yuan Yigang said in a deep voice, picking up the intercom and saying, “Elder Ye, if we keep dragging this out, I guess there will be a riot in the slums.”

This was not a statement made with conviction.

A convoy of dozens of luxury cars entered the slums.

In the eyes of these hopeless people, it was a small moving vault of gold.

People who believed in the law of survival of the weak and the strong, who could hold down their greed when faced with a small vault?

“Money is being handed out.”

Over the intercom, Ye Yuanqiu responded in a simple and brutal manner.



A gunshot echoed over the slum like a thunderclap.

In an instant, the entire slum was abruptly dead silent.

The next second.

Everyone in the slum suddenly stirred up.

The crowd that had been gathered around the cars could not resist, and with the sound of the gunshot, as if it were a call to arms, they all lunged towards the caravan with red eyes.

“Start up all the cars immediately and rush out!”

Yuan Yigang’s face changed dramatically and he gave an order.

The stagnant convoy finally started up again.

Bang Bang Bang ……

A sound of gunshots kept coming from all directions.

The whole slum seemed to explode.

The crowd that lunged closer, each with red eyes, desperately tried to pull open the doors.

Even though the convoy was moving again, it was still moving too slowly to shake off the crowd around it.

The scene was chaotic.

The sound of hissing, smashing and gunfire echoed.

Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang sat in the car with sullen faces.

Suddenly, Ye Yuanqiu’s bellowing voice rang out over the intercom.

“Everyone on alert, a convoy is rushing over!”


There was a loud bang.

Smoke rolled up and shot up to the sky.

Over the intercom, Ye Yuanqiu’s stern shout then rang out.

“Alert, alert, the convoy has collided, the front road is blocked, protect Chen Dong and evacuate immediately!”

The words had not yet fallen.

The sound of intense strafing gunfire suddenly rang out from the front.

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes jumped wildly.

Yuan Yigang even slammed his fist on the seat with a thud: “D*mn, even the heavy weapons have been brought out!”