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Winner Takes All Chapter 491-492

Chapter 491

A sudden change of heart.

It caught everyone off guard.

A confused crowd, a near frenzy of smashing around cars.

The stormy strafing in front of them.

Killing machines stirred, ambush on ten sides.

The sound of the first shot was like a clarion call.

It completely caused everyone in the slum to abandon their repression and expose their most primitive impulses and desires.

It was also because of the madness of these people that they blocked the way.

The convoy, stuck in a quagmire, could hardly move forward.

“Get off! Counter-attack to hold back!”

Yuan Yigang made a split-second decision, “Someone from the rear car, join me in covering Chen Dong’s evacuation.”

With that, Yuan Yigang took the lead and opened the door of the car, kicking the smashing man in front of him out.

Then, as if he was a god of killing, his fists and feet swung, hardening a blank space of nearly two metres in diameter in the midst of the frantic crowd.

All eyes looked at Yuan Yigang in fear, not daring to come forward.

Taking advantage of this gap, the back Che Hong Society members quickly followed, expanding rapidly on the blank ground struck by Yuan Yigang and squeezing the crowd to retreat.

“Chen Dong, retreat!”

Yuan Yigang’s face was sullen as he turned around and pulled Chen Dong out of the car, put him on his back and ran towards the alley under the cover of the Hong Society members.

As Chen Dong lay on Yuan Yigang’s back, he turned his head to look at the front of the convoy.

At this moment, a dozen cars were also parked in front of the convoy, as if the way was completely blocked.

A heavy machine gun was standing on one of the vehicles, spitting out tongues of fire and forming a fire suppression.

The rest of the vehicles had already disembarked, weapons in hand, and were closing in on them.

Ye Yuanqiu led a group of Hong Society members to start a counter-attack, with tongues of fire spewing out and gunshots exploding.

It was just like a street fight in a movie.

People were falling down and screams of misery were heard everywhere.

Even though the members of the Hong Society had no intention of harming the people around them, they only tried their best to fend off the killers’ firepower.

But the a*sa*sins didn’t care about that, their fierce fire poured out like bloodthirsty demons, reaping human lives.

“Get out of the way, all those who don’t want to die!”

Yuan Yigang’s features were almost hideously twisted as he looked around at the crowd with greed in their eyes, his teeth gnashing in anger.

These people, for the sake of money, they don’t even want their lives!

A huge crowd was crowded together, and it was as difficult as heaven for the members of the Hong Society to quickly push out a way for a while.

Bang, bang, bang ……

The sound of dense gunfire echoed over the slums.

Under the leadership of Ye Yuanqiu, the Hong Society members soon formed a stalemate with the killers.

Of course, with heavy weapons dominating the situation to form a firepower suppression, it was clear to everyone that this situation, which was only barely supported by the members of the Hong Society, was actually in a state of downward pressure itself, and would soon be broken.

“Retreat, retreat back!”

Faced with the crushing a*sa*sins, Ye Yuanqiu’s old face flushed with a fierce intent.

He led the members of the Hong Society and slowly retreated while continuously counterattacking.



There was a sudden whistle in the air.

A long tail of fire swept through the air and landed on one of the cars in the convoy.


A car that instantly turned into a flaming mushroom cloud and shot up into the sky.

“A cannonball?!”

Ye Yuanqiu turned back in panic and looked at the mushroom cloud that rose up.

Even with his mental experience, he could not help but jump and speed up at this moment, his scalp tingling.

And on the other side.

Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang also stopped.

Looking at the mushroom cloud that rose up, all of them were in a state of shock.

There was more than one heavy weapon ……!

Ta-da-da-da ……

The sound of dense strafing broke the brief silence.

Yuan Yigang was about to lift his leg, but Chen Dong said in a deep voice: “The crowd is too riotous, we can’t run away for a while, if we don’t finish off the people with heavy weapons, we will soon lose and we won’t even have a chance to capture the king!”

His voice was cold and stern, but he was telling the truth.

This trip was meant to draw a snake out of a hole.

If we were completely overwhelmed at this point and couldn’t even escape, we would be sending sheep into the tiger’s mouth.

“Prepare to counter-attack.”

Yuan Yigang looked hostile, and after putting Chen Dong down and handing him over to two Hong Society members, he brazenly turned around and walked back to the tailgate of the bulletproof car.

Amidst a rain of bullets.

Yuan Yigang took out a long gun with a cold glow directly from the trunk.


Chen Dong was instantly surprised.


In just three seconds, Yuan Yigang set up his gun and fired the first shot.

Bullets shot out.

It instantly ended the killer holding the heavy machine gun.

But not before Yuan Yigang fired the second shot.


In the air, a whistling sound exploded.

“Yuan Yigang, be careful!”

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically, and he looked at the rpg shells that swept through the air.

Almost at the same time.

Yuan Yigang looked decisive, directly dropping his Barrett and running towards the rear.


The bullet-proof car rose into a blaze.

The terrifying impact even lifted Yuan Yigang to the ground.

“Yuan Yigang!”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened to the point where Yuan Yigang, who had been tipped over by the impact, was lying on the ground and was slow to get up.

And at that moment.

The rioting crowd around them finally began to dodge in all directions.

Fear and greed, under the fierce firepower of the killers, it was fear that finally prevailed.

As the crowd retreated.

The pressure on the members of the Hong Society was instantly reduced.

“Retreat, cover Chen Dong’s retreat!”

Ye Yuanqiu hissed, leading the Hong Society members in a desperate counterattack.

While Chen Dong, who was protected by a group of Hong Society members in the middle, suddenly opened his voice: “Take Yuan Yigang with you!”

“Chen Sheng, we ……”

A member of the Hong Society was about to stop Chen Dong at once.

But Chen Dong suddenly turned his head and roared with fierce ferocity, “D*mn it, that’s your leader!”

The members of the Hong Society changed their expressions and eventually ran towards Yuan Yigang with Chen Dong on their backs.

Yuan Yigang was hit hard and his back tingled with pain.

When he finally took a breather and sat up, he saw Chen Dong’s group running over just in time.

His face was hostile: “Let you run, leave me alone, contact the other brothers and rush over immediately!”

The words had not yet fallen.

A roar of car engines suddenly rang out in all directions.


A car, swarmed into the slum.

Crashing hard into every alleyway entrance.

With this brutal madness, in just a minute’s time, all the exits were blocked!

It was over!

Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang’s faces turned steeply white.

“Their determination is really big too.”

Chen Dong looked grave, his gaze flickering.

“At the risk of all our lives, we will bring you out!”

Yuan Yigang said ruthlessly, as if it was an oath, and then braced himself and slowly got up.

And with a car blocking all the pa*sages.

The inordinate number of killers also came rushing towards the street where Chen Dong and the others were from one of the pa*sages.

If one were to look down from the sky at this moment, one could see that there were killers running fast in every alleyway, as if a torrent, completely surrounding all the ways to go.

The situation before them was far beyond anyone’s expectations.

Even the Hong Society could not pull off such a stunt!

Looking at the stream of people swarming in all directions, even Yuan Yigang could not help but laugh in despair.

“This really is a dead end!”


Chapter 492

Swarms of killers.

Guns rained down.

As if the autumn wind was sweeping away the wheat saplings, a constant stream of Hong Society members fell.

There were woes and screams all over the place.

Even though Chen Dong had experienced the a*sa*sination of the mercenary team at Tianmen Mountain Villa, he could not help but feel a tingle in his back at this moment.

Such a loud and powerful scene now far surpa*sed the initial a*sa*sination at Tianmen Mountain Villa!

“Yi Gang!”

Suddenly, a loud roar came out.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened and as he turned around, he saw Ye Yuanqiu running over under the cover of several Hong Society members.

At this moment, Ye Yuanqiu had changed from his usual warm and breeze-like aura of calmness, his body was stained with blood and his face was full of hostility.

“At all costs, cover Chen Dong out.”

As Ye Yuanqiu approached, he coldly threw out an incomparably resolute sentence.

Yuan Yigang looked determined and nodded his head.

“Someone, cover Chen Dong and Elder Zu to go out!”

“I’m not leaving!”

Ye Yuanqiu stomped his foot indignantly, “Do you not take my old bones seriously anymore? I may be old, but I’m not so old that I can’t even pull the trigger and kill someone!”

“Elder Zu!”

Yuan Yigang looked at the swarming group of killers and immediately clenched his teeth in anxiety.

Just as the two were arguing.

An icy voice suddenly rang out.

“No one needs to leave, if they do, our trip will be completely wasted.”

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were stunned for a moment at the same time, turning their heads to look at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong smiled at the two and raised his head to look at the sky.

“There’s a follow-up!”

Ye Yuanqiu was first stunned, and then surprised beyond belief.

“You mean the plan with Old Man Long?”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

He then took out his mobile phone and dialed Elder Long’s number.

“Is it coming?”

After a few seconds of silence, Chen Dong’s eyebrows were gradually knitted together.


Hang up the phone.

He looked towards Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang and said in a deep voice, “Ten minutes, can you hold out?”

When planning last night, Chen Dong had already planned everything.

The only thing that was beyond his expectation was the onslaught of the killers now.

It was already a mad siege at any cost.

The speed was so fast that it made his heart and back chill initially.

From the first shot, disrupting the slums.

Then to the present scene, it was less than ten minutes before and after.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang glanced at each other.

Yuan Yigang’s eyes flashed sharply and said in a deep voice, “Put up a fight, you can!”

“Alright then, you protect Chen Dong, and I’ll lead the men to form a defensive circle.”

Ye Yuanqiu made a split-second decision.

But just as the words left his mouth, Yuan Yigang said with a resolute expression, “Elder Zu, it’s your turn to protect Chen Dong, I should be the one to rush and fight for my life.”

“You are the leader!”

Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes were bloodshot and he glared angrily.

“Just because I’m the leader, that’s why I should lead the charge!” Yuan Yigang was incomparably determined.

Without waiting for Ye Yuanqiu to speak again, he turned around and quickly ordered his command.

Having chosen a tall building, Ye Yuanqiu led the Hong Society members and protected Chen Dong as he quickly charged into the tall building, using it as a stronghold with the intention of defending it to the death.

On the other hand, Yuan Yigang, with most of the Hong Society members, surrounded under the high building, facing the overwhelming gunfire from the group of killers, and held on for dear life.


A bullet came into the air.

Yuan Yigang, who was concentrating on shooting, was too late to dodge and was instantly pierced by a bullet through his left shoulder blade, sending blood flying everywhere.

“Dragon Head!”

High above the building, Ye Yuanqiu, who witnessed this scene, hissed and roared.

“I’m fine!”

Yuan Yigang clenched his teeth and rose again with a ruthless expression, holding his gun and continuing to fire.

It was as if the gunshot wound that gurgled blood from his left shoulder blade did not exist.

“Fire suppression!”

Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes were filled with tears.

At this moment, the late old man froze and exploded with a killing intent so terrifying that it was heartbreaking.

Being high above the ground and forming a network of firepower could obviously relieve some of the pressure on Yuan Yigang and the others below.

But, even so.

Amidst the stormy fury of the huge group of killers, the group of killers was also advancing step by step towards the side of the tall building with an irresistible momentum.

Chen Dong was lying on the back of one of the Hong Society members, constantly watching the battle below.

In his hand, he was clutching his mobile phone.

On the page of the phone, there was a stopwatch timer.

Ten minutes!

In ordinary times, ten minutes was really short.

But in a situation like this, ten minutes, every second seemed like a year.

Looking at the group of killers advancing below, beads of sweat gradually seeped out from Chen Dong’s palms.

It had only been three minutes.

The other side had forcibly advanced to a position less than fifty meters below the tall building.

What could …… do to block the latter seven minutes?

“At this rate, it won’t last ten minutes at all!”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

Looking at Ye Yuanqiu who was almost frantically sweeping, Chen Dong suddenly opened his voice: “Elder Ye, where are the cover members of the Hong a*sociation?”

The people accompanying them on this trip were only a handful of members sent by the Hong Society.

The majority of the real escort members were lurking in the shadows, disaggregated in various places where killers might appear, ready to take action to guard.

If all of these members could be called in, this battle could be saved!


Ye Yuanqiu’s words instantly caused Chen Dong to fall into the abyss.

“It’s blocked! Outside the slum, there are people intercepting our men! They are advancing towards this side with difficulty.”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened, the corners of his eyes bulging with veins that pulsated uncontrollably.

Had it been calculated to this point?

To divide a portion to briefly intercept the Hong Society’s support members, and then gather the majority of his forces in the slums to end the battle in the shortest time possible?

At this moment, Chen Dong’s body was a little cold.

He, Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were counting on that power behind the scenes.

But the current situation was as if that power behind the curtain had also calculated this step.

And the key point was in the ten minutes that Elder Long had arrived!

Chen Dong’s gaze drifted as he murmured, “As long as they succeed in intercepting the Hong Society’s support and killing me within these ten minutes, they will have actually achieved their goal.”


The words had just fallen.

A bullet came swooshing through the air.

Chen Dong then felt a blazing wind speed past his ears.

The wall behind him exploded into a crater at the sound.

A sniper?

A vicious chill instantly ran from the soles of his feet to the sky.

Just as the Hong Society members crouched down with Chen Dong on their backs, Ye Yuanqiu, who was lying in front of the window shooting, turned back suddenly.

His features were fierce, but in his eyes, there was a look of deadly despair.

“Ten minutes, it shouldn’t last.”

These words were like a woozy, life-threatening Sanskrit sound.

It instantly made Chen Dong fall into the abyss of despair.

If he couldn’t hold out for ten minutes, then …… he had completely lost!

Below the tall building.

At this time, it was already a miserable situation.

One by one, the members of the Hong Society fell down.

Less than three tenths of them could stand to resist.

Faced with the furious advance of the killer group, everyone felt a strong sense of despair.

Yuan Yigang lurked behind the car, the magazine in his hand long since emptied.

His face was pale and he was so panicked that he searched around for his guns.

“Block it, it must be possible to block it!”

Yuan Yigang viciously wiped a stream of blood from his shoulder blade.

Suddenly, he saw the body of a Hong Society member next to him, and in the corpse’s hand, he was still clutching his gun.

Yuan Yigang rolled on the ground, picked up the gun, got up smoothly and was about to fire.

A black muzzle of a gun, however, came up against his face ……