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Winner Takes All Chapter 493-494

Chapter 493

Is it time to die?

At this moment, Yuan Yigang’s body was cold, and he could clearly feel death approaching.

Looking at the black barrel of the gun in front of him, he did not move a muscle.

Behind the barrel of the gun, the fierce face was smiling coldly in triumph.

It was as if it was a fierce beast that had succeeded in its hunt.

He was not even in a hurry to shoot and finish off the towering leader of the Hong Society in front of him.

The battle was now completely decided.

All that remained was the orgy of the victor, teasing the loser.

“Yi Gang ……”

On the high building, Ye Yuanqiu saw this scene and instantly felt that the sky had collapsed.

A sky spun, his body stumbled, and if not for the a*sistance of the Hong Society members, he would have simply fallen to the ground.

It was a close call.

The fierce battle was in full swing.

No one noticed that outside the encirclement formed by the slum, a black Hummer, like a fierce beast, was roaring and rampaging into the slum.

Ye Linglong was sitting in the driver’s seat, her hands clutching the steering wheel.

Her expression was decidedly cold, and her gaze was fixed on the car streaking across the road in front of her.

“Crash through, they …… need me!”

Seeing against the approaching wall of cars, Ye Linglong fiercely closed her eyes.


A loud sound.

The Hummer jolted violently.

This was followed by a toothsome metallic scraping sound.

When Ye Linglong opened her eyes again, the Hummer had already rammed through the wall of cars straddling the road and was speeding towards the high floor under the fierce battle.

“It’s working!”

Ye Linglong was instantly overjoyed, a brilliant glint in her eyes.

At the same time.

The sudden loud noise and the intruding vehicles.

The “battlefield” was silenced.

The killers all looked at the Hummer that had rammed into them like a reckless beast in shock.

How could there be a change of heart?


Almost simultaneously, a gunshot rang out.

Yuan Yigang was holding his gun high, and a faint smoke was rising from its muzzle.

And the man in front of him with the gun pointed at his head was slowly falling down unwillingly.

“Linglong …… Why are you here?”

Yuan Yigang glanced slightly sideways and clearly saw Ye Linglong in the Humvee.

As Yuan Yigang fired, the battle once again entered a white heat.

Most of the killers continued to attack the tall building.

A small number of killers, on the other hand, turned their guns around and scattered a dense rain of bullets towards the oncoming Hummer.

“Linglong! This dead girl, why doesn’t she listen to the old man? Doesn’t she want to die?”

On the high building, Ye Yuanqiu was furious and pounding his chest.

At this moment, Ye Linglong’s appearance had undoubtedly relieved some of the pressure for them and divided some of the firepower.

But in contrast, it was Ye Linglong who was in a place of life and death.

This was something that Ye Yuanqiu would never want to see!

This was also why he had firmly refused to let Ye Linglong accompany him from the beginning.

But now, what was feared, came to pa*s after all!

“Linglong, go now, go now!”

Ye Yuanqiu hissed and growled.

“Why is she here?”

Chen Dong’s gaze flashed, and at this moment, it was as if his heart had been viciously stabbed by countless sharp needles.

“She, just how stupid is she?”

The Hummer sped on, rampaging across the road and facing a hail of bullets.

Ye Linglong, however, her stunningly beautiful face was filled with determination, as if she was willing to die.

Even, her right foot was on the accelerator, instead of letting go, she stepped on the bottom with one foot.

All the way across the road, there were even killers who could not dodge in time and were directly hit by the Hummer, or were run over and made a bloody mess.

“I want to save him, I want to save grandpa, I want to save big brother ……”

Ye Linglong’s mouth kept murmuring, hands clutching the steering wheel.

Under the high floor.

Looking at the Hummer car that was getting closer and closer.

Yuan Yigang made a split-second decision, “Elder Zu, Chen Dong, you guys come down, I’ll cover your retreat!”

“Elder Ye, let’s go down, this is an opportunity!”

Chen Dong was lying on the back of the Hong Society members, after the shock and severe pain, he looked swooningly cold to the core.

Ten minutes, it wouldn’t last.

There was simply no waiting for Elder Long’s support.

Ye Linglong’s sudden intrusion had given this deadly situation, a ray of hope.

“Go, go down, all of you!”

Ye Yuanqiu’s body was trembling at this moment, his blood-stained face was hideous.

Leading the crowd, he quickly hurried downstairs.

The Hummer, which had been rampaging all the way, finally drifted in a tailspin and, with a thud, crashed into a vehicle that had been used as cover underneath the high floor.

Ta-da-da-da ……

A shower of gunfire was directed at the Humvee.

Even with the sturdiness of the Humvee, it was overwhelmed by the heavy rain of bullets.

In the blink of an eye, it was shot into a hornet’s nest of destruction.

Ye Linglong huddled inside the car, trying to keep curled up and reduce the probability of being hit.

Even so, every now and then, she could hear the sound of bullets piercing through the body and whistling past her.

Ye Linglong gritted her teeth and opened the car door, shouting to Yuan Yigang outside.

“Big brother, let’s go!”

“Take your grandfather and Chen Dong away, I’ll cover!”

Yuan Yigang looked ruthless as he held his twin guns and kept returning fire.

At this moment, a monstrous killing intent was emanating from his body.

It was at this moment.

Chen Dong and Ye Yuanqiu and the others finally came down the stairs.

Ye Yuanqiu’s vengeful eyes led his men to escort Chen Dong to the car under cover of fire.

As soon as they got into the car, Chen Dong fought to move in the other direction with his hands propped up on the seat.

“Elder Ye, let’s go!”

Chen Dong wanted to turn back and pull Ye Yuanqiu.

But just as he turned back.


The car door was then viciously slammed shut by Ye Yuanqiu.

At this moment, Ye Yuanqiu was as mad as hell and did not pay any attention to Chen Dong.

Instead, he stared at Ye Linglong with an angry gaze that was close to eating people.


A slap landed on Ye Linglong’s face.

“You dead girl, if something happens to you, what will you let grandfather do? Take Chen Dong away, me and your big brother and these brothers will cover you!”


In an instant, Ye Linglong’s beautiful eyes turned red and snotty tears flowed.

Ta-da-da-da ……

The dense firepower, after being briefly suppressed by Yuan Yigang and the others, once again poured into the Humvee.

Lightning flashes.

Ye Yuanqiu was pulled by the Hong Society members to bend down on the ground, looking for a place to hide.

And in the car.

Chen Dong, however, looked cold and stern as he pressed on the shoulder of the howling Ye Linglong.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Linglong looked back at Chen Dong angrily, “I want to save my grandfather, I want to save my big brother, if they don’t leave, I won’t leave either!”

Chen Dong smiled and looked out to the rapidly approaching group of killers.

This scene was a deja vu for him.

Faced with Ye Linglong’s howling cry.

Chen Dong calmly asked, “Are you afraid of death?”

Ye Linglong shook her head, crying pearly tears, “If I was afraid of death, I wouldn’t have come in today, but I’m more afraid that I’ll be without my grandfather, without my big brother ……”

“Well then, drive and trust me.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was incomparably firm.

Ye Linglong was stunned at once.

And at this time.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, who were lying on the ground, yelled at the same time.

“Linglong, take Chen Dong away!”

Ye Linglong’s delicate body trembled as she kicked the accelerator and jerked the steering wheel.

The Hummer was like a beast, charging towards the outside of the encirclement.

As the Hummer started up, the dense network of firepower also shifted direction almost simultaneously, along with the Hummer.

This made the pressure on Ye Yuanqiu Yuan Yigang and the others lighter at once.

While in the Hummer, Ye Linglong looked at the group of killers coming after him in unison through the tattered rear-view mirror and was somewhat lost in a trance.

“Coming after us?”

Chen Dong said calmly, “Their target is me and their firepower will shift with me, that’s why I’m asking if you’re afraid to die.”

A smile appeared on Ye Linglong’s stunningly beautiful face that was filled with tears.

“I’ll die with you even if I die, what am I afraid of? As long as grandpa and big brother are safe and sound.”

Facing Ye Linglong’s smile.

Chen Dong’s expression choked.

At this moment, Ye Linglong’s appearance seemed to be engraved into his heart.


A gunshot sounded.

Ye Linglong, who was smiling, suddenly shuddered, and a cluster of blood flowers, suddenly bloomed in her chest ……


Chapter 494

For a moment, time seemed to be slowed down.

Chen Dong’s mind went blank.

In his vision, Ye Linglong’s chest blossomed into a blinding spray of blood.

And Ye Linglong’s smile was still on.

This shot came too fast and too suddenly.

So much so that even Ye Linglong herself was caught off guard and had no reaction.

Blood spurted onto his face, and the pungent smell of blood pounced into his nostrils, quickly pulling Chen Dong back to reality.


Chen Dong’s face instantly grimaced to the extreme.

His body trembled and his eyes even instantly flushed with countless red blood.

With a trembling right hand, he slowly reached for Ye Linglong’s chest, wanting to cover the gunshot wound that was gurgling with blood.

But before he could reach it, Ye Linglong’s body suddenly lurched and slumped into the seat.

Finally, she sensed the pain.

Facing Chen Dong, who was glaring with rage and jealousy, Ye Linglong smiled sadly: “My mouth, it seems to be poisoned ……”

“It’s alright, with me here, it will be alright.”

Chen Dong trembled his hands and in a panic viciously tore the clothes on his body into shreds of cloth and quickly wrapped them around Ye Linglong’s chest.

Ta-da-da-da ……

A dense rain of gunfire rained down on the Humvee with abandon.

The sturdy Humvee became precarious at this point, emitting an unbearable creaking sound.

Not far away, Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were unaware of the situation inside the vehicle.

But all of them knew that they had to do their best to cover Chen Dong and Ye Linglong’s departure.

It was just that in the face of the huge firepower suppression of the killer group, Ye Yuanqiu Yuan Yigang and the others could only prostrate themselves on the ground, not even having the chance to resist.


Chen Dong was bandaging Ye Linglong with trembling hands.

A blood-stained jade hand then landed on the back of Chen Dong’s right hand.

“It’s too late, you, you hold the steering wheel, I, I can still step on the gas ……”

Looking at Ye Linglong’s pale, blood-stained face, at this moment Chen Dong was in a bit of a trance.

The blankness in his mind made him completely lose the ability to think.

The nasal cavity that was full of blood was even more sore and swollen at this moment.

It hurt, his heart ached so much that he could not breathe.

Almost entirely on instinct, Chen Dong’s gaze slowly moved towards the group of killers that were pressing closer in a big way.

“Okay, I, I can save you, no, it’s okay.”

Chen Dong took a deep breath as he uttered the trembling words, while gripping the steering wheel with both hands, he effortlessly moved over to Ye Linglong’s body.

He sat on top of Ye Linglong, and as Ye Linglong stepped on the accelerator, he turned the steering wheel at the same time.

Working in tandem with each other, although difficult, was better than the Hummer standing still and waiting for the killers to close in.

The Humvee roared like a beast, while the creak of twisted metal echoed.

First it snaked along for a distance, then quickly returned to normal driving.

“Hoo …… Linglong is gone, and this life of the old man can be surrendered.”

Ye Yuanqiu looked at the Hummer that was strangely driving away, but was as relieved.

Also as Chen Dong expected, as the Hummer moved forward, most of the firepower instantly focused on the Hummer.

There were even killers that started to chase after the Hummer.

As for Ye Yuanqiu Yuan Yigang and the others who were suppressed by the firepower, the pressure was now reduced and they had a chance to counterattack.

“Stall for me, all of them!”

Yuan Yigang suddenly let out an explosive roar and stood up with majestic killing intent, without any regard to his body injuries, holding his twin guns and wildly declaring bullets.

There was the leader leading the way.

The remaining members of the Hong Society also rose to their feet with blood and courage, and with a loud roar, they bravely rose up and fought back.

The almost suicidal counter-attack succeeded in delaying most of the killers in place.

The remaining part, too, had managed to block the killers themselves at this point because of the vehicles that had previously surrounded the slum.

The wrecked Hummer, topped with a body full of dense gun holes, sped down the road.

Inside the car, Chen Dong gripped the steering wheel with both hands.

His red eyes were staring dead ahead.

“Step faster, Linglong, I’m taking you to the hospital ……”

And behind him, Ye Linglong’s face had paled to the point of pallor, her eyes squinting, hollow and out of focus.

Hearing Chen Dong’s firm voice.

The corners of Ye Linglong’s mouth tugged gently as she asked, breathlessly, “The killer …… isn’t coming after us, is he?”

Chen Dong glanced at the rearview mirror to make sure that no killer was coming after him before he nodded and responded, “No one is catching up.”

“That’s good …….”

Ye Linglong pulled up the corner of her mouth, revealing a small smile, “You, alive, it’s good ……”

“No, I won’t let you die, you hang in there for a little while longer, I’m taking you to the hospital.”

Chen Dong’s eyes fluttered a little, and his heart felt as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

At this moment, he had the sharp pain of being killed by a thousand cuts all over his body.

It even made it difficult for him to keep his breathing calm, rapid and trembling.


Chen Dong could clearly feel the car’s speed dropping, his pupils tightened, his teeth clenched, and even his hands, which were gripping the steering wheel, trembled uncontrollably.

The drop in speed meant that the throttle was lightened, and Ye Linglong’s strength was rapidly weakening.

So much so that even a simple action like stepping on the accelerator was becoming incredibly difficult.

“Do you …… ever love me?”

In his ears, Ye Linglong’s voice, weak to the point of weakness and as low as a mosquito’s voice, suddenly rang out.

Chen Dong looked ahead intently, squeezing out a sound from his teeth, “As long as there is a slight chance, I have to send you to the hospital, you hold on!”

“Do you …… ever love me?”

Ye Linglong as if taste, right foot gradually lost the power to step on the accelerator at the same time, as if obsessive, once again repeated the question.

Chen Dong’s eyes green tendons jumped wildly at the corners, his mouth murmured: “Hold on a little longer, hold on a little longer, after this trail, we will arrive.”

In order to save time, he was already picking out the closest path to the hospital.

In a race for time, even the potholed old road he was now travelling on was definitely more time efficient than taking the main road.

Arriving at the hospital a second earlier, the chances of saving Ye Linglong, would be one point greater!

“Heh ……”

Behind her back, Ye Linglong suddenly let out a light laugh, permeated with a strong sense of loss.

Then Chen Dong obviously felt Ye Linglong’s thighs tremble a little.

The speed of the car, which was still able to speed along, was also slowing down rapidly.

“No, don’t, Ye Linglong, hold on!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were red, forcing his nose to sour as he hissed with a sobbing voice, “I’m going to save you, you’ll be fine.”

And Ye Linglong, who was leaning back in her seat, her eyes had long since closed.

As Chen Dong’s words hissed out, her eyelids twitched gently a few times.


The sound of a powerful blast of the throttle suddenly rang out.

Chen Dong’s eyes exploded with a brilliant aura as he gripped the steering wheel of the Hummer, which had once again picked up speed.


Just as the Hummer swept past a crossroads formed between houses.


A black SUV, like a savage beast, rushed out.

It crashed head-on into the Hummer.

The impact was so terrifying that it instantly flipped the Hummer over, and the body, which had already been baptized by countless bullets, was instantly twisted and deformed, nearly half compressed.

Bang Teen!

The Hummer crashed heavily into the wall before falling to the ground, sending smoke rolling down.