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Winner Takes All Chapter 495-496

Chapter 495

The violent force of the impact threw Chen Dong out of the Hummer.

Upon landing, Chen Dong slumped to the ground, his body in severe pain as if it was about to fall apart.

Blood was dripping from the corners of his mouth.

Blood was also bubbling from his nose.

But Chen Dong, unconcerned about his injuries, was conscious enough to brace himself and crawl a little towards the Hummer.

Because of the sitting position, so the impact did not throw Ye Linglong out of the car, she was still inside the car.

“Linglong …… Linglong ……”

Chen Dong’s face was full of blood, and even the road he crawled across with his hands on the ground still left a crimson trail of blood.

Only the legs are senseless, purely by tugging the body with both hands, so that this five-meter distance, but became incomparably long.

On the other side, after the impact.

The black SUV came to a halt, its front end completely wrecked and deformed, its bonnet raised high, and smoke billowing out of it.

Inside the cabin, all the airbags had popped.

It was a testament to the ferocity of the impact just now.


The somewhat deformed car door was kicked open with a vicious kick.

A pair of shiny black leather shoes slowly landed on the ground.

Snapping …… snapping ……

The black leather shoes slowly moved forward, unhurriedly, causing the straight suit trousers to sway gently.

The driver was unfazed, and a “click” echoed through the silent alleyway as he moved forward.

Chen Dong, who had finally climbed up beside the Hummer, was startled.

He clearly heard the “click” sound, which was clearly the sound of the …… pistol being loaded.

“Have you even counted on this place?”

Chen Dong’s eyes were red, even though his weakness and sanity made him try his best to suppress it, he still could not control the look of panic in his eyes.

“To be precise, it was not a reckoning.”

The voice suddenly sounded, with a playful smile: “Rather, before killing the dog, the power is enough to be able to always deal with the result after the dog has jumped the wall, so you think you run away, but I can still secretly follow you and push you into hell ……”

This voice ……

Chen Dong’s body shook and he looked up in horror.

Even if he had only met him once, the face that was imprinted into his eyes still caused his pupils to tighten to the extreme.

A bad chill ran from the soles of his feet to the sky.

Chen Dong said in astonishment, “Chen Tianfang?!”

He remembered that the first time he went to the Chen family.

He had wielded his sword to angrily kill Old Lady Chen, and it was this person who had stopped him with a shot.

He was extremely impressed with this one!

“How is it you?” Chen Dong’s face was full of disbelief.

At this moment, Chen Tian Fang was looking down on Chen Dong from a high position.

His eyebrows were filled with an untamed and smug look.

The smile was even dense with teasing, as if mocking a mole.

“Seeing your current appearance makes me inexplicably happy.”

Chen Tian Fang pretended to sigh, “How powerful were you in the Chen family back then? Even the old lady was crushed by you to the point of no glory, now well, you are lying on the ground and can’t even stand up, you really look like a dead dog.”

Chen Dong’s expression was dark, and his eyes were filled with anger and resentment.

Subconsciously, he grabbed his right leg with his right hand and said through gritted teeth, “You caused all this for me?”

“Yo, quite clever, hiding so deeply, but you actually found out.”

Chen Tian Fang was full of smugness and shook the pistol in his hand, pretending to shake his head helplessly, “It’s just a pity that yo, you know too late now, once you and this woman in the car die, no one will know that I killed you.”


Chen Dong’s face changed dramatically, in a flash, his face was fierce as he snarled, “You must have been a*signed by the Chen family, you just want me to die, please let her go, take my life as you please, she is innocent!”

“Beg me?”

Chen Tian Fang looked stunned, and then his lofty body slowly crouched down.

The muzzle of the gun rested against Chen Dong’s chin, forcing Chen Dong’s head up.

“I really didn’t expect that someone as imposing as you, Chen Dong, would actually use the word beg to me… For the sake of you being so lowly, I might as well tell you that it was the old lady who wanted you dead, otherwise why do you think I could move so many big shots?”

Chen Tian Fang was full of relief, unconcerned about telling Chen Dong the result at this point.

Because right away Chen Dong would just be a cold corpse.

A dead man would never talk!

Even if Chen Dong was told everything, the truth could still be annihilated with Chen Dong’s death.

“You are breaking the Chen Family’s iron law!” Chen Dong was lying on the ground, his chin held by a gun, defenceless, his scarlet eyes staring angrily at Chen Tian Fang.


Chen Tian Fang slapped Chen Dong across the face.

“Are you kidding, after killing you here across the ocean and extinguishing the traces, do you really think the Chen family can change the sky and find out the truth? The so-called iron law is a fart in front of strength, you should be sorry that your father is missing, otherwise you would still have a chance!”

Anger, resignation, resentment, all sorts of emotions tumbled in Chen Dong’s eyes and face.

He gritted his teeth and breathed heavily, as if he was panting when a beast raged.

He and Chen Tian Fang stared at each other.

The fierce look in his eyes made even Chen Tian Fang, who had been to war, feel the hair on his back.

After a few seconds of silence.


Chen Tian Fang let out a snort, breaking the silence.

He let go of Chen Dong, allowing the weakened Chen Dong’s head to hang down to the ground like a broken sandbag.

Then, slowly, he stood up.

With a bloodthirsty smile on his face, he held a gun in his right hand and slowly approached Ye Linglong’s temple.

Cold and stern words were slowly spat out at the same time.

“However, looking at you, you should be very nervous about this girl, right? To be able to make you stoop to such a low level to beg me, if I kill this girl first and then kill you, you should …… be very uncomfortable, right?”

“Chen Tianfang! You’re not a F**king man, come at me if you have anything to do with it, she’s innocent, she’s from the Hong Society!”

Chen Dong hissed and roared, as if he was crazy.

“Tsk …… looks like you are truly interested in the girl, killing her will be hard for you and I will be relieved, as long as it is hard for you, I will be happy.”

Chen Tian Fang sneered, “Besides, please, before you die, put away the last shred of stupidity, so what if the Hong Society’s people? It took you guys a month to detect that I was the one manipulating everything, and now that people are dead, do you think those fools from the Hong Society will still be able to find out?”

“No, don’t, please don’t shoot ……”

Looking at Chen Tian Fang, who was looking down from above, at this moment, Chen Dong no longer had any semblance of his old heart, humbly begging, like a dead dog, bitterly begging for his life.

“She is innocent, I have nothing to do with her at all, please let her go, she is the real granddaughter of the ancestral elder of the Hong Society’s Yuanzi generation ……”

“Hm hm hm ……”

Chen Tian Fang looked down on Chen Dong, the humble and terrified face, which gave him a great sense of pleasure, and could not help but let out a grim smile as his body trembled.

The right hand, however, was slowly, slowly …… pulling down the trigger.

At this moment, everything seemed to be slowed down.

“She’s, almost, dead.”

The smile on Chen Tian Fang’s face was as wide as it could be, “Have you ever seen, a watermelon burst open?”


Just at that moment.

The smile on Chen Tian Fang’s face froze violently, followed by a quick display of extreme panic.

“Hong will not be able to find out about you, I even thought that this time the plan had failed, luckily …… you finally came out on your own.”

An icy laugh suddenly echoed within the alleyway.


Chapter 496

The laugh was icy cold and dripping with teasing.

Chen Tianfang was terrified to the extreme, his body sweat exploding.

In his vision, Chen Dong’s expression swooshed and changed drastically.

There was no longer the same grief, fear and resignation as earlier.

All that was left was a cold smile, and a strong sense of teasing.

It was so calm that Chen Tian Fang’s right hand, which was pulling down the trigger, could not help but give a lurch.

He had tried his best to hide it.

Time and again, sending out killers was done through intermediaries.

Even the siege within the slums had been done through a middleman on his behalf.

It was only after Chen Dong and Ye Linglong had escaped alone that he finally pressed on and came after them alone.

But now, Chen Dong suddenly became calm and composed.

Could it be that …… this was also calculated?

Subconsciously, Chen Tianfang looked around in panic.

He wanted to see where exactly Chen Dong’s bottom came from.

“Don’t look, Linglong and I are really running for our lives, I didn’t count on this either, it was all just a fluke, there’s no one around.”

Chen Dong was lying on the ground, a smile on his blood-stained face, “If you hadn’t crashed out, I would have really sent Linglong to the hospital, she had already lost too much blood and was in a coma, but you made this accident and threw yourself into the net, don’t you think it’s funny?”

“Throwing yourself into the net?”

Chen Tian Fang’s expression eased and he suddenly laughed, “Funny indeed, you’re a F**king cripple, without reinforcements present, you and her would still be dead!”


The words had not yet fallen.


There was a muffled sound.

Chen Tian Fang looked pained as a sharp pain swept through his right foot.

The sharp pain that pierced to the bone and marrow caused Chen Tian Fang to instinctively bend down and try to pinch the painful spot.

But at this very moment.

Chen Tian Fang’s expression suddenly changed dramatically.

It was as if he had seen a ghost.

Under his frightened gaze, a figure stood up brazenly.

As fast as lightning.

Before he could recover from his panic, a large hand had already landed on his gun, and his finger was stuck on the trigger, preventing it from firing.

In fact, at this moment, Chen Tian Fang had all but forgotten the idea of pulling the trigger to kill Ye Ling Long.

His features were grim to the extreme, terrified and his face was white as he looked at Chen Dong in front of him incredulously.

“You, why are you able to stand up? You, aren’t you already crippled?”

He had not doubted his intelligence.

In order to complete this mission to kill Chen Dong, he had been careful to the extreme in everything.

He had even gone through countless channels to find out Chen Dong’s recent condition, and finally put it all together before determining that Chen Dong was crippled in both legs.

Among them, there was even information about the doctor who treated Chen Dong!

On the contrary, even the doctor had not discovered Chen Dong’s disguise!

It was precisely for this reason that the scene before him gave him an incomparable shock.

“I am also surprised, the fact is that my legs have never been invalidated since I was rescued, only, if I don’t let you know something about my miserable condition, how will you gain a sense of pleasure and paralysis?”

Chen Dong sneered as I looked at Chen Tian Fang, a sharp aura bursting out of his eyes at this moment, stern as a sword.

The aura was like a flat earth plucking mountains, rushing up to the sky, majestic and compelling.

“From the very beginning, you have been calculating?”

Being watched by Chen Dong, Chen Tian Fang’s body trembled uncontrollably, and a vicious cold swept through his entire body, causing him to fall into an ice cave.

At this moment, the fear Chen Dong caused Chen Tian Fang was unprecedented.

Ever since he was a child, Chen Tian Fang had never felt such great fear, and despair, in any person’s body.

Calculating from the start, deliberately pretending to be crippled to paralyze me?

How deep is this man ……’s city and heart?

It was also at the same time that Chen Tianfang was panicking with fear.

Chen Dong’s left hand lashed out and smoothly wrenched the gun out of Chen Tian Fang’s hand.


The pistol came out of his hand, causing Chen Tian Fang’s only trace of security to vanish.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Tianfang’s expression turned violent to the extreme, his killing intent soaring.


With a flash of cold light, he held the dagger in his left hand and brazenly fell down towards the unconscious Ye Linglong.

He was not stupid.

Chen Dong had been calculating from the start and was not at all crippled.

If he went one-on-one, he was simply no match.

If he wanted to leave alive, the best way was to take Ye Linglong as a hostage!



A cluster of blood splashed out.

As the dagger was about to reach Ye Linglong’s neck, Chen Dong’s right hand swept across and grabbed the blade of the dagger.

The sharp dagger instantly cut into Chen Dong’s hand.

Blood dripped from his hand.

But no matter how hard the frightened and panicked Chen Tian Fang tried, the dagger could not fall any further.

Chen Dong squeezed the dagger in his right hand and let the blood flow.

His cold face was covered with a murderous intent as harsh as frost.

“If you don’t have a city, how dare you make the winner the king?”

Within the alleyway, Chen Dong’s voice echoed.

A piercing and biting killing intent swept across the alleyway.

It was as if the temperature had plummeted to the freezing point.

Chen Tian Fang was completely dumbfounded, facing Chen Dong, he suddenly felt a sense of desperate and powerless frustration.

It was a gap like a great mountain crushing an ant.

As Chen Dong’s voice exited his mouth, his eyes gradually narrowed into slits.

A monstrous killing intent erupted from his eyes, enough to kill a god!


The sound of gunfire echoed.


Chen Tian Fang let out a miserable cry, his body jerking up violently, while letting go of the dagger and staggering backwards.

He covered his abdomen, and even with all his strength, he still could not stop the blood from spurting out.

Terrified, horrified, not daring to believe ……

Chen Tian Fang trembled and slowly raised his head to look at Chen Dong, in Chen Dong’s hand, a dark gun barrel, was rising up with smoke.

This gun was the same one that Yuan Yigang had given to Chen Dong for protection earlier!

There was a poof!

Chen Tian Fang’s body went limp and he fell to the ground.

Chen Dong took the gun and approached step by step.

His footsteps were unhurried, as if he was walking at leisure.

It was as if he was a god of killing, approaching the world.

Feeling the strong imminence of death.

Chen Tian Fang sat on the ground, backing away in fear, blood flowing from his abdomen, flowing all the way.

“Please, please don’t kill me …… please spare me …… me, I am a member of the Chen family, you are violating the Chen family’s iron law by killing me.”

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little funny.

This phrase, how familiar!

He smiled bitterly, “This is what I said to you just now, and what you told me yourself, the so-called iron law is nothing but a fart in front of strength.”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong blatantly rushed towards Chen Tian Fang.

Chen Tian Fang had no time to escape, nor did he have the ability to do so.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Dong arrived in front of Chen Tian Fang, leaned down and grabbed Chen Tian Fang’s neck with one hand.

“Kill my woman, you deserve to die!”

As the cold voice rang out.

Bang, bang, bang ……

A series of gunshots echoed down the alleyway.

It was only when the bullets ran out that Chen Dong let go of Chen Tian Fang.

He got up and walked towards the Hummer without looking back.

Behind him, Chen Tian Fang, who was sitting on the ground, leaned back helplessly and collapsed.

At this moment, Ye Linglong was unconscious on the seat, her pretty face pale and bloodless.

“Fool, I said I would save you.”

Chen Dong slowly carried Ye Linglong out of the car and walked towards the outside of the alleyway, “You’re unconscious, I can still step on the gas and get you into the hospital safely.”