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Winner Takes All Chapter 497-498

Chapter 497

Inside the hospital.

Chen Dong sat quietly on the edge of the hospital bed.

Silently, he looked at the unconscious Ye Linglong.

It was brought in just in time, and after resuscitation, Ye Linglong was out of danger of life.

Looking at the still bloodless, stunningly beautiful face.

Chen Dong felt a pang of heartache and smiled bitterly, “Was I worth it?”

The door to the hospital room was pushed open.

Elder Long walked in.

After taking a glance at the unconscious Ye Linglong on the hospital bed, his gaze fell on Chen Dong’s legs and faintly stared.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t you already know about this in advance? Why are you still looking at my legs with such surprise?”

Elder Long smiled spontaneously.

When he met with Chen Dong in the Shanhe Club.

That time when he shook hands and Chen Dong scratched his palm, he had already reacted.

Long Lao, who had often frequented the lounges, was well versed in the art of shaking hands and scratching the palms of hands.

It was interesting for a man to scratch a woman’s palm.

A man scratching a man’s palm might also be interesting.

If a man scratches a man’s palm, or if it is between a master and a servant, then there is a deeper meaning.

Combined with the situation at that time, Long Lao came to his senses at the first moment when he was tickled on the palm of his hand.

That’s why there was a follow-up plan.

Just ……

Elder Long lowered his head guiltily, “I’m sorry young master, it was my old slave who was late.”

“Where are Elder Ye and Yuan Yigang and the others?” Chen Dong asked.

Today’s plan would not have been possible at all if Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang had not led the Hong Society to give their full support.

He would not even have had the chance to have an accident with Chen Tian Fang, and would have died in the slums long ago.

In order to cover his escape, Ye Yuanqiu, Yuan Yigang and a group of Hong Society members were putting their lives on the line.

“Both of them are fine, Yuan Yigang was shot a few times and is in hospital for resuscitation, that old man Ye Yuanqiu also took a bullet, but it hurt his calf and is now being cleared, both are in this hospital.”

Elder Long responded with a sullen expression, “But the members of the Hong Society, they were very badly killed and injured, those who followed Young Master into the slums, by the time Old Slave arrived with his men in the helicopter, almost all of them were wiped out.”


Chen Dong’s eyes flickered for a moment, glanced at the closed ward door and said, “Go and find me a wheelchair.”

“And pretend to be crippled?”

Long Lao said in shock, “Although this time the plan failed, but young master you sent Ye Linglong to the hospital, the forces behind the curtain will definitely probe and find out that you are not crippled.”

“Who said I didn’t find out the forces behind the curtain this time?”

Chen Dong smiled coldly, “Chen Tian Fang has already died under my gun, he was instructed by Old Madam Chen.”


The calm tone of his voice caused Elder Long to be struck by a thunderbolt from a clear sky.

His entire body stood frozen on the spot.

Chen Dong’s voice was like a magic sound filling his ears, constantly echoing in his ears.

“Chen Tianfang? Old Madam ……”

Elder Long murmured incredulously, “It’s actually really the Chen family? He, aren’t they racking their brains to find the family head at this moment?”

“Hehe ……”

Chen Dong shook his head and laughed lightly, avoiding talking about it, and pointed at his legs, “Now do you still think that there is still a need for me to be in a wheelchair?”

Elder Long’s brow tightened into a Sichuan frown as he lowered his brows in thought.

A few seconds later.

He turned around silently and left the ward.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and narrowed his eyes as he sneered, “Old Mrs Chen, you really don’t want to end well ……”

Since it was already known that Old Mrs. Chen was behind this, it would really be a pity if this pair of crippled legs were not used further.

Chen Tianfang was Old Lady Chen’s gun.

Now that he was dead, it meant that all the information was fixed at the moment before Chen Tian Fang’s death.

In other words, Old Lady Chen’s side still only knew that Chen Dong was crippled in both legs.

Even if he appeared in front of Mrs. Chen in a wheelchair, Mrs. Chen would not suspect a thing.

Chen Dong had countless ways to conceal the death of Chen Tianfang from Mrs. Chen, who was ten thousand miles away across the ocean.

“With my father missing, Old Madam Chen will also drop a few of her guard against me when she knows that I am crippled, and will no longer be aggressive towards me, buying out all this time, enough for me to develop.”

Chen Dong gently clutched his right leg trousers with his right hand and smiled a bitter smile, “When Old Madam Chen witnesses me getting back on my feet, the look on her face will be wonderful, right?”

Long Lao went and returned.

Only a vacant wheelchair was pushed in front of him.

“The young master has been cautious in his considerations, it is the old slave who has been careless, so I will have to condemn the young master to sit in the wheelchair for some more time.”

Chen Dong smiled and calmly sat down on the wheelchair.

Stretching out, “After pretending to be a cripple for more than a month, I’m really a bit tired, if not to buy time, I really wouldn’t want to sit in this thing.”

“Young Master’s leg, has it really never lost consciousness from the start?” Elder Long looked at Chen Dong with a strange gaze.

Chen Dong pondered for a moment and said slowly.

“Not really, at least when I first woke up, my legs were indeed senseless, but it was only after a very short period of time that they gradually recovered.”

Elder Long was stunned, “Then how did you conceal the diagnosis from the doctor’s tests and let them draw the wrong conclusion, young master?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed strangely, “Endure!”


Elder Long secretly sucked in a breath of cold air.

A sophisticated diagnosis made by a team of top doctors, could it really be fooled by just the word endure?

Even if the various biochemical test reports, which showed no errors, could still be pulled back to the after-effects caused by the toxicity penetrating deep into the bloodline.

But what about the knee-jerk reaction?

This is one of the simplest tests.

A knock on the lower part of the knee triggers a chain reaction of nerves.

A nerve reaction that can be tolerated?

If even this could be endured, where was the limit of the young master’s hidden patience?

The look Long Lao gave Chen Dong became incomparably strange, repeatedly looking at a monster.

The will suppressing the instinct, how terrifying must this be?

“Don’t be surprised, with a little tactics and a bit of concealment, it’s still quite easy to conceal it.”

Chen Dong looked at Elder Long’s face and felt a little amused, “It’s really true that you believe whatever I say, I’m only human, not a god, how can I conceal it just by relying on a word of patience.”

Long Lao smiled spontaneously, “Young master is different from ordinary people in the mind of the old slave, just the fact that he was able to save his life even after the poison from the fall into the sea spread all over his body and penetrated deep into his blood, makes the old slave impressed.”

This was not a point that Long Lao flattered and flattered.

He was wounded and poisoned and fell into the sea.

The toxicity penetrated deep into the blood and not only was he saved, but he also had no after-effects.

This point was enough to shock people, or in Ye Yuanqiu’s words, it was a great creation.

Only this great creation was even greater than the great creation Ye Yuanqiu had spoken of.


Chen Dong saw the eyelids of the comatose Ye Linglong tremble twice.

His heart and soul were lifted.

Busily approaching the bedside, he shouted softly in a low voice, “Linglong ……”

Ye Linglong slowly opened her eyes and stared vacantly and blankly at the ceiling.

Smelling the pungent smell of medicinal water.

Her eyes gradually regained focus.

“I …… didn’t die?”

“I took you to the hospital, luckily I came in time.”

Chen Dong said softly.


Looking at Chen Dong in front of her, Ye Linglong was filled with doubt: “I was already unconscious on the road, how did you take me to the hospital?”

Chen Dong gave a dumb smile.

Under Ye Linglong’s shocked gaze, he slowly lifted his feet.

“I said I could save you ……”

Ye Linglong was completely stunned, and the dazed trance she had just awakened from instantly sobered up.

“You, your legs ……”

Chen Dong made a silent gesture, “This is a secret!”

Ye Linglong was in a trance, shocked, lying on the bed, feeling a little surreal.

Wasn’t Chen Dong already crippled?

Why did his legs recover now?

A bitter smile, “Ye Linglong, you really did die after all, this should be the last Nanke dream before death, right?”

Chen Dong was stunned, and was busy comforting him, “You are not dead, and this is not a dream either.”

Ye Linglong’s eyes were red with tears, “Then tell me, did you …… ever love me?”


Chapter 498

Facing Ye Linglong’s searing gaze.

Chen Dong was frozen for a moment.

His heart tumbled.

His throat was so tight that he could hardly make a sound.

He was not a youngster who was not deeply involved in the world and did not know the pain of love between a man and a woman.

Everything Ye Linglong had done for him, the affection he felt for him, he felt it all.

Touching, grateful, guilt …… and other sentiments are all there.

But his heart …… has long since taken up residence in someone.

That person, lived in his heart.

Couldn’t forget it, and couldn’t forget it.


Ye Linglong weakly whispered.

Chen Dong returned to his senses and smiled, “I’m sorry, since we can’t be together, we might as well forget each other in the river and lake.”

The decisive words did not allow the slightest room for manoeuvre.

As he said these words, Chen Dong quietly clenched his fists.

He knew clearly how much these words had hurt Ye Linglong.

For a woman who would even risk her life for him, these words were no less than ten thousand arrows piercing her heart.


Ye Linglong pulled the corner of her mouth and smiled in relief, “Hey ah, it really isn’t a dream, if it was a dream, you should have said that you love me.”

Chen Dong froze for a moment and laughed with it.

Following closely, Ye Linglong twisted her head to look at Chen Dong, “But remember, today you saved my life, I have also saved your life before, we are considered two for two, from now on we don’t owe each other.”


Chen Dong nodded and said, “You take a good rest, I will go and see your grandfather and Dragon Head.”

Long Lao went up with a complicated expression and pushed the wheelchair, leaving the ward with Chen Dong.

The moment the door to the room closed.

The tears in Ye Linglong’s eyes quietly slipped down.

Her delicate body trembled vaguely as her shell teeth clenched her red lips, “Ye Linglong …… Why are you so indomitable?”

The corridor.

Elder Long pushed Chen Dong slowly forward.

Because of the scene just now, the atmosphere between the master and servant had become a little strange.

“Young master, why bother?”

Elder Long suddenly spoke, “That Linglong girl, it hurts me to look at her.”

“But I have Little Shadow.” Chen Dong said.

“It is reasonable for a husband to have three wives and four concubines, not to mention that you, young master, are the future head of the Chen family, it is normal to have a few confidantes.” Elder Long said.

Chen Dong laughed and rubbed his nose as he asked, “So does my father have one?”

Long Lao gave a sarcastic laugh, “Only Madam alone.”

“My father doesn’t have one, why should I have one?”

Chen Dong shook his head, “Elder Long, you and I understand the word love a little differently.”

Elder Long smiled awkwardly, “But if you look at love too faithfully, love is not a good medicine, it can only be bitter.”

“Bitter is bitter.”

Chen Dong’s eyes fluttered a little.

Yuan Yigang was still in the resuscitation room, but the resuscitation was nearing the end and there was no major damage.

Ye Yuanqiu, on the other hand, was less injured and had been treated and was also safe and sound.

When Chen Dong saw Ye Yuanqiu, they looked at each other and smiled.

Ye Yuanqiu smiled and patted the armrest of his wheelchair, saying, “Now we are the same.”

Chen Dong smiled lightly and said, “Linglong is also fine and she has woken up. I will remember this favour that the Hong Society has done for me, Chen Dong, and if there is any use for me in the Hong Society during my lifetime, I will be at your service.”

Ye Yuanqiu smiled and nodded, not refusing.

He knew how much weight this promise carried from a man who might become the head of the Chen family in the future!

If Chen Dong became the Chen family head, it would be the Chen family head serving the Hong Society as a dog and horse!

He also knew that it was the Hung Society returning the favour with blood and human lives.

For the sake of those desperate Hong Society members, it was impossible to refuse this promise.

“It’s just a pity that after spending so much trouble, it still failed in the end.” Ye Yuanqiu sighed, looking dejected.

Chen Dong smiled, “It’s already over, the mastermind behind the curtain is dead.”


Ye Yuanqiu was horrified and looked at Chen Dong with disbelief.

The slums were clearly all against the odds.

Everyone in the Hong Society had fought tooth and nail to cover Chen Dong and Ye Linglong out.

If the mastermind behind it was dead, that meant that something else had happened to Chen Dong and Ye Linglong after they left the slum!

Ye Yuanqiu’s gaze, falling on Elder Long, suddenly dawned on him.

That’s right!

Chen Dong and Old Man Long had a plan a long time ago, otherwise Old Man Long would not have been able to arrive at the slum in ten minutes with a phone call from Chen Dong at that time.

It should be that after Chen Dong had left with Linglong, he and Old Man Long had calculated to kill that mastermind behind the scene.

“Hoo ……”

Ye Yuanqiu breathed a sigh of relief and smiled gratefully, “That’s all to the good.”

After chatting idly with Ye Yuanqiu for a few moments, Chen Dong excused himself and left.

The matter was now over.

He had more important things to do!

This was also the sole purpose of his journey across the ocean to this other side of the world.

It was only because of the a*sa*sination designed by Chen Tian Fang that it had been rigidly delayed for over a month.

Thinking back to the hasty glimpse he had with Gu Qingying in front of the Shanhe Hall, Chen Dong’s heart ached terribly.

In just one month, Gu Qingying had lost a round of weight, and her haggard and exhausted appearance was like a sharp knife cutting fiercely into Chen Dong’s heart.

What was more crucial was the kiss he had shared with Ye Linglong at that time in order to drive Gu Qingying away.

It was tantamount to stabbing his wife directly!

“Is she alright, Little Shadow?”

On the way to the Gu family villa, Chen Dong sat apprehensively in the car, his heart in a complicated state of mind.

“Good, and not good.”

Long Lao said helplessly, “In itself, young madam has opened her heart and firmly waited for young master’s return, but that day old slave was abrupt, and the incident in front of the Shanhe Club has made young madam fall a few more points of despondency and decadence.”

“Alas ……”

Chen Dong sighed helplessly.

“Young master, the Gu family villa is here.”

Long Lao looked ahead and said in a low voice, “Old slave, please also ask young master, to be more considerate of young madam, he has endured too much for young master.”

The car drove into the villa garden.

After stopping, Chen Dong got out of the car, with Elder Long following closely behind.

Knock, knock ……

Elder Long knocked on the door.

Soon, the door opened.

Even though he had been informed from Elder Long before, allowing the car to enter the villa unhindered.

However, when Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing saw Chen Dong, they were still surprised and their old eyes were filled with tears.

“Dong’er, you’re finally back.”

“I made mum and dad worry.”

Chen Dong said calmly, looking behind the two, “Where is Xiao Ying? I want to see her.”

“She’s upstairs in her bedroom.”

Gu Guohua said with an odd expression on his face, “We didn’t tell her you were back, we wanted to surprise her, but of course there are some things and misunderstandings that you should talk about and let us, as parents, know the outcome.”

The voice was calm, yet resolute.

The implication revealed therein was audible to Chen Dong.

If there was really something between him and Ye Linglong.

Gu Guohua meant this, even if he was the heir of the Chen family, Chen Daoling’s own son, it was time for him to take the step he needed to take, as a normal couple would.


Chen Dong nodded his head and headed upstairs.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing stopped short and stood side by side with Elder Long.

Looking at Chen Dong who had gone upstairs.

Gu Guohua’s face was downcast as he said to Elder Long, “Elder Long, I hope you didn’t lie to me.”

Elder Long smiled, recalling the scene in the hospital just now.

If the young master really had second thoughts about the young lady, he wouldn’t have been so determined in the hospital.

Long Lao calmly said to Li Wanqing, “Please trouble Madam to prepare a dinner party, let’s all have a hot and festive celebration tonight.”


In front of Gu Qingying’s bedroom.

Knock, knock, knock.

Chen Dong knocked on the door three times and said softly, “Wife, I’m back.”