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Winner Takes All Chapter 513-514

Chapter 513

The sound of Chen Dong falling to the ground with his cart instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

A smile appeared on the faces of the originally shocked and angry crowd in an instant.

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes gleamed, her shock and anger temporarily subsiding as she stared profoundly at Chen Dong.

“Chen Dong, don’t try to be brave, not being able to stand up means not being able to stand up, why do you bother?” Chen Yu Fei twirled a strand of green silk and said in a gloomy voice.

Chen Tiansheng pushed his gla*ses, “Cripple, wasting everyone’s time, giving you a chance, you don’t cherish it!”

Looking at Chen Dong, who was almost pressed by the wheelchair, almost everyone revealed deep contempt and disgust.

In their eyes, at this moment, Chen Dong was in a wretched state, no different from a crippled dead dog!

The first foot was still able to domineeringly and brutally intimidate the entire audience, but the second foot …… how come he was so pressed by the wheelchair that he couldn’t get up?

“Young master!”

Long Lao’s face changed greatly, and with a wail, he hurriedly moved the wheelchair that was pressing on Chen Dong.

As the wheelchair moved away, Chen Dong also sat up.

Only at this moment, he looked despondent and gloomy to the extreme.

In his red eyes, there were even tears.

With trembling lips, almost wailing, he lifted his hands and slammed them down hard on his legs.

“Young master ……”

Kunlun, who was not far away, also hurriedly ran over and wanted to a*sist Chen Dong.

But Chen Dong pushed Kun Lun away, “Don’t need your help, I, I can stand up, I can stand up, they can’t possibly deprive me of everything just by my one pair of legs!”

“I won’t, not even to death! I promised my mother, I promised my mother that I would walk back to the Chen family in a dignified manner!”

A hoarse wail, permeated with heartbreaking despair.

While wailing, Chen Dong was still struggling forcibly, trying to stand up on his own.

This scene, instead of eliciting half-hearted sympathy from the Chen family, caused the smiles on everyone’s faces to grow wider and wider.

Even Old Mrs. Chen’s face was outlined with a smile.

Old Madam Chen sat in her chair, her right hand propped up on the arm of the chair, half leaning on her body as she looked at Chen Dong playfully.

“The old body, really, has given you a chance, you should now …… be convinced to have your heirship taken away by the old body, right?”

Chen Dong’s body shook.

His eyes were red and teary-eyed as he looked at Old Lady Chen.

At this moment, his demeanor and mannerisms showed desperation to the fullest.


Rumble ……

Rumble ……

Rumble ……

Outside in the heavens, the roar of warplanes swept over the sky.

It shook the vault of the sky and was deafening.

It stirred up the tranquility over the Chen Clan completely!


Old Madam Chen slapped her palm on her chair in anger.

“Provoking my Chen Family’s airspace, show the old body who dared to be so arrogant and daring?”

The Chen family members present all revealed their anger as well.

The Chen Family’s airspace was not to be desecrated!

It was a symbol of face and transcendence!

Tonight, being smacked hard in everyone’s face by a crippled Chen Dong had already infuriated them enough.

Now that a warplane had swept over the Chen family, it had even ignited the raging anger in everyone’s hearts.

“Old Madam, as long as you give the order, our Chen Family forces can definitely blast down the rampaging warplanes from above!”

Chen Dao pro was finally slowing down a bit at this point and shouted rampantly and hideously.

At these words.

No one from the Chen family retorted, because everyone knew that the Chen family had the strength!

Moreover, their thoughts were more or less the same as Chen Dao’s!

At that very moment.

The sound of hurried footsteps rang out from outside.

A Chen family escort rushed into the hall.

It was because when the first plane had swept overhead, he had consulted Old Lady Chen’s order to go and pry.

Only, as soon as this Chen family guard entered the hall, his legs instantly went weak.

There was a poof!

The guard fell to his knees and said with a panicked expression.

“Report, report, report! Family, the family head …… has returned!”


The panicked and stuttered words were clearly heard by everyone.

In an instant, everyone was dumbfounded.

Family Head …… had returned?

Chen Daoling …… had returned?

The roar of warplanes overhead was to escort the family head back?

Lightning flashed.

Old Mrs. Chen’s face suddenly turned gloomy to the extreme, her dry and pale hand quietly clenched, her nails embedded in her flesh.

Unhappiness, resentment, panic, all sorts of emotions instantly crawled through her mind.

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes narrowed into slits as she stared at Chen Dong.

It was also at this moment.

Chen Dong, who was struggling to stand on the ground, completely sat down on the ground.

Teary-eyed and red-eyed, he looked out into the hall and wailed and shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Dad ……”

This shout was like a heavy hammer, hitting the crowd hard in the heart.

For a moment, the crowd felt their hearts stop beating.

Chen Daolin had returned, so now Chen Dong ……

“D*mn, after searching for so long and not hearing anything halfway, why did he suddenly come back tonight?”

Chen Daoxin lay on the ground and cursed up, his face full of disbelief.

This curse, like a sharp knife, stirred everyone’s heartstrings.

Instantly, everyone looked strangely uncomfortable.

Indeed, the Chen family had exhausted all of its strength to find no trace of Chen Daoling.

Now Chen Daolin had suddenly returned at the very moment of this family banquet.

The implications of this were such that even if everyone tried to restrain themselves, it was hard not to link the two events together!

All of a sudden, a burst of bad chills swept down everyone’s spine and ran straight to the sky.

Chen Daolin …… was the head of the family!

In the Chen family, he was the one who deserved to be in charge!

“Dad ……”

Chen Dong sat on the ground, wailing and crying, shouting with his heart torn from his chest.

In his heart, however, was a big stone falling to the ground.

The change had really come!

He raised his hand to wipe the tears from his eyes and turned back brazenly to stare angrily at Old Mrs. Chen.

“Old Madam, my heirship was bestowed by my father, and now that he has returned, it is all up to my father whether I retain my heirship or not!”

“You ……”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was gloomy to the extreme, her pupils tightening and her heart beating wildly.

Her hands had blood flowing out quietly from her palms, caused by her nails embedded into her flesh under the shock of her anger.

At that very moment.

Chen Tiansheng stepped forward: “Grandma, the law does not condemn people!”

The shocked and panic-stricken Old Lady Chen’s eyes lit up with a bright flash.

“Tiansheng, you are worthy of being my good grandson!”

Old Mrs. Chen was enlightened and gave Chen Tiansheng a glance of appreciation.

Immediately afterwards, Old Madam Chen hurriedly chided.

“Chen Dong is crippled and unworthy of being an heir, take away his heir status this night, who agrees and who opposes?”

The words had just fallen.

“I agree!” Chen Daoping was the first to agree.

“I agree!” Chen Daoping followed closely behind.

“I agree!” Chen Tianyang, who had his leg broken, gritted his teeth and squeezed his voice out from between his teeth, smiling fiercely even as severe pain swept through his body.


As the words of approval echoed out.

Chen Dong’s expression stiffened.

Elder Long and Kunlun’s faces changed even more dramatically.

Was this a forced plunder?

Gathering the strength of the entire family and pushing back the family head?



A sound of breaking wind suddenly came from outside the hall.

Chen Dong’s gaze stared, and he saw an item sweeping through the air at great speed.


The item landed heavily on the banquet table.

It was like a loud thunder, causing the approving voices within the hall to come to an abrupt halt.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened.

What had landed on the tabletop was a blank spirit tablet!

When the crowd saw the blank spirit tablet on the table, the corners of their eyes instantly jumped wildly and chills surged.

At the same time.

A cold, domineering voice came from outside the hall.

“Whoever does not put me, Chen Daolin, in his eyes, I, Chen Daolin, will carve him into the spirit tablet!”


Chapter 514

A domineering threat that swept across the room.

As the cold voice echoed, the hall was filled with killing intent.

Everyone was silenced as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

The hall, which had been filled with a great deal of noise and discussion, was abruptly reduced to dead silence.

Fearful eyes stared at the blank spirit tablet on the table.

No one doubted the truth of these words.

Because …… it came from the mouth of the Chen family head.

A word from the family head is no joke!

“Greetings to the return of the old master!”

In the crowd, Elder Long’s eyes swished red as he shouted excitedly and knelt on the ground.

“Greetings to the return of the old master!”

Kunlun followed close behind.

As the two knelt and shouted, it was like a thunderclap, causing everyone present to turn pale.

Daoist gazes then focused on the hall beyond.

Old Madam Chen’s expression was so gloomy that even with her heart, she could hardly contain her trembling as she rested her hands on the armrests of her seat.

On the surface, she was calm, but inside she had already been shaking up a huge wave!

Even Old Lady Chen was in such a state, let alone the rest of the Chen family!

Chen Dong sat on the floor, his eyes hazy with tears, his face full of aggression and resignation.

His eyes burned as he gazed out into the hall, but a smile of ecstasy gradually spread across his face.

Such a change of expression is extremely well measured.

It was as if a dying man had suddenly grabbed the last straw before he died.

One could not even detect the slightest hint of it.

Soon, a lofty and upright figure appeared in the crowd’s view.

Like a heavy hammer, it hit everyone’s eyeballs hard.

Above the sky, warplanes were still hovering with a roar.

It sounded like thunder.

Even so, as the sturdy figure strides towards the hall.

The unhurried, leisurely footsteps still fell clearly on everyone’s ears.

A domineering figure, like no other!

Even a mere figure was enough to draw the attention of thousands, not daring to ignore it.

“Dad ……”

Chen Dong’s lips hissed as he mouthed.

With this hiss, Chen Daoling’s figure finally became clear.

His hands were behind his back, and he had a wild and domineering aura between his eyebrows that looked down on everything.

He stepped into the hall, but ignored the crowd and his gaze fell on Chen Dong.

“Dong’er, why are you sitting on the ground?”

The voice was cold and stern, low to the point of being low.

“I ……”

Chen Dong’s body stiffened, and then his face was full of resignation and resentment.

Seeing this, Kunlun hurriedly stepped forward to support Chen Dong as a gesture of comfort.

And Elder Long turned back and gave Chen Dong a profound look.

Then he clasped his fist and said to Chen Daoling, “Enlightened master, the young master is disabled in both legs due to an accident.”

The brief words did not even involve the four words of being killed by a treacherous person, and were simply attributed to an accident.

This was also done by Elder Long so that the matter of this night could be wrapped up as soon as possible.

He believed that with the old master around, the young master would be safe and sound this night.

Because …… there was still that blank spirit tablet standing in front of the table!

That was the master’s attitude!


Chen Daolin’s eyes were suddenly cold and harsh to the extreme, his killing intent awe-inspiring as he slowly swept across the room.

Anyone who met Chen Daoling’s eyes all looked away and avoided looking at him.

Chen Daolin’s lips were softly parted, but he scolded Chen Dong, “Dry your tears, only cowards use tears to cover up their incompetence!”

Chen Dong raised his hand and wiped away his tears, but the anger and resentment on his face was still thick as ever.

With the help of Kunlun, he sat back in his wheelchair.

And at that moment.

Chen Daoling slowly walked over to Old Madam Chen.

“Sanniang, Dao Lin is back!”

A low voice, seemingly greeting, but in fact chilling and biting.

“It’s good to be back, it’s good to be back!”

Old Mrs. Chen came back to her senses, her old eyes instantly filled with tears, trembling, her right hand slowly caressed Chen Daoling’s face: “Daoling, these days, where the hell have you been, the whole Chen family has been looking for you, you, you have lost weight ……”

The words did not end.

All the people in the room, all of them came back to their senses.

Immediately afterwards, the crowd clasped their fists and bent down.

“Greetings to the family head on his return!”

Chen Daolin gazed at Old Lady Chen with a cold gaze, paying no attention to the crowd’s salute.

He spoke slowly, “Third Mother, this seat, I should be sitting in it now that I have returned, right?”

The look of grief on Old Lady Chen’s face froze abruptly.

A shadowy look of annoyance flickered in the depths of her eyes.

She gave a sarcastic smile, “Daoping, help mother up.”

Chen Daoping looked complicated, his eyes carrying intense resentment as he lowered his head and helped Old Madam Chen to her seat.

As Chen Daoping took his seat.

The atmosphere in the entire hall became solemn and grave.

It was as if the air was about to freeze.

Even if Chen Daolin was just sitting there, the majesty emanating from his body made the crowd feel like they were stuck in their throats.

This was the accumulation of twenty years!

The majestic majesty that he had accumulated by ruling the Chen family and transcending things was simply not comparable to any of the people here.

Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair, his eyes burning with anticipation as he stared at his father.

The sudden return of his father had taken him by surprise.

But his father’s return at this time was just the right time to help him completely with his immediate needs.

The undercard …… can still be kept!

Long Lao and Kun Lun stood with burning eyes to Chen Dong’s left and right, their faces unconcealed with delight.

With the old master around, who would dare to oppress the young master?

There was silence.

Chen Daolin’s gaze slowly swept over the people present.

There was a deliberate extra pause on the injured Chen Daoxin and Chen Tianyang.

He rubbed his nose and smiled, “I have returned at the right time this evening, something big should be happening at home, right?”


There was a dead silence.

Everyone’s expression was stony to the core.

Taking advantage of Chen Daolin’s absence, he wanted to take advantage of Chen Dong’s crippled legs to abolish Chen Dong’s status as the heir apparent.

It was clear to everyone how much Chen Daolin protected Chen Dong’s shortcomings!

When Chen Dong first arrived at the Chen family and slashed Old Lady Chen, triggering a family meeting, Chen Daolin had publicly demonstrated how protective he really was of his shortcomings!

However, just because some people were scornful, did not mean that everyone was.

“Dao Lin, you’ve come back just in time!”

Chen Dao pro covered his chest and slowly stood up in a wretched state, with a strange sardonic smile on his face, he pointed brazenly at Chen Dong who had fallen on top of his wheelchair, “Chen Dong was crippled in both legs due to an accident, we invited him to the family banquet this evening and just happened to learn the truth.”

“You as the head of the family is aware of this, and certainly for the greater good, the heir status means the qualification to compete for the head of the family in the future, whether it is the head of the Chen family or the heir, will never allow a crippled person to appear, this is a matter of the face of the Chen family, so this crippled son of yours ……”


Before the words were finished, there was a steep whistle in the air.

A wine gla*s swept through the air.


The wine cup hit Chen Daojin’s face and shattered, splashing the wine inside and splashing Chen Daojin all over his face.

Chen Daojin froze, and the pain that immediately followed brought him back to his senses.

“Ah! My nose ……”

Chen Daojin covered his nose and screamed in pain, blood flowing between his fingers, “My nose is broken, Chen Dao Lin, you ……”

This roar of pain sent shivers down everyone’s spine.

But, not waiting for Chen Daolin to finish.

Chen Daoling’s eyes were steeply blazing, exploding with a cold aura, like a knife and a sword as he drove straight at Chen Daoxin.

“The word Dao Lin is not something you can call a chicken or a dog? How long has it been since I disappeared and you don’t even know the rules anymore? Call the family head!”

“You ……” Chen Daojin was furious, the pain was so intense that he almost lost his senses.

But Chen Daolin quietly picked up the gla*s of wine in front of the old lady Chen, his voice was as cold as frost: “My son Chen Dong, who is in a wheelchair, is only handicapped, what is the word invalid? What is your intention in insulting my son like this?”

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