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Winner Takes All Chapter 515-516

Chapter 515

The difference between disabled and crippled is one word, but it is a world of difference.

As Chen Daolin’s words were spoken, everyone’s brows tightened and they were silenced.

No one even stood up to speak a word for Chen Daolin.

“Chen Daolin, you, you deceive people too much!”

Chen Daojin’s face was covered in blood and he roared, “This is the Chen family, everyone’s Chen family, not yours alone!”

“I am the head of the family and I am in charge of the Chen family, how can I not bully you too much if you are talking nonsense?”

Chen Daoling sat majestically, his aura majestic, his gaze fixed, and he angrily rebuked, “If you call the family head by his name without distinguishing between superiority and inferiority, Kunlun, slap your mouth ten times!”


The corners of Kun Lun’s mouth curled up into a fierce smile as he turned and walked towards Chen Daojin.

“You, you dare! You dog slave, I ……”

Facing Kunlun, Chen Daojin was instantly terrified and confused.

He had only just recovered from being thrown by Kunlun, but he did not expect to be hit by this “unwarranted disaster” again.

“As I said, I am the master’s servant, not yours!”

With a fierce gaze, Kunlun grabbed the terrified Chen Daojin’s neck with his big, bushy hand.

Chen Daojin was so thin and weak that he was no match for Kunlun.

When he was grabbed by his neck, it was as if he was locked in an iron grip, and he could not break free.


A slap fell heavily.

Chen Daojin immediately let out a pig-like scream.

Immediately afterwards, Kunlun’s big hand, like a bushel fan, with a residual shadow, fiercely smacked Chen Daojin’s face.

The sound of a slap echoed through the hall.

Everyone’s face turned white, but no one said anything to stop it.

Killing a chicken to make an example of a monkey?

Chen Dong looked at Chen Daojin, who had been slapped by Kunlun, with amus*ment.

It was clearly impossible to punish him so severely with just one direct address of his name.

He was clearly trying to use Chen Daojin as a chicken to deter all the monkeys present.

He wanted to use Chen Daojin to tell everyone present who was the “man in charge” of the Chen family!

Chen Daojin’s miserable wailing echoed through the hall.

It was like a sharp needle, tugging at everyone’s heartstrings.

Dao Dao’s gaze towards Chen Daolin gradually became fearful.

When Kunlun’s final slap fell.

Chen Daojin fell straight to the ground, wailing while coughing violently a few times and spitting out three teeth once again.

Compared to his previous shouting, at this moment, Chen Daojin’s entire person was shrivelled to the extreme, as if he was a frostbitten aubergine, not even daring to look at Chen Dao Lin.

“My son, just because his legs are handicapped, he is to be stripped of his heirship by you? Have you ever asked my opinion on this matter?”

Chen Daoling swept the room, his fearful pressure crushing the crowd.

Old Mrs. Chen’s jaws cracked and her aged hands clenched into fists.

Is this …… going to be the death of protection?

It was so close, so close!

Chen Daoping’s face was also cloudy and dark.

Similarly, Chen Tiansheng, Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei, were also full of resignation.

The rest of them, however, had complicated expressions and were all silent.


Chen Daolin let out a cold snort that sounded like thunder, and then looked at Chen Dong, “Dong’er, your heirship is bestowed by my father, and only my father is qualified to deprive you of it, do you know this?”

“I know!”

Chen Dong nodded indignantly, his eyes red, almost wailing, “Dad, I told you, but they simply ignored me, forcing me to lose my heirship just because I have a disability in both legs, I’m not willing, I’m really not willing ……”

“Chen Dong, you shut up!”

Old Mrs. Chen’s expression snapped and she looked at Chen Dong angrily.

The monstrous anger seemed as if it was going to spurt out from her eyes and burn Chen Dong on the spot.

“Sanniang, I am asking my son something, you …… should have some respect for me as the head of the family, right?”

Chen Daolin’s face was as cold as frost as he stared coldly at Old Mrs. Chen.

Old Mrs. Chen, however, looked resolute and said righteously, “Daoling, what Chen Dong said is indeed true, and what Dao’s relatives said is also true, but we are looking at the bigger picture, the Chen family has never had any heir appear as disabled, if news of Chen Dong being the heir but having both legs disabled spreads out, my Chen family will be reduced to a laughing stock in the world!”

“We have warned Chen Dong that his legs are disabled, and even if you were present, you would never take away his heirship! Dao Lin, as the head of the Chen family, do you not think of the greater good of the Chen family and want to make the Chen family an object of shame for all the great families of the world?”

The words were eloquent and powerful.

As Old Lady Chen was certain that the Chen family was at stake, Chen Daolin would not dare to be too reckless.

All the Chen family members present were also in high spirits.

Chen Dong’s face was sullen and silent.

He knew clearly that this fight was beyond his power.

Even the Chen family present could not intervene.

This was a battle between his father and Old Lady Chen.


Chen Daoling was as normal as ever, not sad or happy as he looked at Old Mrs. Chen, narrowing his eyes and smiling playfully, “Third Mother, you also call me Daoling?”

Old Mrs. Chen was shocked.

Then resentment surfaced in her eyes and she opened her voice with an odd expression: “Family, family head ……”

Chen Daoling smiled and nodded, then his gaze swept over the crowd with a blazing gaze.

The voice was as cold as frost.

“Good one for the greater good of the Chen family! Then what if I say that I will not take away my son’s heirship?”


The crowd in the room all changed their expressions, horrified and shocked.

What does this mean?

The family head was really going to ignore the big picture, preferring to pay the price of making the Chen family a laughing stock of the world, but also to die to protect his own son?

“Family head! You are confused!”

Old Mrs. Chen’s tone was sorrowful and she wailed in tears, “Chen Dong is disabled in both legs, so he should be abolished as the heir apparent.

“There has never been one in the history of the Chen family, so from me, Chen Daoling, there is!”

Chen Daolin rose up bravely, his stance bursting with a majestic and powerful pressure, “My son was accidentally disabled, and you want to take away his heirship by force while I am not here.

The majestic, domineering voice pointed straight at the heart.

It caused everyone’s face to change dramatically.

Chen Daolin continued, “Since the rise of the Chen Family, the method of composting has been established to select the head of the family, and those with virtue and ability have always been the ones to take the position, and there has never been a bullSh*t rule that no one with a disability can be the head of the family! Now you are talking to me about the face of the Chen family?”

“Then tell me, is the face of the Chen Family more important, or is the prosperity of the Chen Family more important?”

An angry voice resounded like thunder in the hall.

Chen Daoping said in a stern voice, “Family head, calm down, the Chen family has all the money in the world, so we have to consider the matter of face!”

With him leading the way, the crowd here echoed the sentiment.

“Family Head, don’t be angry, this is for the greater good, if we don’t take away Chen Dong’s heirship, won’t we be condoning the world’s ridicule?”

“Family head, this is what we all mean, before your return, we have already discussed the decision together and have decided to take away Chen Dong’s successorship, even if the family head returns, but we have to go against the family head’s majesty for the sake of the Chen family’s face!”


The voices rose and fell.

Chen Dong settled on his wheelchair, looking at the crowd of people who were excited, his heart was melancholy and bitter.

Even if a few of them were of the father’s faction, their voices seemed dispensable in this situation.

At this point, these people are already unconcerned about their status and are tearing their faces apart to force the family head back ……


Chapter 516

The joint hands fell back.

In a flash, the smell of gunpowder was thick in the hall.

Swords were drawn.

Chen Daolin glared angrily as he sat loftily, his gaze sweeping over each and every member of the Chen family.

At this moment, even the normally gentle and soft-hearted man showed his fangs.

He suddenly burst into laughter.

The laughter was wanton.

The crowd, who were in a state of excitement, were frozen in their tracks, somewhat unprepared.

“Well, well, you all really do have the Chen family’s best interests at heart!”

Chen Daolin laughed back and forth, as if he could not control himself.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kunlun were bewildered and puzzled.

The next second.

Chen Daolin suddenly had a stern expression.

Vast majesty swept across the entire field.


A palm landed on the table, like a great thunderclap.

“Then I, Chen Daolin, would like to ask, what is the difference between all of you joining hands to push the family head back and seizing power and usurping the throne?”

Chen Daolin’s gaze was like lightning as he swept the room, “If you are all so brilliant and determined, why did you have to make me the head of the family in the first place? If word of this were to get out, would it not also become a laughing stock to the world? Wouldn’t it be even more shameful than my son’s disability?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s pupils tightened, and her eyes were suddenly filled with anger.

Chen Daoping and all the people present were also stunned.

Immediately afterwards, the hall fell into dead silence.

“Speak up, aren’t you all sharp-tongued and eloquent?”

Chen Daoling swept the room, his gaze burning, “You all said that because of my son, the Chen family would be laughed at by the world, so what crime should you be held responsible for if your actions now lead to the shame of the world?”

The mighty pressure was displayed to the fullest at this moment.

Even a raised eyebrow or a glance would make people not dare to look at each other.

On the other side.

Chen Tiansheng lowered his head and bowed slightly.

As the younger generation, there was not only a gap in status, but also a gap in elders and juniors.

Those who had joined hands and pushed back were all of Chen Daolin’s peers.

The younger generation, on the other hand, were silent.

Their status, position and age all made them unqualified to be involved in the scene just now.

But now, the light in Chen Tiansheng’s eyes beneath his gla*ses was flickering violently.

At times they hesitated, at times they were resolute, and at times a touch of ruthlessness would surface.

“Opportunity, this is the last chance to bring down Chen Dong, as long as he falls, among the younger generation, I, Chen Tiansheng, will have nothing to fear!”

This was the thought in Chen Tiansheng’s mind.

He held himself to be gifted and superhumanly capable.

This, coupled with his profound understanding of the city, had always made him the best among the Chen family’s younger generation.

There were only a handful of so-called successor contenders who could catch his eye.

Even among these few, Chen Tiansheng held himself to have a 50 per cent chance of winning.

Only Chen Dong came out of nowhere!

He rose to prominence at a speed that astonished everyone.

How could a wild child have such an opportunity?

Just because he was the family head’s own son?

Which of the elites of the Chen family’s younger generation hadn’t accumulated their efforts little by little to become the heir apparent and qualified to compete for the position of family head?

How could a wild child who had never seen the light of day soar to great heights?

Chen Dong’s appearance caused Chen Tiansheng to become indignant, but at the same time he also felt an extremely strong threat.

It was a terrifying threat that he had never felt before!

If he couldn’t bring down Chen Dong, Chen Tiansheng wasn’t even sure if he would have a chance to fight it out in the end!

In the silence of all voices.

Chen Tiansheng’s shifting eyes finally turned into an unprecedented determination.

With his city spirit and his patience, he had now made a bold decision that shocked everyone!

Chen Tiansheng stepped forward.

This action instantly drew everyone’s attention.

Chen Daolin’s icy gaze swept towards Chen Tiansheng.

In full view of all eyes.

Chen Tiansheng knelt down on one knee.

“My lord, be wise! As the saying goes, the law is not to blame, the entire Chen family is thinking of the bigger picture, for the sake of the Chen family’s face, taking away Chen Dong’s heirship is also to avoid the Chen family becoming a laughing stock.

“If we don’t remove Chen Dong’s heirship and a*sume that he becomes the head of the family, do you think that if Chen Dong sits in a wheelchair and controls the Chen family in the future, it won’t lead to the world ridiculing and secretly poking at the spine, so that the world will say that the Chen family has declined to the point that it has started to let disabled people control it?”


Everyone looked at Chen Tiansheng in horror as his words thundered out.

Especially the younger generation such as Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei.

In such a contest of power, there was no place for a group of their juniors to speak.

And for Chen Tiansheng to have the audacity to advise at this time was like committing a great crime!

Is this guy …… crazy?

The eyes of the older Chen family members who were looking at Chen Tiansheng at this time were also full of shock and horror.

They are of the same generation as Chen Daolin and also control great power, so they dare to join forces to contradict the family head.

Where did the younger generation …… get the guts and courage?

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, and hostility surged in his eyes as he stared deadly at Chen Tiansheng.

The back of his hands were bruised.

If not for his sanity, he would even have the urge to go up to Chen Tiansheng and fight him to the death.

For the sake of the family headship, he was so shameless and despicable.

Even if he didn’t want to die, would he take advantage of this opportunity to throw stones at the well?

Only Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping looked at Chen Tiansheng with radiant eyes, delighted with appreciation.

Among the young generation, only Tiansheng has the courage and guts!

Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Dao Ping looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

The younger generation had both taken the risk of committing a great wrongdoing and taking a desperate step.

This was a wonderful opportunity for them!


Just as the mother and son were about to strike while the iron was hot.

Chen Daolin suddenly pulled at the corner of his mouth, moved his chair and leaned down, his gaze level with Chen Tiansheng who was kneeling on the ground.

The two were just a stone’s throw away.

With that, Chen Daolin slowly spoke, “Tiansheng, you’re right, but you don’t seem to know what the law is!”


Chen Tiansheng was stunned.

The next second.

Chen Daoling waved his hand brazenly.


A powerful slap landed blatantly on Chen Tiansheng’s face.

With a miserable cry, the kneeling Chen Tiansheng was sent flying, half of his face swelling up, and a large mouthful of blood gushed out with a “poof”.

Chen Tiansheng’s face was full of panic and he struggled a few times, but the dizziness in his head made it impossible for him to stand up.

Almost simultaneously.


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air backwards.

The delighted Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping instantly turned white.

Immediately after, Chen Daoling smiled proudly.

“In this Chen family, I am the head of the family and I am the law!”

“You say that the law does not blame the people, but I you have not asked me if I blame the people!”

“As long as I, Chen Daolin, remain in power, the Chen family will be my decision, and the law of the Chen family is me, Chen Daolin!”

The voice was deafening, like a heavy hammer on a drum, hitting everyone’s ears and even more so their hearts.

It sent shivers down everyone’s spine and made their hair stand on end.

The look in Chen Daolin’s eyes was filled with boundless fear.

“No iron law exists in the Chen family, and to take away my son’s heirship simply on the grounds of disability is the greatest injustice in the world!”

Chen Daolin rose in indignation and overbearingly and brutally grabbed the blank spirit tablet on the table and stomped it on the tabletop fiercely.

“I know you all think I am bending the law for personal gain, but I tell you, the position of Chen family head is held by a virtuous and capable person, and the successor is also a virtuous and capable person.

“If he cannot lead the Chen family to greater prosperity, what is the difference between an able-bodied man and a mediocrity?”

“If anyone argues this matter again, then I, Chen Daolin, will invite him to the ancestral shrine tonight to argue with the ancestors!

The words were clear, and the threat was undisguised.

It was like a cold wind from the depths of the ninth heaven, making everyone silent, like falling into an ice cave ……

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