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Winner Takes All Chapter 517-518

Chapter 517

Killing intent stirs.

The sound was like a thunderclap.

Chen Daolin held onto the blank spirit tablet and stood tall, as if he were a terrified mountain, making everyone look up to him.

No one doubted Chen Daolin’s determination and decisiveness.

There were many people present who had competed for the position of family head together with Chen Daolin as the heir apparent.

They all knew how ruthless and decisive Chen Daolin was back then!

Even after twenty years had pa*sed, no one would speculate that Chen Daoling had lost his killing determination, they would only feel that the baptism of time had made that killing determination even more severe and ruthless!

“It’s done?”

Elder Long and Kunlun’s eyes shone brightly as they clenched their fists in excitement.

The words had come to this point, and if the crowd dared to be aggressive again, then blood would truly be shed at this family banquet tonight!

The fact that Chen Daolin had returned with his war machine was enough to show his attitude.

The blank spirit tablet, moreover, smashed his attitude, clearly, into everyone’s heart.

Those who see blood will have their names inscribed on the spirit tablet!

Chen Dong was the only one who stared deep into the gloomy and shadowy Old Lady Chen.

His father’s iron-blooded dominance could overpower his peers as well as the younger generation.

However, Chen Dong really had no idea whether his father could overpower Old Lady Chen, who was an elder.

Sure enough!

Old Mrs. Chen’s body suddenly swayed and stumbled into a chair, crying out with a loud bawl.

“The ancestors are above, today the Chen family is afraid to be disgraced, how can the ancestors rest in peace under the Yellow Springs ……”

The bawling and crying was heartbreaking.

The crowd looked terrified and confused.

Chen Dao Ping paled and rushed to comfort him.

Those who were with one of the factions also went forward to soothe.

However, in the face of the comfort, the old lady Chen did not weaken, but on the contrary, she cried more and more heartbreakingly.

“Dao Lin, …… you are the head of the family and in charge of the Chen family, why do you not understand the pains of the old body, and still treat the old body as that vicious person?”

“I’ve been a member of the Chen family all my life. I was born a Chen family member and died a Chen family ghost, but how can I face the ancestors of the Chen family after I die like this?”

“The Chen family now holds all the world’s wealth, leaping to the top of the world’s powerful families, overlooking all life, but if it is known that even a wild cripple can become the Chen family heir, then how lowly should my Chen family heir be?”


The cries were so miserable that they pierced the heart.

The old lady Chen cried and howled while tears were raining down, and she was about to faint to death when she couldn’t catch her breath.

The old and frail body, if not for the support of Chen Dao Ping and others, would probably have fallen limp to the ground.

Elder Long and Kunlun were completely stunned.

The Chen family’s old lady, an existence worshipped by all, had gone so far as to be disrespectful and shameless for the sake of taking away the young master’s heirship?

Even if Chen Dong had expected this.

He was also made to laugh coldly by the spilling and crying of Old Lady Chen in front of him.

“I, Chen Dong, have really been blessed in eight lifetimes! So good that even the old immortal, who is about to become ancient, can go down to such a level, such treatment, who in the entire Chen family has it?”

In the whole room, Chen Daolin was the only one who could still maintain his composure.

In the face of Old Lady Chen’s crying and spilling.

Chen Daolin laughed morosely, “Sanniang, do you really think that I, Chen Daolin, who has been the head of the family for the past twenty years, have started to speak out of turn?”

Although he was laughing, the harsh killing intent sent chills down everyone’s spine.

Old Madam Chen’s tear-filled eyes suddenly exploded with a sharp aura.

With red eyes and tears in her eyes, she struggled to her feet as if she had gone mad.

She grabbed Chen Daolin’s hand with one hand: “Don’t you just want to kill me? Aren’t you just threatening to kill me if I don’t give up? Chen Daolin, I am your third mother, I am the ancestor of all the Chen family, if I can still do my last bit for the Chen family, even if I die at the hands of you, the head of the family, I will still be ashamed of the Chen family, and I will be able to meet the ancestors of the Chen family in a dignified manner!”

The words “the ancestors” were like a great force, overwhelming Chen Daolin like a huge mountain.

The most important thing for a powerful family is their bloodline.

Ancestors are even more important!

Because it is the root of ……!

Even the Chen family is no exception.

The Chen family could not have become what it is today without the hard work of its ancestors over the generations!

“Family head, do you have to let my mother crash to death here today?” Chen Daoping’s eyes glared in anger, his features hideously twisted.

In an instant, the sound of vocal dissuasion echoed through the hall.

“The old lady is too old to withstand such torment, and crying like this will hurt her health!

“We are all doing this for the sake of the Chen family, so you should think of the old lady!”

“The old lady is the ancestor of our family, if something happens to her, the family head …… of our Chen family will be missing a root!”


Faced with the crowd’s persuasion.

Chen Daolin emerged with an odd cold smile and murmured softly, “All of them are asking me to take a step back, why have they ever thought of taking a step back themselves, treating my son as a wild child and wanting to abolish my son’s heir status, if I, Chen Daolin, cannot even keep this bottom line, I deserve to go to the Yellow Springs and meet the ancestors of the Chen family.”

He raised his head sharply and swept his eyes at the crowd with a fierce smile.

“Even if you want to take away my son’s heirship, not now, don’t forget the one-year deadline between you and me!”

A one-year deadline to determine the next family head on top of Chen Daolin’s grand birthday!

A shining light flashed through Old Lady Chen’s teary eyes.

She wailed and shouted at the top of her voice, “One year, is there any possibility of your son having a year now? He’s already crippled, do you still want to hope that a miracle will happen for him to get back on his feet above your big birthday?”

“This is my final bottom line!”

Chen Daolin narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Whether my son can get back on his feet or not, but the one-year deadline has not yet arrived, then you are not yet qualified to take away his heirship! He is only disabled, not dead, and I will definitely treat him even if I have to find all the famous doctors in the world!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, Chen Daolin held the spirit tablet in his right hand and slammed it onto the dining table.

The blank spirit tablet exploded into two pieces!


Old Mrs. Chen curbed her sobs and loudly promised, “Chen Daoling, I hope that what you said tonight can be followed by a single word, and that when your birthday comes, if your son is still unable to rise, then he will lose his heirship on the spot and cannot participate in the family headship contest!”


Chen Daolin’s expression was obscure to the core as he loudly responded.

“The old body would like to see if this last dying struggle you are making for your son will lead to a miracle by the time of your great birthday!”

Saying this, with Chen Daoping’s a*sistance, Old Lady Chen turned around and left.

The change before and after was as if she had changed her face, so fast that people were a little overwhelmed by the reaction.

“All of you, stand down!”

Chen Daolin looked sullen and waved his hand.

When all the people had retreated.

Only then did Chen Daolin slowly walk in front of Chen Dong, his expression forlorn and gloomy, no longer the domineering and outward-looking look he had just faced the entire Chen family.

“I’m sorry, this is all Dad can fight for.”

Chen Daoling squatted in front of Chen Dong and said with immense guilt.

“I know, dad was forced to do nothing, one retreat and one advance to end this matter the fastest, to be able to delay for a while, at least I am not completely lost, but have a last chance to fight!”

Chen Dong’s cold face, a smile emerged.

The right hand, however, quietly pressed on top of the right leg ……


Chapter 518

Inside the room, the lights were on.

Chen Daolin looked despondent as he pushed Chen Dong and walked into his bedroom.

Even after a long absence from the Chen family, as the head of the family, the bedroom was tidied up and immaculate.

“Elder Long and Kunlun, I’ll trouble you to keep watch outside.”

Chen Dong waved his hand.

A trace of surprise flashed across Chen Daolin’s obscure eyes.

However, he did not stop, but pushed Chen Dong to the desk, and he settled straight into the chair behind the desk.

He took out a cigarette from the drawer and silently lit one.

His expression was melancholy, despondent, gloomy and guilty.

As the smoke curled out of his mouth, Chen Daolin’s mood did not change at all.

He just sat in front of his desk, smoking and fuming.

In the situation just now, if he had not retreated, he would have provoked a backlash from Old Lady Chen’s faction.

The Chen family’s faction is already complex, and if one side pushes back strongly, there is no guarantee that someone will not push from it.

As Chen Dong said, one in and one out was the fastest way to solve the problem, but it was also a desperate move on his part.

“Lan’er, I’ve failed as a father.”

Chen Daolin’s eyes were a little red as he murmured guiltily.

“Dad ……”

Chen Dong looked at Chen Daolin calmly and comforted him, “It’s nothing, there’s no need to feel guilty, you’ve been good enough to me.”

He knew that his father wanted to give him the best, but he also knew how to judge the situation.

What’s more, the result his father had just achieved for him was already the best.

It was also what he …… wanted most!

Chen Daolin’s body trembled as he looked at Chen Dong, his reddened eyes faintly misting up.

The more Chen Dong was calmly comforted.

The more guilt he felt.

Twenty years, he had originally lost twenty years of companionship to Chen Dong because of the position of family head.

Now, facing the entire Chen family, he still had to back down to such an extent, making Chen Daolin never be able to forgive himself in his heart.

Chen Daolin squatted down in front of Chen Dong and said solemnly and firmly, “Don’t worry, Dong’er, I will find all the famous doctors in the world, and at all costs, I will make you stand up again, so that they can see what a miracle is!”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously.

Slowly, he leaned forward and moved closer to Chen Daoling’s ear.

He tried hard to keep his voice low, making just a sound that Chen Daoling could hear.

“Actually, what Dad helped me get is what I want the most.”


Chen Daoling froze in horror.

The deadline was less than a year, and even he was not sure that he could make Chen Dong stand up.

The firm tone as if it was a vow was also due to guilt, reluctance and not wanting to give up the last chance.

But Chen Dong’s words clearly meant something else.

The next second.

Chen Daolin then felt Chen Dong’s thigh, which he was pressing with his right hand, move a little.

This …… was an illusion?

Chen Daolin was instantly bewildered and in a trance.

He rounded his eyes and subconsciously looked at Chen Dong’s thighs.

Just now …… felt wrong?

Doubt just started.

Chen Daolin’s body shook violently, and at this moment, he once again felt that faint trembling sensation.

Not an illusion!

There is no sense of error!

Almost at the same time, Chen Dong leaned against Chen Daolin’s ear and smiled teasingly, “A miracle actually came long ago ……”


Chen Daoling was struck by lightning, all the guilt, grief and resentment, at this moment, all turned into surprise.

Even with his experience and sophistication, it was hard for him to restrain his body from trembling with excitement at this moment.

In an instant, he came to understand.

Only, just as he was about to open his mouth to ask.

But Chen Dong made a silent gesture.

Chen Daolin understood at once, but the corners of his mouth were still curled upwards, and he rubbed his hands together fiercely, rubbing them together to suppress his inner excitement and ecstasy.

The gaze that he looked at Chen Dong was full of appreciation and surprise, even …… admiration!

Chen Dong, on the other hand, lightly obliterated his lower lips and smiled lightly.

The light in his eyes flashed with a sharpness that was severe to the extreme.

One year deadline!

I am waiting for a one-year deadline!

The return of my father has allowed me to keep this reserve card.

Everyone thought that I, Chen Dong, was crippled and that there was no way a miracle could happen.

I really want to see, in a year’s time, at my father’s birthday banquet, how wonderful your faces will look when Old Lady Chen, a group of beasts in human skin, see me, Chen Dong, standing up again!

Thinking of this, Chen Dong also clenched his hands together in excitement.

The humiliation and targeting he had suffered tonight would all be returned tenfold at his father’s birthday banquet when the position of family head was confirmed!

He would kill the entire Chen family to the point where they would be helpless to resist!

At that moment, the winner is the king!


Meanwhile, in Old Lady Chen’s Buddha Hall.

The sound of chanting sutras echoed.

Old Madam Chen was calmly kneeling on the futon in front of the Buddha, her eyes closed, slowly twirling the Buddhist beads in her hands in time with the chanting.

She was as calm and composed as water.

She was a different person from the one in the hall just now.

Chen Daoping stood uncomfortably by the side, his gaze wavering.

On the other side, Chen Tiansheng also stood in silence.

But compared to Chen Daoping’s uneasiness, Chen Tiansheng’s gla*ses were glowing with joy and excitement.

In the past, the Buddha Hall was a forbidden place, and few people could enter.

The old lady was a believer in Buddhism and excluded people from entering and leaving the hall.

But everyone in the Chen family knew that those who could enter the Buddha Hall must be someone who was valued by Old Lady Chen.

The former Chen Tiansheng was not qualified to enter the Buddha Hall.

However, after leaving the hall just now, Old Lady Chen specified that he should follow and enter this forbidden place of the Buddha Hall all the way.

This meant that …… he, Chen Tiansheng, had truly entered Old Madam Chen’s heart and had become someone she valued!

“With this big banner of the old lady backing me up, I have a few more chances of winning my bid for the position of family head!”

This was what Chen Tiansheng was thinking.

At the same time, he despised Chen Tianyang, Chen Yufei and the others.

Among the younger generation, all of them were struggling just now, but I was the only one who spoke up at the right time and strangled the key, otherwise how could I be valued by the old lady?

People are really very different from each other!

Tian Yang and Yu Fei, you should have been convinced when you lost to me.

“Ma ……”

Chen Daoping could not hold back any longer and spoke up, “Do we really want Chen Daoling to delay the time until he is above his big birthday?”

Old Mrs. Chen frowned slightly and slowly opened her eyes.

She smiled, put down the Buddhist beads, turned around and sat cross-legged on the futon, saying helplessly.

“A stalemate between water and fire will inevitably lead to both defeats, one in and one out is the way to go, one year, it will soon pa*s.”

“But a year is still so long after all, if Chen Daoling is really determined to help Chen Dong, with the power of the Chen family, compiling and inviting the world’s famous doctors, what if he really cures Chen Dong?”

Chen Daoping looked grave to the core.

Chen Dong was now in a wheelchair and could still run everything under his command. The only thing that determined the status of the heir and family head was whether his legs were disabled or not.

If Chen Daolin were to cure Chen Dong within a short period of time, it would really be a total loss!

Chen Tiansheng, who was secretly delighted at the side, also gazed at this moment.

Even if it was a one-in-a-million chance, the possibility still existed, and existence was a variable!

“It would be a miracle if he could stand up!”

Old Mrs. Chen snorted and pointed to a wooden cabinet in the corner of the Buddha Hall, “Chen Daoling and that wild B*****d, both father and son are lingering on, what’s in the wooden cabinet can tell you the answer.”

At those words.

Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng were startled at the same time.

Both of them gazed at Old Lady Chen and saw that she was calm and composed.

Their hearts and minds were shaken.

Could it be that …… the old lady had already made up her mind and was sure of her victory?

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