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Winner Takes All Chapter 94-96

Chapter 94

It is mid-morning.

People were coming and going underneath the Din Tai Company.

Suddenly, five black Mercedes-Benzes came speeding by.

There was a creak!

The five Mercedes-Benzes stopped at the same time and blocked the front door of the building in unison.

Such a battle instantly attracted all the attention of the people around, who were curious to watch.

“What’s going on?”

“Such a big show, is there a big shot here?”

“I haven’t heard of it, and no company in the building is greeting it, so why do I feel like something is going on?”


The chatter was over.

The doors of five black Mercedes-Benz cars opened at the same time.

One by one, young men in suits and sungla*ses stepped out of the cars, lined up and stood outside the building.

Two of them stepped forward and ripped open a banner.


The crowd of onlookers burst into a gasp of shock.

Everyone’s face changed dramatically.

On the banner, it was written: Chen Dong! Wearing mourning sackcloth!

A banner, as if a bomb had been dropped into the water, instantly caused everyone to stir up.

“Something is up, this is definitely something up!”

“Dingtai’s General Manager Chen, who has this provoked?”

“Holy Sh*t, to have General Manager Chen wearing mourning in such a big way in broad daylight, who the hell did this?”


It was also when the crowd was boiling downstairs.

Inside the Dingtai company.

Lone Wolf ran into Chen Dong’s office in a hurry.

“Mr. Chen, downstairs, someone is causing trouble!”

Lone Wolf’s face was gloomy, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes.

Pulling a banner downstairs at Din Tai’s company was already a slap in Din Tai’s face.

What’s more, it was asking Chen Dong to wear mourning!

“Who is causing trouble?” Chen Dong asked.

The fierce light in Lone Wolf’s eyes showed, “Zhou Zun Long’s people, pulling a banner that says for you to wear mourning.”


The pen in Chen Dong’s hand broke with a sound, his depressed Qi rising, his face as cold as frost.

Asking him to wear mourning for Zhou Hao?

What a joke!

In an instant, the temperature in the office dropped by a few degrees.

Chen Dong got up and coldly walked towards the outside.

Lone Wolf’s sweat stood on end as he followed in silence.

Those who wore mourning were all descendants of the deceased.

Now that Zhou Zunlong had asked Chen Dong to wear mourning for Zhou Hao, he was undoubtedly stepping on Chen Dong’s feet in the mud.

Chen Dong would indeed hold back, but it did not mean that he would tolerate everything.

Downstairs, several Dingtai security guards were blocking the entrance, fearing that these troublemakers would create another ripple.

The crowd of onlookers was growing, with three layers of people pointing and pointing.

Some good people had already taken out their mobile phones to take photos and send them to their friends.

[Shock! Dingtai’s company was blocked, threatening to make Dingtai’s boss wear mourning!

Recently, Dingtai has been on the rise in the city, and now a banner saying “wearing mourning” is enough to push Dingtai to the forefront of the limelight.

This is big news!

Chen Dong and Lone Wolf quietly arrived in the lobby of the building, without alerting anyone.

Through the huge gla*s window, they saw the banner outside.

Chen Dong’s face grew colder and colder, and the anger in his eyes was even more raging.

“Zhou Zun Long, do you think I am a soft persimmon?”

The icy cold voice was squeezed out from between his teeth.

As he said those words, Lone Wolf’s expression changed and changed.

He clearly felt it, the intense killing intent that sent chills down his spine.

“Lone Wolf, help me inform Kunlun.”

Chen Dong suddenly said.

Lone Wolf’s eyes lit up and he nodded, “I’ll do it.”

He knew that Chen was really going to make his move!

After waiting for Lone Wolf to inform Kun Lun, he froze as soon as he turned around.

In his line of sight, Chen Dong had his hands in his pockets and was walking towards the outside of the building.

If Chen Dong went out now, he would instantly be pushed into the limelight.

But before he could stop it, Chen Dong had already walked into view.

“Look, it’s General Manager Chen!”

A cry of alarm caused all eyes to instantly focus on Chen Dong.

Everyone was curious as to what the owner of the dangling Din Tai Company had done that would attract people to block the door and pull a banner to wear mourning!

“Gentlemen, what is the meaning of insulting my Dingtai in such a way?”

Chen Dong sneered, his gaze stern as he looked at the young men in suits.

“Mr. Chen, it’s your turn to come with us!” The young man in the lead coldly responded, “My family, Mr Zhou, is still waiting for you in the spirit hall!”

“What if I don’t make this trip?” Chen Dong raised his eyebrows.

“Dingtai will have this banner in every day from now on.” The young man said.

Chen Dong shrugged and smiled teasingly, “Then will you guys regret if I make this trip?”

“But there is no harm in going.”

“Lone Wolf, prepare the car!” Chen Dong shouted.


The onlookers were instantly in an uproar.

“Really, really? Mr Chen is too big-hearted, isn’t he?”

“Draped in mourning, this has humiliated him to the ground, and he’s really going along?”

“My God, this is a big deal, absolutely big news!”


The comments from the onlookers fell on Lone Wolf’s ears, making him red in the face and irritated.

However, he dared not disobey Chen Dong’s order, and immediately turned around and went to prepare a car.

Soon, a BMW from Din Tai was driven out by Lone Wolf.

Chen Dong turned around and smiled at the shocked onlookers around him and said, “Everyone, let’s disperse, I’m sorry that a small matter has alarmed everyone, Chen Dong.”

After saying this, he turned around and got into his car.

Seeing Chen Dong get into the car, Zhou Zun Long’s ponies also went back to their cars.

Five Mercedes-Benzes and one BMW drove onto the road in great numbers.

Inside the BMW, the atmosphere seemed to freeze.

Lone Wolf said in a deep voice, “Mr. Chen, what do we do later?”

Although he felt that it was inappropriate for Chen Dong to go to the Zhou family, but since Chen Dong had already decided, he, the follower, would just follow and only follow Chen Dong’s lead.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled playfully.

“I would like to see, in his Zhou Hao’s spiritual hall, what qualifications does he, Zhou Zun Long, have to make me wear mourning, and I don’t know if Zhou Hao’s coffin board, can hold it down!”

At these words, Lone Wolf raised his eyebrows, as if he had reacted to something and thought about it.

Inside the Zhou family villa.

Outside the main gate and inside the spiritual platform, there were rows of young men in suits standing around.

This was no small feat!

A sad atmosphere permeated the onyx-lined hearse.

Zhou Hao’s parents were grief-stricken and in front of the coffin, unable to cry.

In the fire bowl, flames were still burning and flakes of soot were floating up.

Zhou Zunlong sat quietly by the side, twirling a cigar smoke in his hand, as if a beast that could rage at any moment and choose to devour others.

He was so powerful that none of the ponies around him dared to approach.

Suddenly, a ponyboy ran into the hearse.

“Big brother, Chen Dong has arrived.”

The voice was not loud, but it rang out like thunder in the hearse.

Everyone looked solemn.

Zhou Zun Long narrowed his eyes with murderous intent and bellowed coldly, “Bring the mourning clothes, go and make that scum put them on!”

With that, he got up and walked over to Zhou Hao’s parents, “Uncle and aunt, Xiao Hao died young and early, there is no son at his knee to wear mourning clothes, I have found a mourning son for Xiao Hao.”

“Zun Long, an outsider, how can you possibly cry mourning for Xiao Hao?” Zhou Hao’s father wiped away his old tears.

Zhou Zun Long smiled coldly, and with a single word, he instantly caused killing intent to surge within the hearth.

“If he doesn’t put mourning on Xiao Hao, then I’ll let him go out lying down, just like Xiao Hao!”


Chapter 95

When Chen Dong walked into the Zhou family villa.

The air was filled with the smell of smoke and fire.

All along the way were Zhou Zun Long’s horses patrolling, suits and aura.

The entire Zhou family villa, the atmosphere seemed to have frozen.

“What are you looking at? Walk faster!”

Beside him, Zhou Zun Long’s ponies scolded in a stern voice.

A fierce light dawned in Lone Wolf’s eyes and he was about to make a move, but Chen Dong pressed his arm to indicate.

Lone Wolf forcibly held back, but in his heart he was wondering.

Chen Dong’s purpose for coming here, did he really want to put Zhou Hao in mourning?

How could this be possible!

With Chen Dong’s status and background, how could he tolerate such a thing as trampling himself into the mud?

A spirit hall had been erected at the villa gate and was covered in onyx.

Faintly, the sound of wailing and sobbing was also heard from within the hearse.

At that moment, a group of horses came out of the hall.

The leader was a middle-aged man with a handful of white cloths in his hands.

“By order of Mr. Zhou, Chen Dong is wearing mourning!”

The middle-aged ponyboy’s voice was arrogant and cold as he shook his hand and threw the white cloth in his hand in front of Chen Dong.

With a clatter ……

The two pieces of mourning cloth fell to the ground.

Chen Dong did not look askance and said coldly, “Who said, I am here to wear mourning?”

“Hehe …… you can try!”

The middle-aged man sneered, “Mr. Zhou said, if you don’t put on mourning for Brother Hao, then he will let you go out horizontally, just like Brother Hao!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the surrounding ponies all gathered around.

Dozens of people instantly surrounded Chen Dong and Lone Wolf.

The air was instantly filled with a strong smell of gunpowder.

There was the intention to strike at the slightest disagreement.

Lone Wolf’s expression was awe-inspiring as he secretly gathered his strength to be on guard.

Facing a siege of dozens of people at the same time was something even he had never encountered before.

However, when he subconsciously raised his eyes to look at Chen Dong, he froze.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s face was still ancient and unruffled, his hands behind his back, calm and collected.

“Zhou Hao, what qualifications do you have to make me wear mourning?”

Chen Dong laughed disdainfully and lifted his right foot, stepping forward and stepping on the mourning cloth, but did not stop, but calmly walked towards the spiritual hall.

This scene caused the middle-aged horse boy’s pupils to tighten and his hostility to surge.

However, Chen Dong’s calmness made him feel scandalized.

He was in a situation where he was under the enemy’s back, but he could still be so calm, did he have a backhand?

Even Lone Wolf did not expect Chen Dong to do so.

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Lone Wolf hurriedly followed Chen Dong, even he did not notice that dense beads of sweat had seeped out from his forehead at some point.

Dozens of ponies followed slowly as Chen Dong moved.

It was clear that the situation was winnable, but Chen Dong’s calmness dared everyone to act rashly.

Finally, Chen Dong walked to the front of the hearse.

Zhou Zunlong, who was silently smoking a cigar, raised his eyes slightly and instantly exploded when he saw that Chen Dong was not draped in mourning.


Zhou Zunlong slapped his palm on the chair, the sound of which shook the hearse.

He stood up and cursed at his ponies, “What the hell are you doing? Do you think what I say is just a whisper?”

The dozens of ponies looked at each other in disbelief.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled teasingly, “You still haven’t changed your cigar smoking habit?”

Zhou Zun Long’s expression choked and his face turned red.

Chen Dong’s words were clearly mocking the fact that Zhou Hao’s death was because of the cigar he had lit last night!

“You, want to die?” Zhou Zun Long’s features twisted as he gritted his teeth.

A thick killing intent gushed out without any concealment.

After so many years in the mall, he was not an outright mall magnate like Zhou Yanqiu.

Zhou Zun Long believed in acting in a way that made all obstacles, simply disappear!

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, “I want to die, why come to you?”


Zhou Zun Long’s eyes narrowed as his killing intent rose.

Just at that moment.

Outside the villa, a strange change occurred abruptly.


There was a loud sound that was deafening.

It caused everyone’s face to change dramatically.

Only the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth revealed a confident smile.

Lone Wolf’s body shook and his eyes abruptly burst into a brilliant aura.

“Who the hell did this?”

Zhou Zun Long glared in anger as he saw the garden gate outside the villa being crashed down with a bang by a speeding car.

And that car even rampaged across the road, coming directly towards the spiritual hall.


There was an ear-splitting sharp braking sound.

The car came to a steady stop at the villa entrance.

At the same time, the panic-stricken ponies finally came back to their senses and surrounded the car in unison.


The car door opened.

Kun Lun, whose figure was like a tower of iron, stepped down from the driver’s seat with a cold and stern face.

His sturdy figure and cold, stern expression invariably created a huge oppression, causing the surrounding ponies to retreat in fear.

“Young master ……”

Kun Lun saw Chen Dong outside the crowd and shouted respectfully.

With that, he turned around and opened the door at the back of the car.

Long Lao, who was dressed in a Tang suit, slowly walked down from the car.

When he saw Chen Dong, he also smiled amiably, “Young Master ……”

How come Elder Long had come too?

Chen Dong was a little speechless, Kunlun was too unreliable in his work, right?

“Young master?”

Zhou Zun Long looked solemn and frowned at Chen Dong, “You, who the hell are you?”

He was not stupid, on the contrary, he was also very smart.

Chen Dong’s previous background was nothing more than a small company vice president that Zhou Yanqiu once had.

But the acquisition of Dingtai had attracted Zhou Yanqiu’s full support, and the two people who had suddenly barged into his house had even called him Young Master.

Obviously, it was not something that a vice president could have!

Chen Dong smiled and his gaze was harsh: “I am someone you cannot afford to mess with!”

The words were resounding and powerful, like thunder exploding.

Zhou Zun Long’s heart twitched violently, Chen Dong’s calmness and self-confidence made him fearful.

But this was his turf now, with so many people watching.

Just now he had even personally promised Zhou Hao’s family.

If this were to go away, then if word got out, he, Zhou Zun Long, would be completely unable to get along in this city!

“Someone I can’t afford to mess with?”

Zhou Zun Long sycophantly laughed and arrogantly said, “In this city, there is no one I dare not mess with!”

The words just fell.

Elder Long’s teasing laugh rang out, “Young master, why do you need to say anything to such an untouchable?”

As he spoke, Long Lao, with the support of Kun Lun, slowly walked towards the spirit hall.

Under the pressure of Kunlun’s aura, none of Zhou Zunlong’s ponies actually blocked the way, and as Elder Long and Kunlun advanced, a pa*sage gradually parted.

Seeing this scene, Zhou Zun Long was completely furious!

“You bunch of trash, don’t stop him for me yet!”

At the word, dozens of ponies instantly roared loudly and pounced on Kunlun and Elder Long.

“Under the sky, there is no place I can’t go.” A light flashed in Elder Long’s eyes as he smiled proudly.

The next second.

Kun Lun, who looked like an iron tower, charged out brazenly as if he was a fierce beast.

With a single dash, he directly knocked the three ponies directly in front of him out of the way!

Immediately afterwards, Kunlun roared like a tiger entering a herd of sheep, and pounced directly into the crowd, swinging his fists and feet.

The sound was explosive and the screams were incessant.

Without exception, the ponies were blown away by Kunlun the moment they exchanged blows with him.

There was simply no one to stop them!

Such a scene was extremely visually stunning.

Even the overbearing Zhou Zun Long was dumbfounded.

In the midst of the melee, Elder Long was all smiles, as if he was strolling casually, as if he was entering a deserted territory, slowly walking towards the Spirit Hall.

No matter how fierce the battle around them was, Zhou Zunlong’s ponies were unable to get close to Elder Long.

“This, this is too strong, isn’t it?” Lone Wolf was dumbfounded, he knew that Kunlun was powerful, but he did not know that Kunlun’s combat power was so terrifying!

Chen Dong smiled faintly, having expected this.

A soldier king who could be rescued from the mercenary battlefield by the old master, such combat power was only normal!

Seeing that Elder Long had already walked into the spirit hall, Chen Dong smiled as he stepped forward and supported Elder Long.

“Why are you here, such a scene, it’s not suitable for you.”

“Think I’m old?”

Elder Long raised his eyebrows and smiled, then looked at the dazed Zhou Zun Long with a teasing smile, “Just now you said that you wanted to stop old me?”


Chapter 96

A teasing smile.

It was filled with Elder Long’s thick disdain for Zhou Zun Long.

It was as if he was standing at the top of a mountain, looking down on the ants at the foot of the mountain.

Zhou Zunlong’s tiger body shook and his iron blue face sulked with anger.

The solemn and dignified spiritual hall had turned into a great melee in the blink of an eye.

What made him spit blood even more was this.

The ponies under his command swarmed around him, but they couldn’t beat one man!

When he said it was a melee, it was actually Kun Lun killing the crowd.

With such a battle power, even Zhou Zun Long’s back was chilled.

What was even more crucial was that an even more terrifying thought came to his mind.

The moment this thought appeared, it instantly sent a vicious chill through his body as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

He ignored Elder Long’s words.

Instead, he looked in panic at Kun Lun who was rampaging through the crowd.

He was breeding horses, so he naturally knew how much energy it took to breed a powerful head horse.

And Kunlun, was not a head horse at all!

Rather, it was a fierce tiger, a wild dragon!

No one in the city could breed such an existence.

Nor does anyone have the energy to make such a man’s head a horse.

Those who can tame a fierce tiger and a wild dragon must themselves be fierce tigers and wild dragons!


Elder Dragon let out a soft cry.

It fell on Zhou Zun Long’s ears, but it was like a shocking thunderclap.

His body trembled violently and his cold hairs exploded all over his body as he looked at Elder Long and Chen Dong in horror.

“You, no, it’s you, you guys, who the hell are you?”

Even he did not realise that his voice had trembled to the point of trembling when he asked the question.

If it wasn’t for the composure he had cultivated through years of being in a position of power, he would have even been trembling all over by now.

He really could not imagine.

When would such a true dragon descend in this city!

And Chen Dong, in the previous intelligence, wasn’t he just a small vice president of Zhou Yanqiu’s company?

“Someone you can’t afford to mess with!”

Chen Dong said indifferently.

Zhou Zun Long was in a trance, his gaze hollow.

A moment ago, he had disdained Chen Dong’s words, but now he had no doubt.


There was a loud bang.

The last pony boy was also blown away by Kun Lun’s punch.

Kun Lun moved his shoulders and walked beside Chen Dong with a cold and stern expression, “Young master, all settled.”


Lone Wolf was confused.

Zhou Zun Long was also confused.

Chen Dong was the only one who smashed his mouth and said with a smirk, “A little slow.”

He had asked Kun Lun when he was under Kun Lun’s guidance and undergoing devil training.

The same scene Kunlun had encountered when he was the King of Mercenaries, and it had taken him five minutes then!

Of course, at that time, he was facing a group of mercenaries.

Whereas these ponies of Zhou Zun Long were not even qualified to lift the shoes of those mercenaries.

The time, obviously, was going to be shorter.

Kunlun smiled sarcastically, “It was planned for one minute, and because of the injury slacking off on training, it was thirty seconds over, so it was indeed slow.”


Lone Wolf’s mind buzzed.

One minute and thirty seconds to put down dozens of ponies, slow?

Zhou Zun Long’s face even changed drastically, his features nearly twisted into a ball.

Kunlun’s reply seemed to be a big invisible hand, pressing him viciously into the abyss of fear.

Inside the spirit hall.

The solemnity was restored once again.

The only change was the dozens of ponies lying on the ground, whimpering and wailing in pain.

It was a mess.

The Zhou family members had already cowered in fear in the corner, shivering.

Only Zhou Zunlong, stood in place.

Chen Dong slowly walked up to Zhou Hao’s coffin.

Knock knock.

Gently tapping the coffin lid twice, he said, “Now, do you still want me to put mourning on him?”

The voice was soft, yet it echoed in the spirit hall.

Zhou Zunlong’s body shook and he looked at Chen Dong in horror, his lips mouthing.

He did not wait to speak.

Kunlun took a step forward, his large bushy hand grabbed his neck and greeted him by picking him up.

At once, a strong choking sensation hit him.

Zhou Zunlong’s face turned red and his eyes were terrified.

His instinctive desire to survive made him struggle desperately, his hands struggling to break Kunlun’s big hand.

But Kun Lun’s huge hands were like iron pincers, and he could not break free!

“I can crush an ant like you with one hand.”

Kun Lun’s tone was as cold as frost piercing his bones, “Just you, you are also worthy of making my young master wear mourning clothes? You don’t even know what you’re capable of!”


With a wave of his right hand, Kun Lun directly threw Zhou Zun Long to the ground.

With the restraint in his throat gone, Zhou Zunlong turned red and opened his mouth to the limit, desperately breathing.

Feeling his lungs, which had been compressed to their limit, being filled with air again, he was able to feel a little more comfortable.

The threat of death made him not care about any face.

Hastily rising to his feet, he fell to his knees and knocked his head heavily on the ground.

“I’m sorry, it’s because I have eyes that don’t know Mt. Tai, from now on in this city, where there is Young Chen, I, Zhou Zun Long, however, don’t dare to appear!”


Chen Dong gave a cold laugh.

At the side, Long Lao said with a smile, “Young master, when dealing with an ant, there is no need to hold back, just slap it to the ground and save yourself the trouble, your status is not enough to scare such a small ant.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “I have been taught, Elder Long.”

He had indeed had scorn for Zhou Zun Long before.

However, today, Elder Long had taught him a vivid lesson.

It also made him understand why those elites of the Chen Family dared to ignore human lives.

In their eyes, perhaps it wasn’t a disregard for human life, but just …… a disregard for the lives of ants!

Elder Long smiled gratefully.

With that, he slowly walked up to Zhou Zun Long: “Want to live?”

The calm tone of voice, however, caused Zhou Zunlong’s heart to jump on the ground.

Without the slightest hesitation, Zhou Zunlong hurriedly nodded his head.

He knew that he had kicked a steel plate, and the gesture shown by Elder Long from the beginning to the end left him in no doubt that one word from Elder Long would have him lying here.

Therefore, he dared not disobey.

“If you want to live, you have to buy your life.” Elder Long laughed.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, somewhat puzzled.

But immediately afterwards, Elder Long’s words made him freeze.

He only saw Elder Long squatting down, as if petting his pet, and resting his right hand on the top of Zhou Zun Long’s head.

The smile on his face, with it, disappeared and was replaced by a cold severity that Chen Dong had never seen before.

“Giving up sixty percent of your Zun Long property shares will buy you a life.”


Zhou Zun Long was completely frozen, his face pale as he looked at Elder Long.

Zun Long Real Estate, was something he had built up single-handedly.

In this city, it was even the second largest real estate enterprise, even compared to Zhou Yanqiu’s company, it was only a match.

Sixty percent of the shares, the market price alone, was already a sky-high price!

What’s more crucial is the control of Zun Long Real Estate!

Once he gave it up, he would be giving Zun Long Real Estate directly to Chen Dong, and he would be reduced from being the founder with nine words to Chen Dong’s wage earner!

“From the moment you provoked my young master, you have no room for manoeuvre.”

Elder Long narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Or, are you thinking that your one life is not worth sixty percent of the shares?”

Although he was smiling, anyone could feel the bone-chilling coldness radiating from Elder Long’s body.

It was as if the temperature in the entire hearse had plummeted by a few degrees in an instant.

After a few seconds of dead silence.

Zhou Zun Long’s sorrowful and painful voice resounded through the hearse.

“I do.”