Winner Takes All Chapter 97-98

Chapter 97

The black Rolls-Royce is driving down the road.

Inside the car, there was silence.

Chen Dong looked out of the window, pondering.

Long Lao’s arrival had taught him a vivid lesson.

His character, his abilities, were not bad, but he always acted too restrained and was inevitably a bit tied up.

Just like facing Zhou Zun Long, if it had been Long Lao instead at the beginning.

He had no doubt that Elder Long would have completely slapped Zhou Zunlong to death with the force of a tarzan pressing down on him.

Compared to the magnificent Chen Family, Zhou Zunlong was just an ant.

Instead, he had allowed Zhou Zunlong the chance to do it again and again.

“Young master, have you learnt?”

In his ears, the soft voice of Elder Long rang out.

Chen Dong looked back at Elder Long and smiled bitterly, “Understood.”

Elder Long nodded in relief, “Young Master’s talent, character and ability are not in any way weaker than those elite young men in the family, but it is the childhood experience and environment that has bound Young Master, the old slave is just letting Young Master know that after being free from this bondage, some difficult things become easier.”

With that, he gestured to Kunlun at one side.

“For example, Kun Lun, when he was the King of Mercenaries, he would never reason with the district mercenaries or weigh the pros and cons.”

“They don’t deserve it.” Kunlun’s face was calm, but his eyes revealed brutality.

It was the arrogance that belonged to his mercenary king alone.

Like the king of fierce beasts on the gra*sland.

Chen Dong was silent, thinking back carefully, his previous methods of action were indeed powerful and decisive, but in the end, they were less domineering like Elder Long and Kun Lun.

With the Chen Family at his back, he was qualified to have such hegemony.


Exhaling a heavy breath, Chen Dong revealed a small smile, “Elder Long has taken the trouble.”

Elder Long smiled gratefully and said no more.


Inside the Zhou Family’s Spiritual Hall, it was a mess.

The solemn, mournful atmosphere had long since ceased.

Zhou Zun Long sat dishevelled on a chair, his clothes long since drenched, showing all his wretchedness.

The cigar smoke in his hand rose in curls, but the butt was twisted to pieces by his fingers.

The people around him looked at Zhou Zunlong with fright, not even daring to breathe heavily.

They were afraid of provoking Zhou Zunlong’s anger and setting him on fire.

Everyone knew that the silent Zhou Zunlong was a furious beast, whoever provoked him would die.


The cigar cigarette was thrown to the ground by Zhou Zun Long.

He slowly raised his head and swept past the crowd present, waving his hand, “All go out first.”

The crowd of ponies headed out.

Zhou Hao’s family members, however, were hesitant in place.

Zhou Zunlong looked at them coldly and said in a stern voice, “I told you to get out!”

The few people who hesitated immediately walked out in fear.

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Zunlong was the only one left in the spirit hall.

His eyes swished red, his face full of despair and despondency, as if he had aged a dozen years in an instant.

A strong sense of remorse came rushing back.

If he could do it all over again, he would never dare to provoke Chen Dong, even if he let Zhou Hao die.

The pale dragon swam in the shallows.

Chen Dong’s depths, he could not see through, nor was he clear, but he knew deep down that the other party was simply not an existence he could provoke.

“It’s over …… everything is over ……”

A voice with a crying tone echoed within the hearth: “In vain, I, Zhou Zunlong, have been rampant for half my life, but once I lost my footing, I have done it for others! Zhou Yanqiu, you’re a F**king smart guy!”

On the other hand.

Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Zhou Yanqiu’s villa.

In the elegant office, Zhou Yanqiu had a cigarette between his fingertips, the smoke lingering.

After putting down his mobile phone, he smiled lightly, “Zhou Zun Long is finished, the hearse was smashed and Zun Long Real Estate ceded sixty percent of its shares to Chen Dong, he is also unlucky enough.”

As Zhou Zun Long’s rival, Zhou Yanqiu naturally kept an eye on Zhou Zun Long at all times.

What’s more, Zhou Zunlong had set up a funeral hall at home and had people pull banners underneath the Dingtai company to force Chen Dong to wear mourning, which had already been filmed by onlookers at the time and posted on the internet.

It was hard not to pay attention.

“Sixty percent of the shares buy him a life, it’s a good deal.”

The young man pushed his gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and glanced at Zhou Yanqiu indifferently, “I don’t like the smell of smoke.”

Zhou Yanqiu looked stunned and smiled spontaneously, “I have a very good ventilation system installed in this office, it doesn’t leave the smell of smoke ……”

The young man smiled coldly: “I, then, don’t like to see people smoking.”

Zhou Yanqiu was helpless for a while and extinguished his cigarette in the ashtray.

Only then did he say, “Chen Dong accepted sixty percent of the shares of Zun Long Real Estate, and together with Dingtai in his hands, it is now the number one real estate in the city.”

As he said this, Zhou Yanqiu sighed a little.

He had struggled for half his life to build his real estate company into the number one in the city step by step.

But what about in Chen Dong’s case?

The mere push from the Chen family behind the scenes was worth half of his life’s work.

As if he knew what Zhou Yanqiu was thinking, the young man gave a quirky smile, “So even if you work hard, it’s not as good as being born and being on the right team.”

Zhou Yanqiu smiled spontaneously and nodded in agreement.


Back at Din Tai Company.

The employees of the company were worried about Chen Dong, and all of them were relieved to see that Chen Dong had returned.

Not knowing when, Chen Dong had gone from being the boss, to being the pillar of all the employees.

Chen Dong went straight back to his office and Xiao Ma followed him in and said in an odd tone, “Brother Dong, what happened just now, I’m afraid it’s a bit troublesome.”

“How so?” Chen Dong asked.

Xiao Ma handed his mobile phone to Chen Dong: “The incident of the banner pulled downstairs in the company has been posted on the internet, and there is a lot of commotion.”

Chen Dong took the phone and saw that the city’s news and various new media channels had all posted pictures, or videos, of the banner pulled downstairs in the company just now.

Moreover, the headlines were more eye-catching than the others.

One of the hottest ones had the following headline: [Shock! Dingtai’s boss is so heartless that the family of the deceased came to his door and forced him to wear mourning!

Looking at the headline, Chen Dong’s brow furrowed.

Then he clicked on the comment section again.

A line of speculation, ridicule, anger, and abusive comments were printed in his eyes.

Some even played the role of “those in the know” and described them in detail in the comment section.

The man who pulled the banner, Zhou Zunlong, was also quickly picked up.

This has led to more and more confusion in the comments section.

Some said that Chen Dong and Zhou Zunlong had a real life debt.

There were also those who said that Zhou Zunlong was jealous of Dingtai and deliberately groped Chen Dong.

Whether it was good or bad, the end result was clear to Chen Dong.

That would be to affect the image of Dingtai, and it would even affect the property prices of the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city as a result!

“Brother Dong, this time Zhou Zunlong is really stabbing us in the heart.” Xiao Ma was full of bitterness, and when he saw Chen Dong’s gloomy face, he was busy comforting him, “But don’t worry, I’ve already arranged for someone to carry out crisis PR.”

“Pull back.”

Chen Dong put down his phone and smiled faintly, “Pull back the crisis PR, what’s the point of wasting that money?”

Xiao Ma was instantly frozen.

Was Brother Dong crazy?

Now both Dingtai and he were on the cusp of the storm, if he let public opinion go on, Dingtai’s company and the property prices in the western part of the city would really falter!

Withdrawing the crisis PR, isn’t that losing out on the big picture?

Without waiting for Xiao Ma to say anything, Chen Dong leaned back in his chair and said with an odd smile, “I’ll sign a contract tomorrow, and the house prices in our city’s west will still have to rise!”


Xiao Ma’s body trembled and his pupils quickly dilated, “Brother Dong, you, you’re kidding, right?”


Chapter 98

What happened downstairs at Din Tai was indeed filmed by onlookers and caused a furore on the internet.

If that was all that happened, it would indeed affect Din Tai.

But what happened in Zhou Zun Long’s villa, no one caught on camera!

With Zhou Zun Long’s facetious character, he would never condone his men leaking what had happened out.

Once the equity transfer contract of Zun Long Real Estate was signed with Zhou Zun Long tomorrow, the public opinion on the internet would be able to break down without any problems.

Moreover, Chen Dong is fully confident that once the news of the equity transfer is released, it will definitely boost Din Tai’s reputation again.

You know, Zun Long Real Estate is one of the top real estate companies in the city!

Not only that, Zun Long Real Estate is also a listed company.

With such a large volume of projects in Dingtai’s hands, it was enough to make Zun Long Real Estate’s share price go up.

To Chen Dong, it was a double whammy!

He certainly wouldn’t worry about it.

However, the details of this were not explicitly stated to Xiao Ma by Chen Dong, and after pacifying him, he let him leave.

As the news of Dingtai Chen Dong’s banner being pulled and draped in mourning intensified on the internet.

The tide of public opinion was also turning against Chen Dong and Din Tai.

For most of the day, the employees of Din Tai watched the various news about this incident on the internet and were on tenterhooks.

Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Li Lan was looking at the local news on her mobile phone, her brows furrowed and her face hard.

On the screen of her mobile phone was the picture of Chen Dong being pulled up by a banner.

As Chen Dong’s mother, seeing this scene made Li Lan’s heart feel like a knife.

Who exactly had Dong’er provoked?

How could he be forced to do this?

“Auntie, what’s wrong?”

Fan Lu walked over with a fruit plate, and when she saw Li Lan in a bad mood, she opened her mouth and asked.

“Dong’er is in trouble.” Li Lan let out a lament and handed her mobile phone to Fan Lu.

Fan Lu picked it up and took a look, her pretty face also sank, “These people, treating Mr. Chen like this, won’t their conscience hurt?”

Her job was given to her by Chen Dong, and it was Chen Dong who saved her last time when she had an accident at the Haitian Villa.

To Chen Dong, Fan Lu was grateful from the bottom of her heart.

Such a boss, at least in all her years of work, she had never met one.

She also didn’t believe in what the news said!

A boss who could fight for his subordinates’ lives would do something like kill and take lives?

After calming down, Fan Lu hurriedly comforted Li Lan: “Auntie, don’t worry, this news is not official, the self-publishers nowadays just make things up, Mr. Chen must be fine, why don’t you call and ask him?”

“My son, of course I believe it.”

Li Lan raised her eyebrows and smiled spontaneously, “I’m just a bit angry, forget it, Dong’er is so busy, so I won’t ask him, lest he worry about my health.”

At that moment, Elder Long and Kunlun walked into the living room.


Elder Long nodded to Leylan.

Li Lan smiled, “Elder Long, just call me Xiao Lan, after so many years, how can I afford the word madam in front of you.”

Elder Long smiled faintly and led Kunlun closer, but his eyes glanced at the contents of the phone.

He smiled and said, “Madam need not worry, the young master is not afraid of any gossip.”

“I know Dong’er’s temperament.” Li Lan looked at Elder Long with a deep gaze and smiled, “However, I still need Elder Long to teach Dong’er more.”

Elder Long nodded his head and smiled lightly.

With that, he waved his hand, signalling for Kunlun and Fan Lu to retreat for the time being.

Only after the two walked out of the living room did Elder Long then ask meaningfully, “Madam, are you really not going to tell Young Master?”

Li Lan smiled bitterly, “It’s been many years in the past, old sesame seeds, why bother Dong’er?”

Long Lao stroked his beard and said in a low voice, “This is a time and a place, has it ever occurred to you, Madam, that the young master is now growing step by step, and in the future, the tree will attract a lot of attention?”

Li Lan’s expression was stunned.

Her eyes flickered a few times and suddenly became obscure.

In the living room, there was silence to listen to the needles.

Long Lao looked at Li Lan with deep eyes, waiting quietly.

Half a day later.

A sigh from Li Lan rang out in the living room.

“The cause of the former, the effect of the former, back then when he was gone, they bullied us orphans and widows, I put up with it all.”

Li Lan’s voice carried an indescribable sound of exhaustion and helplessness, “Let’s leave it at that for now, I have dragged Dong’er down quite a bit these past few years, now it’s rare to make things easier for him.”

“Alas …… it is good that Madam has decided.” Long Lao smile some helpless, “just old slave worry that madam’s tolerance, will provoke people to take an inch, but now young master grow up, and have the old master in, believe that those people, can not turn over the waves.”


The night went on without a word.

The next morning, when the sun was rising, a news story was released.

A news item, as if it were a heavy bomb, hit the city.

“Today, the city’s Zun Long Real Estate will sign an equity transfer with Dingtai Real Estate, and Zun Long Zhou, the boss of Zun Long Real Estate, said that he would transfer sixty percent of Zun Long Real Estate’s shares to Dingtai Chen Dong!”

The news came out and rocked the city.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

After the news broke yesterday that Chen Dong had a banner pulled downstairs in the company, there was no shortage of good people who used the fastest speed to find out that the person pulling the banner was Zun Long Real Estate.

There were even people who were already singing the praises of Dingtai and Chen Dong at the time.

But no one expected that only after the first foot of the momentum was like water and fire, and after a night’s sleep, how come the equity was transferred?

And sixty percent of the equity, this is undoubtedly Zhou Zunlong selling the company!

Doubtful at the same time, people quickly realised a very crucial issue.

That is, today’s Chen Dong is not only the owner of Dingtai, but also the owner of Zun Long Real Estate.

With the two real estate companies together, wouldn’t they be the number one in the city?

With the press release, public opinion was in the air.

The topic of the shantytown renovation project in the western part of the city once again became the talk of everyone in the city.

With the existence of Zun Long Real Estate, the second largest real estate company in the city, no one would question whether the West Side Shantytown Renovation Project was still risky or not, and there was even a vague momentum of starting to rise.

At the same time, with the City West shantytown renovation project in place, Zun Long Real Estate, which is also under Chen Dong’s banner, saw its share price drifting red as soon as the stock market opened in the morning.

The Din Tai Company was abuzz with people.

All the employees were red in the face and were in a state of shock.

When the news was released, it took everyone by surprise.

Xiao Ma was so shocked that his heart felt as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

Compared to ordinary employees, he had heard the words Chen Dong had said yesterday with his own ears.

“Sign a contract, the property prices in the west of the city will still have to go up.”

Words that were so calm that they were spoken almost casually were like thunderclaps when Xiao Ma recalled them at this moment.

This made Xiao Ma feel the urge to rush into the office and kneel down in front of Chen Dong and worship him.

My God!

How on earth did Dong do that?

In the office, the employees outside were heard to be talking.

Chen Dong smiled faintly, but his right hand was gently sliding the computer mouse.

On the computer screen, what was displayed was the share price trend of Zun Long Real Estate.

In just half an hour of opening, the momentum of red drifting kept pulling up, a completely straight red line.

He owned sixty percent of Zun Long Real Estate, which meant that his fortune had skyrocketed along with this red line!

Only, this joy didn’t last long.

A phone call, however, caused Chen Dong to instantly reveal a look of boredom.

The call …… was from Wang Nan Nan.