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Campus Master Chapter 43-44


Chapter 43

Xu Mo smiled and said, “Please don’t worry, Miss Xiao, nothing will go wrong, the vast majority of students here can swim and we don’t go to places with deep water!”

Xiao Yuxuan then nodded slightly and said, “Be sure to be careful, it’s easy to have problems in the water. Go watch the net -.7-K–o-m.”

Xu Mo smiled faintly and suddenly said, “Ee? There’s a lottery spot there, Teacher Xiao, Tong Lei, let’s go and try our luck!”

“I won’t go, I’ve never had that kind of luck, you guys go play, I’ll just chat with Tong Lei here!” Xiao Yuxuan smiled and politely declined.

Xu Mo then couldn’t help but be a little disappointed and turned to Ji Feng who was also not swimming in the water next to him and asked with a smile, “Ji Feng, why don’t we go over together, you just got a 10,000 dollar bonus, just take out a few dollars to have a little fun, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“Have a little fun?”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile and said, “Although I know I don’t have the luck and I don’t approve of wasting it, but since Cla*s President Xu has invited me, I naturally can’t refuse to give face, so let’s just have a little fun!”

In his heart, he was sneering, it looked like Xu Mo’s fox’s tail was about to be revealed. However, it was only to buy a few lottery tickets, which would cost at most a dozen dollars, if it was in the past Ji Feng might have considered it, but now, he could afford it!

“However, buying a lottery ticket may not be cashed on the spot, and we don’t know when the prize will be drawn, so there’s no point in buying it, so why don’t we buy scratchers and play!” Xu Mo suddenly said with a smile, “This kind of scratch game is interesting, it’s purely based on personal luck, and it’s not expensive either, it’s only a few dollars a piece, how about that?”

Ji Feng was just about to speak when he felt someone touch his back, he immediately knew it was Tong Lei, because according to the orientation of the station, the only one who could secretly touch himself without being discovered by Xu Mo was Tong Lei’s position. .com

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

However, Ji Feng nodded with a smile and said, “Fine, I’m not very familiar with lotteries and the like, so I’ll just listen to everything as arranged by Cla*s President Xu!”

After going through the cruel training of the intelligent brain, Ji Feng was no longer the bratty kid who had low self-esteem and was prone to impulsiveness, not to mention anything else, just the cruel ‘body building exercises’ that he was able to endure had trained Ji Feng’s tough nerves.

“Alright then, let’s go over there!” Xu Mo smiled faintly and said, “Teacher Xiao, Tong Lei, Brother Zhang, let’s go over together, play casually, maybe we can win a few hundred dollars, it’s also considered pocket money!”

At that Ji Feng’s heart was a cold laugh, a few hundred dollars might be pocket money for Xu Mo, but for Ji Feng, it was a month or two of his living expenses!

“In that case, then let’s all go over and take a look!” Xiao Yuxuan said with a smile, at the same time, through these few short hours of observation, she also understood Ji Feng’s relationship with Xu Mo, apparently, this brother she had just recognized was not on too good terms with Xu Mo!

The five of them arrived at the lottery spot in front of them, because the place was a bit desolate, plus it was now a hot midday, so at this moment, the only person inside the lottery spot was the fat boss lying on a rocking chair and dozing off.

“Boss, don’t sleep, business is coming!” Xu Mo shouted violently, that boss suddenly jolted and hurriedly sat up, when he looked clearly, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “Sorry, it was too hot, so I took a nap.”

“Oh, don’t sleep, boss, get us some scratchers!” Xu Mo said with a smile.

The fat boss immediately nodded at his words and said with a smile on his face, “Yes, there are several kinds of scratchers, ranging from two to ten dollars a piece, I don’t know what kind you all want?”

“Give me the ten dollar one, the higher the price, the higher the winnings!” Xu Mo waved his big hand, looking wise as he turned his head again and asked Ji Feng, “Ji Feng, which one do you want?”

Ji Feng pondered slightly, from the moment Xu Mo first entered the lottery spot, he could see the problem.

No matter who else it was, if he was rashly woken up from a dream and was suddenly drinking heavily, his face would not look too good. But this fat boss was just full of smiles, an oddity that others didn’t notice, but Ji Feng, who had long been wary of Xu Mo, did.

It seems that this fat boss definitely knows Xu Mo, could there be something fishy between these two?

Thinking of this, Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “I want ten dollars a piece as well, the same as Cla*s President Xu!”

“Ji Feng, you ……” said Tong Lei, who followed in, worried: “Just play casually, don’t get addicted to it, there are so many people buying lottery tickets, but how many can really win? ”

Ji Feng smiled and nodded his head, saying, “Don’t worry, I have a sense of proportion!”

Since this fat boss knew Xu Mo, it was impossible for Ji Feng not to be on guard, he had already decided to stop as soon as he saw that the momentum was not right, he was not going to act like an ingrate and be casually tricked by Xu Mo!

The fat boss took out a stack of scratchers from the counter and said with a smile, “Here are all ten pieces, this little brother, you can take your pick!”

Saying that, he took out another stack and put it in front of Xu Mo, laughing, “You can also pick whatever you want!”

Seeing this action of the fat boss, Ji Feng immediately raised his eyebrows, although this fat boss seemed to be unintentionally giving a stack of scratchers to each of the two people, allowing Ji Feng and Xu Mo to pick at will, but in reality Ji Feng noticed that the scratchers in front of him and Xu Mo were not taken out from the same cabinet!

The first time I saw it, I was able to see through the silver pulp that covered the scratch area.

Thinking of this, Ji Feng’s heart thumped. If he could see through it,…… he suddenly found that he seemed to have found the easiest way to make money, and, this road only he alone could take, no second person would ever know. And, it was sensible and legal!

Forcing his heart to almost shout out with joy, Ji Feng brushed his fingers over the stack of scratchers in front of him, while concentrating on it.

However, the result left Ji Feng stunned.

It wasn’t because he couldn’t see through the silver paste covering the scratching area, in fact, it was the opposite, the silver paste covering was nothing at all, he just concentrated a little and his gaze easily penetrated the silver paste covering area.

However, underneath the silver pulp covered area, there was no prize!

Ji Feng had flipped through dozens of scratchers, and the most of them, only had a prize of five dollars!


Chapter 44

For this scratch-off, Ji Feng still heard of it, the rules are actually very simple, the buyer scratch off the silver pulp covered area, there are a total of several of the same scratch-off areas on it, just like this one scratch-off lottery ticket in your hand, there are six scratch-off areas on it. According to the rules, if three numbers are the same, then the prize will be won.

If less than three numbers are the same, then no prize is won.

Ji Feng followed this rule one by one, only to find that the stack of scratch tickets in front of him were all without prizes? The most one of them only had a bonus of five dollars!

…… This is simply a joke!

The game was a scam, or maybe it was just that very few of them won, and most of the tickets had no prizes. Or was it just that the stack of tickets in front of him had no prize, while Xu Mo’s stack had a prize?

For the lottery or some of these things about scratching, Ji Feng had heard of some of the dark secrets.

For example, there was a news story on TV that a certain person had inadvertently bought a lottery ticket and won more than one million dollars and a car. But the lottery centre ignored it, thinking that the lottery ticket was a fake. It is definitely possible to get more fish, Ji Feng, ah, you have to learn from it!”

Ji Feng’s eyebrows furrowed, the lottery tickets in front of both of them were one or two hundred, based on ten dollars a piece, it was one or two thousand dollars, what did Xu Mo want?

Seeing Ji Feng’s expression, Xu Mo couldn’t help but laugh, “Ji Feng, you’re afraid you won’t win, right? What is there to be afraid of? Didn’t you just win a $10,000 bonus, so it’s not a big deal to give out a couple of thousand dollars, right? How about this, I’ll buy it first, you watch me scratch it, if you think it’s okay, you can buy it again, if not, then forget it, how about that?”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and said, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll trouble Cla*s Leader Xu to bring me some good luck, or Cla*s Leader Xu will treat me first!”

Since he knew that Xu Mo had no good intentions, Ji Feng naturally wouldn’t fall for it so easily, he made up his mind to see if the stack in front of Xu Mo was a bonus or not!

Xu Mo laughed and said to the fat boss, “Boss, let’s check how many of these are in total first, and then settle the bill at the end, can we?”

The fat boss laughed and said, “Of course you can, seeing as you’re all students, I’m sure you students won’t renege on the bill!”

Hearing this, Xu Mo couldn’t help but laugh, “Still you boss know how to do business, let’s see how my luck is now!”

With that, he picked up a bamboo stick on the table and began to scratch the silver pulp covered scratch area one by one.

As a result, the first one was scratched and no prize was won.

The second one was scratched and won two pieces. The third one was scratched and he won five pieces.

For the next few sheets, Xu Mo won successively, mostly some twenty or thirty dollars, not much of a jackpot, but this already made him laugh out loud, “Looks like my luck is pretty good, I’ve won several hundred dollars in a flash!”

Ji Feng frowned as he watched from the side, through these few lottery tickets he could conclude that the tricks this fat boss was playing were simply the same as the tricks the lottery centre was playing as stated in the news.

Obviously, this fat boss had taken the easy-to-win lottery tickets to Xu Mo and given the ones without prizes to himself!

If he didn’t have perspective, when he saw that Xu Mo had won so many prizes, he wouldn’t have been able to resist paying for the stack of lottery tickets in front of him, and then he would have lost a couple of thousand dollars!

This one or two thousand dollars might not be much for someone like Xu Mo, but for himself, it would be a huge expense, and Ji Feng would definitely be heartbroken by then.

What a vicious tactic!

Ji Feng sneered, this Xu Mo must have figured out his family’s situation, so he used this method to hit himself. He also suspected that Xu Mo’s tactics were not only that, he would have a follow-up plan.

Thinking of this, Ji Feng’s heart immediately surged with anger and his face became even more gloomy.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Feng smiled back in anger, “Boss, all the patterns on my side are too ugly, bring me some more again, since Cla*s President Xu’s luck is so good, I’ll buy some more too, huh!”

“Ji Feng, you should pay attention!” Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei said in unison next to each other, the two women looked at each other and both noticed some shyness in each other’s eyes and couldn’t help but shut their mouths at the same time.

Ji Feng, however, shook his head slightly, turned his head to give the two women a rea*suring look and laughed: “Don’t worry, since Cla*s President Xu’s luck is so good, then it should be okay for him to eat meat and me to follow and drink soup, right? Oh!”

Upon hearing this, that boss exchanged a look with Xu Mo without a trace and laughed, “Good, I’ll get them again for you, I have them all here in whatever pattern you want!”

With that, he brought up a small box from under the table, and inside was a box of lottery tickets neatly arranged in rows, several thousand of them.