Campus Master Chapter 77-78

Chapter 77

On the first day of winter vacation, Ji Feng got up early and helped his mother ride a rickshaw to the wholesale vegetable and fruit market. After wholesaling some common vegetables, Ji Feng pedaled his mother again and went to the vegetable market.

The reason is that the stalls in the vegetable market have to pay a fixed management fee and some taxes every year, almost a two-meter wide stall will cost at least a thousand yuan a year. This thousand yuan was definitely not a small amount for Ji Feng’s family.

In order to save this money, Xiao Sumei, Ji Feng’s mother, could only set up a stall to sell vegetables on the outermost street side of the market. Moreover, because there was no stall, she could only open the back door of her tricycle and use it as a stall.

In this way, in case of bad weather with wind and rain, she can only sell vegetables while holding an umbrella, and because the vehicle is not big, the kind of large fixed sunshade cannot be fixed at all, so it cannot be used.

Imagine if it was in winter, the cold wind was as cold as a knife, but there was not even a shelter here, how painful it would be.

Every time he thought of this, Ji Feng had a sourness in his heart that he couldn’t help.

The car was braked and fixed on the side of the street, and Ji Feng grabbed the dishes and set them up so that pa*sersby could see clearly what was on offer when they walked past.

The first time I saw him, I was happy to see that he was a good son and that he already knew how to care for himself.

After finishing everything, Ji Feng took out two small benches from the front of the car and said with a smile, “Mom, you can sit down, I’ll sell the vegetables today, you can just watch from the side.”

Xiao Sumei could not help but laugh: “Forget it, let you sell vegetables, still not lose money ah. .com Feng’er, watch from the side, if mum is too busy, you can give a hand.”

Ji Feng could only smile bitterly and nod his head, it seems that mum still doesn’t trust herself.

Because of the early arrival, there were not many people on the street at this time, so Ji Feng accompanied his mother in a casual conversation.

When it came to Ji Feng’s studies, Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile, “Mom, just don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get a famous university back, either one in Yanjing or Jiangzhou.”

When Xiao Su Mei heard the word ‘Yanjing’, her heart skipped a few times, an unnatural look flashed across her eyes, and she subconsciously gathered her hair together, looking unnatural.

“Good, good, it better be a school in Jiangzhou, it’s an international metropolis, ah, studying there, naturally, you can also grow in knowledge!” Xiao Su Mei forced a smile.

Ji Feng immediately noticed his mother’s unnatural look, he frowned slightly, thinking that his mother was worried about where to pay the tuition fees for college, so he couldn’t help but laugh, “Mom, let me tell you a good news, it is said that our school seems to have some kind of public welfare fund from this year onwards, which is specially for children who can’t afford to go to school. And ah, now you can get a student loan to go to university, you don’t have to spend money when you go to university, you just have to work after you graduate and pay the money back!”

“That’s good, that’s good!” Xiao Su Mei nodded her head repeatedly.

With a smile, Ji Feng turned around and went to put the vegetables in place. As the weather was rather cold, a layer of white ice formed on the vegetables in no time, which had to be turned from time to time, otherwise, the vegetables would be frozen.

Looking at her son’s concentrated look, Xiao Sumei couldn’t help a complex look flashing in her eyes and sighed softly in her heart: “Silly boy, what kind of public welfare fund is it that people without any background like us can get? Haven’t you seen that the so-called public welfare housing in the county is occupied by relatives of big leaders? Ordinary people like us, who have no background, no money and nothing, can’t get any benefits.”

“Grandpa, you’re up so early to exercise? Look at how fresh the celery is, have some?” Ji Feng smilingly greeted the people on the roadside, if people who didn’t know saw it, they would definitely think that he and this old man were acquaintances, or at least neighbours. But in reality, this was just a stranger, Ji Feng just wanted to sell it early and didn’t want his mother to continue suffering in this bitter cold wind.

The old man had already walked over, but when he heard Ji Feng’s hawking, he couldn’t help but back off again and said with a smile, “Young man, so diligent, helping your mother sell vegetables!”

Ji Feng smiled and nodded, “Grandpa really has a good eye, nothing can be hidden from you, but you’re in better health, it’s rare that you can still get up so early and look so good in such cold weather. Would you like a pound of celery? Look, this spinach is not bad either!”

“Yes! Good!” The old man’s face showed a smile at Ji Feng’s words. With his lifetime of experience, how could he not see that the young man in front of him was handsome, with clear eyes and a sweet mouth, and the most crucial thing was that he could pull his face down to yell.

The old man couldn’t help but shake his head when he thought about his untalented grandson. If his grandson was half as good as the young man in front of him, he could worry less.

“Five pounds of spinach and two pounds of celery!” The old man said, “It’s almost New Year’s Eve anyway, these vegetables can be eaten for a while, and the celery can also be used to make dumpling fillings.”

With a broad smile on his face, Ji Feng, unable to speak to his mother, skillfully took out a handy bag and filled it with vegetables for the old man and put it on the electronic scale, and the weight was surprisingly no different from what the old man had said.

“Young man, you’re so good?” The old man said in surprise.

Ji Feng smiled slightly and handed the dish to the old man, “It’s nothing, just being skilled, huh.”

“Young man, not bad, really good!” The old man paid and didn’t even haggle over the price like those customers did in the past, so he praised it before walking away with a smile.

“How about it, mum, do you think I’m okay?” Ji Feng asked with a smile.

Xiao Su Mei couldn’t help but be lost in thought for a while, and only after a long time did she say with relief, “Feng’er, you’ve grown up!”

Ji Feng smiled, “Mom, I had grown up, or else how about this, I’ll cover for you during this winter holiday, so you can rest at home in peace for a while, just as an opportunity for me to do my filial duty, okay?”

“You child!” Xiao Su Mei couldn’t help but laugh, “Mum is not too old to move, how can you still do your filial duty? It’s better for mum to come, there are a lot of familiar customers here to buy food, you don’t know them!”

Ji Feng nodded and smiled back, in fact, when it came to selling vegetables, he was still not as experienced as his mother.

Looking at her son’s already slightly upright body, Xiao Su Mei couldn’t help but secretly grit her teeth, “No matter what, I must let Feng’er go to university, but never to Yanjing, preferably to Jiangzhou. If I really don’t have money, I can’t give up my face and go to that heartless man to let Feng’er go to university!”


Chapter 78

Ji Feng didn’t pay attention to his mother’s expression at this time, because another customer came to buy food and he had to be busy weighing others. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

After a busy morning, under Ji Feng’s enthusiastic shouting, a car of almost four or five hundred catties of vegetables was sold, surprisingly more than half of them, surprising Xiao Su Mei.

You know, it’s a big winter, in the morning, except for those who have to go to work, in this small county of Mang Shi County, few people get up so early. Moreover, even if they did get up, most of them would be in a hurry to go to work and would only ask about the price of the vegetables at most when they walked along the roadside, and very few people would buy them.

But now, the vegetables were selling so fast, which was a miracle.

But soon Xiao Soumei realised that it was because of her son’s enthusiastic yo-yo and his big smile that people who were going to work couldn’t help but buy all the vegetables for lunch.

Xiao Su Mei heart can’t help but be very pleased that her son has finally grown up, and, even business is better than herself.

Looking at her son, who was not afraid of the cold and was constantly putting up vegetables in the cold wind, Xiao Sumei could not help but feel sour in her heart. I blame myself for being incapable and letting my son suffer along with me, otherwise, now Ji Feng should be lying at home in a warm bed, reading a book or watching TV, enjoying a rare winter vacation, just like other people of his age.

However, now, because of herself, he could only suffer in this cold wind. When she thought of this, Xiao Su Mei could not help but feel sorrowful in her heart and almost shed tears. She hurriedly turned away as if nothing had happened, afraid that her son would see the crystal tears in her eyes.

As she turned around, a black Toyota car came down the street.

As the black Toyota drove past, it then surprisingly reversed back. Immediately afterwards, the car window came down, revealing a face that gave Ji Feng déjà vu.

“This big sister, do you want to buy vegetables? Look at this celery, how fresh ……” Ji Feng grinned, but before he could finish his words, he saw a look of disdain flash across the eyes of the somewhat familiar woman in the car and turned her head away.

“Xue Hui, this is the poor boy who once pursued you with a deadpan face?” The woman driving the car turned her head with extreme disdain to look at a girl sitting in the pa*senger seat. .com

Only then did Ji Feng see that the one sitting in the pa*senger seat was his cla*smate and former girlfriend – Hu Xuehui!

His face instantly changed, how could he have not expected to meet Hu Xuethui in such a situation, and listening to the words of the woman driving the car, it was obvious that she was extremely disdainful. Ji Feng himself was fine, he had suffered all kinds of grievances. However, if he let his mother suffer because of this, he was definitely not willing to do so.

“Yes, sister, look at his poor look, selling vegetables is selling vegetables, he doesn’t even have the money to rent a stall, and he still wants to chase me, it’s really ridiculous!” Hu Xuehui’s sneering voice came over, her tone did not hide her disgust and contempt for Ji Feng.

The woman driving the car laughed contemptuously and turned her head to look at Ji Feng, saying in an unkind tone, “Ji Feng is it, I am Hu Xuehui’s sister, if you dare to pester my sister again, I will definitely not spare you lightly. Look at what you look like, riding a tricycle, selling vegetables, you are simply a genuine farmer, where can you be worthy of my sister?”

Ji Feng’s eyebrows furrowed and he didn’t say anything. He really wanted to know how a person could become so fast, just a year ago, Hu Xuehui was still making a mountainous vow to him, of course, he had already looked past it now and knew how to live a spontaneous life. However, the rapid change in Hu Xuehui’s attitude still made it difficult for him to understand.

Only, this difficulty in understanding now has become an attitude of looking at things from a stranger’s point of view. When the words ‘illegitimate son’ were uttered from Hu Xuehui’s mouth on the first day of school half a year ago, she was put on the blacklist in Ji Feng’s mind, and since then, they had been strangers, not interfering with each other.

But now, apparently, Hu Xuehui’s sister had come to warn herself again, really …… Ji Feng shook his head and did not say anything.

However, after hearing these words, Xiao Sumei sank her face.

She turned around and looked at Hu Xuethui and her sister in the car and said in a cold voice, “Who are you people and why are you insulting my son for no reason?”

“Humph! Insulting?”

Hu Xuethui’s sister grunted disdainfully, “You should ask your son what he has done, he is pestering my sister so much that she can barely go to school, and you still have the nerve to protect your son?”

Xiao Su Mei’s face was calm, just staring quietly at Hu Xuehui’s sister.

Although it was in the midst of a bitterly cold wind, Xiao Su Mei really seemed like a proudly dripping plum blossom in the midst of a snowstorm, with an ineffable noble aura that made people dare not look directly at her.

“This girl, what my son is like, I know better than anyone, he is absolutely impossible to pester anyone with his dead skin, I think, there should be some misunderstanding.”

Xiao Sumei said indifferently, “But to open your mouth and denigrate others and insult them, don’t you think it’s a bit vulgar?”

Xiao Sumei was dressed plainly and was a vegetable seller. However, at this moment, she actually had an inexplicable noble aura about her, as if she was a noble noblewoman of a large family, with a kind of majesty, and an aura of a superior person, so that Hu Xuehui’s sister actually did not dare to look at her.

“Anyway, just mind your son anyway!” Hu Xuethui’s sister muttered with some fear in her heart.


At this moment, the car door slammed open, followed by a fat-headed man stepping out of the car. This man was almost forty years old or so and had an arrogant expression on his face, looking as if he was a megalomaniac.

“You P***y, how dare you talk about my wife? Do you know who I am?” The man pointed at Hu Xuehui’s sister, “Apologize to my wife immediately.”

Ji Feng’s face instantly sank, “It’s your turn to apologise to my mother!”

“D*mn it, you’ve got it backwards, I’ll beat you to death!” As soon as the words left his mouth, the fat-headed man threw a punch.


The next moment, his fist was surprisingly caught by Ji Feng, and no matter how hard the man tried, he couldn’t break free.

Ji Feng said with a gloomy face, “Apologize, or else you won’t be able to keep your hand!”

After saying that, he gradually pushed harder.

The man’s eyes immediately widened and then his face turned red, the pain in his hand made him tremble and he could barely speak.

“Yes, I’m sorry!” The man said with difficulty.

Xiao Su Mei, however, didn’t even look at him and just said indifferently, “Feng’er, let go of him, fighting with this kind of person will disgrace your status.”

Ji Feng nodded and let go of the man.

Afterwards, Ji Feng looked at the surprised Hu Xuehui in the car and shook his head slightly, “Hu Xuehui, you should know better than anyone what happened between the two of us, and you yourself know better whether I have been pestering you or not. However, no matter what, you shouldn’t have said this today. You can insult me all you want, it’s only my own fault that I was blind and didn’t see your true colours clearly in the first place. However, your sister shouldn’t have insulted my mother, so let’s forget about today, but if there is a next time, humph!”

The man pointed at Ji Feng with some colorfulness, “Kid, you wait!”

After saying that, he hurriedly got into the car, afraid that Ji Feng would hit him again.

Hu Xuehui, on the other hand, had a somewhat changeable face, not knowing what she was thinking.

“Get lost!” Ji Feng snorted coldly.

Hu Xuethui’s sister was immediately startled and hurriedly drove away.

Ji Feng turned his head full of apologies and looked at his mother, “Mom, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.”

Xiao Su Mei smiled and shook her head, patted her son’s head and said, “Feng’er, it’s not your fault, remember, you’re mum’s son, mum is proud of you!”

The cold wind blew, Ji Feng hurried his eyes were a little wet, tears flowed on his face, cold and icy.

He looked at the direction Hu Xuehui and the others were leaving and secretly gritted his teeth.

Hu Xuehui, you can insult me all you want, but, you have insulted my mother, I will make you pay for it, for sure!