Campus Master Chapter 45-46

Chapter 45

Looking at the whole box of lottery tickets in front of him, which had every kind of pattern, but the prices were all the same, all ten dollars a piece, Ji Feng’s brow was slowly relaxed, casually taking out a stack from the box and waving them one by one in front of his eyes, the results made his brow furrow again. Go to see the net .

This stack, again, had no prize!

“Boss, are these all the lottery tickets now?” Ji Feng asked indifferently.

“That’s right, business is cold here, so I didn’t stock more, I only bought one box!” The fat boss said, “If I had known that you two were so generous, I would have stocked more, huh!”

Ji Feng glanced towards that fat boss, smiled faintly and said, “Boss, these are all ten pieces, but I’m not really satisfied with these patterns, are there any other kinds?”

The fat boss was dumbfounded, then laughed, “Of course there are, but those are two and five pieces, the maximum prize is only 30,000, this ten pieces of lottery tickets, the maximum prize is a full 100,000!”

Ji Feng laughed and said, “I don’t have that kind of luck, I wouldn’t dare to think about 100,000, I’d be satisfied if I could earn a few dollars to pay for my way back. All right, I’ll take the two pieces, boss, bring out both of them!”

The fat boss’s face changed slightly and subconsciously glanced at Xu Mo beside Ji Feng, secretly grumbling in his heart.

In fact, Ji Feng’s guess was not bad at all, this fat boss was indeed someone Xu Mo knew.

The Mang Shi Mountain scenic area has just started to develop, and he dared to open a shop here. If he said he didn’t have insider information, I’m afraid no one would believe him.

In fact, this fat boss does have information, and he is also a distant relative of the Xu family, and gave a lot of gifts to Xu Mo’s old man, which led to this news and the opening of this shop. .com Subsequently, after the news of the development of the scenic area was officially announced, the property prices here immediately rose, and in fact, if the house was sold alone, the fat boss made a full profit of more than 100,000.

It is also because of this relationship that Xu Mo thought of teaming up with the fat boss to yank Ji Feng’s hand.

Because Xu Mo investigated very clearly, Ji Feng has nothing, his family is even more so, even Ji Feng’s mother Xiao Su Mei is still riding a tricycle selling vegetables, Ji Feng’s family’s life can be imagined how to live.

Looking at Ji Feng getting close to Tong Lei and suddenly becoming a hero, and even getting a $10,000 bonus, the resentment in Xu Mo’s heart could be imagined. Therefore, he came up with an idea of what kind of mood Ji Feng should be in if he were to suddenly lose the $10,000 bonus he had received.

The thought of Ji Feng’s expression like his dead mother made Xu Mo feel secretly happy.

The fat boss naturally agreed to Xu Mo’s request in order to befriend the Xu family, and also introduced some of the hooks in the lottery with great effort, which led him to join hands with Xu Mo to set up such a scheme.

However, there is a premise to this plan, that is, only scratch tickets can be implemented in the fat boss’s place, the reason is very simple, if it is a general tourist, perhaps will buy some lottery tickets, because those tourists will certainly not just play for a day, after all, this place is being developed, later will build a one-stop service!

However, Ji Feng and the others came here to play and had to go back in one day, and they were all students, so naturally they couldn’t have much interest in lottery tickets, and only the instant buy scratch-off lottery could make Ji Feng pay for it before he could fall for it.

However, among these lottery tickets, only the ten dollar one has those catnip, the five dollar one is slightly better, as for the two dollar one, because the amount is too small and the risk of doing it is too big, so few people play catnip on these two dollar one scratchers.

At this moment, Ji Feng said he wanted two dollars a piece, which would undoubtedly make Xu Mo’s plan fall through.

However, Xu Mo didn’t know this, he didn’t know much about lotteries. What’s more, it was really hard to get Ji Feng whole.

First of all, with Zhang Lei’s defence, Xu Mo couldn’t use the official one against Ji Feng, otherwise, he could just arrange a few hooligans to fight with Ji Feng, and then have the police take Ji Feng away, by then, even if Ji Feng had a thousand mouths, he would have no defence.

But unfortunately, this trick could not be used because Zhang Lei’s words still worked better than Xu Mo’s.

Secondly, Xu Mo knew that Ji Feng was wary of himself, so if he was invited to do any activities alone, Ji Feng would definitely not go, so Xu Mo could only use the pretext of an outing to screw Ji Feng.

Everyone buys lottery tickets based on luck, even if Ji Feng loses when trousers, Zhang Lei can’t say anything, who can cheat on the lottery? At that time, even if Zhang Lei is the crown prince, he wouldn’t dare to mess around, otherwise, it would give others an excuse to attack the county party secretary, Tong Kai De, for not teaching his son well!

So sensing the fat boss’s hesitation, Xu Mo thought he wanted to back out and couldn’t help but glare at him without a trace, humming: “What, my friend wants to buy a scratch-off lottery and you’re still not willing to sell it, boss?”

The fat boss took a look at Xu Mo’s cold eyes, and immediately couldn’t help but feel a jump in his heart, he could only say with a stiff head, “This little brother, seeing that you are both students, I’d better tell you the truth, there is no point in playing the two pieces, most of them have no prizes. ”

Ji Feng, however, shook his head firmly and said, “No, I’ll just play the two-block ones, as long as I fancy the pattern, I have ten thousand dollars with me, I’ll buy them all!”

“Ji Feng!”

“Don’t be reckless!”

Two shouts of alarm rang out behind them, it was Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei, when they saw Ji Feng making such a bold statement and offering 10,000, they became anxious, thinking that Ji Feng was trying to compete with Xu Mo.

But Ji Feng couldn’t explain to them, he could only laugh and say, “Don’t worry, it’s just 10,000 yuan, it’s for nothing anyway, it doesn’t hurt to spend it!”

Xu Mo next to him was also startled, boy, what does this kid want, 10,000 in one mouth?

“Crazy man, don’t be impulsive!” Zhang Lei, who had been staring at Xu Mo from the side, seemed to have seen a bit of the doorway and whispered in Ji Feng’s ear, “The lottery is too risky, it’s better not to play!”

Ji Feng shook his head firmly and said, “Lei Zi, don’t say that, it’s just for fun, it’s okay!”

Zhang Lei frowned, usually Ji Feng was not so stubborn, what was wrong with him today, did he want to perform in front of Tong Lei or did he want to compete with Xu Mo?

The next Xu Mo’s heart was bursting with joy, since you Ji Feng was so determined to find death, it was the best thing ever.

So, Xu Mo immediately said, “Boss, don’t get the prize tickets for my cla*smate yet?!”

The fat boss wanted to explain, but he didn’t have a chance, the shop was air-conditioned, and he was even sweating profusely from the heat. In the end, he couldn’t resist Xu Mo’s icy stare, so he gritted his teeth and carried out three more boxes of raffle tickets from under the table.

“Here are all two of them, this little brother, good luck!” The fat boss said with a leathery smile, “Here are a total of three thousand lottery tickets, adding up to exactly six thousand dollars!”


Chapter 46

“Six thousand dollars is it?” Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “Good point, when I look at it as long as I feel satisfied, I will definitely pay as I see fit. Go see the net .”

With that, he then pulled out a stack of lottery tickets from the box and put them in front of his eyes and looked at them, his eyebrows were raised, the maximum prize for these two pieces was 30,000, he didn’t have any extravagant hopes for this 30,000, all he wanted to see was a prize among the lottery tickets, even if it was only two pieces.

And the lottery tickets in this box, just looking at the first lottery ticket, there was a two dollar bonus in it, and the next few, some had bonuses and some didn’t. Although the ratio was uncertain, there was no doubt that this box of lottery tickets had not been tampered with!

Ji Feng took the raffle tickets out of the box one by one, and he went through each stack roughly. After he had taken out all the raffle tickets and put them on the table, he probably had a plan in his heart, this box of raffle tickets would definitely not lose money even if he bought them all.

Those with bonuses accounted for a third of them, and there were quite a few of them that were ten or even fifty dollars. This meant that just these ‘large’ prizes alone were already over six thousand dollars.

However, since he already knew that Xu Mo and this fat boss had teamed up to trick him, there was no way that Ji Feng would be so generous as to buy all of the lottery tickets.

He frowned and said, “Boss, I’m not very satisfied with some of these lottery tickets, so I can pick them out, right? Don’t worry, I’ll pick out a couple of thousand lottery tickets at most, how about that?”

The boss’s face was a bit hesitant, and just as he was about to speak, he heard Zhang Lei next to him say, “What, boss, how you want to buy is our freedom, don’t you want to sell?”

The fat boss choked for a moment before nodding with a bitter smile, “Alas, the customer is God, since you have all said so, how can I say no, huh ……”

Although he was smiling, that smile was bitter, because he knew that no matter how many lottery tickets Ji Feng bought today, the task arranged by Xu Mo would definitely not be completed, since that was the case, why should he care how many lottery tickets Ji Feng bought?

Ji Feng secretly gave a thumbs up to Zhang Lei, nodded his head and spread out all those lottery tickets on the table at once, his eyes staring dead on. .com

At once, the silver paste covering the scratching area on the lottery tickets clearly appeared in front of Ji Feng’s eyes.

Zhi~~! Zee~~!

Ji Feng tore off all those lottery tickets without prizes and put them back into the box. He was so fast that before the fat boss could react, nearly half of the lottery tickets were put back into the box, and the rest, probably a thousand or less than two thousand, were spread out on the table.

Ji Feng checked carefully and smiled, “Boss, the ones I’m not satisfied with, are eleven hundred in total, the rest, should be one thousand nine hundred, which is three thousand eight hundred dollars, right?”

When Ji Feng was tearing off the lottery tickets, the boss had been checking the number of sheets, so he was very clear about the number of tickets in the box.

“Then I’ll start scratching the lottery!” Ji Feng looked at the fat boss with a smirk, turned his head and smiled, “Teacher Xiao, Tong Lei, Lei Zi, come over and help me scratch, there are so many lottery tickets, if I scratch them alone, I’m afraid I won’t be able to finish them by this time tomorrow!”

Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei were stunned, and Tong Lei said in a panic, “Ji Feng, you, you have to be careful!”

Xiao Yuxuan nodded slightly and echoed, “Yes Ji Feng, this is more than three thousand dollars, you must be cautious!”

In this small county, although the consumption was not too low, more than three thousand yuan was still a considerable amount of money for a high school student. And from the clothes Ji Feng was wearing, Yu Xuan could tell that Ji Feng’s family was not rich, and this amount of money was definitely not a small amount for him.

Just at this moment, Xu Mo next to him suddenly laughed out loud, “Aha, I’m really lucky today, I always have bonuses!”

He proudly shook the lottery ticket in his hand and said, “Boss, here’s a total of three thousand dollars in prize money!”

Saying that, he turned his head to look at Ji Feng and said rather smugly, “Ji Feng, my luck is good today, I just don’t know if you can follow suit and dip your luck, maybe you can win a bit of money too!”

Ji Feng frowned slightly, but his face was smiling, saying, “Maybe I can really get some of Cla*s President Xu’s luck, huh, Teacher Xiao, Cla*s President, you guys come over and help me scratch together!”

Saying that, Ji Feng picked up the bamboo stick from the table that was specifically for scratching prizes and handed it to Xiao Yuxuan’s trio.

After a moment’s hesitation, Xiao Yuxuan and the others also went forward and casually picked up the lottery tickets and scratched them.


Just after scratching the first one, Tong Lei suddenly shouted in surprise, “Ji Feng, I’ve won this one!”

The smile on Xu Mo’s face froze, and when he saw that the lottery ticket in Tong Lei’s hand was nothing more than a five dollar prize, he snorted out another laugh, “Ji Feng, although the cla*s president has luck, but five dollars compared to your capital, huh ……”

Since Ji Feng had already started scratching the prize, Xu Mo was not worried about him returning not to buy again, and his nature was suddenly revealed, smugly sarcastic.

Ji Feng laughed and did not say anything, just continued to scratch the lottery.

“I’ve won the lottery too!” Xiao Yuxuan said in surprise, “It’s fifty dollars!”

The smile on Xu Mo’s face froze again and he frowned, a fifty dollar prize appearing on a two dollar a piece lottery ticket would be a bit surprising, especially when it was two winners in a row, was Ji Feng’s luck really that good?

However, when Ji Feng scratched the lottery ticket in his hand, he smiled faintly, “My luck is bad, there is no prize on this one!”

Xu Mo’s mood immediately calmed down again and he laughed, “Ji Feng, it looks like your luck is not so good, but Teacher Xiao and Tong Lei’s luck is good, don’t forget to treat yourself later!”

Zhang Lei’s brow furrowed, the sarcasm in Xu Mo’s words could be heard even by a fool, he coldly glared at Xu Mo and secretly decided in his heart that as long as Ji Feng had fallen today, he would make sure Xu Mo knew what would happen if he challenged his own brother!

However, when he scratched the lottery ticket in his hand, he was suddenly stunned, “Crazy, I have …… here”

Everyone’s eyes looked towards Zhang Lei, and when they saw the lottery ticket in his hand, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but stare.


Tong Lei shrieked and hurriedly covered her small mouth, but her eyes could not help but look towards the lottery ticket in Zhang Lei’s hand, the three identical patterns corresponded to a number that was quite surprising: “Five thousand!”

A five, followed by three zeros!

There was no doubt that this was a jackpot of five thousand, and in a two dollar a piece lottery ticket, five thousand was definitely a jackpot!

Seeing this number, Xu Mo’s face instantly turned iron blue.