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Campus Master Chapter 75-76

Chapter 75

The three words “full of stars” are used in a billiard match to describe a side that has been won by an opponent and, while all of his opponent’s balls have gone into the holes, none of his balls have been used and seven balls have been skimmed off the table. Go to see the net .

This was the situation at hand, Ji Feng scored seven goals in one breath, and there was hardly any pause in between, the action was as fluid as if those balls deserved to be scored as a matter of course, and it could not have felt more normal to anyone, because his skill, his strength, was enough to play such cla*sic good shots.

He Dong, however, was in an awkward situation.

Seven balls on the table, with the same pattern, looked alone, like seven lonely geese that had strayed from the flock, so harsh, so unpleasant to look at.

From the start of this set until now, He Dong hadn’t touched the mother ball, and could only watch Ji Feng play.

However, this result still made him unable to accept it.

You know, even the president of that billiard a*sociation in his university days, that was still an absolute professional, couldn’t even hit a full star out in such a short time!

Because, there are a lot of uncertainties in billiards, such as opening the ball and maybe opening a dead game. Just like before, one of Ji Feng’s balls was so tightly surrounded by the other three balls that he couldn’t go for it at all.

In the opening game, with fifteen balls packed tightly together, even a person of the highest level would not be able to fully control the direction and landing point of all the balls.

Yet, Ji Feng did it.

Perhaps when he was playing, everyone marvelled at his technique and luck, but no one noticed that Ji Feng’s big picture view was even better than his technique, almost to the extreme.

Because, Ji Feng had the whole situation in his hands when the set first opened, he already knew everything, even where each ball would be hit, he already had a good idea. Having gone through the extraordinary training of the Super Agent Training System, doing all this could not have been easier for him. .com

However, if the inside story was made clear to others, I’m afraid none of them would believe it. There were fifteen balls on the table, sixteen in total if you add the mother ball.

It’s more difficult than ever to control where the balls go and where they stay, knowing that billiards is not only about the variables of ball-to-ball impact, but also about feel, strength, angle, cue and the external environment.

Otherwise, those who play in real international tournaments are all top players, but why do they play differently every time? This is the difference in form and therefore the difference in performance.

However, what others don’t know is that Ji Feng is a real player. When he played, it was as if he instantly entered the agent training system without any distractions, to the extent that even if someone was talking in his ear at this time, it absolutely could not affect him.

Every movement, even the strength of every muscle, Ji Feng could accurately grasp. Under such circumstances, if he still couldn’t control every ball, it would really be a waste of training.

“You ……” Looking at Ji Feng who had a smile on his face while holding his hand out, He Dong was instantly enraged, he then realized that his proud ball skills meant nothing in this teenager’s eyes.

“I’m really sorry, I won the second game, a thousand dollars!” Ji Feng said indifferently with a smile on his face, “Pay the money first and we’ll start the third game, don’t forget, we have a ten set agreement!”


He Dong coldly snorted, holding back the strong anger in his heart as he took out another thousand yuan from his wallet and handed it to Ji Feng, “Hillbilly, haven’t you ever seen money? You want it so urgently, am I going to cheat for this measly thousand dollars?”

“I certainly don’t dare to doubt Mr. He’s character, however, my own character is a bit poor, I can’t see money, or else I’d be red in the eyes. Oh ……” Ji Feng smiled faintly in a self-deprecating manner, “I also hope Mr. He doesn’t mind before!”

“Would I be common sense with a country bumpkin like you?” Having been won over to the fullest, He Dong was no longer speaking so politely and grunted disdainfully.

Ji Feng, however, said as if he hadn’t heard it and just smiled, “That couldn’t be better, let’s start the third game!”

In his heart, He Dong wanted to refuse, yet seeing the crowd of onlookers, who had all heard about his ten-set agreement with Ji Feng, and could not pull his face back, he had to take up his cue and play the third set with a stiff upper lip.

However, perhaps because of his anger, or perhaps because of the pressure Ji Feng had put on him, the third game had just kicked off and He Dong had surprisingly failed to score a single ball.

Ji Feng smiled faintly and picked up his cue.


The first ball with a big pattern went in.

Snap! Snap! Snap ……!

Next, Ji Feng didn’t give He Dong any chance until he scored the black eight, and Ji Feng only made six shots in total, two of which were two goals in one shot.

Another full house!

This time, He Dong’s face turned green.

And as if he didn’t notice, Ji Feng put his hand out again and said with a smile, “Sorry, another thousand dollars!”

He Dong’s hand shook violently, but looking at the crowd gathered around him, he could only take the money out with a stiff upper lip.

According to the rule of taking turns to open the ball, it was Ji Feng’s turn to open the ball in the fourth game, and he didn’t even ask He Dong if he wanted to continue playing before he opened the ball.

“Snap! Snap! Pop ……”

Another full house, and in the fourth set, Ji Feng finished the game.

And next, the fifth game, the sixth sentence, Ji Feng still did not leave the slightest chance for He Dong, except for the fifth game when He Dong opened the ball and scored one, the rest, he did not score a single ball. By the sixth sentence, it was another full house!

Taking the money from He Dong’s hand, Ji Feng smiled and asked, “Mr. He, it’s the seventh inning oh, do you want to continue playing?”

“Ji Feng!”

Before He Dong could speak, Xiao Yuxuan, who had been silent next to him, suddenly spoke up.

She looked at Ji Feng with a complicated expression and said softly, “Don’t continue the fight, give me face, okay?”

“Shut up!”

He Dong roared furiously, as if his tail had been stepped on, and stormed out, “I don’t need a woman to plead for me yet, humph!”

After saying that, he slammed his cue to the ground and left without looking back.

Xiao Yuxuan’s face changed, then she gave Ji Feng an extremely complicated look and also turned around to follow him.

“Pah pah pah!”

The crowd gathered around could not help but applaud, they had seen a duel of a lifetime today, or to be precise, a personal performance by Ji Feng. The kind of ball skills that could almost be described as out-of-this-world, absolutely unforgettable and breathtaking!

“Crazy man, well done!” Zhang Lei’s face was red with excitement as he fiercely slapped Ji Feng on the shoulder and said in admiration, “Good for you, crazy, buddy, I never knew that your skills were so good, even better than those professionals!”

“Just playing casually too!” Ji Feng said honestly, this kind of skill, and the absolute experts in the super agent training system, is only fifty percent chance of winning.

However, when this sounded in the ears of Zhang Lei and the onlookers, they couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

If this kind of transcendent level was just a casual game, then what were they, the people, considered?

Regardless of what the others thought, Ji Feng did not have the heart to care, what he was concerned about now was the glance Xiao Yuxuan gave him when she was leaving, what did she mean?


Chapter 76

The matter of the billiard competition was quickly shoved to the back of Ji Feng’s mind, and he soon concentrated on immersing himself in the Super Agent’s training, and by now, he could already skillfully perform the tenth move of the body-building exercise. Go to see the net . Moreover, Ji Feng could clearly notice that his body, was gradually getting stronger.

This was an extremely important change that made Ji Feng ecstatic.

One had to know that even in the past when he was growing rapidly in training, this kind of change had not occurred. Although at that time, because of the bio-current, his body and consciousness were being improved at the same time. As much as his consciousness was enhanced in training, his body would follow suit.

But that was still because of the bio-current at work.

Now it was different.

Since the start of the tenth movement, the bio-current had less and less effect on the body, and by now, it basically had no effect at all. This was because, after nearly three months of ultra-intense training, Ji Feng’s body had reached a bottleneck, and it was no longer possible to make any breakthrough in a short period of time.

Xiao Yuxuan, on the other hand, had never looked for Ji Feng to talk to after the billiard incident, and had never even looked at him, just coming to cla*s normally and leaving directly after cla*s, it was as if no smile had ever appeared on her face.

Even, if Ji Feng didn’t know, he would have thought that Xiao Yuxuan had changed.

You know, in the past, although Xiao Yuxuan was not so sociable, but at least she was a cheerful and gorgeous beauty. Unlike now, she was cold and tense all day long, as if everyone owed her tens of thousands of dollars.

“You’re the one who owes me money, okay?” Ji Feng muttered secretly, but, seeing Xiao Yuxuan’s ice-cold face, he could only swallow the words, and even, he vaguely felt some heartache.

The old one, Xiao Yuxuan, was always talking and laughing, and even on the first day she came to cla*s, she was able to mingle with her cla*smates, such a teacher was undoubtedly extremely affable. .comBut now, there was no smile to be found on her face.

Listening to an old teacher explaining the test papers above, Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head slightly. Was it really just because he didn’t give face to He Dong at that time that he made Xiao Yuxuan hate himself so much?

If that was the case, Ji Feng was speechless and could only sigh that women who fall in love are really incomprehensible, or at least they shouldn’t be viewed with the thinking of normal people.

Of course, Ji Feng knew that this was only his own speculation, perhaps the reason why Xiao Yuxuan was so unhappy was because of some other reason.

However, Ji Feng did not want to ask Xiao Yuxuan, not to mention the fact that he had not given face to He Dong in the billiard room at that time, and had instead made him lose face, and that he had forced even Xiao Yuxuan to open her mouth to plead for mercy, this was enough to make Ji Feng a bit afraid to speak up.

If he were to ask, what if Xiao Yuxuan were to ask a rhetorical question: Why do you think I’m unhappy?

How should Ji Feng answer?

So when he thought of this, Ji Feng could no longer take any interest in it. On the one hand, he felt somewhat guilty in his heart, but on the other hand, he also felt unworthy for Xiao Yuxuan for finding a boyfriend like He Dong, and his heart was very complicated.

In this contradictory mood, the winter holidays came, and the first snow of this winter, also sprinkled down, turning the whole world into a world of ice and snow, as if the fairy tale of the white snow kingdom.

When the winter break was over, Zhang Lei went home with his head hanging down, which made Ji Feng laugh badly. Because he knew very well that this kid Zhang Lei would definitely not have a good time after he came home, just from what he once said [poor son, rich daughter], you can imagine.

The love in her eyes could not be hidden from Ji Feng’s eyes, which made Ji Feng’s heart warm.

The reason for this is that the child’s heart is not easily revealed because of the influence. To be able to look at yourself with affection is already a great improvement.

As for Xiao Yuxuan …… since the end of the final exams, Ji Feng had never seen her again. I think that she should have gone back home as well. The first time I heard Zhang Lei say that Xiao Yuxuan’s hometown should be in Jiangzhou, which is an international metropolis and has been known as the Pearl of the Orient.

Thinking about Jiangzhou, Ji Feng couldn’t help but remember the disdainful tone Hu Xuehui had when she broke up with him.

“Ji Feng, it is impossible for us to continue because our future paths are different!”


“Do you think that with your family’s condition, you can support you to go to university? With your grades, can you get into university? I’m going to university and will go to live in the city later, being with you will only ruin my future!”


“Ji Feng, do you know, I went to my sister’s house in Jiangzhou during the summer, do you know how much the house where my sister and brother-in-law live is worth? You just can’t even afford a toilet if you work hard all your life, do you know how much the car my sister drives is worth?”


“How many years of hard work? Ten years, twenty years? Or fifty years? I don’t want to follow you until I’m about to die of old age to be able to afford a house in a big city and drive a car, Ji Feng, in the future you should stop pestering me, but I am definitely going to go to university in Jiangzhou, by then, we won’t be from the same world!”


That sentence, which was almost heart-breaking, is still fresh in Ji Feng’s mind, and every time he remembers it, he feels as if his heart has been viciously cut.

For the past six months, Ji Feng had been immersed in the training of the Super Agent Training System every day, and often joked with Zhang Lei, but in fact, in his heart, he had never forgotten what happened on the day he first started school.

That afternoon that one simply could not forget, Hu Xuehui’s disdainful utterance of the phrase ‘B*****d’ under her breath, made Ji Feng suddenly feel that this winter was particularly cold.

The two were in the same cla*s, but, in the six months since then, Hu Xuehui had never even looked at Ji Feng with a straight face, and even every time she heard Ji Feng’s name, Hu Xuehui could not help but frown.

Even Ji Feng once overheard someone say that when Hu Xuehui heard the rumours about him and Tong Lei, she actually sneered and said, “That wild B*****d, how dare he still be so mangy as to want to eat the flesh of a swan, he didn’t succeed in hitting on me, and now he’s hitting on Tong Lei’s idea, how ridiculous!”

At that time when he heard these words, Ji Feng breathed deeply for ten minutes continuously before he could suppress the anger in his heart, otherwise, he almost had to storm out on the spot and go to settle the score with Hu Xuehui.

He really couldn’t understand how a girl who could once make a vow with him could become so mean and cold-hearted now, and when the words ‘B*****d’ came out of her mouth, Ji Feng could put up with it. However, now, the word ‘B*****d’ had popped out of her mouth again, which simply made Ji Feng intolerable.

However, Ji Feng, who had gone through countless training sessions, had now matured quite a bit, especially now that he was receiving training from the system on agent infiltration and camouflage, he had become even more calm.

Only, in his mind, he had Hu Xuehui dead to rights and, was cla*sified as the absolutely undesirable type of person.

However, Ji Feng did not expect that when he accompanied his mother to sell vegetables in the street on the first day of winter vacation, he would meet Hu Xuethui again.