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Campus Master Chapter 79-80

Chapter 79

This Spring Festival of senior year can definitely be described as very lonely for Ji Feng.

Because he met Hu Xuehui’s family when he was selling vegetables a year ago, Ji Feng was not in a very good mood for almost the entire winter break. Although he acted normally in front of his mother, Xiao Sumei, and often joked about it, so that Xiao Sumei could not help but smile, Ji Feng knew very well in his heart that Hu Xuehui’s bad behavior on several occasions in a row had been deeply imprinted in his heart and could never be erased.

What Hu Xuehui gave to Ji Feng was not only his pride being hurt, but more importantly, from Hu Xuehui’s body, Ji Feng experienced a kind of worldliness that he had never experienced before, or it was as if he had been ruthlessly cut in the heart with a knife. The pain that was engraved in his heart was something that Ji Feng would never forget.

Ji Feng could be sure that he no longer liked Hu Xuehui. Ever since he recognized Hu Xuehui’s true nature at the beginning of last semester, Ji Feng had realized how stupid he had been before.

However, Ji Feng couldn’t understand why Hu Xuehui was still like a mad dog and didn’t feel painful if she didn’t bite herself a few times, since they were already strangers.

Is it because she feels that she was blind when she fell in love with herself before?

Or do you think that the time you followed yourself made her feel aggrieved?

Ji Feng couldn’t figure it out, nor did he want to. He only knew that from now on, between him and Hu Xuehui, they were not even strangers anymore. From the time Hu Xuehui insulted herself and her mother, Xiao Sumei, together with her sister and her brother-in-law, Ji Feng and her were already enemies.

Even though Ji Feng was now simply incapable of proving himself and did not want to take revenge immediately, it did not mean that Ji Feng would forget about this matter, let alone forgive Hu Xuethui. .com

“Hu Xuehui, what you are relying on is just your sister, and that thuggish brother-in-law.” A cold aura flashed in Ji Feng’s eyes, “Since you rely on them and think you can humiliate me with impunity, then don’t blame me for being ruthless. One day, I will make that thuggish brother-in-law of yours, and that sister of yours, all become beggars on the street, and see what qualifications you still have to flaunt at that time!”

Ji Feng secretly clenched his fist and gritted his teeth as he thought. If from the breakup, Hu Xuehui no longer came to humiliate himself, Ji Feng would at most only blame himself for being blind and seeing the wrong person, but would definitely not resent Hu Xuehui. Although he was once very stupid, he had loved her after all.

But now it’s different, Hu Xuehui doesn’t even consider him as someone he once loved, so Ji Feng has nothing to say.

After so many years of suffering from the white eyes, Ji Feng had developed a character that was kind-hearted but could not help but hold some grudges. Since he had already cla*sified Hu Xuehui as an enemy, he would naturally not be as polite as he could be. In particular, the arrogant looks of Hu Xuehui’s sister and her brother-in-law were something that Ji Feng had taken to heart.

With this resentment, Ji Feng became more serious about selling vegetables, and his smile became brighter and brighter. Many pedestrians who did not want to buy vegetables were shouted at by Ji Feng’s enthusiastic shouting, and business was surprisingly good.

Originally, with Xiao Su Mei’s strength, the pedal tricycle was not very big and could only pull at most three to four hundred pounds of vegetables at a time, which was already very hard to ride.

But with Ji Feng’s help, the whole twenty-five days of winter vacation, every day is loaded with six or seven hundred pounds, until the car squeaked and squeaked to finish.

Originally, according to the normal winter vacation, there would be at least about forty days, but Ji Feng was already in his third year of high school and had a heavy curriculum, so with the pursuit of promotion in school, the vacation was reduced to twenty-five days.

However, although there were only twenty-five days, because of the large amount of vegetables pulled and the enthusiasm of Ji Feng’s yelling, it was surprising that in the middle of winter it gave people a feeling of being hot, and business was surprisingly good.

Because it was almost New Year’s Eve, the vegetables were more expensive than before, so after one day, I calculated that I had earned no less than two hundred dollars.

In other words, in just the ten days before the New Year, Ji Feng had helped his mother earn two thousand dollars!

This was definitely a lot of money for Xiao Sumei. You know, normally she would only earn a maximum of thirty to forty yuan a day selling vegetables, which was not bad at all. In a month, it would only be about a thousand yuan. However, what Ji Feng made in these ten days was even a bit more than what she made in two months, so how could this not surprise Xiao Su Mei?

Of course, the time when business was really booming was in the ten days before the New Year. Because everyone is preparing for the New Year and there will be guests at home after the New Year, so naturally there will be more people buying vegetables.

After the New Year, business is definitely not good. Because most people bought their vegetables before the New Year, after the New Year, everyone was busy visiting friends and relatives, so few people came out to do business.

Therefore, when Ji Feng and his mother sat at home wrapping dumplings on New Year’s Eve, Xiao Su Mei couldn’t help but say, “Feng’er, you’ve really grown up.”

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “Mom, I had already grown up. In the future, ah, I will earn more money, when the time comes, you only need to rest at home, go out for a walk and talk to the neighbours when you have nothing to do, I will do everything else.”

“You child, how old is mum, she is not seventy or eighty years old and can’t move, and there is nothing to rest, thanks for thinking of that!” Xiao Su Mei scolded with a smile, but in her heart she was very comfortable, her son knew how to be filial, which parent would not be happy?

“Mom, I didn’t say you were old, you don’t usually dress up, if you dress up, you will look at most thirty years old, when we stand together, people will definitely think you are my sister, no one will think you are my mother!” Ji Feng laughed heatedly.

“Go! Brat, you even dare to tease old mum!” Xiao Su Mei feigned a furious glare at him, then whirled and laughed along with him herself.

Looking at his mother’s happy smile, Ji Feng couldn’t help but be cheerful in his heart. I’m afraid that this year was the happiest my mother had ever been since Ji Feng had understood. In the past, when she was still living with her grandparents, her mother wiped away her tears because of the blank stares and cynicism of her relatives.

Later, when she moved out, she had no relatives or friends to talk to during New Year’s Eve because of the hard times, and she was particularly sad.

This year was definitely the first time that my mother showed a smiling face at New Year’s Eve, and Ji Feng couldn’t help but be secretly determined in his heart that no matter what, he would make his mother live a good life, so that those who looked down on her would all come to flatter her.

Ji Feng was not a snob, but to deal with those snobs, he had to make himself snobbish as well.


Chapter 80

Despite making a small profit of two thousand dollars a year ago, for Ji Feng and his mother Xiao Sumei, they were only briefly happy for two days. By the time the evening of New Year’s Eve came, although Xiao Sumei still had a smile on her face, there was a hint of sorrow hidden deep in her eyes that could not be erased. Go to see the net .

Ji Feng knew that his mother might have remembered those sad things from the past again. Perhaps, she was remembering her father whom she had never met before, or maybe. Ji Feng was a little curious and wanted to know about him, but didn’t dare to ask questions easily, in case it would be bad to make his mother sad again.

So, Ji Feng was trying his best to joke with his mother while thinking about how to make her cheer up as soon as possible.

Suddenly, Ji Feng’s eyes lit up and he came up with a great idea – a lottery ticket!

To be precise, it should be a scratch-off lottery.

After all, there were too many uncertainties in lotteries, plus there were some shady practices, so it was really hard for ordinary people to win the lottery. But scratch-offs were different.

Ji Feng had the ability to see through the silver pulp covering the scratching area easily, and winning the prize was just a matter of handy. You know, Ji Feng still has 60,000 yuan in Xiao Yuxuan’s card right now, and this is the best proof.

Thinking of this, Ji Feng then secretly calculated that it was already New Year’s Eve, and even if there was a lottery shop outside, the owner must have closed down and gone home for the New Year. If you want to buy a scratch-off lottery, you still have to wait until they reopen.

Thinking about Xiao Yuxuan, Ji Feng couldn’t help but have a headache again. Ever since he had humiliated He Dong in the billiard room, Xiao Yuxuan had never bothered with herself again, leaving straight after cla*s every time, without even a smile on her face.

This made Ji Feng can’t help but regret a little, perhaps, he shouldn’t have humiliated He Dong so fiercely for that spirited argument.

Did he really just want Xiao Yuxuan to see He Dong’s true face clearly?

Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head, he didn’t dare to think much about this question because he was afraid that the answer he came up with would make him all but powerless.

Because, Tong Lei had already revealed her heart, but she just couldn’t say it directly due to certain reasons. However, is it not clear enough that Tong Lei wants Ji Feng to make sure that he gets into a university in Jiangzhou?

Although Ji Feng was vaguely aware of his inner feelings for Xiao Yuxuan, he did not dare to go any further.

This year’s New Year was spent uneventfully under Ji Feng’s tangled mindset. These slums became very cold during the New Year’s Eve because no matter how well those people were doing outside, they always had to go home during the New Year.

Perhaps, Ji Feng and his mother and son were the only homeless people here!

Looking at the snow sprinkling in the courtyard, Ji Feng’s face was expressionless.

“It’s time to think about the way forward!” Ji Feng secretly thought, “These children’s love affairs are just the spice of life, without enough strength, they won’t make it to the stage after all.”

In this snowy New Year, listening to the deafening sound of firecrackers outside, Ji Feng, who was feeling more and more lonely, finally began to think about his life.

The New Year pa*sed quickly and in the blink of an eye it was already the fifth day of the New Year. At this time, most of the people in the slums had returned from their hometowns; after all, for them, a day’s delay in business was a great loss, and a family might be waiting for the 30 or 40 yuan they earned every day to live on.

At this time, the shops on the street were also opening one after another.

“Mom, let’s not stay at home all the time, let’s go for a walk on the street!” Ji Feng said with a smile. These days at home for New Year’s Eve, my mother had hardly shown a smile, obviously, she had remembered something sad. .com

Xiao Su Mei nodded and laughed, “OK, it’s just as well that you’re about to start school, let’s go to the street and buy you two pieces of clothes!”

Ji Feng smiled and nodded, if it was in the past, he would have objected to his mother buying him clothes, because he knew very well how much money his family could actually earn.

But now, he wouldn’t think so because, the reason why he was going out with his mother today was actually to find an opportunity to let her see him earn money with her own eyes, so that she wouldn’t worry about it.

With Ji Feng’s hearing nowadays, he could often hear the sound of sighs coming from his mother’s room at night, and before that, every time it was about Ji Feng going to university.

So Ji Feng knew very well that his mother seemed to be very worried about the tuition fees for university.

Although Mang Shi County had a large population, because it was located in the central plains, or inland, the economy was not very developed. Although there are a few brand name shops on both sides of the street, there are only a few in the entire county, and outside of the county, there are more wholesale departments and other shops, and almost no brand name shops.

Ji Feng seemed to be walking casually beside his mother, but his eyes were constantly scanning the two sides of the street. However, what made Ji Feng scratch his head was that the busier the street was, the less lottery shops there were.

Actually, come to think of it, lottery shops were no more than other shops and did not necessarily have to be in the busiest areas.

Finally, at the entrance of a small alleyway, Ji Feng saw the words welfare lottery and he couldn’t help but smile.

“Mom, there’s a lottery shop over there, let’s go take a look!” Ji Feng said with a smile, “It’s the New Year, buy a lottery ticket, it’s a lottery!”

Xiao Sumei wanted to refuse, after all, winning a lottery ticket still seemed a bit far away for the common people in the slum area. However, when she saw the excited and expectant look on her son’s face, her heart softened and she couldn’t help but nod her head.

“You kid, you just have a big heart for fun!” Xiao Su Mei couldn’t help but shake her head and laugh as she walked towards the lottery shop.

Ji Feng smiled in his heart, it was a done deal!

As long as his mother was willing to go into the lottery shop, Ji Feng would be sure to scratch out the prize, so that he wouldn’t have to lie to his mother about the scholarship and scholarship at school, in case she asked about it later, it would be a trouble if he let slip his mouth.

Perhaps it was because the shop had just opened after New Year’s Eve, it was already past ten in the morning, but the lottery shop was still very cold, which was just convenient for Ji Feng.

“Boss, a few scratchers!” Ji Feng greeted the boss with a smile.

The boss was a man in his thirties, but somewhat bald, which made Ji Feng think of the words ‘smart as a whip’ and couldn’t help but pull a smile at the corners of his mouth.

When the bald boss saw Ji Feng and Xiao Sumei walking in, his eyes lit up and his eyes were fixed on Xiao Sumei’s body with a flash of greed.

Ji Feng’s expression suddenly went cold, a cold aura flashed in his eyes.

To be fair, Ji Feng admitted that although his mother was dressed very plainly, just an ordinary cotton jacket and coat, her beauty was not something that could be covered up by these clothes. There was a noble aura in the way she moved her hands and feet, especially that mature charm that was very attractive to men.

If this were not the case, there would not have been anyone trying to molest Xiao Su Mei in the slums back then.

However, as Ji Feng grew up, no one dared to make a move on Xiao Su Mei anymore, after all, having a man in the family was different.

Ji Feng, however, did not expect that this balding lottery shop owner would be so H**ny that he dared to stare at his mother with such eyes in front of himself.


Ji Feng slapped the table violently, instantly causing the balding boss to jump in shock, “Boss, didn’t you hear me?!”

“Ah? Wh, what?” The bald boss snapped, panicking.

“Take a few scratchers!” Ji Feng’s expression was cold, and a regal aura emanated from his body as he said in a deep voice, “Are you deaf, how many times have you said that and not heard?!”

“Oh, fine!” The bald boss nodded in a panic and then hurriedly bent down to get the scratchers from under the counter.

Xiao Su Mei’s eyes couldn’t help but flash a hint of laughter as she gave her son a scornful look. She naturally knew that her son was taking it out on himself, but while she was relieved to see him strutting his stuff, she couldn’t help but be a little angry.

After all, mothers don’t want their children to be too overbearing.

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “Mom, let’s try our luck!”

Saying that, he snapped his head around and drank, “Boss, what are you dawdling about, hurry up!”

“Hey, it’s coming! Here it comes!” The balding boss, who was in his thirties, replied in a panic, surprisingly not feeling the slightest bit offended by being chided by a ten** year old teenager.

“This …… little brother, this box is ten dollars a piece, this side is five dollars, and the far right is two dollars!” The boss put the three boxes of scratchers on the counter and said with a smile, “Which one do you want, little brother, take your pick!”

“Alright, just watch from the side and count the money according to the number of sheets!” Ji Feng glared at him, and only when he saw that he no longer dared to look at his mother did he hum.

Xiao Su Mei looked on from the side with a faint smile, but her eyes were filled with a strong sense of relief. His own son, finally, had grown up and could protect himself like a man. Looking at Ji Feng’s familiar face, Xiao Sumei seemed to see another person.

“Mom, try your hand!” Ji Feng smilingly picked out four or five scratchers from the ten dollar a piece box and handed them to Xiao Su Mei.

“You kid, I don’t have any luck, it’s better for you to scratch!” Xiao Sumei said with a smile. This smile was instantly a hundred times more charming, causing the bald boss next to her to steal a few more glances, but when he saw Ji Feng’s stern gaze, he subconsciously hurriedly averted his gaze.

Only then did Ji Feng coldly snorted and turned to his mother, Xiao Su Mei, and instantly revealed a smile, “Mom, you try it too, it’s only ten dollars anyway!”

Xiao Su Mei hesitated for a moment, seeing her son’s high interest, she could not bear to reject him and nodded her head.

Ji Feng smiled faintly and said, “Mom, hurry up and scratch it open, maybe there’s really a prize inside!”

He had already used his perspective to see that there was a hundred dollars in this scratch-off, so letting his mother scratch the prize would also dispel her doubts and make her happy at the same time, so why not!

“You child, it’s not that easy to win a prize!” If it were normal, Xiao Sumei would not have been able to give up the ten yuan, knowing that she usually only earns thirty to forty yuan a day, so how dare she spend it casually!

However, today Xiao Sumei saw her son so happy, so she also looked away, slowly scratching the scratch-off lottery, seeing the bonus numbers on it, she immediately froze.

“This, this is ……?” Xiao Su Mei couldn’t help but shake her head, “I can’t believe it, I really won the prize!”

What surprised her was not the hundred dollar bonus, but the fact that she really had this luck to win the lottery. She knew that ever since that man had left, she had never had good luck again.

Looking at the scratch-off in her hand, she couldn’t help but smile.

“Mom, you really won the lottery?” Ji Feng said in a sudden ‘surprise’, “I told you, I must have good luck during the New Year. Mum, there are a few more here, let’s scratch them all off!”

Xiao Su Mei laughed, “It’s better for you to scratch them, mum can’t be so lucky all the time.”

“That’s good, Ma, maybe I’ll have better luck than you!” Ji Feng smiled faintly and scratched off one of the scratchers in his hand as well, “One thousand yuan!”

Xiao Su Mei was stunned, and then looked at the lottery ticket in her son’s hand, it was really a thousand yuan.

“It’s really evil!” Xiao Su Mei secretly said, she is not an ordinary citizen who knows nothing, naturally she knows that everything that has to do with money, there will definitely be shady things in it, but today two consecutive lottery tickets have won, this can’t help but make her a little surprised.

As for the prize money …… judging from Xiao Su Mei’s expression, she didn’t seem to care about the amount of the prize money.

“My luck is pretty good!” Ji Feng chuckled, casually took out a few more lottery tickets from the box and continued to scratch them.

“Another hundred won!”

“Mom, this one is for two thousand.”

“Ee? It’s a five thousand?”


As Ji Feng’s voice kept ringing out, the gazes of both Xiao Sumei and the lottery shop owner were drawn over, especially the lottery shop owner, who looked at Ji Feng, who kept scratching out prizes, with shock and envy in his eyes.

The bald boss knew that these ten dollar tickets did have a lot of prizes, but the probability of winning was too small to be true.

Xiao Su Mei also looked at her son in amazement and said in her heart, “Could it be that the New Year can really be a lucky break?”

As Ji Feng scratched off the raffle tickets one by one, the number of prizes kept climbing until Ji Feng could no longer find any raffle tickets with more than a hundred dollars in the box, and then he gave up.

“Boss, count how many prizes we’ve won in total!” Ji Feng pushed all the lottery tickets in his hand over and took another look at the three boxes, unable to help but shake his head in his heart. There were at least 10,000 raffle tickets in these three boxes combined, but only a few dozen of them actually had prizes, and moreover, a few of them were small prizes of three or five dollars, which was really a one in a hundred chance!

The boss came back from his shock and fumbled with the lottery tickets, using a calculator to do the math.

“This, this little brother, the total is …… seventy-three thousand five hundred dollars!” The bald boss’s voice was trembling a little. He had seen people who had won hundreds of thousands of dollars by buying lottery tickets, and at most he envied their luck, but it was the first time he had seen someone who could win tens of thousands of dollars just by playing scratch-offs.

“This little brother is no ordinary person!” The bald boss said secretly, remembering Ji Feng’s stern eyes, he was suddenly a bit scared again, secretly regretting that he shouldn’t have stared at other people’s mothers so lustfully.