Campus Master Chapter 85-86

Chapter 85

“Feng’er, after the college entrance exams, do you have any plans?” Xiao Su Mei looked at her son’s somewhat dazed look and couldn’t help but ask. Go to see the net .

Until he returned home, Ji Feng was still a bit lost in thought. How could he have imagined that Zhang Lei would follow after hearing that he might have to go to Jiangzhou?

However, it was even better to follow, this kid still wanted to let himself go to his house, so Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Others might not know what Zhang Lei meant, but Ji Feng couldn’t be clearer.

Zhang Lei was often disciplined at home, and according to Tong Lei, Secretary Tong’s tutelage was very strict, so usually Zhang Lei could be forgiven for making small mistakes, but if he wanted to go away, it would not be so easy.

Obviously, there was only one possibility for this guy Zhang Lei to ask Ji Feng to come to his home. That is, this guy wanted to go to Jiangzhou with Ji Feng, but he couldn’t get permission at home, so he had to put the idea on Ji Feng’s head and ask him to convince Secretary Tong.

The first time I thought of this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile bitterly, this Zhang Lei, really know how to find work for himself.

The whole Mang Shi County everyone knows that the county party secretary Tong Kai De is a very majestic person with a very hard style and a very strict discipline of his children.

It is not difficult to convince such a person.

Moreover, it was also a question as to what capacity Ji Feng was going to go in.

If it was in the name of Zhang Lei’s cla*smates to visit Tong Kai De’s home, that would naturally be no problem, the son of the county party secretary should also have friends. However, if that was the case, Ji Feng would undoubtedly be the junior. It was undoubtedly very difficult for a junior to try to convince his elders.

“Don’t think about it so much first, there must be a way before the car reaches the mountain, let’s talk about it after we go!” Ji Feng shook his head slightly and also happened to hear his mother’s question.

He froze and deliberated for a moment before saying, “Mom, I want to take a trip to Jiangzhou or Yanjing in a couple of days to see if I can find a part-time job, just to get familiar with the environment in advance!”

Xiao Su Mei was stunned, “Feng’er, you want to apply to Yanjing University?”

Ji Feng didn’t notice his mother’s expression and smiled, “It doesn’t have to be Yanjing, it could be Jiangzhou. Yanjing is the political centre of the country, especially Beijing University and Yanjing University, which are the top two famous universities in China, and the quality of teaching definitely needs no further explanation. Jiangzhou, however, is the economic centre of China, Su had to go, in leaving Ji Feng followed Tong Lei to her room.

This is still the first time Ji Feng visited a girl’s boudoir, just entered the room, there is a faint fragrance came, refreshing the heart.

What made Ji Feng dumbfounded was that Tong Lei’s bed was full of cloth dolls of different sizes, which was simply a child’s room!

“No laughing!” Tong Lei couldn’t help her pretty face from turning red and lightly slapped Ji Feng.

Looking at Tong Lei’s flushed face, Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel his heart pounding.


Tong Lei was startled, her feet went weak and she actually fell straight onto the bed, bringing Ji Feng directly on top of her.


Tong Lei’s body stiffened and her pretty face turned scarlet.

Looking at the red lips of the beautiful woman underneath her that exhaled like an orchid, Ji Feng did not hesitate to kiss her.

When their lips met, both of them seemed to be electrocuted, and a strange stimulation rose up in their bodies, and Ji Feng’s body instantly reacted.

Tong Lei closed her eyes tightly in shyness, not knowing what to do. Ji Feng also instinctively kissed Tong Lei’s soft lips lightly, and his big hand climbed up from Tong Lei’s waist to the peak and subconsciously squeezed it.


Tong Lei couldn’t help but moan, and was instantly ashamed, but didn’t resist, just closed her eyes and let Ji Feng do his thing.


The sudden ringing of the doorbell caused the two to jolt and hurriedly separate.

Tong Lei’s cheeks were red and she was flustered as she straightened her clothes, her eyes accidentally saw the trousers that were staring high at Ji Feng’s lower body, and her pretty face suddenly turned even redder.

But Tong Lei did not get angry, she just gave Ji Feng a blank look, her eyes watery and fiercely moving.

If there weren’t people outside, Ji Feng really wanted to hold her in his arms again and love her wantonly.


Chapter 86

Until she came out of the room, Tong Lei’s pretty face still had a blush on it, only it was much better than before, otherwise it might have been seen. Go to see the net .

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Ji Feng was ashamed in his heart and could only look away and pretend not to see it. In his heart, however, he was reminiscing about Tong Lei’s soft red lips and the bouncy bosom on his chest.

“Dingdong!” The doorbell rang again, and Tong Lei hurriedly ran over to open the door, “Dad, you’re back!”

The person who came was a man in his early forties, but he only looked to be in his thirties or seventies, appearing very young. From his eyebrows, it seemed that he and Tong Lei had some resemblance. Without saying much Ji Feng knew that this man must be Zhang Lei and Tong Lei’s father, who is also the county party secretary of Mang Shi County, Tong Kai De.

The fact is that even if you don’t look at the resemblance between Tong Kai De and Tong Lei, Ji Feng can recognize it at a glance, although he doesn’t often watch TV, but Mang Shi County is only so big, Tong Kai De has started to carry out drastic reforms since he came to Mang Shi County three years ago as the county party secretary, and his picture and name are everywhere in the news, so it’s hard not to recognize him.

Ji Feng hesitated for a moment, but still went forward to greet him and said, “Hello, uncle.”

Tong Kade couldn’t help but freeze for a moment and asked in confusion, “You are ……”

Before either Zhang Lei or Ji Feng could speak, Tong Lei next to him said with a smile on her face, “Dad, let me introduce to you, this is my brother and I’s cla*smate named Ji Feng, he is also good friends with us and is here to visit our house this time!”

Tong Kai De suddenly looked at Ji Feng thoughtfully and smiled, “Good, good, you guys chat first, I have some things to do on my side!”

“Uncle, you get busy first!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

Once Tong Kai De walked into the study, Zhang Lei immediately said in a low voice, “Crazy, don’t mind, my dad is like this, he usually treats me with love and respect. Anyway, let’s play our game, you just ignore him.”

Ji Feng looked at him with a bad smile and said, “I ignore him? Then I can leave!”

“Hey, hey, hey!” Zhang Lei pulled Ji Feng and laughed heatedly, “Buddy isn’t opening up to you for fear that you might mind ah. If you leave, who’s going to help me talk to my dad.”

“Sh*t!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but roll his eyes, he knew that this task that Zhang Lei had given himself wouldn’t be that easy. The first time he faced the county party secretary, he was really a bit nervous.

After a fleeting thought, Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh again. Thinking of this, Ji Feng was much more relaxed, it seems that he still has a thought of being afraid of officials, which should not be ah.

“After a while, when we have dinner, you and my old man will talk more, get acquainted, and then open your mouth about going to Jiangzhou, it’s easier that way too.” Zhang Lei seemed to have it all planned out, with a clear plan of what to do first and then what to do later, making Ji Feng unable to help but laugh dumbly.

“You guy, just to go out for a trip, is it necessary to be like this?” Ji Feng asked with a tearful smile.

“Why not to?” Zhang Lei immediately said with a stiff neck, “Crazy, you don’t know the suffering of my buddy, at home, I don’t have half a status, especially my old man’s pair of tiger eyes just glare, I’m uncomfortable all over, alas ……”

Ji Feng listened with a forced smile on his face, but when his gaze looked in another direction behind Zhang Lei, his face changed slightly. .com

Only to see that at the entrance to the study, Tong Kai De was turning around and entering the study.

Had he heard the conversation between the two? Immediately, Ji Feng could be sure that Tong Kai De had definitely heard Zhang Lei’s words of complaint, only that he had given Zhang Lei the benefit of the doubt.

In fact, from Zhang Lei’s words, it could be heard that although Tong Kai De was very strict with him, the bond between the two fathers and sons was very deep, otherwise, Zhang Lei would not have casually said something like ‘my old man’.

The pressure at home is indeed one aspect, but I’m afraid that wanting to go out and have a good time is Zhang Lei’s real purpose.

When he thought of this, Ji Feng made up his mind that no matter how Zhang Lei hinted at it later, he would never open his mouth to plead for him, or at least let the kid do it himself.

After Tong Kai De came back, Ji Feng and the three of them couldn’t help but be more honest. Ji Feng was fine because he was relaxed and didn’t have the bad habit of getting weak at the sight of an official, but Zhang Lei and Tong Lei were different.

Zhang Lei was afraid of being disciplined, and Tong Lei was shy, so they were both restrained.

But fortunately, Zhang Lei’s mother, the wife of the county party secretary, Mrs. Tong, quickly brought dishes to the table, “Little Lei, invite your cla*smates over for dinner.”

“Dinner is served!” Zhang Lei brightened up and said in a low voice, “Crazy, remember to see what you can do later, buddy whether I can have fun this summer for three months, it all depends on you.”

Ji Feng said in a serious manner, “Actually, I think it’s better for you to stay home and cultivate your body, don’t you think?”

“Sh*t!” Zhang Lei immediately became anxious, “You’re tearing me down, madman, I’m definitely going to Jiangzhou with you, don’t you think of dumping me.”

Ji Feng shook his head and laughed bitterly.

When it was time to eat, the serious look on Tong Kai De’s face disappeared, replaced by a kind face, just like any other family father, only more refined than the ordinary old folk.

“Young man, have some more food.” Tong Kade said with a smile.

“Uncle, there’s no need to be polite.” Ji Feng smiled.

“Your name is Ji Feng? Not bad, you’re very good!” Tong Cade suddenly said with a smile.

At this moment, not only Ji Feng, but also Zhang Lei and Tong Lei’s brother and sister duo were confused, what was so nice about Ji Feng? How did Tong Kai De know?

“Uncle overpraised!” Although Ji Feng didn’t understand, he didn’t ask more questions and just said modestly.

Tong Kaide gave him a deep look and asked with a smile, “Ji Feng, since you are Xiao Lei and Lei Lei’s cla*smate, then you are considered my junior. As an elder, I would like to exhort you to say a few words, I wonder if that’s okay?”

Both Tong Lei and Zhang Lei were surprised, their father had never spoken to anyone in such a consultative tone before, Ji Feng was too big today, right?

Ji Feng was also puzzled, but on the surface, he remained motionless, smiled and nodded, saying, “Uncle, please speak.”

“It’s normal for young people to have a good feeling for each other and fall in love, and this is a common human feeling.” Tong Kade’s words just left his mouth, making Ji Feng’s heart thump, “Only, everything must be in proportion, I can leave you and Lei Lei’s affairs alone, but, as a father, I don’t want to see my daughter being aggrieved, do you understand?”

Before Ji Feng could say anything, Tong Lei’s pretty face turned red and she said in a low, squirming voice, “Dad, why are you saying this?”

But Ji Feng was secretly surprised in his heart, since Tong Cade had not spoken more than ten words to himself since he entered the door, how could he see the relationship between himself and Tong Lei?

Although there was doubt in his heart, Ji Feng did not show it, but only said solemnly, “Uncle, please rest a*sured that I will definitely not let Tong Lei be aggrieved!”

Tong Kai De nodded slightly and said, “That’s good, I’m still relatively at ease with your words. Let’s eat, come and play at home often in the future, just think of this place as your home!”

This time, even Mrs. Tong looked at her husband with some surprise. In the past, even when old ministers came to visit, even if they were on good terms, Tong Kai De had never been so cordial, what was wrong today?

Although they didn’t understand what was going on, they all ate happily since Tong Kai De was so cheerful.

It was obvious that Tong Kai De loved his children very much, but his status as a strict father made him not smile at them or spoil them, but his love was undoubtedly from his heart.

Especially for Tong Lei, Tong Kai De loved her from the bottom of his heart, fearing that she would be wronged.

When he was almost finished eating, Ji Feng suddenly felt his foot being kicked, and he immediately understood that it was Zhang Lei, the kid, asking himself to take leave for him.

Ji Feng just lowered his head to eat and didn’t say anything, in his heart he secretly laughed: “I’ll hurry you to death.”

Sure enough, seeing that Ji Feng did not respond, Zhang Lei kicked a few more times, but still no response, and he was so anxious that he fidgeted. If the old man returned to his study, he could not be disturbed again.

“Ji Feng ah, after the college entrance exams, do you have any plans?” Tong Kai De suddenly asked.

Ji Feng smiled and said, “I haven’t thought about it yet, for the time being I plan to go to Jiangzhou for a while, and find a part-time job during the summer holidays to earn pocket money first.”

“Jiangzhou, you should go to Yanjing!” Tong Kai De was stunned, then he glanced at his daughter and understood what was going on.

“Why did uncle say that I should go to Yanjing?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but stare.

“Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just that Yanjing is a political centre, the atmosphere is just different.” Tong Kai De waved his hand with a smile but didn’t say anything more.

Ji Feng always felt that there was something different about Tong Kaider, but he couldn’t catch the main point, so he could only nod his head.

“By the way, since you are going to Jiangzhou, bring Xiao Lei with you, so that you can take care of yourself together.” Tong Kai De smiled and said.

Zhang Lei was stunned and then overjoyed, “Dad, you agree with me going out?”

“You’re an adult now, it’s time for you to be independent!” Tong Kai De smiled.

“Dad, you’re so wise, haha!” Zhang Lei laughed in triumph.

After finishing his meal, Tong Kai De went back to his study, while Mrs. Tong also went to her study after cleaning up.

Zhang Lei laughed loudly with glee and forgetfulness, causing Tong Lei and Ji Feng to hold back their blank stares.

“Tong Lei, how about that …… we go out for a stroll this afternoon?” Ji Feng said.

“Mmm!” Tong Lei nodded her head sweetly.

Zhang Lei heatedly smiled, “You guys go, I won’t follow the participation, being a light bulb is not my strong point ah.”


And at this time, there was still some conversation in the study.

“Old Tong, what is wrong with you today, Lei Lei is looking for a boyfriend so early, will the old man’s side agree?” Mrs Tong couldn’t help but ask.

Tong Kai De shook his head slightly and smiled confidently, “Don’t worry, the old man will definitely agree.”

“You’re so sure?” Mrs. Tong asked curiously, “Although the old master said he wasn’t ancient, those uncles in the family are not that easy to deal with, if Ji Feng is only from an ordinary family, I’m afraid they will look down on him!”

“Ordinary family origin?” Tong Kai De shook his head and smiled, “Wife, don’t you see that this Ji Feng looks a lot like someone?”

“A certain person?” Mrs. Tong frowned slightly and said with deliberation, “When you say that, I really have this feeling, but I can’t think of exactly who he looks like.”

“Then think about it, how many people surnamed Ji do you know?” Tong Kai De smiled.

Mrs. Tong was stunned, and then a look of surprise appeared on her face, “Old Tong, are you saying that …… Ji Feng is from the Yanjing Ji family?”

“**Not far from it.” Tong Kai De said, “Surnamed Ji, and looking so much like that old friend of mine, how can there be such a coincidence under the sky!”

“But since he’s from the Ji family, how did he come to this place?” Mrs. Tong asked in confusion.

Tong Kai De laughed, “Haven’t you heard that more than ten years ago, that grand duke of the Ji family was about to get married, but the bride disappeared the day before the wedding.”

“That’s right, I remember, this was a big deal in the circle, it was said that it was because the family had arranged a marriage for the grand duke when he was a child, and it was later broken up, but when the grand duke was about to get married, the woman came to make trouble again, and even insulted the bride with her words, and that’s what happened later… …Old Tong, you mean to say that Ji Feng is the son of the eldest son of the Ji family?” Madam Tong’s eyes widened at once, her face full of disbelief, “If that’s the case, Ji Feng is really something.”

“Yes, nowadays, the Ji family is as powerful as the day is long, and its power even overshadows the sky, even our Tong family can’t look up to it, do you think that if the old man knew that our Lei Lei was in a relationship with Ji Feng, would he agree?” Tong Kai De laughed.

“Definitely!” Mrs. Tong immediately nodded, “Just that, since Ji Feng comes from such a wealthy family, do you think he will treat our Lei Lei poorly?”

“I’m afraid that up to now, Ji Feng still doesn’t know where he comes from!” Tong Kai De shook his head slightly and said, “Look at this son of Ji Feng, he speaks courteously and acts steadily, the Ji family has a descendant. How could such a person treat Lei Lei poorly?”

Mrs. Tong then nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, then do you want to say something to the people of the Ji family, you and the eldest son of the Ji family have still been good friends for many years.”

“That’s right, it’s time to say something.” Tong Kai De nodded, “All these years, the Grand Duke seems to be searching for his bride who disappeared back then, only there is no news, if he knew he still had a son, I wonder how happy he would be! Besides, it’s definitely great for the relationship between the Ji and Tong families.”

With that, he picked up the phone and dialed a number in Yanjing ……