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Campus Master Chapter 87-88

Chapter 87

Little did Ji Feng know that because of his sudden arrival, he had made Tong Kai De recognize his origin almost at first glance and called his old friend to inform him. Go to see the net —.7-K–o-m.

At this moment, Ji Feng, who was walking down the street with Tong Lei, looked at Tong Lei like a happy genie, and he was sincerely happy.

Once upon a time, Tong Lei had always been a goddess in Ji Feng’s mind, beautiful as if she was a fairy who had descended to earth. How could he have imagined that the fairy in his dreams would actually have the day to become his girlfriend?

“Ji Feng, come on, there’s candyfloss over here!” Tong Lei’s giggling voice came, clear and pleasant, like a pearl falling from a jade dish.

“Coming!” Ji Feng smiled faintly and walked over quickly.

Looking at Tong Lei’s sweet smile, Ji Feng thought of his mother again.

Now that he had the ability to earn money, to let his mother suffer and sell vegetables again, even Ji Feng himself couldn’t forgive himself. What he wanted to do most was to open a small shop for his mother so that she could live a leisurely life.

However, what Ji Feng wanted more than anything was for his mother to follow him. If he went to university, he would earn money to give his mother a small shop next to the school, so that she would not be tired and it would be convenient for him to take care of her.

It was for this reason that the matter had been put off.

Ji Feng secretly decided that after filling out the volunteer form, he would immediately go to Jiangzhou to see if he could find a suitable path. If it is not possible, the big deal is to go to the lottery shop and buy a few scratchers, at least to give my mother a foothold in Jiangzhou.

In fact, Ji Feng wasn’t too worried, as long as his perspective ability was still there, as long as there was still a lottery industry in China, he wouldn’t run out of food to eat.

“Ji Feng, what are you thinking about, you’re here to play with me today, nothing else is allowed to be thought about!” Tong Lei beamed her little mouth, adorable.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, even a beautiful girl is just a girl, there is always some little daughter charming attitude.

“Good, good, what move do not want.” Ji Feng harrumphed, “Just want you alone, okay?”

Tong Lei instantly smiled sweetly and turned around to continue walking forward.

The two of them played painfully for the whole afternoon, and seeing that it was getting late in the evening, Ji Feng suddenly said, “Lei Lei, let’s go watch a movie.”

The afternoon had furthered their relationship, especially since the two had already made out at Tong Lei’s house, which was tantamount to formalizing their relationship, so Ji Feng also changed his name to call her Rei Rei.

“Watching a movie?” Tong Lei was stunned.

“Yes, I bought two movie tickets, why don’t we go see a movie together.” Ji Feng smiled as he took out the movie tickets from his pocket and said with a smile.

“Mmm!” Tong Lei nodded sweetly, there was no girl who didn’t like romance, and Tong Lei was naturally no exception. .com Seeing Ji Feng being so attentive, how could she not be happy?

The two arrived at the cinema, the movie has not yet started to play, Ji Feng took Tong Lei in the middle row to sit down. The two of them arrived at the cinema and before the movie started, Ji Feng took Tong Lei to sit in the middle row.

“Ji Feng, what movie are we watching?” Just after sitting down, Tong Lei couldn’t help but ask.

“Huh?” Ji Feng was stunned, and only then did he remember that he hadn’t even looked at what movie it was when he bought the movie tickets, he had just bought them casually.

He immediately looked down and laughed, “So it’s an action movie, called something like ‘The River Killer’.”

Immediately, Tong Lei spat out her little tongue cutely and laughed delicately, “Ji Feng, you’re so cute, the first time you watch a movie, you invite me to watch an action movie, huh? The name of ‘The River Lake Killer’ is something I’ve never even heard of, it’s definitely not a blockbuster.”

Ji Feng suddenly smiled sarcastically but didn’t know what to say, he was still inexperienced ah, he just knew to invite Tong Lei to watch a movie but didn’t even look at the name ……

“You wait a minute!” Ji Feng suddenly remembered something and ran out at once.

“This guy ……” Tong Lei shook her head and laughed, then her eyes were sweet again, in fact, Ji Feng’s behavior has made Tong Lei very satisfied, he knows how to care about people, and considerate, and the person is also stable, especially Ji Feng’s mentality that is indifferent to anything, is deeply attracted to Tong Lei.

A few minutes later, Ji Feng came running back, holding two packets of popcorn and some other snacks in his hands.

He scratched his head and said, “That, I heard that girls have to eat snacks when they watch movies, I didn’t know what you like to eat, so I just bought some randomly.”

Seeing Ji Feng’s somewhat embarra*sed look, however, Tong Lei felt a warm current flowing through her chest, she couldn’t help but have a sour nose and leaned into Ji Feng’s arms.

“Ji Feng, you’re so nice!” Tong Lei murmured softly.

Ji Feng laughed and said, “As long as you like it, huh!”

The two leaned together and a strong emotion flowed between their hearts.

After a while, subtitles began to appear on the big screen, and the movie finally started.

“@#$$%%” a series of birdsong came out from the cinema’s stereo, Ji Feng froze, why was it a foreign language? Which language is this?

Ji Feng was no stranger to English, and nowadays his spoken language had become very pure, so he could be sure that it was definitely not English, so what language was it.

Tong Lei also couldn’t help but stare and asked in confusion, “What is this playing?”

On the big screen was just a patch of flower dots, like the snowflakes that appear when the TV can’t get a signal.

Ji Feng turned his head and looked around, but was surprised to find that the people around him were full of anticipation, as if they were watching some international blockbuster.

The first thing he saw on the big screen was a mountain village villa with a very beautiful landscape. Immediately afterwards, a car drove over from the road at the entrance and stopped at the entrance of the villa, coming down a pair of young men and women.

“What the hell is this movie?” Ji Feng was puzzled, it had been five or six minutes since it had started and there was no clue about anything, he had never seen a movie like this before.

Tong Lei was also full of confusion, the men and women in the film were all foreigners, it was obviously a foreign film, but there were no subtitles, so I didn’t know what they were saying.

However, both Ji Feng and Tong Lei were stunned at the next scene.

They only saw the two foreign men and women walking into the villa, a N*gger opened the door, and then, the N*gger actually went straight to touch the woman’s chest with a lewd smile.

In an instant, Ji Feng understood that this was a small adult movie!

He had only heard before that cinemas in small counties didn’t have as many viewers as the big cities, so they would often show some small movies to make ends meet. Although the officials were aware of it, it was just a kind of unspoken rule and did not cause any great harm, so no one bothered about it.

Ji Feng had never thought that the first time he brought Tong Lei to see a movie, it would be this kind of adult movie.

He then wanted to take Tong Lei and leave, but when he turned his head, he saw that the exit at the back had been locked at some point, seemingly for fear of a police officer coming to inspect.

He stole a glance at Tong Lei, but saw that Tong Lei’s pretty face was red and her head was lowered.

It turned out that the three men and women on the screen had already stripped naked and the good show was on.

“%%……%$#” The moans on the screen were getting louder and more revealing, making Ji Feng couldn’t help but blush a little.

However, he was, after all, a bloodthirsty teenager who couldn’t help but have his heart pounding when he saw this kind of movie.

Looking at Tong Lei’s shy, red face beside him, Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel his blood surge and an urge rise up in his heart.

Ji Feng fiercely hugged Tong Lei and kissed her soft and tempting red lips.


Tong Lei couldn’t help but let out a delicate hum, and her delicate body froze violently. Although the cinema was relatively dark, it was a public place. Being kissed by Ji Feng in such a public place made her shy and hard to repress, but she couldn’t break away from Ji Feng’s strong and powerful arms, so she could only respond pa*sively and rustily.

Ji Feng’s tongue pried open Tong Lei’s tightly closed shell teeth and immediately tasted the sweet juices, chasing after Tong Lei’s silky lilac tongue, his body was incomparably hot.

His hands were not idle either, climbing up to the peak on Tong Lei’s chest and kneading it hard, the intense stimulation making Tong Lei tremble slightly.

Ji Feng’s hand slid downwards, lifted up Tong Lei’s long skirt, touched her long and elastic legs, and continued up ……

“Mmm! No!”

Tong Lei’s body was like an electric shock, she fiercely clenched her legs and didn’t know where she got the strength from, she broke away from Ji Feng’s embrace and said softly, “Ji Feng, not here, okay?”

Only then did Ji Feng come to his senses, and seeing Tong Lei’s somewhat panicked look, he couldn’t help but say apologetically, “Lei Lei, I ……”

Tong Lei shyly leaned into his arms and whispered, “Don’t say anything, I understand. I’m just a little nervous.”

Being interrupted by this, Ji Feng couldn’t say anything else, he just hugged Tong Lei tightly, his ears filled with the moaning sounds of the movie’s male and female leads coming from the stereo, and his heart was hot.

Naturally, Tong Lei is not a little girl who doesn’t know anything, and although girls her age don’t know too much about the affairs of men and women, they do know at least something.

Especially when she felt the difference in Ji Feng’s lower body, she couldn’t help but say, “Ji Feng, is it …… hard for you to feel this way?”

Seeing Tong Lei’s concerned eyes, Ji Feng’s heart was instantly on fire, and he immediately nodded and said, “Yes, Lei Lei, why don’t you help me?”

“How can I help?” Tong Lei asked shyly.

Ji Feng immediately leaned over and whispered a few words in her ear, and Tong Lei’s pretty face swished red and she said shyly, “That, that’s how it works!”

“How can it not work.” Ji Feng was having a hard time holding it in at this moment, and seeing that it was dark all around, he got bold again and said, “Good Lei Lei, help me quickly.”

“That, that’s fine!” Tong Lei was so shy that even her voice trembled a little, and her small hand panicked as she untied Ji Feng’s belt and reached in.

“Hiss…!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cool air, Tong Lei’s little hand was smooth and soft, it was simply soothing.

Following the method Ji Feng said, Tong Lei slowly moved ……


Ten minutes later, when a scream came from the movie, Tong Lei’s pretty face was also sprayed with a wet ……


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Chapter 88

Until she left the cinema, Tong Lei still felt some stickiness on her face .com

“What, my daughter is in love and I, as a mother, can’t ask?” Mrs. Tong feigned anger. Go to see the net -.7-K–o-m.

“Of course you can, mum, Ji Feng is very nice, he won’t bully me, just don’t worry.” Tong Lei thought that her mother was afraid that she would be bullied and couldn’t help but defend Ji Feng. In fact, it was true that Ji Feng had not bullied her either, but of course, if what she did in the cinema was considered bullying, then Tong Lei had indeed been bullied.

Looking at her daughter’s expression, Mrs. Tong couldn’t help but ask, “Lei Lei, do you know where Ji Feng comes from? Has he ever told you about his origins?”

Tong Lei instantly became alert and asked, “Mom, I know that if we go by your eyes, Ji Feng’s family and ours are indeed incompatible, but I can feel that Ji Feng really likes me, so can you stop looking at people with your old eyes? Besides, haven’t dad and you always been very open-minded!”

Mrs. Tong laughed, “You kid, you’ve learned to put on a high hat for mum and dad? Mum isn’t trying to restrain you, she just wants to ask about Ji Feng’s family situation and is afraid that you’ll be at a disadvantage. If Ji Feng really likes you, your father and I naturally won’t object, and as for your grandfather and your uncles, there’s your father to talk about it, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


Tong Lei’s eyes lit up and she immediately smiled delicately as she leaned against her mother’s side and said petulantly, “I knew mommy was the best, surely she won’t be as snobbish as others.”

“This child, if mum is against you and Ji Feng getting along, is that snobbish?” Mrs. Tong couldn’t help but laugh and scold, and asked again, “So now you can tell us a little bit about Ji Feng, the person, and his family situation, right?”

“Mm.” Tong Lei nodded and said, “Ji Feng himself is somewhat quiet, doesn’t like to talk much, and is very steady in his actions. Moreover, he has a superb memory ……”

Tong Lei didn’t even have to think about it, she could tell all of Ji Feng’s strengths and weaknesses, and knew more about the person she liked than she knew about herself Ken.

Listening to their daughter talk about Ji Feng, both Tong Cade and Mrs. Tong beside them nodded in their hearts, this young man was definitely very good.

Being quiet was not a flaw, because when Ji Feng had come to the house in the morning, he had behaved in a respectable manner. This meant that it wasn’t that he didn’t like to talk, but that he was very stable and more mature than the average person his age.

As for Ji Feng’s superb memory, Tong Kai De was brightened up, he really hadn’t seen anyone who could never forget anything, and this Ji Feng was really a special case.

“It seems that old friend has a very excellent son.” Tong Kai De secretly sighed in his heart.

Mrs. Tong asked again, “So, what is Ji Feng’s family situation?”

Just after the question was asked, she saw Tong Lei pouting, and Mrs. Tong hurriedly said, “Lei Lei, mommy doesn’t mean anything else, but since it’s her daughter’s boyfriend, it’s not a fault for mommy to know about it, right?”

It wasn’t that Tong Lei didn’t want to say anything, she was just afraid that her mother would oppose her relationship with Ji Feng after she found out about his family situation. And at this moment, seeing her mother say this, she naturally couldn’t say anything else.

“Mom, Ji Feng’s family is not good, there is only one mother, mother and son are dependent on each other. Well …… I also just heard that it is said that Ji Feng seems to be an illegitimate son, never know who his father is, his mother seems to be selling vegetables in the vegetable market …… living in the slum area …… “Tong Lei thought about it, “That’s all, in fact, I don’t know much about his family situation, after all, we’ve only sort of just started dating.”

“This silly girl, what’s the point of talking about this now, it’s not finding yourself uncomfortable!”

Zhang Lei, who had been hiding in the room and eavesdropping on Tong Lei’s conversation with her parents, heard at this time that Tong Lei had actually answered her parents’ questions honestly and even told them all about Ji Feng’s family situation, he then secretly laughed bitterly, although this younger sister of his was smart, she still hadn’t seen too much of the world after all, so it was no wonder that she was no match for her dad and mum.

This girl didn’t even think about it, now that she had told Ji Feng’s family situation, how could her parents possibly agree?

However, to Zhang Lei’s surprise, after listening to her daughter’s words, Mrs. Tong only exchanged a glance with Tong Kai De, and then said, “Lei Lei, you are also grown up and can make your own decisions in the future. But there is one thing, before you graduate from university, you must never do anything that goes too far, otherwise, your father and I will definitely not spare you, do you hear me?!”


Tong Lei’s pretty face instantly turned red with shame, what was considered too much?

She nodded as if nothing had happened in a panic and said, “I know, mum, do you have anything else?”

“You child!” Mrs. Tong shook her head and laughed, saying, “Go get some rest.”

“Mmm, Mum, Dad, good night.” Tong Lei didn’t expect to get through this easily, and couldn’t help but say happily, before running back to her room.

“No way? Just like that, you pa*sed with ease?” Zhang Lei was amazed, his heart was like a cat’s claw, wanting to know what was going on, but he didn’t dare to open the door and go out, so he could only be secretly anxious.

Only Tong Kai De and Madam were left in the living room, the two of them looked at each other and Tong Kai De whispered, “It seems that my guess was correct, Ji Feng is really the only son of the eldest son of the Ji family, there is no longer any need to doubt that. It just didn’t occur to me that the bride who disappeared back then before her wedding had been hiding in her old home, I’m afraid the Grand Duke wouldn’t have thought of that.”

“Didn’t you call the Grand Duke to inform him? What did he say?” Mrs Tong couldn’t help but ask.

Tong Kai De shook his head and said, “With the Grand Duke’s city, how could he possibly say anything, he just invited me to visit the Ji family in the capital when I was free.”

“That’s all he said?” Mrs. Tong asked in surprise, “Doesn’t he care about his son?”

Tong Kai De shook his head, “Oh, how could he not care, with the Grand Duke’s character, he has never invited anyone to be a guest at his home. Madam, he is saying something, a visit to the house is actually asking me to visit the Ji family’s old man, huh, this is a great opportunity for the Tong family.”

“How so?” Mrs. Tong was still a little less sensitive to such matters.

Tong Kai De said in a low voice, “If we look at the real strength, the Ji family is a first-cla*s family, with power overshadowing the sky, although the Ji family’s old man is not in good health, the second generation of the Ji family is in the ascendant, while our Tong family can only be considered a second or even third-cla*s family, if we can ally with the Ji family, this is a great benefit to us. ”

“I really can’t imagine that just a phone call can bring such benefits in exchange.” Mrs Tong couldn’t help but sigh a little.

“Yes.” Tong Kai De nodded and sighed softly, “I have been friends with the eldest son of the Ji family for many years, but I have never managed to secure an alliance between the two families, I never thought that just a phone call would secure this opportunity ……”

And at this time, Zhang Lei in the room, but listened to the dumbfounded, he how can not think, that his brother, but has such a big origin, the Ji family grand duke’s son, this is simply the future prince ah!

“Right, did Grand Duke Ji say what to do with Ji Feng?” Mrs. Tong couldn’t help but ask again.

Tong Kai De smiled and said, “Does it even need to be said, since a single phone call can be exchanged for such a huge benefit, this is enough to show how much the Grand Duke Ji values Ji Feng, if my guess is good, someone from the Ji family might be coming in the next few days, if it’s quick, maybe someone will be there tomorrow to find Ji Feng.”


At this time, Ji Feng did not know everything that was happening around him, he was on his way home, thinking about everything that happened in the cinema, he could not help but feel his heart surging, he could not wait to go to Tong Lei’s house right now and make out with her properly.

“When did he become so H**ny himself?” Ji Feng scratched his head. He didn’t know that at this time, he was at the age of his blood and was curious and fascinated by the affairs of men and women, so naturally, he was itching to do so.

“Lei Lei, I will definitely not let you be aggravated.” Thinking of Tong Lei’s love, Ji Feng said secretly in his heart, while speeding up his steps.

However, when Ji Feng reached the intersection of the slum area, he suddenly looked aghast.

He looked far away and only saw two black cars listening at the intersection, and in the dark corner, there seemed to be two figures.

Since going through the training of the Super Agent Training System, the darkness was no longer much of a problem for Ji Feng, so he could still vaguely see those two people in the darkness.

When Ji Feng looked up again, all the lights on the residential buildings had gone out, and only the lights in his own house were still on, he was instantly alert.

Silently, Ji Feng stalked against the wall without making half a sound, as if he was just a shadow flashing by, and if he hadn’t looked carefully, it would have been impossible to spot him.

If Ji Feng wanted to go home, he would have to walk through this hutong, and that would definitely alert these two people hiding in the darkness. Unless, Ji Feng intended to go through the wall.

However, Ji Feng did not intend to do that. Since these two black cars might be coming towards his house, Ji Feng naturally had to find out what was going on.

He quietly walked past, and in a flash, his hand, already choked one of the men, and his fingers were so strong that the man didn’t even make a sound before he was locked in Ji Feng’s throat and knocked unconscious at the same time.

When the first man fell to the ground, Ji Feng had already arrived at the second man, and with the same move, he smoothly put down the second man.


Ji Feng’s eyes were cold, he saw that these two men had pistols hidden in their waists, “Could it be that Xu Mo had sent someone to deal with him?”

He instantly became worried for his mother, and did not care to interrogate these two people anymore, and directly and silently approached quickly towards the house.