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Campus Master Chapter 95-96

Chapter 95

“You, who are you people?” Qin Shouren took a big step out and asked in a stern voice. Although he was a policeman, he couldn’t help but feel scared at the sight of so many soldiers with loaded guns. Go to see the net .

However, no one answered him, and all that greeted him were the cold gazes of the soldiers and the black muzzles of their guns, which sent chills through his body.

“All listen to the order, surround the Xiguan Branch and disarm all the police officers inside!” As a voice came out, those soldiers moved at once, the black muzzles of their guns pointing at those policemen, making them not dare to move.

Perhaps these policemen were better at bullying the common people, but it was too difficult for them to confront the army, and one by one, the policemen were meekly disarmed, and under the pressure of the guns, they could only crouch in the corner with their heads in their hands.

At that moment, a military vehicle pulled up in front of the police station, followed by two black Audis.

A man in military uniform jumped down from the military vehicle, striding into the police station and shouting loudly, “Listen, those inside, you have been surrounded, immediately put down your guns and come out and surrender, otherwise, we will have to attack by force.”

Qin Shouren shuddered in fear, what kind of drugs had these B*****ds taken, how dare they attack the police station by force?

He shouted in a panic, “Don’t be impulsive, everyone, don’t be impulsive. I’m Qin Shouren, the captain of the Xiguan Branch’s criminal investigation team, may I ask which part you are from?”

The other party didn’t answer him at all, but simply shouted coldly, “Come out and surrender immediately, and at the same time, let your top leaders come out and talk to us, you only have one minute, I repeat, you only have one minute!”

Qin Shouren’s cold sweat instantly swished down, at this time, both the chief and the other leaders had gone home from work, now he was the top leader here, and it was because of this that he was able to keep his hands to himself in the police station. If the leaders were all there, he would definitely be thinking about what to do now.

“Brothers soldiers, let’s have a word, don’t be so impulsive.” Qin Shouren screamed in his heart, he also wanted to surrender, facing these black muzzles of guns, it was absolutely false to say that he was not afraid, but if he really said the word surrender, I was afraid that his career in this life would come to an end.

At this moment, the soldier had already walked in with big strides, and behind him were several gloomy-looking men, none other than the two brothers, Tong Kai De and Ji Zhen Hua. And although Mrs Tong and Xiao Sumei were worried about their son, they were left behind in the car because things had not yet been dealt with here.

“You’re the top leader here?” The soldier looked at Qin Shouren and asked coldly.

Qin Shouren nodded in a panic, when he saw Tong Kai De following behind him, he instantly knew exactly what these Qiu Biao were here for, his heart kept sinking, he didn’t know if his men had made the evidence of Ji Feng and Zhang Lei’s murder solid, if it hadn’t been done yet, I was afraid that he would be in big trouble today.

“Qin Shouren, where are the two people you arrested today?” Tong Kai De asked in a cold voice.

“Arrested people? Tong, Secretary Tong, have you made a mistake? I didn’t arrest anyone today, did I?” Qin Shouren stammered, but did not dare to admit it, and was even trying his best to stall for his men. Because he knew that if he got the evidence of Ji Feng and Zhang Lei’s murder today, by then, not to mention Tong Kai De coming, even if the mayor and governor came, he wouldn’t be afraid.

But if he couldn’t get the evidence, he would be finished today. At this time, Qin Shouren could only choose to fight with his back against the wall.

“Arrest him!”

As soon as the soldier waved his hand, three soldiers pounced on him like wolves and tigers, and immediately pinned Qin Shouren to the ground, with the muzzle of their guns pressed against the back of his head.

“You, what are you doing, I am the chief of the criminal police, I am in two systems with you, what right do you have to arrest me?” Qin Shouren howled, but did not dare to move, who knew if these chowkas would really shoot.

And at this time, Xu Mo, who was hiding in the office, was also brought out by some soldiers who rushed in, and he was still screaming without knowing his life: “What the hell are you hillbillies sent for, do you know who I am? My father is Xu Fu! If you dare to touch me, my father will never let you go!”

“Xu Fu is it?!” Ji Zhenping, who hadn’t spoken, snorted coldly, “Fine then, call your father and tell him to come here immediately, I want to see, how dare a small deputy governor ignore the law of the land like that?”

The soldier next to him immediately handed Xu Mo a mobile phone. .com

As soon as Xu Mo picked up the phone, he immediately shouted miserably, “Dad, come and save me, there are many soldiers coming from the police station, they want to kill me. ……”

Before he could finish his words, he was snatched up by Tong Kai De, “Xu Fu now? This is Tong Kai De, you immediately summon all the team members to come to the Xiguan Branch for a meeting, and whoever fails to arrive within half an hour will personally come to my office tomorrow to explain!”

After saying that, without giving Xu Fu a chance to speak at all, Tong Kade immediately hung up the point.


On the other end of the phone, the phone in Xu Fu’s hand fell to the ground, he could never imagine that Xu Mo had fallen into the hands of Tong Kai De, looking at that situation, it seemed that Tong Kai De had already grasped the evidence of Xu Mo’s crime, if that was the case, not only Xu Mo would be unlucky, even he would be unlucky along with him.

“No, something must not happen to my son!” Xu Fu paced back and forth, after a moment, he fiercely gritted his teeth: “Now the competition is who is fast, I have to get to the Xiguan Branch first, at the same time, let my aunt put pressure on Tong Kai De, maybe by this time Qin Shouren has already got the confessions of Zhang Lei and Ji Feng’s murder, now it’s still uncertain who will rectify who!”

Thinking of this, Xu Fu, who was originally driving towards the Xiguan Branch, immediately accelerated his speed, while making a phone call to his aunt in the province, and of course, he didn’t forget to call the other team members to inform them to rush to the Xiguan Branch for a meeting.

In Xu Fu’s opinion, today is the time to let go of the matter, since all the members of the team have arrived, when the time comes, if the evidence of Xu Mo’s murder is grasped, then the unlucky ones will be his own father and son, and if Zhang Lei and Ji Feng’s confessions are grasped, then the unlucky ones will definitely be Tong Kai De.

And at this time, Ji Feng, who was sitting in the interrogation room in a big way, exchanged glances with Zhang Lei, who had come to rest next to him. Zhang Lei’s injuries were no longer serious, in fact, most of them were only superficial injuries, it was the few blows that were just smashed into his chest by a few policemen that made him almost not pa*s out of breath, and now he was much relieved.

“Crazy, I heard some movement outside!” Zhang Lei said in a low voice.

Ji Feng smiled, “If my guess is right, it should be our parents coming, huh, this time, the Xiguan Branch is finally lively.”

“So, we’re going out now?” Zhang Lei asked.

Ji Feng shook his head and said, “Go out? Why should we go out? You mustn’t forget that we are the victims, it’s easy to catch us in, but it’s not so simple to let us out!”

Zhang Lei nodded, “I naturally understand this, but if we don’t go out, I’m afraid that B*****d Qin Shouren will turn right and wrong upside down, and then we’ll be pa*sive.”

“I just want to give them the chance to turn right and wrong upside down!” Ji Feng laughed heatedly and took out a mobile phone from his pocket and shook it.

“When did you buy a mobile phone?” Zhang Lei asked in surprise, “But I remember you never had a mobile phone.”

“It wasn’t bought, it belonged to those few punks who clashed with us.” Ji Feng smiled and said. Today, when he was fighting with those punks at the casino, Ji Feng felt something was wrong, so he casually took out the phone from one of the punks’ body, but he didn’t expect it to really come in handy.

“You’re not going to tell me that you recorded the whole thing, are you?” Zhang Lei had a shrewd mind and immediately guessed the crux of the matter.

Seeing Ji Feng smiling and nodding, Zhang Lei immediately exploded with a foul mouth, “Sh*t! Dude, this beating wasn’t in vain, D*mn it, this time I’ll see what else they have to say.”

Ji Feng smiled, “I’m afraid this matter won’t be so simple, Qin Shouren is just a small criminal police chief, how dare he deal with you?”

“Someone is behind this?” Zhang Lei’s brow furrowed, “Qin Shouren is the deputy county chief Xu Fu’s man, could it be that the person behind the instruction is Xu Fu?”

Ji Feng chuckled, “Exactly whether it is or not, let’s not make speculations now, just wait and watch the good show.”

In fact, Ji Feng already vaguely guessed in his heart that this time, I’m afraid that the matter is inseparable from Xu Fu, not to mention other things, just from Qin Shouren’s words can overhear that there is indeed someone instructing him to put himself to death. In the whole of Mang Shi County, he hadn’t offended anyone, except Xu Mo!


The door to the interrogation room was kicked open, followed by two soldiers rushing in, and when they saw the scene on the floor, they were stunned. Immediately afterwards, Ji Zhenping walked in, and swept a surprised glance at the scene in the interrogation room, and then saw that Ji Feng and Zhang Lei were sitting on the chairs with a smile on their faces, before he finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Good boy, it’s good that you’re alright, otherwise, I would have torn down this police station!” Ji Zhenping walked over quickly, pulled Ji Feng up and looked him up and down, and after making sure nothing was wrong, he couldn’t help but say.

Ji Feng laughed: “Third Uncle, this is not something you should say as a soldier, the police station cannot be torn down, however, it is still necessary to clean up the A**holes hiding in the police force.”

“You brat, you’re still in the mood to joke with uncle even now, that means you haven’t been shocked, hmm, not bad!” Ji Zhenping nodded in satisfaction, as a soldier, seeing his nephew so hardened, he naturally loved him even more.

“Go, follow uncle out!” Ji Zhenping said.

Ji Feng shook his head, “Third Uncle, I can’t go out with you yet, since you are here, then we are safe. However, this matter always has to be resolved, I will just sit here, whoever has captured me, let him personally let me out, when the time comes, I will give him a surprise!”

Ji Zhenping gave him a deep look and seemed to understand what he wanted to do, so he couldn’t help but nod and said, “In that case, then you’ll stay here for now, but what about this kid?”

He pointed at Zhang Lei, “This kid’s face is covered in wounds, should we take him to the hospital?”

“Uncle, I’m fine.” As soon as Zhang Lei spoke, he tugged at the wounds on his face and couldn’t help but bare his teeth, “I’ll stay here too, to see what exactly will happen to those dogs!”


Seeing that the two insisted on staying, Ji Zhenping said no more, turning around and saying, “You few go to the surveillance room immediately and get first-hand information.”

Xu Fu finally arrived at the Xiguan Branch, and when he saw the rows of loaded soldiers standing in the police station yard, he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, where on earth did these soldiers come from?

He strode over to them, “I am Xu Fu, the deputy governor, who are you people and why have you stormed the local police station for no reason? Are you trying to rebel?”

Who knew that the soldiers would simply ignore him and just stand quietly, watching everything around them warily.

Xu Fu’s face instantly turned red, and with a cold snort, he walked into the police station with great strides, and immediately saw Tong Kai De and the others, as well as Qin Shouren, who was pinned to the ground with his feet.

Of course, Xu Fu even saw Xu Mo, who was being held by two soldiers, and the corners of his eyes couldn’t help but twitch a few times.

“Secretary Tong, what do you mean by this, this seems out of order, doesn’t it?” Xu Fu looked coldly at Tong Kai De and said angrily.


Tong Kai De couldn’t help but sneer, “This is a bit too much from Vice Prefect Xu, we are cooperating with our comrades from the army to crack down on crime, how can we say that it is out of order?”

“Cracking down on criminals? I don’t know what Secretary Tong means by that, this is a police station, fighting criminals is what the police should be doing, I’m afraid it’s not the army’s turn to speak now, is it?” Xu Fu pointed at Xu Mo in the distance and said angrily, “I have no objection if Secretary Tong wants to crack down on criminals, but what does this have to do with my son, why are you arresting him?”

“Don’t talk nonsense about this, Deputy Magistrate Xu, which of your eyes saw me arresting someone? It’s the comrades from the military who are arresting Xu Mo now!” Tong Kai De sneered, “I have just said that we at the local level are only cooperating with our comrades from the military to fight crime, Deputy Magistrate Xu must not make a mistake!”

“You!” Xu Fu was furious, but he couldn’t say anything because Tong Kai De’s words were flawless, cooperating with the military to fight crime, no one could pick any fault with that.

“That’s right!”

Just when Xu Fu had something to say, Tong Kai De added, “Deputy Magistrate Xu, as for why your son was caught by them, I still know some of the reasons. It seems that your son is suspected of being involved in the murder of a national leader as well as his family, which is almost tantamount to treason, so I’ll need an explanation from Deputy Magistrate Xu on this matter later!”

“Treason?!” He couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, this Tong Kai De was too ruthless to put such a big charge on him, not only did he want Xu Mo’s life, he also wanted his own life!

“Secretary Tong, my son is just a high school student who just graduated, how could he commit treason?” Xu Fu sneered, “It seems that Secretary Tong is trying to use his personal power, since that’s the case, then I have no choice but to report it!”

With that, he dialed a phone number, “Auntie ……”

After saying a few words, Xu Fu hung up the phone and looked at Tong Kai De with a smug and sneering smile, “I have already reported to the province about what happened here, just wait for the punishment from the province!”

Tong Kai De swept a glance at Ji Zhenhua, who had not spoken next to him, and couldn’t help but laugh in his heart, nodding slightly and saying with full concern, “Fine, then I’ll wait for the province to deal with it.”

“Zee…!” As they spoke, a few more cars stopped at the entrance of the police station, followed by almost all the members of the leadership team of Mang Shi County arriving in the courtyard.

When they saw the scene inside the courtyard, they couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, what else was worth the army’s presence, what was going on?

Seeing that everyone had arrived, Tong Kai De cleared his throat and said: ”Since everyone has arrived, let’s have a meeting. We have asked you all to come here at this late hour for one thing only, and that is the matter of the criminal police chief, Qin Shouren, instructing his police officers to kill and plant evidence.”

“Killing and planting evidence?!” Everyone was shocked, this was no small matter, not to mention that it was done by a criminal police chief, this was knowing the law and breaking it.

“Secretary Tong, everything must be based on evidence, words cannot be spoken indiscriminately!” Xu Fu said in a deep voice, he vaguely felt that something was wrong today.

“Of course I have evidence!” Tong Kai De said at the officer next to him, “Comrade, please carry the evidence up here!”

The officer waved his hand, and several soldiers immediately carried down three stretchers from the military vehicle, while also escorting a few policemen down, these few policemen, the same ones who had chased after Tong Lei earlier.

“Say, what the hell is going on, tell me the original story!” Tong Kai De shouted at the policemen.

“Yes, yes!”

A few policemen immediately winced, and one of them said in a trembling voice, “It was Captain Qin who ordered us to set up an ambush near the Yangtze Hotel, so that when the fight broke out inside the casino, we would rush over and arrest them.”

“Arrest who?!” A middle-aged man asked, this man was the secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Mang Shi County and was very imposing.

“Arrest Ji Feng and Zhang Lei!” The policeman said fearfully.

“Little Wang, you dare to talk nonsense …… ah!” Qin Shouren, who was stepped on the ground, shouted at once, but was stepped on again by the soldier, and the rest of his words suddenly turned into a miserable scream.

“You go on talking!” The secretary of the disciplinary committee said to the policeman.

“Yes!” The policeman whispered, “Later, Captain Qin brought a few of us along to kill those few punks who were fighting with Ji Feng Zhang Lei, ready to frame Ji Feng and Zhang Lei after we returned to the police station, but we had just killed those few punks when we saw Secretary Tong’s daughter standing not far away taking pictures, Captain Qin let us chase after them, only to be subdued ……”


This time, not only the secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, but also the other members of the leadership team were shocked beyond measure, really killing and planting evidence! It was simply lawlessness!

“You guys are accusing me wrongly, I never let them do such a thing!” Qin Shouren, who was lying on the ground, shouted.

“Since you don’t admit it, then please see the evidence!” Tong Kai De took out his daughter’s mobile phone from his pocket and showed the photos to the members of the leadership team as well as Qin Shouren.

In the photo on top of the phone, Qin Shouren was standing in a dark alleyway with those few policemen, their hands holding machetes, and at their feet, several punks all fell to the ground, not knowing whether they were dead or alive.

The photo is not very clear, but if you look carefully, you can still recognise the people on it as Qin Shouren and the policemen.


Chapter 96


When Xu Fu saw the photo on his mobile phone, he immediately turned pale, how could he have ever imagined that Qin Shouren, a foolish man, would be so stupid as to have his photo taken!

However, Xu Fu’s heart was relieved again when he thought about it. Go to see the net . After all, the evidence that we have now can all testify against Qin Shouren and has nothing to do with ourselves. The most you can do is to take a hit to your prestige, but not to your own foundation.

Thinking of this, Xu Fu shouted angrily, “Good for you Qin Shouren, to do such a thing is simply heartless!”

Saying that, he turned to Tong Kai De and said, “Secretary Tong, since the evidence is now conclusive, I think there is no need for us to discuss it any further, let’s act according to the law! For this Qin Shouren, deal with him as you should in!”

“Prefect Xu, you ……” Qin Shouren was shocked and angry, these things were all done at Xu Fu’s behest, and now he had abandoned him without mercy?

“I what? Do you expect anyone to save you after you have done these things?” Xu Fu interrupted him, “Also, don’t think that you can just accuse people unjustly because things have fallen apart, or just give an honest account of your problems!”

However, Tong Kai De grunted and said, “Xu vice prefect, don’t be anxious yet, Qin Shouren is not the mastermind of this case.”

Xu Fu’s face sank as he asked in a deep voice, “Then who does Secretary Tong think is the mastermind of the case?”

“Let me answer this question!” Just then, a voice suddenly came from inside the room, and everyone turned their heads to look, only to see Ji Feng holding Zhang Lei as the two of them slowly walked out of the interrogation room.

Ji Feng sneered, “This matter, I think I am now clear about what is going on.”

Because Ji Zhenping had already told Tong Kai De and Ji Zhenhua about Ji Feng and Zhang Lei in advance, they weren’t much surprised, while the other leaders were surprised, although they didn’t know Ji Feng, but they knew Zhang Lei, how come Zhang Lei was in the interrogation room and was beaten up like this?

“This case, the mastermind is the father and son duo Xu Fu and Xu Mo!” Ji Feng’s first words were like a bomb thrown into the calm lake, immediately shocking those later county leaders.

“Kid, don’t spout blood, falsely accusing state cadres is a serious crime!” Xu Fu’s face suddenly turned gloomy as he shouted angrily.

“Xu Fu, don’t be anxious yet, I will let you know if I am a false accuser or not!”

Ji Feng sneered and slowly walked down the steps, saying aloud, “All the leaders are here, so I’ll start by stating the facts. Zhang Lei and I were playing in the billiard room, and as a result, a few punks came to pick a fight, and then we had a conflict, but of course, it was only a minor one. However, Qin Shouren and the other policemen arrested us without any reason. And then what happened, as you can see, the injuries on Zhang Lei’s body are the best proof of that.”

“Humph! It’s just a bunch of nonsense, and even if it is, what does this have to do with me? And what does it have to do with Xu Mo?” Xu Fu sneered, “What you said only has something to do with Qin Shouren, and now that Qin Shouren has been arrested, you still dare to spout blood?”

Ji Feng looked at him with a smirk and sneered, “Xu Fu, you really don’t see the coffin, then, I’ll let you die today!”

With that, he took out a mobile phone from his pocket and said, “This mobile phone belongs to one of the punks who clashed with me, in this phone, there are a dozen text messages and a dozen call records, all from the same number.”

He turned his head to look at the captured Xu Mo: “This number, it belongs to Xu Fu’s son Xu Mo! As for the contents of the text messages, I won’t read them out, but one day is certain, the reason why those punks came to attack me and Zhang Lei was under the instruction of Xu Mo!”

“You’re nonsense!” Xu Fu was instantly anxious, he could never have imagined that his son would be so stupid as to leave a handle on others.

“Nonsense or not, it’s not for you to judge, the judge will judge!” Ji Feng sneered, “As for me saying that you are one of the masterminds, this evidence will have to be found from Qin Shouren’s body.”

He smilingly came to Qin Shouren and squatted on the ground looking at Qin Shouren’s face and said, “Captain Qin, at this point, it’s time to bring out your evidence, right? If you don’t give an honest account, you’ll be abandoned by Xu Fu, and you’ll die a very ugly death then!”

Qin Shouren’s body couldn’t help but tremble, but he didn’t say anything. .com

Ji Feng didn’t care either, he just said to the two soldiers who were stepping on Qin Shouren, “Two soldier brothers, please find out the phone from him.”

Xu Fu snorted coldly and didn’t say anything. In his heart, he was calm, he was not stupid enough to send text messages to Qin Shouren, although there had been many phone calls, but just looking at the call records, that could not be considered evidence. As for going to the telecom company to check, humph, with the provincial aunt in the way, who would dare to check?

One of the soldiers took out the mobile phone from Qin Shouren’s body and handed it over to Ji Feng.

Ji Feng held up the phone so that everyone could see it. He smiled, “I have to say, although this Qin Shouren is stupid, he is still very shrewd in some things.”

As he said that, he opened his phone, and a recording immediately came out, “Captain Qin, after capturing that kid, won’t the remaining few punks escape? They will definitely resist arrest, right? Then there’s no point in keeping them!”

As soon as this voice came out, Xu Fu’s face suddenly turned white, without a trace of blood. This voice was all too familiar to him, for it was his own voice, and moreover, this was the same pa*sage he had said when he had first called Qin Shouren.

“Oh, everyone heard it, right?” Ji Feng smiled faintly, “I told you, this Captain Qin of ours is actually quite shrewd sometimes, maybe he’s afraid that Xu Fu will one day throw his pawn away and abandon him, so every time when he talks to Xu Fu, this Captain Qin always turns on the recording before he picks up the phone, Xu Fu, what else do you have to say this time?”

In fact, the reason why Ji Feng knew that Qin Shouren had a recording of Xu Fu’s phone call was because Qin Shouren had once made a call in the interrogation room in front of Ji Feng. Ji Feng noticed that Qin Shouren had turned on the recording first before he connected the call. And after his deduction, the person he was talking to at that time should be Xu Fu.

Since this time was recorded, then other calls must have been recorded as well, and Ji Feng could be sure that Qin Shouren must have vital evidence in his phone.

Now it looked like that was the case.

Xu Fu’s face didn’t have a trace of blood on it, and he stood there frozen, as if he had aged by more than ten years in an instant, his whole body without a trace of strength.

“Old Li, this matter is now in your hands.” Seeing that the big picture was settled, Tong Kai De said to the secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission.

“Don’t worry Secretary Tong, this matter is actually very clear, and the evidence and everything is complete, so it can be completely closed within a day.” Old Li, the secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, immediately nodded his head and a*sured him.

“Hmph, with just a few of you, you want to convict me?” Xu Fu, at this point, didn’t know where the spirit came from, sneered and dialed a phone number, “Auntie, someone wants to convict me ……”

A moment later, he handed the phone to Tong Kai De and said smugly, “Secretary Tong, please pick up the phone!”

Tong Kai De gave him a deep look and picked up the phone, “Hello, this is Tong Kai De from Mang Shi County, who is this?”

“Secretary Tong, this is Wu Weimin from the province, ah.” A somewhat old voice came over the phone.

“So it’s Governor Wu, hello hello, I wonder if Governor Wu has any instructions?” Tong Kai De’s brow furrowed, this Wu Weimin was the vice governor of the Central Plains Province, although he was not ranked high in the province, but he was still a very significant figure, compared to him, the county party secretary, that was a world of difference.

“Secretary Tong, I heard that Xiao Xu made some mistakes, I think how about this, you guys study it properly again, don’t be so hasty to draw a conclusion, maybe it’s a misunderstanding?” Wu Weimin said smilingly over the phone, “Secretary Tong, come to the provincial capital sometime, let me, an old man, also do my part as a host, huh?”

The frown on Tong Kai De’s face tightened, but then he smiled and said, “Governor Wu, I’m afraid this matter is not easy, the evidence of the crimes committed by Xu and his son is conclusive and cannot be denied.

“Secretary Tong, let me tell you this, Xiao Xu is my wife and nephew ……” Wu Weimin’s words were not finished before he was interrupted by Tong Kai De.

“Governor Wu, it can’t be anyone, the victim’s family is standing right next to me, if I let Xu Fu go, how can I explain to the victim’s family?” Secretary Tong asked rhetorically.


Governor Wu was choked for a moment and was instantly angry, “Good, since what I said doesn’t work, then I have to call your city secretary and mayor directly, I see that there is something wrong with your attitude as a comrade, your appointment needs to be re-examined ah!”

Tong Kai De was furious, and just as he wanted to speak, he saw Ji Zhenhua next to him reach out, “Give me your phone, I’ll talk to him!”

Tong Kai De instantly smiled, this Grand Duke had struck, then Governor Wu would be out of luck.

“Governor Wu Weimin?” Ji Zhenhua picked up the phone and asked indifferently.

“That’s right, I am Wu Weimin, and who are you?” Wu Weimin was on fire and asked in an unkind tone.

“I am Ji Zhenhua, you want Secretary Tong to spare Xu Fu and his son?” Ji Zhenhua asked in a deep voice.

“Ji Zhenhua? …… Minister Ji Zhenhua?” Wu Weimin repeated before he reacted and immediately exclaimed, “Minister Ji, why are you in Mang Shi County?”

“I came to visit my father-in-law and mother-in-law’s home, but my son was arrested by some scum cops at Xu Fu’s behest, and now that the evidence is conclusive, you’re asking Secretary Tong to let Xu Fu go, that’s not appropriate, is it?” Ji Zhenhua said indifferently, his tone was not heavy, but the majesty in his words was unmistakable.

“Huh?! …… pop!” Only a startled cry could be heard from the phone, followed by the sound of a crash, and then a busy tone appeared on the phone.

At this time, far away in the family compound in the provincial capital of Central Plains Province, Vice Governor Wu Weimin was lying on his bed, looking at the broken phone on the ground, a dull look in his eyes, while his face was a miserable white, without a trace of blood.

“How, how could this happen? That idiot Xu Fu, how could he have messed with Ji Zhenhua!” Wu Weimin’s voice trembled as he spoke, his lips trembling even more, after decades of floating and sinking, he thought he could already face a tarzan without changing his colour.

The first time I saw him, I thought he would be able to do the same.

This time he also thought that as long as he gave his word, a small county party secretary of Mang Shi County would still turn against him?

However, Wu Weimin did not expect that his words would provoke Ji Zhenhua’s head. Who is Ji Zhenhua? He is a national leader, a minister, and there are even rumours that he might be the head of the government in a decade or so.

If one messed with him, what was it if one was not looking for death?

“Old Wu, what’s wrong with you? Why did you drop your phone on the ground?” At this time, Wu Weimin’s old companion seemed to have been woken up by the noise and sat up somewhat puzzled.

Wu Weimin let out a long sigh, “Old companion, I see, I may have to retire early.”

He couldn’t help but curse angrily in his heart, “That idiot Xu Fu, who can he not mess with, but the Ji family? That behemoth that covers the sky is not something he can mess with!”

“What’s going on?” Wu Wei Min’s old companion was shocked and hurriedly asked.

“What else can it be? It’s your nephew from your mother’s family who caused the trouble ……,” Wu Weimin angrily told the story, “Normally, Xu Fu and his son are just doing wrong, whether it’s the city or the province for my But now, he is messing with the Ji family and no one can protect him. Not only that, even I will be implicated ……”

Wu Weimin’s old companion was stunned: “People from the Ji family, people from the Ji family in Yanjing? How can Xu Fu be so confused, isn’t he looking for death!”

“If it’s not seeking death, could it be anything else?” Seeing that his position was about to be lost, Wu Weimin’s tone was very unkind.

“Old Wu, you must help Xu Fu, my elder brother only has one son, if something happens to both of them at the same time, my elder brother will definitely not be able to survive.” Wu Weimin’s old companion said in a panic.

“How can I help him? I can’t even protect myself now!” Wu Weimin couldn’t help but say angrily, “Since Ji Zhenhua will personally call me, it means that what Xu Fu has messed with must not be simple. Even if I personally go and plead with Ji Zhenhua, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to meet him, what’s the use?!”

Wu Wei Min’s old companion was also dumbfounded, she more or less knew how powerful the Ji family was, since her old companion said it was useless, then it must be useless. Thinking that even her partner would be implicated, it was naturally clear how serious the matter was.

“At this point in time, I’m afraid there’s only one way out!” Wu Weimin pondered for a long time and said in a low voice.

“What solution?” Wu Weimin’s old companion asked in a panic.

“Give up Xu Fu, or at least clear the relationship with Xu Fu, only then will I be able to retain my current position. As long as I don’t fall, I have a chance to get Xu Fu out of prison!” Wu Wei Min said through clenched teeth.

“What?!” Wu Wei Min’s old companion was in shock.

“This is the only way, this is the only way!” Wu Weimin shook his head and sighed, in reality, even if he cleared the matter with Xu Fu, he did not dare to guarantee that he would not be implicated. One must know that with the power of the Ji family, just a simple word could make a person fall from heaven to hell in an instant.

However, apart from this solution, Wu Weimin had no other ideas.

With a long sigh, Wu Weimin picked up the landline at his bedside and dialed Xu Fu’s number: “Xu Fu, give up, I can’t protect you either, because the person you have messed with is from the Ji family in Yanjing, you should have heard of Minister Ji Zhenhua, right? Moreover, the old master of their family, but the old master Ji!”



Xu Fu, who had retrieved the phone, only felt a blackness before his eyes, and the phone fell to the ground, breaking into pieces.

The two soldiers next to him immediately stepped forward and pinned Xu Fu up left and right.

Immediately afterwards, Tong Kai De’s phone rang, it was Wu Weimin calling, “Secretary Tong, in the name of the Vice Governor, I order you, no matter what the case is and who is involved, demons should act according to the law, and for those who know the law and break it, they should be punished more severely.”

Tong Kai De smiled lightly, “I understand Governor Wu’s instruction, I will definitely supervise the law enforcement department to handle the case according to the law, and when the case is finished, I will report to Governor Wu!”

Wu Weimin politely said, “Then it will be hard on Secretary Tong, in addition, please ask Secretary Tong to pa*s on my opinion on the handling of this case to Minister Ji!”

“I will!” Tong Kai De gave a disdainful smile.

After hanging up the phone, Tong Kai De coldly snorted, “Xu Fu, do you have anything to say?”

Xu Fu’s face was pale, his face devoid of human colour.

“Take it away!” The officer waved his hand, and two soldiers immediately escorted Xu Fu away.

“Secretary Tong, since this is a criminal case, shouldn’t it be taken over by us at the local level? We can’t always bother our comrades from the military!” The secretary of the disciplinary committee said in a low voice, if this matter was always taken over by the military, it would undoubtedly give the leaders the impression that the local leaders were incompetent, which could be bad for the entire leadership of Mang Shi County at that time.

Tong Kai De waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, let’s go back first.”

“Lei Zi, we should go, first take you to the hospital!” With the big picture settled, Ji Feng said to Zhang Lei with a smile.

“Not yet!” Zhang Lei shook his head, turned his head to look at Xu Mo who was full of shock, gritted his teeth and laughed fiercely, “Crazy, this B*****d has been working against us, don’t you want to beat him up?”

Ji Feng harrumphed, “Of course I want to, let’s go then!”


The duo walked slowly towards Xu Mo as if they were talking about the most commonplace thing.


Zhang Lei smashed his fist into Xu Mo’s face, “Kid, I once told you that if you dare to deal with my brother again, I’ll scrape you alive! Now not only have you messed with my brother, you’ve also messed with me, tell me, how should I deal with you?”

“You, you ……” Seeing this gesture, Xu Mo was so frightened that he could hardly even speak.

“Crazy, you also have a punch, quite enjoyable.” Zhang Lei laughed loudly.

Ji Feng shook his head, “Beating him would dirty my hands!”

Then, he waved his hand to the two soldiers, and the two took Xu Mo away.