Silly Teen Chapter 27-28

Chapter 27

As Uncle Chen said that, he just punched the flesh and took a swing at Guan Dongxuan’s dad. But Uncle Chen also picked a place, and did not start the fight in the office. Uncle Chen’s one-sided beating of Guan Dongxuan’s father was not as unpleasant as a street fight, but was instead a bloodbath.

The most anxious person watching this scene was Duan Chang.

The teachers at the side just watched, and did not come up to stop the fight. It was only when the head teacher greeted them that a few male teachers rushed forward to stop them. But by the time they came over, the fight was basically over!

“I’ll tell you one last time. Chao is not a B*****d! If you still dare to say that, I will still dare to beat you up like this!” Uncle Chen gasped and said with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth.

“Chief Guan, are you all right?”

“Hurry up and call the police!”

Between their words, I followed Uncle Chen’s lead and left. I was a bit worried in my heart. But in comparison, Uncle Chen’s attitude, it was very bland. He exhaled smoke rings, and he told me that it was fine, and also told me not to worry so much.

But after all, Guan Dongxuan’s father is the ‘chief’, while Uncle Chen is just a ‘piece of police’.

If Guan Dongxuan’s father really pursued the matter, I’m afraid Uncle Chen would be in a lot of trouble too. And in response, Uncle Chen’s expression relaxed and subsequently told me that he was backed up by my Uncle Xu. Uncle Xu is a police commissioner and will definitely not let Uncle Chen leave the police station.

But I was still worried and rushed to him to ask about the suspension.

“Ah Chao, you really shouldn’t worry about it. Your Uncle Xu didn’t really suspend me, he just gave me a week’s leave to rest for a while.” This was how Uncle Chen explained to me.

“Is that true Uncle Chen?”

I asked with some doubt.

“What, you don’t believe in Uncle Chen’s words anymore!” Uncle Chen was looking at me with some amus*ment. I knew that Uncle Chen was still angry in his heart, but he didn’t want to bring his negative emotions to me when he faced me. So, he was smiling and talking to me as much as possible.

Uncle Chen drove me back and he told me not to go to school for the next two days and to rest at home.

Then Ms Lin did call me, and Uncle Chen answered the phone, which meant that he took time off with her. I sat at the desk in my room, thinking back to what had happened earlier, and I was even more angry.

Although Uncle Chen’s beating of Guan Dongxuan’s father had taken the edge off my anger. But as a result, Uncle Chen had to rest at home for a week. After thinking about it, I decided to go and talk to Guan Dongxuan. I wasn’t so afraid of him anymore, and it was something that I had to face.

I told Uncle Chen that I was going out for a break and that was when I walked by the school before school ended in the afternoon.

I sat in front of the cigarette shop and just waited for Guan Dongxuan and the others to come out.

“Crap …… Brother Xuan, isn’t that Jin Chao sitting there?” Guan Dongxuan’s little brother, recognized me from afar.

“Sh*t, it’s true!”

“He and his uncle ran out of school in the dust, and he dares to show up after school? It’s like looking for death!”

“Let’s go, go over and take a look.”

Guan Dongxuan looked at me with a grim face and came towards me. I looked at him and also stood up from the bench. He stood close in front of me with a cigarette in his mouth and took a sharp puff before spitting the smoke in my face.

“Jinchao, you can do it. I’m still angry, and you dare to show up.” Guan Dongxuan was in no hurry to make a move on me.

I said to him calmly, “I didn’t come here at this hour to find you, but I want to settle this matter properly.”

Guan Dongxuan’s people were standing aside. There were even a few people from other cla*ses who then came over to ask about the situation, with cigarettes in their mouths and some personalities painted on their bodies. If this were usual, I would have been too much of a wimp. But I had, in my heart, more or less the strength to fight it because of Manager Xu.

“Oh, want to solve it? What’s your solution then?” Guan Dongxuan then asked at me.

“No trouble for each other!” I said straightforwardly. But Guan Dongxuan froze for a moment as he listened to my words. The juniors beside him also laughed mockingly.

“No trouble for each other?” Guan Dongxuan also laughed openly, “Jin Chao, are you a stupid-C*nt?”

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s simply laughable.”

“Jin Chao, are you out of your mind? Don’t you still know the difference between you and Brother Xuan?” Guan Dongxuan’s little brother asked me, and then he added emphatically, “When you’re in front of Brother Xuan, only he’ll find trouble with you. Just you, you still want to find trouble with Brother Xuan? What an international joke!”

They all looked very unconvinced as they listened to my words. Even those people on the side were looking at my words, and they were all looking at me like I was a fool.

“You guys don’t believe me either. Don’t you guys know what happened yesterday?” I asked back at them.

“Wasn’t it just you who got beaten up?”

“You know better than to ask!”

“Aren’t you still injured here?” From their reaction, it was clear that they just didn’t know anything. Even Guan Dongxuan was the same.

And their reactions were also making me a bit confused …… Cao Ge shouldn’t have not told them ah.

“Jin Chao, look at your appearance. Don’t tell me that it was Cao and the others who were beaten up yesterday.” Guan Dongxuan just rushed to me and asked.

“Hahahahaha, how is that possible!”

“Brother Xuan, just don’t joke about it. Just a guy like Jin Chao can beat Brother Cao and the others?” Guan Dongxuan’s little brothers were also very unbelieving.

But I said to them, “What if I tell you guys that Cao Ge was really beaten up yesterday?”

They froze for a moment as they listened to my words. But they looked at me so seriously that they rushed to ask me about what happened yesterday. I didn’t explain too much to them, I just said, “The beating Cao Ge got yesterday was by me! And he didn’t dare to resist!”

And as they listened to my words, they even looked at me with great surprise.

The eyes of them that followed gradually changed from surprise, to weirdness, followed by a burst of laughter. How could they not believe that with a ‘little man’ like me being able to press Cao Ge and the others into a fight?

“Jin Chao, you’re blowing too much out of your bull, aren’t you?” Guan Dongxuan’s little brother asked at me with a big laugh.

“It’s simply laughing my a*s off ……”

Guan Dongxuan covered his stomach and laughed.

“You guys don’t believe me yet.”

I said insistently.

But once Guan Dongxuan heard that, he looked at me with a serious look all of a sudden, “Jin Chao, I don’t care to listen to your bullSh*t here either. Don’t you want to settle this matter? Fine, now kneel down for me in front of everyone!”

“I won’t!”

Uncle Chen was already under pressure to help me out in the morning. If I kneeled down for him, then all that Uncle Chen had done would be for nothing.

“Oh, don’t you force my hand.”


Chapter 28

Guan Dongxuan was holding a cigarette in his mouth, and he totally looked like he was going to get me killed. They moved forward and I couldn’t stop backing up. I felt their unkind eyes and retreated into the cigarette shop behind me. I thought they wouldn’t dare to do anything to me once I got into the shop.

But they came after me and dragged me out of the shop.

In the process, I resisted, but I was dragged to the open space in front of the shop. Guan Dongxuan pointed to the spot in front of him and told me to kneel down.

I looked at the five or six men standing around me and I rang the bell, hesitating before deciding to turn and run.


Guan Dongxuan clung on.

I ran ahead, already exerting all my strength. Normally, I was more or less exercising. But Guan Dongxuan and the others were no slouch either. I didn’t want to be overtaken by them, so I dashed straight onto the main road by the school, and I couldn’t care less about the oncoming traffic.

There were quite a few paths that went through across the school, and once I got in, I had a way to lose them.

And I hadn’t really thought it would turn out that way before I got here. I thought that after a day’s time, Guan Dongxuan would know what was going on at Cao Ge’s end somehow. Cao Ge had said yesterday that he would help me to get rid of Guan Dongxuan. But this day has gone by and there’s no movement at all!

“Don’t let him get away.”

Guan Dongxuan’s voice came from behind.

It was also between my burst of hasty flight that I unknowingly ran near Guo Xue-fu’s house. Her house was not far from the school. If I wanted to get rid of them completely, I had to go to Guo Xuefu’s house to hide out.

I thought so and called Guo Xuefu halfway, asking her to open the door downstairs.

When she heard me gasping for air, she hurriedly asked me what was wrong. I didn’t have time to explain to her, so I rushed to her door. But I pushed on the door and it didn’t open!

“Snow floo!”

I hurriedly called out to her from downstairs. But inside, she didn’t respond.

“Brother Xuan, that kid Jin Chao is just ahead.” The voices of Guan Dongxuan and the others were not far from me.

“Hurry up, keep chasing!”

“D*mn it, I’m exhausted from running for half a day. When I catch up to him …… he’ll be dead.” This was Guan Dongxuan’s voice.

I was even more anxious as I listened to their voices. I kept knocking on the door. If Guo Xuefu still didn’t show up, I really had to turn around and leave in a hurry.

And it was at that moment that a rush of footsteps came from the door behind me. But at the same time, Guan Dongxuan and the others were only ten metres away from me! But at that very moment, two or three people suddenly appeared from the other end.

Guan Dongxuan and his five or six men were scattered into two groups, attacking me from the front and back of Guo Xuefu’s house!

“Jin Chao?”

Guo Xuefu behind the main door called out my name.

“It’s me, hurry up and open the door.”

My cold sweat was left behind in my anxiety.

I could see that Guan Dongxuan and the others were only three or four metres away from me, and the door behind me was only then opened. As my back was against the door, the moment the door opened, my whole body fell backwards. Guo Xuefu, who was behind the door, was also startled by my suddenness.

After I got in, I didn’t care about anything else and hurriedly closed the door with my hands.

But since Guan Dongxuan and the others were not far away from me, they were pushing hard on the door outside before I could lock it. It took all my strength to hold the door open for a moment.

“Snow float, hurry up and lock the door!” I said anxiously.

“Oh oh.”

Only then did Guo Xuefu respond. She turned the door lock. The lock on the front door of her house was somewhat similar to the kind of long metal locks used in rural houses. One needed to turn the handle on the door and snap the long strip of metal against the catch on the other side of the door in order to lock it.

But as soon as the person outside the door heard the sound of the lock turning, he pushed harder on the door.

“It’s done!”

Guo Xuefu said hurriedly.

I listened to her words, and my whole body felt like it was deflated, which was a relief.

“Jin Chao, get the f*ck out of here.” Guan Dongxuan then shouted from the doorway.

“Is that Guan Dongxuan outside?” Guo Xuefu asked me suspiciously.

I nodded at her. She was wearing a simple sundress and even her hair was still wet. Droplets of water kept dripping down her hair. I’m afraid she was in the middle of a shower, and after answering my call, she rushed downstairs without caring about anything.

“Jin Chao, did you hear what I said?” Guan Dongxuan was growling angrily from outside.

I sat on the floor and yelled out, “Guan Dongxuan, you’d better get out of here. Don’t make me call the police over later!”

“Good, Jin Chao, you’ve got guts! But you can’t run away from the monk, if you have the guts, don’t show up at the school for me.” Guan Dongxuan threatened me just outside the door.

“Let’s go.”

Guan Dongxuan seemed to lead the way out.

I listened to his words, a breath of air in my chest, which was gasped out. But I, who had taken out all my strength to pump and run, once I sat down, I was a bit unable to stand up because my feet were weak. I looked up and asked Guo Xuefu to give me a hand. And she was helping me to a chair on the side and let me sit down.

She handed me a gla*s of water and told me to rest in her house for a while.

But I had my own plans.

I asked her to go upstairs first and help me see if Guan Dongxuan and the others had really gone. She listened to me, but looked at me with some concern. She told me not to be in such a hurry to leave yet since I had come over. I should wait at her house for an hour first, and by then Guan Dongxuan and the others would have left.

But I shook my head, “No, I don’t need to. I’ll sit at your house for a while, and I’ll be leaving in a while.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to go to Yin Guan Dongxuan.”

I then said to Guo Xuefu. And Guo Xuefu was literally frozen for a moment after hearing my words.

“Jin Chao, you’re crazy. Just you alone, you still want to go to Yin Guan Dong Xuan?” Guo Xuefu looked at me incredulously.

I, on the contrary, laughed afterwards.

“I was actually lying to you. I also know that if I were to go to him alone, it would be a death sentence, wouldn’t it?”

“That’s right!”

Guo Xuefu affirmed my words.

I then explained to her that I was going back early because Uncle Chen was still waiting for me at home and I didn’t want him to worry too much. After listening to my words, Guo Xuefu let me leave the place. But what she didn’t know was that after I left, I took the bus and went straight to the neighborhood where Guan Dongxuan lived.

I also saw Guan Dongxuan’s address on the parent roster this morning, and also subsequently arrived at the neighborhood where Guan Dongxuan lives ……