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Super School Student Chapter 329-330

Chapter 329

It turned out that this doll was actually one of the “Thirteen Sacred Weapons” of the Blood Race, and was also a “magic treasure”, named “Magic Doll”.

“Name: Magic Doll, Grade: Earth Grade Medium Grade Magic Treasure, Origin: Haotian Continent, Description: Originally a young girl of the Blood Race, she lost her consciousness for some reason and was made into a magic doll, which can take the blood of anyone and become that person’s appearance, cultivation and bloodline aura and all other external characteristics, however, she cannot possess the person’s memories and abilities, she can act according to her master’s will, she has the same intelligence as her master and controls only the Blood Race ……”

There is a lot of information about this “magic doll”, but the core of it is that this thing can become anyone by drawing blood, but only people with the “blood” bloodline can control this thing.

Previously, it must have been the “blood” people who made it drink Liu Mei’s blood, then turned into Liu Mei’s appearance and used this fake Liu Mei to deceive themselves.

“Hey, hey! Thanks to you, I’ve come up with a good idea.”

Ye Lu looked at this beautiful “magic puppet” and laughed heatedly.

Originally, he was not sure about saving Liu Mei, but now he suddenly had some confidence because he had come up with a brilliant idea.

“But for this plan, I have to get the bloodline once, so why don’t I try the effect of this ‘magic puppet’ for now?”

According to the introduction of “Bloodline Ability”, Ye Lu’s blank bloodline body could inherit the power of any bloodline, but only one could be used at a time, and it had to be cultivated from scratch, just like the “Original Spirit Beast”, so once he wanted to use a new bloodline, all the previous cultivation would be wasted.

So, Ye Lu had never pa*sed on any bloodline before, but it seemed that the time had come to pa*s on a bloodline this time.

Moreover, in addition to that, there was a “spell” to be found, that is, a “spell” that could simulate cultivation.

So, Ye Lu took advantage of his weakness to start searching in the “gla*ses”. Luckily, the “martial arts ability” could also be searched by keywords, so it didn’t take him too long to find a “spell” called “Art of Concealing Heaven”, which allowed a cultivator to simulate the cultivation realm of a major level higher and a major level lower.

However, it was a pity that Ye Lu was not able to cultivate this martial art as he was currently in his weakened stage.

“Then let’s try to inherit the bloodline first.”

Ye Lu secretly muttered, but before that, he had to get Jessica, the Holy Maiden of the Blood Clan, to come over, there were still many things he needed her help with.

So, after thinking about it, Ye Lu discussed with “Big Wind” and asked her to help him pick her up.

As a result, “Big Wind” sat down and said.

“Let me pick up someone, what benefit can you give me? I’m a girl who has nothing to gain.”

Seeing “Big Wind’s” appearance, Ye Luo was both angry and amused, this goods seems to have some kind of rogue qualities, it seems that he will have to blackmail himself in the future.

So, he thought about it, and then took out some “Demon Breeding Pills” and said.

“Take a look at this.”

“Gale looked down and found that this elixir did have a strong fragrance and seemed to be able to increase the cultivation of demon beasts, but the fragrance was still fragrant, but unfortunately the ingredients in it were too little to increase cultivation.

So, it said disdainfully.

“This stuff is not even enough to stuff your teeth, so giving it to me won’t be of much use.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“That’s because I don’t have a higher grade ‘demon pellet’, so this is a ‘demon breeding pellet’ for ‘second-rank’ demon beasts, but as long as there’s ‘fourth-rank’ any demon pills, I can make pills that can be given to your fourth-rank demon beasts, and you should be clear about that, you demon beasts cannot directly swallow the ‘demon pills’ of other demon beasts to raise your cultivation, unless they are H*mologous ‘demon pills’, with me, you can use any kind of ‘demon pills’, and it’s quite efficient.”

This time, “Big Wind” was really moved.

The cultivation of demon beasts could only rely on themselves and various rare plants and the like, so the cultivation process was usually very long, and of course, most demon beasts also had a very long life span, so this kind of thing that could make rapid progress in a short period of time was extremely tempting to them.

“Is everything you said true?”

It looked at Ye Luo and asked.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I’m not asking for death if I lie to you, think about it, isn’t that the truth?”

“Big Wind” thought about it then nodded and said.

“Good, then you’ll be my boss from now on, I’ll call you boss, you can call me little sister, girl I’ll follow you, tell me, where is the person you’re looking for?”

This “Big Wind” was a “Second Grade Great Demon”, so it didn’t think Ye Lu would fool him.

Ye Lu quickly showed the place where Jessica was kept and Jessica’s photo to “Big Wind”, and then, “Big Wind” “brushed! And then, “Big Wind” disappeared into the sky.


Ye Lu snapped his fingers and said with a smile.

“It feels so good to have a little brother, no, a little sister!”

He was indeed “happy”, but the Bloods were not happy at all.

At the moment, at the headquarters of the Gothic Bloods, Prince Saguna was frowning, and in front of him were six of the Bloods’ Dukes sitting around a conference table.

“This operation has been so unexpected.”

Prince Shaguna touched his lips before continuing with a somewhat big head.

“Not only did we lose the ‘Human Slaughterer’ Jefferson, we also lost the ‘Magic Puppet’ and the ‘Torture Axe’ from the ‘Thirteen Sacred Weapons ‘, although these ‘Sacred Weapons’ can only be used by those of the ‘Blood Clan’, but, together with the ‘Mirage Mirror’ from before this is too great a loss. ”

In fact, not all of the Thirteen Sacred Weapons of the Blood Tribe were in the hands of these Blood Tribe people, especially the Fierce Key and the Corpse Hand, which they had never seen before.

At this point, one of the Blood Dukes said with emotion.

“Yes, but no one expected him to be this powerful, even the ‘God’s Descendants’ trio was killed by him, and he also killed other top 20 experts on the ‘Killer Ranking’. ”

Hearing his words everyone began to nod their heads, as it was indeed too unexpected.

Another duke then said.

“Do you think the ‘Three Great Gods’ will make a move because of this?”

By “Three Great Gods”, he was referring to the “Greek Gods”, “Roman Gods” and “Nordic Gods”, which actually represented three cultivation systems, and the three Heavenly Ranking giants killed by Ye Lu were all from the “Greek Gods”.

Hearing his words, Shaguna shook her head and said.

“I don’t think so, the ‘East’ has always been a ‘mysterious land’, and there are legends of many masters there, such as the ‘Kunlun’, ‘Daoist’, ‘Daoist’ and ‘Daoist’. ‘Taoism’ and the ‘Dragon Clan’ …… In short, if the ‘Eastern’ ‘ Clan Realm’ doesn’t make any mess, the ‘God Clan’ shouldn’t make a move.”

“When the ‘divine race’ strikes, it will be the day of ‘world chaos’.”

In fact, at this moment, Prince Shaguna did not know that there were already dark currents in the “clan world”.

Then, a Duke looked at Prince Shaguna and asked.

“So what do we do next, Prince?”

As a result, Prince Shaguna said.

“Next, we don’t need to do anything for the time being, our thirteen clan acting chiefs have already gathered, let’s wait until the ‘Night of the New Moon’ pa*ses tomorrow night, that ‘Shura’ will not be able to cause any more trouble even if he is powerful, yes By the way, this matter must not be spread out.”

In Shaguna’s opinion, even if Ye Luo was unbelievable, he could not make trouble in front of so many acting clan leaders.

However, what he didn’t know was that at the moment, Ye Lu was planning to stir up trouble at the “Night of the Moon”.

Jessica had been picked up by Gale and was now standing in front of Ye Lu with trepidation because of the pressure Gale was putting on her.

“Jessica, tell me, who is the weakest of the 13 clan leaders at the moment.”

As a result, Jessica said without thinking.

“It’s our acting clan chief, he’s the weakest one, our ‘Jimi Spirits Clan’ is also the weakest one among the thirteen clans, there are only two Princes and one of them has disappeared for many years.”

When he heard Jessica’s words, Ye Lu nodded, he also understood why the last time he went to the clan’s land, only the Duke was there, and then Ye Lu looked at Jessica and said.

“Good, find a way to contact your Acting Clan Chief, I have something to discuss with her.”

In Ye Luo’s mind, a plan had already taken shape.


Chapter 330

His plan was that, since the “Magic Puppet” could transform into any person by sucking blood, and the day after tomorrow’s Lunar Gathering was full of kings and close friends of various clans, he could kill the Acting Chief of the Jimi Spirits Clan and take his form, while he would use his bloodline to pose as a close friend of the King.

In this way, he would be able to infiltrate the party and find a way to rescue Liu Mei.

Of course, she had to change her appearance with make-up, but unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to learn her disguise and make-up skills from Lin Ru Yue.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Jessica thought for a moment and said.

“Trying to find the acting clan chief might still be a bit of a problem, you tore down our clan land and took me away, I contacted him, he will definitely be alert, most won’t tell me the truth, maybe even make some kind of trap or something.”

For his part, Leaffall smiled and said.

“No need for you to really say something, just have a way to reach him, just have some kind of contact information of his that you are sure you can reach, a mobile phone number, MSN ah or ICQ or whatever, I will find a way to find him.”

The gla*ses’ auxiliary ability was not a cover, as long as there was any trace, Ye Lu had a way to locate a person, unless he was hiding in some secret realm.

As it turned out, luck was on his side this time, the acting patriarch’s mobile phone was in use.

Ye Luo immediately located his phone, followed by an all-round search of his phone, including all contacts, contacts on various chatting software, etc. Ye Luo then started to do statistics on these data, including what people were contacted more frequently, roughly what kind of relationship, etc.

Because Ye Lu knows very well that it is not a difficulty to cheat such people and cheat oneself.

An impulsive teenager like himself could get away with a fake video, photo or whatever, but each and every one of these Blood Princes had lived for a long time and could not be fooled casually.

If you want to trick them or catch them, you have to be more precise and accurate.

In the end, Ye Luo locked on the one called Carolina who was most closely connected to the Prince and was contacted in various ways many times almost every day.

“Jessica, what is your Prince’s cultivation level?”

After determining a rough plan, Ye Luo then looked at Jessica and asked.

Jessica said.

“It should be at the level of a ‘Second Turn Saint’, in fact, most of the Princes, including the acting patriarchs, don’t have a very high cultivation level, because they are taken away when their cultivation level is higher, the rule of our ‘Blood Clan’ is that either the oldest Vampires are called Generation One, then there is Generation Two, and Generation Three, and currently the Princes are all after Generation Four of the Bloods, and are the ones who don’t have the ability to enter the ‘Blood Sanctuary’.”

Through the chat with Jessica, Ye Lu also roughly understood the current basic situation of the “Blood Race”.

Then, she looked at Jessica and asked again.

“Is there a poison that specifically deals with your Blood Tribe?”

Jessica said.

“There is, but it’s a bit difficult to be effective only if you drink it.”

Leaffall then said.

“You don’t need to worry about that, I have my own solution.”

After saying that, Ye Lu began to fuse the bloodline power obtained from the “Jimi demon clan”, as a matter of fact, the inheritance proceeded quickly, and Ye Lu took on the “Jimi demon clan” aura.

“You …… how did you do that?”

Jessica was already dumbfounded by Ye Lu, he couldn’t understand why Ye Lu had become a member of his own clan in one fell swoop.

Ye Luo did not answer her question, but looked at “Big Wind” and said.

“‘Sister Wind’ I have a ‘Spirit Beast Bracelet’ here, can I talk to you about it, go to the ‘Spirit Beast Bracelet’ later and come with me to Kill a person.”

This time, he had to dispose of the acting chief of the Jimi Spirits Clan in secret, so that the other members of the Blood Clan would not be aware of it, and he would be able to blend in during the “Night of the New Moon”.

Of course, another point is that it is not easy for him to use the Summoning Technique again in the short term. The loss of vital energy caused by continuous blood loss cannot be replenished by the Blood Tonic Pill, so he needs to adjust his body for at least two days.

“Gale” said after thinking about it.

“Fine, but before that, you’d better get me a set of clothes, and you’d better get me a storage item to put my clothes and stuff.”

Hearing his words, Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“You have quite a lot of requests, okay, I’ll get you clothes first, as for the storage thing, I can make it, I’ll customize one for you when I have time.”

After that, Ye Lu let the “Wine Swallow Boy” guard Jessica, then followed “Big Wind” to the city to pick out a set of clothes, after that the two of them went together to the vicinity of the target person.

The woman was an old flame of the Acting Chief of the Gimmi Spirits, but she was a human, and according to the ancient rules of the Bloods, it was forbidden for a Blood to marry a human, so the two were secretly in love, but the Acting Chief of the Gimmi Spirits, Gertrude, was very fond of her.

With the help of Gertrude, this beautiful woman was already a “Sovereign Level” practitioner.

Of course, this level was not enough in Ye Lu’s eyes. Now that his nine strands of spiritual energy were complete, he was able to crush a “seventh level clan master” without any means.

However, he was still weak, so he didn’t need to do anything this time, the “Big Wind”, which had already transformed into a beautiful woman, could do it for him.

After that, there was a long interrogation, as Ye Lu did not want the acting patriarch, Gertrude, to have any suspicions.

“Alright, let’s rest first, there’s no rush in this matter, we’ll do it tomorrow night.”

After everything was ready, Ye Luo looked at “Big Wind” and said with a smile.

The longer he pretended to be Gertrude, the easier it would be to see the flaw, so it would be safer to do it later, and the woman had also said that Gertrude would come to her house tomorrow night on her own initiative.

The next day, Ye Lu recovered and all he had to do was to prepare for the rescue.

The most important thing was the “spell” to control the summoned beasts, and the fact that he could not control the summoned things was the most depressing thing for Ye Lu.

The battle last night, after the summoned beasts all ran away, if not for the “big wind” sister finally returned, he would have been dead.

In the end, Ye Lu really found a “holy level” spirit control technique, but according to the instructions on it, if you want to control a summoned beast that is too big for you, you can only do so through some extraordinary means, such as bloodline suppression or something like that.

This is the special nature of bloodlines.

However, at the moment, this was not of much use to Ye Lu, as the bloodline power of the “Jimi Spirits” was not of a high level, and he did not dare to use the blood of the “Holy Maiden” Jessica, as he had to pretend to be a more common clan member.

Anyway, the day flew by again.

After the sun went down, Ye Lu and “Big Wind” rushed back to the woman’s house to keep watch.

It was only at midnight that Gertrude arrived late.

When he entered the house, the woman smiled and brought out a cup of blood and handed it to Gertrude, saying with a smile.

“Why are you so late?”

Gertrude said with some chagrin.

“It’s not because of those guys in the clan, originally the benefit was mine alone, now it’s a good thing that the food that was in my mouth just flew away, this time it’s not my turn to benefit.”

And the woman said with a smile.

“My dear, don’t be angry, I have food for you here, drink this first.”

Without question, Gertrude took the cup and drank it.

It was only after the blood had entered his belly that he realised something was wrong.

“You …… you …… you give me ……”

At this time, Ye Lu walked out and said with a smile.

“Poisoning is it.”

Then he quickly waved his hand, and “Big Wind” quickly struck out, first beating this guy to a pulp, then ruining his dantian, and only then did Ye Lu start the interrogation.

After using all kinds of tactics, and finally using “soul searching”, Ye Lu finally obtained a lot of important information before Gertrude’s death.

Another day pa*sed, and the “Night of the New Moon” was finally approaching.