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Super School Student Chapter 331-332

Chapter 331

The place where the 13 clans gathered this time was not in Italy, but in Romania, the birthplace of the Blood Clan, which is some distance away from Italy, but Ye Lu had “Big Wind” with him, so he did not even have to fly by air.

For example, the speed of a large and polite Boeing 737 is only 785 km/h, which is only a little more than twice the speed of the Swift-tailed Swallow.

As a powerful wind-attributed demonic beast, the speed of the “Gale” far exceeds that of the “Sharp-tailed Swallow”, so there is no need for Ye Lu to take the plane.

With the rule that each person could bring three attendants, Ye Lu, in his capacity as Gertrude, ordered the other two good members of the family to travel in the normal way to Brasov in the west-central part of Romania, which was only about 30 kilometres away from the meeting place.

The place they were going to was called “Castle Brown”, also known as the “Vampire Castle”, which is said to be a gathering place for vampires.

It was built on a large hill overlooking the entire valley, and the gates of the castle were built into the walls, so to enter the castle you had to go to the south side of the castle and use the rope ladder thrown down from above.

Of course, this was no obstacle for the powerful Bloods.

At the moment, in Castle Brown, the acting head of the Bruh, the strongest of the thirteen clans, was sitting in the main hall of the castle waiting for the others to arrive.

He was very sure about this meeting, because they had always been the most powerful of the Thirteen Clans, and he was determined to get the Blood Maiden’s bloodline this time.

Moreover, he had already contacted his allies in advance, and with their support, he was even more certain.

“The purest, closest to the origin bloodline ever, so much to look forward to!”

The Bruh clan chief muttered in satisfaction as he drank the blood from the cup.

The thirteen clans of the Blood Clan were divided into three sections: the Hidden Alliance, the Demon Feast Alliance and the Neutral Clans, of which the Bruh Clan had the most clans in the Hidden Alliance, with six clans.

The two allies were the chiefs of the Gargoyles and the Unkawe, who smiled at the Bruh chief as he arrived and said.

“Congratulations, Chief Ruthie Witt, you have really got a treasure this time!”

The Bruch chief, Ruthie Witt, of course, responded with a smile.

Following this, the Gunguro clan chief then looked at Ruthie Witt and said.

“It’s just a pity that Jefferson fell, otherwise everything would have been perfect.”

“After all, he was the fourth highest ranked master on the “Killer Ranking”, and he had a lot of experience in battles.

But Luciwetter waved his hand indifferently and said.

“Since he is a Bruh, he should always be prepared to die, we Bruhs will die sooner or later.”

The other two families had heard about the warlike nature of the Bruh clan, so both patriarchs just laughed and didn’t say anything more.

Everyone sat down with an unspoken understanding.

He couldn’t step on the midnight hour, as he had a lot of work to do before then.

The other clan leaders didn’t care much when they saw the “magical puppet” turned Gertrude walk in with his three attendants, after all, to them, the Gimmi Spirits were a dispensable clan, and even though they were the ones who brought this opportunity, Luciwet didn’t show any gratitude.

Ye Luo, of course, did not care about this.

According to the instructions of the “Art of Concealing the Sky”, his current cultivation level was equivalent to that of an ordinary practitioner who was cla*sified as a “God Realm”, so the level he could simulate was that of an “Innate Cultivator” who was one level below him or a “Foundation Realm Cultivator” who was one level above him.

At this moment, what Ye Lu simulated was a “Ninth Level Foundation Establishment”, that is, a “Ninth Level Sovereign”, which was just the right level for Jitrad to bring.

Of course, the other two attendants of Gertrude felt a bit strange about this, but since they were brought by their acting patriarch, they didn’t say anything.

At the moment there were still several hours before midnight, so many of the clansmen had not yet arrived, because most of them understood that this time they would only be accompanying the clan, and in the end it would still be the Bruh’s Ruthie Witt who would get the benefit, so what was the hurry to go?

The idea was to observe the fortress and its surroundings.

To be honest, this ancient fortress still covered a large area, the decoration inside was also very gorgeous, and there was also a very large underground palace underneath this ancient fortress.

However, just by looking at it, he could not tell where Liu Mei was being held. Moreover, Ye Lu felt that even if he found out where Liu Mei was being held, she would be heavily guarded, so it would be very difficult to rescue her directly.

So he took control of the “magic doll” and said.

“Chief Luciwet, it’s too boring to sit here, can I go for a walk around, I’ll come back when the meeting starts, everything is yours anyway, I congratulate you.”

The “magic doll” spoke and acted exactly like Gertrude, and as no one took him seriously, Ruthie Witt waved his hand casually.

“Go on, you don’t come to this ‘clan’ often anyway, it’s good to learn a little about the history of our blood.”

It was true that marginalised clans like the Gimmi Spirits did not have much opportunity to come here.

He smiled and left with Ye Lu and his other two attendants.

After Ye Lu and the others left.

A patriarch looked at the door and said with a smile.

“I heard that the clan lands of the ‘Jimi Demon Clan’ were all flattened by the ‘Shura’, and the ‘Holy Maiden’ who had appeared so easily was also taken away, so it looks like it won’t take It doesn’t look like it will take long for them to disappear forever, just like the ‘Cappadocian’ clan.”

One of the acting patriarchs next to him followed.

“Oh yes, then the Lord Patriarch will talk to the people down there and let him have a look around, especially at the underground palace down there, which he has not been to once.”

The crowd laughed as they finished speaking.

And the chief of the Ruthivites laughed and gave orders to the men in charge to let Gertrude wander around everywhere except the place where the “holy women” were kept.

I wonder how they would have felt if they had known that Gertrude was just a doll and that the man who was going to ruin their lives was wandering around right under their noses.

However, his approach had undoubtedly given Leaf Fall a great convenience.

He soon arrived at the place where Liu Mei was being held. It was indeed extremely well guarded, and two of the guards he could see were Second Turn Saints.

It seemed that the Brujahs were really talented, and they were no match for the Gimmi Spirits.

“It looks like there is no chance of breaking through.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, and then walked towards the underground palace below.

According to the brief description of the gla*ses, this should be the place for the meeting tonight, so after entering, Ye Lu began to wander back and forth, while the “Shave! underneath his feet, he was rapidly drawing the “weapon pattern”.

There was still a lot of time before midnight, so he had to prepare as much as possible for the rescue later, which could be another bad battle.

One by one, the other Acting Patriarchs of the Thirteen Clans of the Blood arrived at the Browns’ Castle, and towards midnight, the meeting began.


Chapter 332

The main topic of the gathering was, of course, the question of how to deal with the latest discovery of the real “Holy Maiden”, Liu Mei, and to put it bluntly, the question of who to “blood sacrifice” with.

Once everyone had arrived, they gathered in the underground palace.

The thirteen people were sitting around, and at the centre of the underground palace was a complex-looking spell formation, which consisted of a thirteen mansard star, and the thirteen patriarchs present at the moment corresponded to the thirteen sharp corners of this complex formation.

Once everyone was seated, Luciwet looked at the crowd and said.

“I’m sure you all know very well the purpose of my seeking you all here. We will vote in a moment according to the tradition of the thirteen clans of the ‘Blood Clan’ to choose the person who will receive the ‘Holy Maiden’ bloodline this time, everyone has no opinion, right? ”

Everyone of course had no opinion.

One of the clan leaders said with a smile.

“I would rather know what we should do about the ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ who is in our sphere of influence.”

Hearing the words “Blood Shadow Shura” the others joined in the discussion.

“Yes, that ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ is making too much noise, as if there is no one in our territory who can deal with him.”

As a result, Luciwetter casually waved his hand and said.

“That ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ is nothing but a trivial matter, that video I watched, if those people hadn’t given him time to create the formation due to negligence and carelessness, he would have been dead long ago and there would be no more behind, how could we people give him such an opportunity. ”

“If he were standing in front of us at this moment, we would certainly have smashed him to pieces in an instant.”

The crowd nodded at the words of the tall Ruthie Witt.

Ye Luo, who was standing behind the “magic puppet”, was thinking to himself.

“I’m standing right in front of you, and you can’t even recognize me, and you’re still talking nonsense.”

In fact, it was not Ruthie Witt who could be blamed for this.

The blood test was so thorough that it was clear which clan everyone belonged to, so in Ruthie Witt’s opinion, it was impossible for anyone to get in.

Of course, the “magic doll” had been lost, which they all knew, but even if the “magic doll” had taken the form of someone, it wouldn’t have been of any use, because the “magic doll”, the “holy weapon”, was in fact the most useless of the “thirteen holy weapons”, and basically had no killing power, so there was no need to worry about it.

After that, Luciwetter looked at the crowd and said.

“In order to avoid cheating, each voting board should be marked with the blood of their own clan to show fairness.”

When he finished several of the clan leaders laughed heartily.

Immediately, each board was placed in front of the crowd, followed by a pen, everyone already knew that this was what they were here for, so the voting was fast.

Soon the voting was over and someone collected all the voting slates and handed them over to a man in charge of the count, who held up the first sign in his hand and said.

“Patriarch Rushewit, one vote.”

Then, again, a sign was raised and said.

“Patriarch Ruthie Witt, two votes.”

“Patriarch Ruthie Witt, three votes.”


At this point, someone muttered up in a whisper and said.

“Why make so many situations, just announce it.”

However, after Patriarch Ruthie Witt had reached six votes, a new vote getter appeared.

“Patriarch Gertrude, one vote.”

“Patriarch Gertrude, two votes.”

“Patriarch Gertrude, three votes.”


To Ye Lu’s surprise, the next votes were actually focused on him, and it came to as many as six votes all of a sudden.

Now everyone was not calm.

Although everyone did not murmur, they also started to look left and right, as many of them did not understand what was going on.

Luciwet’s face changed immediately, and he looked at the “magic puppet” with a deep meaningful expression, while the “magic puppet” made a helpless shrug and hand-showing motion at Ye Lu’s behest, meaning that I couldn’t understand it either.

In fact, Ye Luo really did not understand how much it meant.

“Patriarch Gertrude, seven votes.”

In the end, the Jithrad clan leader won with one more vote than the Ruthie Witt clan.

This surprised everyone.

The two of them had already frowned and looked at the “magic puppet”.

Only then did Ye Lu suddenly remember that in the fragmented memories of Gertrude that he had obtained from his soul search, it seemed that there was indeed a memory of Ruthie Witt asking him to vote for himself.

At this moment, Ruthie Witt was depressed beyond words.

He had thought that with the support of his five companions and the vote he had obtained by threatening Gertrude, he would have won the election, but he had never imagined that Gertrude would turn against him and unite with the other clans to set himself up.

When he thought of this, he turned his head to look at the other acting patriarchs.

One of the acting clan chiefs said with a somewhat helpless show of hands.

“I only voted for the one I thought was the least promising, who knew it would turn out like this?”

In fact, some of the other people had the same idea, because they didn’t want to vote for the Bruh because of their position, but they couldn’t do such a narcissistic thing as to vote for themselves, and they didn’t want to vote for others and push them into the limelight, so they thought it would be better to vote for the worst one, Gertrude, because he wouldn’t really be elected anyway, and it wouldn’t offend Ruthie Witt, and it would be a way to show their position.

However, to their surprise, Jethroad himself elected himself, and it turned out to be the current situation.

However, it was a good thing that he had let the “magic puppet” win, so he quickly accepted this fact and let the “magic puppet” smile at the crowd.

“Huh! It looks like I got the most votes, so this must be God’s will.”

In Ye Luo’s opinion, this was something that the thirteen clans had agreed on together, so that Ruthie Witt would not blatantly go back on his word.

As expected, although Ruthie Witt’s face was ironic, he really didn’t say anything but acquiesced to the result of this vote, which made Ye Lu sigh with relief.

“Good, since the result has come out, let’s invite the real ‘Holy Maiden’.”

With the words of the one presiding over the meeting, Liu Mei was brought out.

Ye Luo saw that Liu Mei was wearing a very simple golden dress, her entire snow-white waist and two long legs were exposed, her two white feet were bare, her hair was neatly combed, and she really looked as stunning as the “Vampire Queen”.

At the moment, Liu Mei was restricted in her movements and seemed unable to speak, being held above her head by several female Bloods as she walked towards the formation in the centre.

“The Blood Clan had to meet several conditions to use the Holy Maiden for the blood ritual, firstly, it had to be the night of the first moon, secondly, she had to be eighteen years old, no older and no younger, and thirdly, the Holy Maiden had to be a virgin.

When she saw this formation, she understood that tonight was the end of her life, and tears flowed from the corners of her eyes into the formation.

Ye Luo couldn’t help but have a sour nose, but he forced himself to control his emotions, if he revealed a flaw now, he would have given up all his work.

“Alright, next we will have to borrow the blood of all the clan leaders, please ask each clan leader to drop their blood into the blood pool.”

The man in charge of the ceremony looked at the crowd and said.

Hearing his words, everyone cut their fingers and put their hands into the pool of blood in front of them, and a few of the clan leaders had a somewhat playful smile on their faces, probably feeling good about making Ruthie Witt feel defeated.

However, Ruthie Witt did not say anything, he also put his hand into the pool of blood, and the rather intricately drawn thirteen mansard blood formation soon glowed blood red.