Super School Student Chapter 333-334

Chapter 333

Ye Lu had already considered the possibility of using blood, so he had already put Gertrude’s blood in his storage ring, and now the “magic puppet” was pretending to be in front of him while Ye Lu put the blood into the pool of blood.

The only blood in its body is the blood of Gertrude, and once it is released, it will take on its original form.

With the blood of all thirteen clans injected into the formation, the formation began to run wildly, and Ye Lu felt a heavy blood aura while this blood-coloured light enveloped Liu Mei in the middle.

Following that, the man who was presiding over the formation raised his hand to signal that everyone could stop.

“Clan Chief Jetrad, you may enter the formation to begin the ‘blood ritual’.”

The person presiding over the formation looked at the “magic puppet” and said.

The “magic puppet” slowly stood up, while Ye Luo was looking towards how to save Liu Mei.

He quickly gave an order to the leader of the “ghost bats” who had stayed in the area.

After that, the “chi dragon” and “white tiger” demonic beasts that had escaped before reappeared, and after these guys appeared, they led some demonic beasts and roared towards the “Brown Castle”, but the roar was loud but did not come too close.

These guys were all captured by “Big Wind”, and Ye Lu really had nothing to use, resources were too scarce.

Of course, he also understood that these small demonic beasts were not enough to attract the attention of Castle Brown, so he also ordered the Ghost Bats lurking in Castle Brown to detonate the firearms he had placed there when he was just sneaking around.

These were a small part of the remaining stock from the Iga ninja.

There were loud explosions all over the fortress, and with the roar of the beasts outside, the noise was quite loud.

However, unfortunately, although the other acting patriarchs exchanged pleasantries, Luciwet did not say anything, nor did anyone come in to report the situation, it seemed that this kind of thing did not mean anything to him, which made Ye Lu feel incomparably depressed.

He had originally wanted to create a bit of chaos through this.

“Matriarch Luciwet, what’s happening outside?”

“Yeah, there won’t be any chaos, right?”

“Should we go out and have a look?”


Several patriarchs were not too calm.

However, Luciwet waved his hand and said.

“Don’t bother outside, whatever happens won’t stop the ‘blood sacrifice’ today, and this person who is going to perform the ‘blood sacrifice’ is not Jethroad, but me, Jethroad, do you agree? ”

After saying that, Luciwetter narrowed his eyes and looked at the “magic puppet”.

Ye Luo controlled the “magic puppet” and did not say anything, anyway, Luciwet was also beating up the “magic puppet” when he was angry, Ye Luo was not worried at all.

Seeing the performance of Ruthie Witt, a patriarch said.

“Chief Ruthie Witt, this does not seem to be in accordance with the rules, our ancestral tradition is to follow the decision of the thirteen clans to vote together!”

“Yes, we can’t break the rules.”

“This is indeed going too far.”


However, Luciwet said coldly.

“Rules? I am the rule, do any of you have any comments?”

With those words, he raised his hand and waved it forward.

A dozen or so blood clansmen with terrifying auras walked out with cold expressions, Ye Luo quickly glanced at these people, and actually each of them was a “second turn” or “third turn” blood clansman, moreover, what surprised Ye Luo the most was that these people weren’t really blood clansmen.

“Name: Blood Golem, Rank: 3rd Turn Saint, Maker: Luciwet, Description: A super strong golem made from the body and bloodline of a Blood, completely unaware of pain, and with an almost immortal body, it is a strong warrior of the Blood, however, when making it, it needs to consume a lot of Blood’s blood ……”

Seeing the appearance of the ‘Blood Puppet’, the faces of those clan leaders all changed, and one of them said with a slightly trembling voice.

“Isn’t it forbidden to make ‘blood puppets’?”

Luciwet said in disbelief.

“The rules are only for people, sooner or later I, Ruthie Witt, will transcend everything and become an eternal deity, and if anyone dares to say a word about what happened today, I will make sure you all die without a burial place, understand?”

Hearing Ruthie Witt’s undisguised threat, the other acting patriarchs were silent, the Bruh had always been strong, and they were somewhat used to it.

Seeing this, Ruthie Witt turned his head to the “magic puppet” and asked again.

“Chief Gertrude, I am waiting for your answer.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the “magic puppet”.

As a result, the “magic puppet” looked at the crowd and smiled, then spoke in pure Chinese.

“Agree, my a*s! Get lost!”

No one in the crowd knew Chinese, so they were a bit confused, but by the smile of the “magic puppet”, they could guess that he was probably not saying anything good.


Seeing this scene, Luciwetter was furious and struck out.


The red blade fell from the sky and struck the body of the Demon Puppet, but he was still sitting there with a smile on his face, except that his appearance had changed, from the original appearance of Gertrude to the original appearance of the Demon Puppet, because the blow just struck was more than the blood of Gertrude that the Demon Puppet had drunk could bear.

When they saw the “magic puppet” appear with a smile on its face, everyone was confused at first.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is the ‘magic puppet’ here?”

“What the hell is going on here?”


Even Luciwet was a bit confused, as the situation before him made it impossible for anyone to understand what was going on at first, but Ye Lu had already taken advantage of this moment to rush into the “Blood Formation”.

Everyone’s eyes were once again turned to Ye Lu.

Everyone was confused as to what this follower of Gertrude was doing again.

However, Ye Lu had already bitten his middle finger and slapped it on the ground, and a formation suddenly lit up, enveloping the Blood Formation, Liu Mei, and Ye Lu.

Following that, the “magic puppet” also disappeared.

“He’s the one controlling the magic puppet!”

Someone looked at Ye Lu in the formation and said in surprise.

“But how can he have the bloodline of the blood race, is he a wild child of Gertrude’s from outside?”

“I’ve said for a long time that we have no tolerance at all for this whole bonding with ordinary people thing.”

“Yes, it would have to be Gertrude’s feral seed.”

“But what is Jethroad up to?”


The “Blood” bloodline in Ye Luo’s body made these people not suspect Ye Luo’s identity at first, but Luciwetter frowned at the illuminated formation.

“He had actually watched the video many times and found that the shield was exactly the same as the one in the video.

“You’re the ‘Shura’?”

Luciwet asked with a frown as he looked at Ye Luo in the formation.

Ye Luo grinned and said in English.

“None other than old me!”

The matter had come to this stage, there was no need to hide one’s identity whether one lived or died, the big deal was to die with Liu Mei in this hellish place, what was the point of being afraid, Ye Luo had already crossed his heart.

She thought she was dead for sure, but she didn’t expect that a “Shura” would suddenly appear to save her.

She looked at Ye Luo with a look of astonishment.

Ye Luo flew to her side and said with a smile.

“Mei’er, it’s me!”

This time Ye Luo changed back to his original voice, and Liu Mei immediately heard it.

Ye Lu helped her wipe her tears and said with a smile.

“Don’t cry, let’s die together, we won’t be alone anymore, people say ‘dying under the peony flower is a ghost’s life’, it’s worth it if I can die with you.”

While Ye Luo was speaking, the other clan leaders looked at Ye Luo with astonishment.

“He’s you, Shura! This is too bold.”

“Crazy, this man is absolutely crazy.”

“Not crazy, he’s a dead man, but I Buh admire him, a man who stands on top!”


The crowd was stunned by Ye Lu’s sudden appearance, while Luciwet’s eyebrows knitted into a knot.


Chapter 334

Ruthie Witt never expected this to happen, so he wasn’t prepared for it at all, but there was nothing to prepare for, so he just did it.

So, he raised his hand once again.

At the same time, however, hundreds of evil spirits appeared in the defence shield, each of them standing in a different position with a stone in its hand.

This was almost the last of Ye Lu’s stock. This time, the formation required 108 “medium-grade spirit stones” to activate, so the defence was very strong, but no matter how strong the defence was, it was inevitable that it would be consumed when being attacked, so spirit stones were needed to maintain it.

At this time, Ye Luo had already broken all the prohibitions on Liu Mei’s body, these prohibitions were against Liu Mei, an ordinary person, and were basically worthless in front of Ye Luo.

“Ye Luo.”

Feeling that her body could move, Liu Mei then but everything jumped onto Ye Lu’s body and hugged him.

For his part, Ye Luo hugged Liu Mei’s body and gently patted her bare back and said with a smile.

“What are you crying for, it’s not certain who will die, however, I need you to cooperate with me in a while.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Liu Mei then quickly nodded her head.

Ye Luo narrowed his eyes and looked at the “blood formation” where the blood of the thirteen clans were still tossing around in the formation.

“Mei’er, go lie there again, I’ll help you strengthen your bloodline.”

There was only a little time left before midnight, and with all thirteen bloodlines of the Blood Clan present, it was the perfect time to use them for a “blood ritual”, which would definitely bring Liu Mei’s awakened bloodline to a higher level.

When he saw Liu Mei lying in the centre of the formation, Luciwetter sensed something was wrong.


He quickly took out a black cross and slammed it into the formation with blood light, but, to his surprise, the defensive shield actually rippled like a wave of water but did not collapse at all.

The Blood Puppets also attacked at the same time.

The other patriarch was surprised that Ye Lu knew their blood rituals, and that he seemed to be even more skilled than them.

This was certainly true, for Ye Lu had no “martial arts” or “spells” in his “gla*ses”.

Immediately, twelve o’clock was reached, and the boiling blood wrapped around Liu Mei, and the real “blood sacrifice” began.

At the same time, a magnificent warm aura began to emanate from the wrapped blood, and an immense shadow appeared above the wrapped blood.

It was a beautiful woman with long hair, bright eyes and white teeth, especially a pair of eyes identical to Liu Mei’s, and breasts as big and attractive as Liu Mei’s. However, there were no clothes on this woman’s body, only clothes made from the leaves of an unknown tree ……

The woman’s shadow appeared at the same time, the surrounding “blood” people including the eleven acting patriarch could not help but bow down and worship.

The actual fact is that the actual people of the blood group, including the eleven acting chiefs, all of them, could not help but bow down and worship, and he was already halfway to his knees, but he forced himself to stand up again.

“It’s actually the ‘mother of all living beings’ Eve bloodline!”

Luciwet was shocked by the scene before him, but his eyes were filled with a frenzy, because he understood the value of this bloodline.

Legend has it that the Bloodline came from a man called Cain, who is also known as the first true vampire, and who was the eldest son of Adam and Eve, the first human beings.

Cain was then banished for killing his brother, during which time he met Lilith, the Witch of the Night, who taught Cain how to use the power of blood and became the first vampire.

These three sons produced thirteen offspring, the third generation of vampires, which is the origin of the Thirteen Clans, and why the Thirteen Clans are divided into three factions.

The bloodline that Liu Mei possesses is that of Eve, the first generation of vampires above Cain, so how can this not excite Luciwet.

If they used Willow’s awakened blood to perform a blood ritual, they could potentially be more powerful than the first Cain.

This was something they hadn’t thought of before.


With this in mind, Luciwetter let out a roar and his long fangs appeared in his mouth, while his eyes instantly turned bloodshot.

Not only him, but also the acting patriarchs who had just been worshipping and their followers also let out a roar, and all of them began to transform.

Seeing almost everyone around him turn into a state of sharp teeth and claws and bloodshot eyes when they saw the “Eve’s shadow”, Ye Lu was also stunned by this scene.

He didn’t expect this to happen, and he saw that all the Bloods’ eyes were looking at the blood ball that was gushing out from Liu Mei’s place, and everyone had a greedy and frenzied look in their eyes.

However, everyone did not make a move at first.

Because, now was the crucial moment for Liu Mei’s metamorphosis and awakening, and they didn’t want to let Liu Mei fail, which wouldn’t be good for them.

“Day, bleep the dog!”

This time it was Ye Lu’s turn to be anxious, and he started walking back and forth like an ant on a hot pot.

This was not just one person, but the entire Blood Clan was after Liu Mei, and the trouble would be endless.

“Maybe there is another way.”

After walking around twice, Ye Lu stopped and made up his mind.

At this time, all the blood shadows fiercely retracted and all of them entered Liu Mei’s body, while Liu Mei also woke up with a long breath at the same time.

After she woke up, she sat up violently, and Ye Lu saw that in Liu Mei’s eyes, there was a bloody cross in the blue pupil of each eye, which looked unusually demonic.

At the same time, all the Bloods launched their own attacks on the defence shield.





The defensive shield became shaky all of a sudden.

“Mei’er, give me your body!”

Ye Luo didn’t have time to explain, he looked at Liu Mei and quickly said, although Liu Mei didn’t know what Ye Luo was saying this for, she nevertheless nodded quickly with a red face.


Ye Lu waved his hand quickly and the defense shield shrank a large circle at once, shrinking the defense shield could make it last longer.

After that, countless “evil spirits” suddenly appeared, and these “evil spirits” came out and quickly formed a “wall of ghosts” facing outwards.

After the “wall of ghosts” blocked the view from outside, Ye Luo quickly took off the golden-colored dress that Liu Mei was wearing underneath, and at this moment Ye Luo’s breathing became rapid, while Liu Mei closed her eyes ……


Outside, Lucy Witt and the others immediately understood what Ye Lu wanted to do, and all of them rushed towards the shrinking defense shield again with a calendar roar.

“Excuse me! ……”

Ye Luo saw Liu Mei’s face that had become more attractive due to the activation of her bloodline and said somewhat apologetically, he also did not expect to end his virginity in such a situation, and also somewhat apologetic for getting Liu Mei’s first time in this way, however, Liu Mei hugged him at once, and Ye Luo felt the hot wet and tender lips ……

Then, Liu Mei gritted her teeth and moaned while frowning ……





The dreadful attack only took two rounds of the “defense shield” before it turned into nothingness, but at this time, all the “evil spirits” made a move at the same time, and another 108 “medium-grade spirit stones” were put into the foundation of the formation.

And Luciwet let out a harsh roar, a roar filled with resignation and endless hatred, for he understood that things were irrevocable.

“Die, you die!”

He roared from the sky.

Inside the “ghost wall”, Ye Lu gave Liu Mei a kiss on the cheek and said.

“Mei’er, put on your clothes, even if you die, I will get you out.”

After that, Ye Luo quickly cut his own artery, and the fresh blood fused with the sweet red blood left by Liu Mei on the ground like a fountain ……

The ultimate summoning has begun!