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Super School Student Chapter 375-376

Chapter 375

Then, the “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness” looked coldly at Ji Yunpeng and said.

“Do I need to talk to you about my work?”

“As she said that, the “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness” slowly fell down and stood in front of the Evil God Sect and the Ghost Sect.

Ji Yunpeng looked at the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” and said with a smile.

“Ten thousand parasites, shouldn’t we all share something good? Tell us, what are you hiding and where have those ‘parasite’ people who followed you gone?”

The “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” said in a cold voice.

“This is the matter of our ‘compulsion clan’, I think I don’t need to talk to you, this ‘Mr. Luo’ is already my man, don’t hit him.”

After the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” finished speaking, Ye Luo found that the other party did not have any special reaction, so he was even more determined in what he had just thought.

Now, it seemed that just now, most of the traitor’s purpose of escaping while there was chaos was not to escape, but to take the opportunity to go out and inform the others, so she did not see the end of the battle.

Ji Yunpeng then continued.

“No need to hide it from me, I have also checked those people you captured, this kid is afraid that he has something to do with ‘Zhang Tian’ and ‘Immortal Dan’, don’t worry, we think the same as you, the benefits are considered benefits only when you get your hands on them, others promise The things promised by others are not reliable, so, you just need to share with us, we will not make things difficult for you, nor will we report news with the ‘Chi You clan’, is there porridge for everyone to drink together.”

The “Ten Thousand Demons Poisoness” looked at him and said coldly.

“Where are my clan members?”

Previously, the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness” had also told Ye Lu that the headquarters of their “Compulsion Clan” was actually located in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, because she liked the scenery of the snow mountain.

Ji Yunpeng smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in your clan, I’m only interested in the person you’re with at the moment ……”

When he said this, a demonic beast suddenly burst out from under the feet of the bird they were riding just now, and on this demonic beast’s head was a long spike.


The spike abruptly pierced into the neck of the demonic beast, and blood splashed.

After that, Ji Yunpeng and the Ghost Sect’s Sect Master made their moves at the same time, Ji Yunpeng’s target was the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, while the Ghost Sect’s Sect Master’s target was Ye Lu, it seemed that they were ready to rob someone directly.


“Only this time did Ye Lu see that this “toad” possessed the bloodline of the legendary “three-legged golden toad”, and also had three legs, and after it appeared, it grew into the wind and soon became a giant beast like a small mountain.

However, that Ji Yunpeng was no slacker either, and as he rushed over he also unleashed a demonic beast, a bizarrely shaped demonic beast that looked a bit like a leopard, but with five tails and a sharp horn on its head, and was called Predator.

As soon as it appeared, it roared like a thunderclap and rushed towards the Golden Toad.

Ji Yunpeng, on the other hand, drew a curiously shaped scimitar and rushed towards the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”.

On the other side, the master of the “Ghost Sect” rushed towards Ye Lu, who hurriedly pretended to be afraid and prepared to run away.

As a result, the master of the “Ghost Sect” smiled at Ye Lu and a strange-looking ghost appeared, with a head like an ape, a red mouth and big eyes, horns on its head, a height of more than six feet, a greenish-black body, a pair of huge wings, also green, yellow hands and feet, a leopard-like tail, and a huge axe in its hand.

Above the head where this ghost appeared, Ye Lu saw lightning appear in the air, along with the sound of thunder.


At the same time, Ye Luo got a good look at the ghost.

“Name: Thunder Ghost, Rank: 4th Order 5th Grade, Origin: Abyssal Secret Realm, Description: A ghost that uses hellish lightning, with a violent temper and strong killing power ……”

After that, the “ghost lightning” of this “Thunder Ghost” struck Ye Luo’s body.

“Holy Sh*t!”

When he was struck by the “ghost lightning”, Ye Luo felt his cold hairs rise and his body trembled, not to mention the soreness, it was simply awesome.

After that, Ye Luo quickly fell to the ground with convulsions.

At this time, some tourists in the distance who were sightseeing up the mountain had already seen this scene.

“Quick, give me the binoculars, I’ll see what’s on the top of that side of the mountain, it looks like someone is there, and I just saw lightning appear.”

“Huh, it looks like there’s actually someone on top of the mountain.”

“That’s not likely, didn’t they say that no one has conquered the ‘Fan Steep’ yet, how could there be someone there?”

“Cut the crap and get the binoculars.”


After all, many people come to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to see the elegance of the “top of the Jade Dragon”, so there are actually quite a lot of people looking at the “fan steep”.

Although it was hard to see what was on the mountain, people could still see that something special had appeared on top of the snow-covered mountain.

“It’s people, really people, and they’re all so strange.”

“Yeah, why are they wearing so few clothes, aren’t they afraid of freezing to death?”

“I think it’s a movie being made.”

“No, I don’t see a camera yet, and, even if it’s a movie, you don’t really have to go to the top of the mountain, it’s not good to make a 50 cent special effect in this medium place.”

“Holy Sh*t, it should be a tall person fighting, I saw someone’s hand glowing and a good big three-legged toad.”

“Calf, hurry up and give me back my binoculars!”


The sightseeing crowds were immediately buzzing with excitement, especially those on the high ropeway, which is kilometres long on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and goes to an altitude of more than 4,600 metres, so many people were starting to focus on the top of the mountain.

“Quick, bring me my bird-shooting magic weapon, I want to capture all this amazing scene on film.”

A number of people also brought their powerful equipment and started filming.

In fact, although the thunder ghost was powerful, it did not use all its strength, after all, their aim was not to kill Ye Luo, they wanted to get more benefits from him.

Seeing that the Thunder Ghost had gotten it easily, the Ghost Sect leader instructed the Thunder Ghost to grab Ye Luo and take him away.

“The Thunder Ghost was over six feet tall, with a huge form and great strength. It grabbed Ye Luo’s thigh like a chicken and carried him towards the Ghost Sect master.

Soon, the two of them arrived near the Ghost Gate’s master.

Ye Lu waited for such a moment, and when he was close to the Ghost Sect Master, a black dagger suddenly flew out and stabbed the Ghost Sect Master in the chest.


The dagger pierced through the heart of the Ghost Sect Master without any hindrance. He fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Seeing this blow, Ji Yunpeng, who was fighting with the “Ten Thousand Compulsions Poisoness”, was also shocked.

“Sh*t! If it was me, I would definitely be dead.”

However, since he thought so, it meant that the Ghost Sect’s Sect Master would not die from this blow.

Sure enough, Ye Lu saw that there was no blood on the ground, and the Ghost Sect’s master slowly stood up again, his face still very calm, as if the attack just now was ineffective to him.

“You really are a ghost!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu understood that the other party should not be a human cultivating the “ghost technique”, but this guy was a ghost, because if it was a human, being pierced through the heart would definitely not be fine.

This was the essential difference between ghosts and humans and demonic beasts, they belonged to a different kind of life form, so they did not have the same fatal weaknesses as humans and demonic beasts.

It is possible to kill them directly into “ghost energy”, but they will not bleed to death from injuries like humans.

“To be able to hurt my ‘ghost body’, your weapon is really terrifying, but, unfortunately, you’ve picked the wrong person.”

The “Ghost Sect”‘s Sect Master looked at Ye Lu with a gloomy face and said slowly, followed by a black ghostly aura that began to emanate from his body.


Chapter 376

When he saw that the blow had not been successful, Ye Lu’s head also got a little big.

His original plan was to kill one of them first, after all, both the Evil God Cult and the Ghost Sect did not have only one expert of the 4th Golden Dan level like Yun Feiyang, but several experts of this level, although they might not be as powerful as Yun Feiyang, they were still troublesome.

If we add to this the “Golden Dan 5th Turn” experts like Ji Yunpeng and the “Ghost Sect” Sect Master, it would be a bit of a challenge for him and the “Ten Thousand Poisonous Companions” to deal with them alone.

However, the matter had come to this, there was no choice but to fight first.

“Come on!”

With this in mind, Ye Lu released the “God of War” Karaxis, and at the same time, the demonic beast “Griffin” also appeared, both of which were powerful experts.

As soon as Caraxis appeared, he wielded the Spear of Ares and attacked the master of the Ghost Gate.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, went towards the rest of the guys.

“They play with theirs, I’ll play with ours.”

The difference between Ye Lu and Yun Fei Yang’s was still very obvious, if it wasn’t for the surprise attack of the “Heavenly Vine” and the “Sunset Arrow” arrow, Ye Lu would have had a hard time.

Now that Ye Lu’s cultivation level had crossed two steps at once and the “Heavenly Vine” had four vines, Ye Lu had long been itching to fight.

Seeing that Ye Lu had actually come to shout at so many people, the Vice Patriarch of the “Evil God Sect” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“I want to tell you that although ‘Yun Fei Yang’ is the seventh ranked God of War, it is only because he happened to be the one who fought that battle. Anyone else would have won just as well, and besides, what you won was just a trick.”

Ye Lu then looked at him and said.

“Isn’t it swell to try, come on, my fists are hungry.”

The “Heavenly Vine” quickly wrapped around Ye Lu’s body, just like putting on a suit of armor.

The four vine ends of the “Heavenly Vine” were like four tails swaying back and forth around Ye Lu’s body.

Seeing Ye Lu unleash the “Heavenly Vine” again, many people frowned, because they had seen this vine in the video before, this vine was simply unbelievable, not only could it defend, it could also a*sist in attacking, what was more troublesome was that this thing was too tough.

“Come on!”

Ye Lu smiled and looked at the crowd, while the dagger that had just pierced the “Ghost Gate”‘s Sect Master appeared at the end of one of the vines again.


Seeing this scene, the Vice Patriarch of the Evil God Sect waved his hand and said.

It seemed that now was not the time to fight alone and pretend to be a P***y, not to mention that, in his opinion, they were “evil practitioners”, so there was no point in pretending to be a P***y!

So, a large group of people rushed towards Ye Lu, “Hula, hula”.

“Hey, ‘Tongtian Vine’, here comes our deal!”

Ye Luo also rushed forward to meet these people.

As he rushed forward, the “Tongtian Vine” flew up.


A guy who was a bit slow in dodging was poked with a transparent hole by the arrow of Ye Lu’s “Sunset Arrow”, and blood splashed out.

Ye Lu shielded his head and ignored the attacks on his body, thinking that under the protection of the “Heavenly Vine”, most of the attacks were null and void.

Now the cultivation level of the “Tongtian Vine” was already equivalent to that of a “JinDan Fourth Turn” practitioner, so it was not good enough for anything else, but it was strong enough.

Whether it was a sword or an “external astral energy”, or a demonic beast’s attack, it could be ignored.

After that, Ye Lu pulled out a box shaped “magic weapon”, this magic weapon was Ye Lu’s modified “magic weapon” for storing flames, without any other functions, it could only store flames.

He didn’t expect it to be used this time.

He quickly opened the box, and then a terrifying green flame gushed out, it was the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame” that Ye Lu had gotten from the “Fire Lake”.


After the flames appeared, Ye Lu cast an extremely simple spell at the same time, called “Rain of Fire in the Sky”.

The reason why this spell was simple was because it was not a precisely controlled “spell”, it was simply a condensation of “flames” that was then scattered out in the form of loose bullets.





This kind of flame attack is not very powerful, but of course it is relative, the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame” is after all one of the “Ten Great Origin Flames”, and has an extremely terrifying killing power.

Some people may ask, “Why can it kill even though it is a “vitality fire”?

The reason is very simple, it’s a matter of distance, just like when people are baking around a cooker, at a certain distance, you will feel very warm, but if you put your hand into the cooker, then your hand will definitely be burned, the same is the case with the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame”.

With just one round of attacks, basically all those below the “Saint” level present were killed.

Seeing this scene, the crowd all showed horrified expressions.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“These guys aren’t much help, and they’re also very noisy, so we might as well let them die, come on, let’s continue fighting.”

With those words, Ye Luo didn’t wait for these guys to answer already rushed up again.

This time, the people watching from afar exploded, because the move that Ye Lu had just used, the “Rain of Fire in the Sky”, had a large range, and the brightness of the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames” was quite high, so even though they were far away, they could still see the bright flames.

“That man is so powerful, he’s sending out flames just like fireworks, so beautiful!”

“So many people died at once, is that guy the Grim Reaper?”

“Yeah, but these people are actually fighting at the top of a snowy mountain, that’s no one.”

“But it feels like there’s a side that’s so small in number, only three people.”

“Has it been uploaded to the internet?”

“Yes, there’s already a lot of people watching and commenting on it.”


Most of the tourists had already given up watching the scenery and started buying binoculars to watch the buzz on the mountain, but, after all, the binoculars on the mountain were also limited, so many people still moved on to watch it on the various platforms where it was broadcast.

Of course, soon, those people and forces who were concerned about Miaojiang likewise began to pay attention to the matter.

“Isn’t that man the patriarch of the ‘Compulsion Clan’, how come he’s fighting alongside ‘Mr. Luo’?”

“Yeah, it feels like the situation is so chaotic, that one with the gun is a foreigner, right?”

“Seems like it, I don’t know what’s going on, I’m a bit confused.”


“The leader of the Shadow of Death, Liuyun, was also watching the scene, and to be honest, he couldn’t understand it either, because he knew that Kara*sis from Greece.

“What’s going on? Does this Mr. Luo have a friend from Greece? Also, why has he joined forces with the ‘Companions’, this black blade of light is too strong.”

Liuyun watched the video of Ye Luo with some emotion.

“War God Network”, the website that had previously announced the War God rankings and discussed various things and news about the War God, also forwarded the video at the first time.

According to “War God Network”, Mr. Luo had the potential to top the “War God Ranking”, and some people were already calling him the successor to the Great War God, because the people he was fighting were all prominent figures in Miaojiang, and many of them were even more famous than Yun Feiyang.

But how about now, these people were attacking Mr. Luo and Mr. Luo was not losing the battle, this was enough to show that Mr. Luo was much more powerful than Yun Feiyang.

Ye Luo, who was fighting with the crowd, was already excited to kill because he found that with the three spirit fluids, it was much easier to use spells.

What surprised him even more was that he could say that his external “aura” was indestructible, because the level of “aura” was so high that it was like using a steel knife and a wooden knife, which were not on the same level at all.

Of course, if the opponent turned the wooden knife into a big tree, it would be a different story.


When Ye Lu cut off the head of one of the guys with another “Flowing Light Chop”, the crowd started to stop and back up.

“What the hell is this black Qi?”