Super School Student Chapter 337-338

Chapter 337

This was a private message for a group, that is, a private message that wanted to find someone to team up to complete a quest, what surprised Ye Lu was the content of this quest.

This content was related to Ye Yan.

The initiator of the group said that an employer offered a high price to deal with a woman called Ye Yan, and he was worried that he couldn’t deal with it, so he wanted to find someone with a similar star rating to team up with, and then he thought that Ye Lu was more suitable, probably because he saw that Ye Lu didn’t even have a hairy star and was a newbie, so he came to find Ye Lu to team up.

The name was “Long Ao Tian”, and his avatar was also a very draggy look.

“Okay, then I’ll agree and team up.”

This was not an unreliable promise, because if one agreed but did not fulfill it, the Underworld would deduct a certain amount of Darkness Points, which meant that clicking “agree” was tantamount to signing a certain agreement.

Ye Luo just clicked the “agree” button, then the “Long Ao Tian” sent a message to add Ye Luo as a friend, Ye Luo thought about it and agreed again, the “Long Ao Tian” added as a friend and immediately sent a message.

“Brother Ye Ye Zhi Qiu, is it convenient for you to move tonight?”

Ye Lu was also worried about Ye Yan’s safety, and seeing that he could make it in time, he agreed to the other party, and then “Long Ao Tian” said that he also had an appointment with two other people, one of whom was a two-star expert, so that Ye Lu did not have to worry, and that he would definitely be able to win this mission.

In fact, what Ye Lu was most interested in was who the employer was.

He felt that Ye Yan shouldn’t have any enemies, the Ye family’s people definitely wouldn’t dare to strike again recklessly after knowing his identity, and Ye Qiu Die, who had a problem with Ye Yan and the others, didn’t have the guts to do so, besides, under Ye Lu’s instructions, Ye Yan didn’t target Ye Qiu Die anymore.

Sure enough, he inquired with Ye Qiu Die and the Ye family and they didn’t act.

“That’s a bit strange.”

Seeing Ye Lu frowning, Liu Mei inquired, and Ye Lu briefly told her about it, then contacted the people from the Shadow of Death, asking them to help guard Ye Yan on the one hand, and asking them to help send him back to China on the other.

As a result, the person who contacted Ye Lu was the leader of the Shadow of Death, Liu Yun, who was known as the “Dark God of War” of China. Although Liu Yun was not on the top ranking of China, basically the secular cultivation community of China recognized that he was definitely a top expert who could compete with the top 10 of the “God of War” list.

The “God of War Ranking” is a list produced by some cultivation organisations, ranked according to overall combat power, but of course the main reference is the combat record, as for those who claim to be hidden masters, who say they are great but never appear, they are excluded, and those who have not had any fights in ten years are also kicked out.

So, many people jokingly called it a “restless list”, because most of the people on the list liked to fight.

“Bloodshot, do you have any plans to actually join us ‘Shadow of Death’? But, because you are not part of the organisation, there are some things that even I can’t say.”

Ye Lu didn’t expect the leader of the Shadow of Death to join him directly, so he thought about it and said.

“Boss, I understand what you mean, but let me think about it again, and you too, I’m a ‘problem’ now, and I might get you guys involved.”

Yang Yun then smiled and said.

“Don’t worry about this, who are we, we ‘Underworld’ are specialized in giving people trouble, also, your old sister Ye Yan, and the whole Ye family, including your female cla*smate Gu Shiqi, and the girl Long Fei Xue who is close to you, we have already sent people to protect them, just don’t worry. ”

Hearing Yang Yun’s words, also came a black line, when did Long Feixue become his old flame, however, thinking about it, Long Feixue a big president but so close to himself, the relationship between the two people does seem a bit abnormal.

However, when Liu Yun Neng stepped in to help himself, Ye Lu of course expressed his gratitude and at the same time asked them to help in secretly protecting one person, namely Liu Mei.

“Hey hey, ‘one doesn’t waste one’s time’ ah, well said, well said, this girl is also handed over to us.”

This time Ye Lu didn’t say anything, after all, it wasn’t a misunderstanding this time, he did have a relationship with Liu Mei, so he acquiesced.

After pa*sing the phone with Liuyun, Ye Lu looked at Liu Mei and said with a smile.

“Mei’er, I will teach you the ‘Creation Divine Skill’ and the corresponding ‘Martial Skills’ and ‘Spells’, with your qualifications you should soon be able to have some accomplished.”

Ye Lu had already checked Liu Mei’s situation, after she had awakened her bloodline, she was already an innate spirit of the “Innate Realm”, it would take a lot of time for ordinary people to break through this bottleneck, and those who were too poorly qualified, such as Elder Shen and the others, would probably have to spend their lives.

This is the advantage of the bloodline, which can also be called talent, just like some people are naturally good at sprinting, without this talent, you can’t run as hard as Bolt even if you work hard all your life.

Liu Mei, Qin Shiyu, Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue’s bloodline power undoubtedly put them at a very high starting point, and with the cultivation of the “divine skill”, their progress must be as fast as possible.

Ye Lu was a little worried that he would be left behind by them in the future.

After teaching all kinds of things to Liu Mei, the people from the Shadow of Death also started to contact Ye Lu, and the three of them soon started to board the plane back to China. As for the “Heavenly Vine”, although it had matured, it could still enter the “One Leaf Bodhi”, so Ye Lu put it back into the pendant.

He also checked the details of the “Heavenly Vine” during his weakness and found that the grade of this thing was unknown, that is to say, it was at least one grade higher than a “magic treasure”, no wonder such a plant was planted in this acre of spiritual field.

Later on, due to the War of Extinction, it was completely destroyed and reborn as a seed, which was coincidentally obtained by the Japanese cultivation community and planted in the One Leaf Bodhi.

It is said that with constant feeding, this vine can gradually grow from one to two, three, and up to an unbelievable one hundred and eight.

Now that one vine could withstand one blow from Luciwet without dying, Ye Luo was looking forward to the growth of this “Heavenly Vine”.

It had been a ten-hour flight, but with Liu Mei chatting with him, Ye Lu didn’t feel bored. Liu Mei said that the car he had given her had really worked, making all the boys who had been around her like flies before back off.

“They all thought they were getting close to the big money.”

Liu Mei said with a smile, Ye Lu found that Liu Mei was originally S*xy and beautiful, after this awakening, her body exuded the unique aura of a woman, making people look there a little intoxicated, Eve really deserved to be the first woman in the legend.

In the evening, the three of them finally returned to the capital. After sending Liu Mei back to school, Ye Lu searched for suitable materials to make a “storage magic weapon” for “Big Wind”, while contacting “Long Ao Tian”.

Unfortunately, Ye Lu found that he did not find any other suitable materials for making a “storage device” apart from the finest imperial green jade or sheep’s fat white jade, but both materials were not suitable for making a “storage device” for “Big Wind” as they were too easy to break.

Thus, at nine o’clock, Ye Luo changed into the costume of Mr. Luo and arrived at the place where “Long Ao Tian” had agreed to meet him.

“I’m ‘Long Ao Tian’, this is brother ‘Ye Liang Chen’, and this is Mr. ‘Zhao Ritian’. ”

Hearing these three names, Ye Lu almost spat out a mouthful of old blood, it seemed that with the addition of one more “Fu Er Kang”, the “Four Youngsters of the Net” would all be together.


Chapter 338

So, Ye Luo hurriedly clasped his hands and said.

“Long time admiration, long time admiration, your great name here is like thunder, my admiration for you all is also like a gushing river stretches, and like a yellow river flooding, a hair, please accept my knees ……”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the words of these three guys actually waved their hands in a very dashing manner and said.

“We know we are very good, this point you do not need to stress, hey, at the beginning I thought you would be weak, but did not expect to be so weak, next you just listen, do not make any comments.”

Hearing the words of “Ye Liang Chen”, Ye Lu smiled, then looked at the middle-aged man called “Long Ao Tian” and said.

“That’s fine, but, God Long Ao Tian, I would like to ask, who issued the commission this time? Can this be revealed?”

As a result, “Long Ao Tian” looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Firstly, the employer’s information cannot be revealed, this is the rule, secondly, you are too weak to know these things yet.”

Ye Lu was currently using the “Art of Concealing the Sky” to simulate a strong Hua Jin practitioner, and he felt that this cultivation level should be more suitable for his identity as a “Starless Demon”.

The only two-star demon, Ye Liangchen, was a master of the Pulse Raising Realm, while Zhao Ritian was also a master of the Pulse Raising Realm.

All three of them were Innate powerhouses, so they didn’t even look at Ye Luo, a weakling.

Ye Luo didn’t say anything, he quietly made his way to the side and began to listen to the three guys discuss.

“It’s said that the other party is just a cultivator of the ‘Placental Breath Realm’, but is good at using all kinds of drugs, so it’s possible that he will transform and become stronger or something, according to our principle of being careful, we should let this kid try first.”

“Long Ao Tian” pointed at Ye Luo and said.

As a result, “Ye Liang Chen” shook his head and said.

“No, this kid is too weak, I feel that nothing will come out of the test, instead we will scare the snake, how about this, we will go together and catch that woman later.”

“Ye Liangchen” had the highest star rating and the highest cultivation level, so there was no one to refute his words, both of them nodded, and then “Zhao Ritian” pointed at Ye Luo and said.

“What about him, what’s the point of keeping him?”

“Long Ao Tian” thought for a moment and said.

“Of course there is a use for him, let him scout the way, his cultivation level is very low, so he won’t arouse suspicion.”

After “Long Ao Tian” finished speaking, the other two guys both gave a thumbs up.

“High, really high, you are like a worldly Zhuge, too wise ……”

The crowd began to praise each other, while Ye Lu was sent to check out Ye Yan’s side of the movement, but this was just what Ye Lu wanted, he was also eager to see how his sister Ye Yan’s situation was.

As a result, Ye Lu found that Ye Yan was doing quite well. She was guarding the shop while practising the “Vermilion Bird Divine Skill”, and Ye Lu smiled when he saw how serious Ye Yan looked.

Originally, he was worried that Ye Yan’s impetuous personality would make it difficult for her to quietly cultivate, but now it seemed that he was wrong in thinking that Ye Yan seemed to be interested in these fights and killings.

So, Ye Lu found a corner and watched Ye Yan while cultivating.

As business was rather brisk, Ye Yan had hired three beautiful women to help out with the shop, so she was completely a hands-off person at the moment.

When it was half past nine, Ye Yan closed her stall on time and headed towards the hotel she had rented.

For a while, Ye Yan had been staying in the hotel, as the renovated villa had to be put away for a while before it was ready.

“Good, let’s a few of us get down at that section.”

At this time, “Long Ao Tian”, “Ye Liang Chen” and “Zhao Ritian” were all in place, and the three experts started their pretending mode when they saw Ye Yan.

“It looks like an ordinary mole, just let me, Zhao Ritian, do it alone, the two brothers will wait for me for a moment, I can catch this woman in less than five seconds.”

After saying that, “Zhao Ritian” was the first one to rush up.

When she saw “Zhao Ritian” rushing forward, Ye Yan was also taken aback, but she had practiced various kinds of sparring and other things before, so she did not panic, she looked at “Zhao Ritian” and thought to herself.

“Little bag snatcher, you’ve picked the wrong person today, let me teach you a lesson.”

At this time, “Zhao Ritian” had already arrived, he showed a cruel smile and struck out quickly, it looked like a martial art used for grappling, his strikes were fast.

However, Ye Yan had already dodged his attack with a quick side-step and was about to strike the guy’s back with a “whip kick”, which sent “Zhao Ritian” flying out of the room with a “pop! He hit a wall.

“Sh*t! Careless, careless, let’s see what my Dragon Ao Tian can do.”

With these words, “Long Ao Tian” also rushed up.

To be honest, Ye Yan’s strike just now was quite surprising to Ye Lu, because she didn’t use any martial skills at all, which meant that Ye Yan’s cultivation level was not bad at the Placental Breath Realm.

“D*mn, cultivation is really fast with a bloodline!”

Ye Luo stood there with an infinite feeling in his heart, knowing that it took a lot of time for Jasmine’s talent to cultivate to the Placental Breath Realm, plus Ye Luo’s pills to complete it.

“Huh! There’s an accomplice.”

The “Long Ao Tian” who rushed over was taken by Ye Lu as the accomplice of the bag thief, and Ye Yan then beat him down in three blows.

“D*mn, how strong is this B*tch?”

The remaining “Ye Liangchen” was already a bit dumbfounded by the situation before him, but “Long Ao Tian” and “Zhao Ritian” were not far away, but they were looking at him blearily.

Having no choice, “Ye Liangchen” had to go over to Ye Yan and said.

“You ignorant woman, when you see me, Ye Liangchen, you still don’t submit, are you waiting for me, Ye Liangchen, to get mad?”

As a result, the B*****d’s words made Ye Yan angry and happy.

She rolled up her sleeves, revealing her white arms, and then looked at “Ye Liangchen” and said.

“Ye Liangchen, right? For the sake of your surname and mine, I will not beat you into a roast suckling pig, I will just beat you into a pig’s head.”

Following that, Ye Yan took the initiative to rush up.


To “Ye Liangchen’s” surprise, he saw a flame light up in Ye Yan’s hand, and then, a terrifying fire energy blasted directly at “Ye Liangchen’s” body.

No one was surprised, and soon “Ye Liangchen” was beaten into a pig’s head by Ye Yan.

The “Divine Rank” technique and the powerful martial arts skills that accompanied it made it very easy for Ye Yan to challenge beyond the level, but of course, it was mainly because this “Ye Liangchen” comrade had no combat power despite his empty cultivation, and his “Two Star” was not obtained because he had completed a mission or something, but because he had dumped his family’s things into the “Underworld App”.

Seeing “Ye Liangchen” being beaten up, with each blow, “Long Ao Tian” and “Zhao Ritian” frowned and made painful expressions, as if they were the ones being beaten up.

Seeing that “Ye Liang Chen” had also fallen to the ground, “Long Ao Tian” shook his head in pain and sighed, he felt that this time he had really failed completely.

“It’s only my fault for not finding the right partner!”

Just as “Long Ao Tian” shook his head and sighed, he saw that Mr. Luo was walking towards Ye Yan with a leisurely expression.

“Cut, this kid actually wants to get on too, he really doesn’t know how high the sky is.”

“Ai! Yeah, too self-conscious.”


However, the scene that followed took them by surprise, they found that Ye Yan actually couldn’t get a hair on that Mr. Luo no matter how hard he hit.

Ye Luo let Ye Yan use all of her moves before he knocked her unconscious, then turned his head to the “Long Ao Tian” lying on the ground and said.

“Alright, that ‘Big Brother Long’, let’s go to our employer and give him the job.”

As soon as “Long Ao Tian” heard Ye Lu call him big brother, he immediately came to life and said.

“Good, old brother, good job, let’s go and collect our points.

When he saw that “Long Ao Tian” hadn’t even remembered his name, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“That, boss, my name is Ye Zhiqiu, let’s go.”

After saying that, the four men led Ye Yan towards the countryside, and as a result, to Ye Lu’s surprise, Ye Lu actually met an old friend there.