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Super School Student Chapter 361-362

Chapter 361

When he heard Ye Luo’s words, Night Lou Luo frowned, he admitted that Ye Luo was really unexpected, but he did not think that Ye Luo and that big wind could really kill himself, even though he was badly injured, but “a thin camel is bigger than a horse”, the difference in cultivation level was there.

He felt that the real difference between himself and Ye Lu might not be as simple as one realm, although he did not know how Ye Lu managed to raise his combat power so much, but he could see very clearly that Ye Lu was unable to “let his astral energy out”.

However, immediately afterwards, he felt that Ye Lu’s aura had changed.

He found that Ye Lu’s speed, strength and all aspects had suddenly increased by a large margin, and at the same time, Ye Lu quickly waved his hand and said.

“Sister Wind, let’s go together.”

“Big Wind” let out a wild roar and also rushed up.

At the same time, Ye Luo quickly took out something, a golden fruit, which emitted an incomparably holy glow after being taken out.


At the same time as he took it out, Ye Luo quickly inputted his spiritual energy into this flower, and the golden flower instantly blossomed, while countless golden lights were released in all directions, enveloping the entire area.

After being enveloped by the golden light, the black Qi on Nightfall’s body was instantly blown away.

Ye Luo quickly swallowed the blood of Jin Kun’s “Divine Beast White Tiger” and Ye Yan’s “Divine Beast Vermilion Bird”, then joined his hands together again, this time he was ready to use a “spell”, and it was a “middle grade” spell called “Buddha’s Angry Fire Lotus”.

The lotus he had just released was one of the treasures of the Shen Nong Valley and was called the “Golden Lotus of Enlightenment”. It was said that after the Buddha attained enlightenment, he began to get up and walk around the Brahma tree, and with every step he took, a lotus flower was born, and according to legend, that lotus flower was the “Golden Lotus of Enlightenment”.

“The Golden Lotus of Enlightenment does not have much offensive power, but its main ability is to suppress evil spirits and purify the mind.

Following this, Ye Lu’s hands parted.

The huge figures of the White Tiger and Vermilion Bird appeared behind Ye Luo, while seven purple lotus flowers flew towards Yelou Luo.

“The Vermilion Bird was a fire attribute that increased attack, while the White Tiger was a wind attribute that increased speed, so the speed of the seven lotus flowers was extremely fast.

Behind Yelou Luo, the “Great Wind”, entangled by the “Heavenly Vine”, was trying its best to control Yelou Luo’s retreat, denying him the chance to dodge.





The seven lotus flowers were all that Ye Luo had left from the flames he had accumulated over the past few days, and with the addition of the spell “Buddha’s Anger Fire Lotus”, the attack once again skyrocketed. If Night Lou Luo had not been injured, it might have been fine, but he had already been badly injured by the Shaolin monk, and had just been accidentally burned by Ye Luo, which made him a bit stretched.

However, he was after all a giant of a party, he bit through the tip of his tongue and used some kind of evil magic, his whole body turned into a colour as dark as ink, then he reached out to block the vital points, although his skin was split open, he actually did block the seven lotus flowers, however, just as he was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he saw Ye Luo’s smile.

Then, a sharp blade pierced through his “Heavenly Rank” defensive suit and poked through his proud “Underworld King’s Body” into his heart.

“What the hell was that?”

He asked as he was dying, still looking at his chest with some reluctance.

In fact, he didn’t know that after finding out that Yelou Luo had actually fought with him, Ye Luo’s killing move had long been locked on this dagger, only that he had never had the chance before, nor had he grasped it, but this time the opportunity had finally come.

Ye Luo had originally thought of using the “Summoning Technique”, but the speed of Night Lou Luo was so fast that even the “Great Wind” wearing the “Heavenly Vine” could not hold Night Lou Luo back for too long.


Ye Luo let out a long breath.

“It’s really not easy!”

Ye Luo “flopped!” Although the weak period had not yet come, Ye Luo was already feeling very tired.

“The Void Dan realm this’s hard to get! But, finally broke through, hehehehehehe ……”

Ye Lu laughed somewhat fecklessly.

He had been stuck at the bottleneck, which made him very depressed, but just during the battle just now, he had finally made a huge breakthrough in his cultivation level.

The nine strands of spiritual energy had finally condensed together and formed a spiritual liquid that swam back and forth in his dantian, which was small but very lively as it swirled back and forth endlessly in his dantian.

According to the cultivation system of Earth cultivators, Ye Lu should be considered to have entered the “Patriarch” level and started to truly “build the foundation”.

“Qi, come out.”

According to the cultivation system on Earth, once he reached the “Foundation Establishment Stage”, he could release his true qi and attach it to his body, but previously, Ye Lu had never felt that he could release his spiritual qi, and with his successful “Foundation Establishment”, Ye Lu could finally release his “spiritual qi”.

Ye Lu found that his aura was actually black.

“Holy sh*t, what is this, does it mean that my heart is dark?”

Seeing the black aura emanating from his hand, Ye Lu was really confused, according to his understanding, he should be a beautiful white and clean boy.

“Sh*t! Well, having it is always better than not having it.”

Ye Lu did not dwell on this matter, as long as his aura could be released, then he could definitely use many “spells” related to aura. Previously, apart from bloodline spells like “summoning” and flame spells, all other spells that Ye Lu could use were spells that used aura to trigger the “power of laws”.

This time, he could also use spells that used a lot of aura from “magic weapons”.

After lying down for a while, the period of weakness began.

“Let’s go back to Shennong Valley and recover those guys in Shennong Valley first, and then get the ‘Ghost Bat’ and the ‘Wine Swallow Boy’ and raise them up.”

“There were countless treasures in the Shennong Valley, so Ye Lu wanted to spend some time studying them, and this time he had crossed a big realm, so he had to take the opportunity to get the most out of himself.

“Big Wind” nodded, and then led Ye Lu back to the “Divine Farmers’ Valley”.

Not long after Ye Lu and the others had left, a figure also standing on a flying demon beast, the Flying Dragon, appeared at the place where the battle had just taken place.

It was a handsome looking man, with a bright sword eyebrow and glowing eyes, who was none other than the legendary “Ling Hu Qian Silence”, an expert who had shocked the Southern Border.

“Someone actually made the first move!”

The man muttered in a low voice as he looked at the corpse of Night Louro.

“It looks like it’s time for the world to know a little bit more about me, Ling Hu Qian Silence!”

Following that, Ling Hu Qian Silence disappeared into the night with Fei Long.

Ye Luo first pa*sed the weakness period, and then began to busy himself in the “Shen Nong Valley”, because the biggest thing he had not done this time in “Miaojiang” was to find out who was targeting Ye Yan, and he had to solve this matter.

While Ye Lu was in seclusion in the Shen Nong Valley, the outside world was buzzing.

“It was not easy to conceal such a big event as the destruction of the Black Witch Cult, so the news of the ma*sacre of the Black Witch Cult and the death of Yelou Luo soon spread.

This was a big deal, as the four major powers had been ruling the Miao border for many years, and there had never been a case where any of them had been destroyed.

So, for the first time, many people did not believe it, but as various information and testimonies appeared, the people then accepted this fact.

Next, however, there were two accounts of the truth of the matter.

On the one hand, people thought that the person who did this was a mysterious person called “Mr. Luo”, and because the person Mr. Luo defeated was a top ten expert on the “God of War” list, people thought that “Mr. Luo” also had the strength of a top ten expert on the “God of War” list.

On the other hand, the other side felt that the incident was done by “Ling Hu Qian Silence”, an expert who had once been so powerful in the southern border, because apart from Ling Hu Qian Silence, no one could think of anyone else who could be so strong and at the same time so righteous.

However, it was pointed out that there was no sign of Ling Hu Qi Qi from the beginning to the end of the incident.

So, soon another discussion between the two sides developed into a scolding war.

Finally, after three days, Linghu Qianlv could not sit still any longer and he came out to publicly declare that the ma*sacre of the Black Witch Cult had nothing to do with him, but he wanted to do something else, that is, he wanted to meet Yun Feiyang, the Miaojiang God of War, who is currently ranked seventh on the “God of War” list, to fight on the Er Sea.


Chapter 362

The news of the battle with Yun Fei Yang soon spread to everyone, and the date of the battle was the next full moon night, a few days away from now.

In fact, there are many different opinions on who is stronger and who is weaker on the “God of War List”, and for so many years, apart from the number one spot, the others have been changing like a horse lamp.

For example, the tenth ranked person on the “God of War” list, Night Lou Luo, disappeared from the “God of War” list due to his death.

Of course, the reason why he entered the tenth place on the “God of War” list was due to a chance that the guy who was previously tenth on the “God of War” list went to challenge him and was killed in a single fight, making him the tenth.

Without a real battle, it is hard to say who is stronger and who is weaker on the War God list.

The chance of a real battle between experts of this level is rare, so the “Nanzhao Style Island”, where the duel took place in the Erhai Sea, was already full of people early on.

Many people had brought their tents and started camping.

In fact, many people had already warned people online to stay away from this island, after all, one of the two sides in this battle was an evil cultivator, but this did not stop people’s enthusiasm at all.

Ye Luo certainly did not want to miss this good show, because during this period, he had found out that this matter of Ye Yan was not only related to the “compulsion tribe”, but also to the mysterious “Evil God Cult”, and this Yun Fei Yang had a very important position in the “Evil God Cult”.

During this period of time, Ye Lu had helped the Shen Nong Valley repair a large part of their “Great Valley Protection Formation”, and then restored the cultivation of everyone in the valley.

In fact, at first, Ye Lu did not want to do this personally because it was too time consuming, but the valley master, Jiang Wu Ya, was embarra*sed to find that the pills they made themselves could not achieve the effect of Ye Lu’s pills.

However, Ye Lu thought about it and did understand.

Although the pills he had made might not be “spirit pills” in the true sense of the word, they were made with “spirit energy” and therefore contained rich spiritual energy, so they were far more effective than ordinary pills.

Jiang Wuya was also very impressed by this point.

He and many other masters in the Shen Nong Valley possessed “beast fire”, and some of them had very powerful “beast fire”, so they had always thought very highly of themselves, but this time they finally understood what “there are people outside of people, and there is heaven outside of heaven”.

In addition, Ye Luo also investigated why the Black Witch Cult had attacked Wudang, and even used his identity as “Mr. Luo” to personally meet with Daoist Master Chong Xu.

However, the other party was very tight-lipped about it, as if he had some unspeakable difficulties.

“Master Luo, we and Shaolin are also at our wits’ end and are being played with. our next ‘Martial Arts Conference’.”

“This time, the rules of the ‘Martial Arts Conference’ have been changed so that it is no longer limited to all schools and sects in the martial arts world, everyone can participate, including the most treacherous and evil people. The answer you want will be revealed in the winning prize of the ‘Martial Competition’.”

“By the way, this time, the ‘Martial a*sembly’ has been officially named the ‘World’s First Martial Meeting’.”

Upon hearing this name, Ye Lu skimmed his lips.

He felt that this name sounded like something a child had come up with, probably because he had read too many comics.

Seeing Ye Lu’s expression, Daoist Master Chong Xu could only smile helplessly.

However, Ye Lu eventually agreed to participate in this martial arts meeting.

Of course, having felt the benefits of the “Bloodline Summoning”, Ye Lu didn’t forget to collect all kinds of beast blood.

Every day, there are a large number of people who want to apply for private transactions by private message.

After the last robbery of those “demons”, Ye Lu found out that in the “Underworld App”, “private trading” was not completely forbidden, but could be applied for, however, this kind of unconventional “dark points” transaction was subject to a huge tax deduction.

Anyway, the core idea is that as long as the “Underworld App” can reap benefits, all kinds of things are forbidden.

In this way, time flew by, and in a flash it was the night of the full moon.

He found that the island was actually very small, with the longest axis being less than a mile long, so the white main building on the island, the “Southern Imperial Palace”, stood out.

At this moment, the island is full of people, people crowding each other, and Ye Lu has a deep understanding of the idioms “shoulder to shoulder”, “bustling” and “a sea of people” ……

The actual fact is that there is no shortage of experts among these people, there are even “saint level” experts in the crowd, because of the geographical reason there are people wearing the unique costumes of Miaojiang everywhere, so Ye Lu also does not know which people are the “compulsion tribe” people.

At this moment, of course, Ye Luo did not dare to show himself as Mr. Luo, he sat on a big rock with a big straw hat on and a black cloth covering his face, watching all this.

He reckoned that most of the Miaojiang forces and the forces of Linghu Qianliang would send their experts to the island, or to the surrounding areas, as no one could guarantee that this time would be fair.

By wandering around the island, Ye Lu also learnt about the other side of the duel, Yun Fei Yang.

Yun Feiyang was originally very famous and was the proud son of a sect in the Central Plains, but he was expelled from the sect because he had inadvertently received an evil cultivation heritage.

As a result, he had a grudge against the sect and after three years, he had acquired a terrifying cultivation and had slaughtered thousands of people from all over the sect.

Due to the strong rise of the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior”, he had been pushed out of the top ten of the “Blood List” after a battle in Japan that killed so many people.

Three years ago, “Wei Changfeng”, the seventh ranked expert on the “God of War” list, came to Miaojiang to challenge the “Evil God Cult” master, but the “Evil God Cult” master did not answer the challenge and sent “Yun Feiyang” to fight “Wei Changfeng” at the Three Pagodas in Dali.

As a result, Wei Changfeng died at the hands of Yun Feiyang.

The reputation of the “Evil God Cult” and the Miaojiang Evil Cultivators also spread.

This time, the duel was held in Dali with the intention of avenging Wei Changfeng’s death.

“Ling Hu Qianyi is so handsome, I want to marry him!”

“Yes, but you’re definitely out of luck, you’re not even a practitioner, how could he like you.”

“That’s hard to say, maybe he doesn’t like people in the circle.”


Many women were already flowery before the duel had even started.

The two ships arrived near the “Nanzhao Style Island” at almost the same time, and before the ships docked, a terrifyingly shaped “flying dragon” flew out from one of the ships.

This flying dragon was red in colour, its scales and armour glowing red, a typical fire-attributed demonic beast, and on top of this exaggeratedly shaped flying dragon stood a young man with distinguished looks, his sword eyebrows and bright eyes.

“Ling Hu Qian Silence, it’s Lord Ling Hu who’s here!”

“So handsome, so charming!”

“Ling Hu Gongzi, mua-da-da!”


The women immediately went crazy.

And at the same time, from another ship a black demonic beast also appeared, this demonic beast is also able to fly, the whole form is very much like a giant dog, but with the same huge bone wings as bats, on top of this demonic beast is a young man with a cold face expressionless.