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Winner Takes All Chapter 353-354

Chapter 353

With a cry of “Master” from those present.

In the council chamber, there was a silence that could be heard.

The atmosphere was so solemn that the air seemed to freeze.

Chen Dong’s brow was furrowed into a “Chuan” frown as he stood behind Chen Daoling, his heart flaring with anger.

A blatant team-up to force the palace.

There was no room for his father to back down.

Thinking of what his father had told him before he entered, Chen Dong clenched his teeth and held back his anger.


Chen Daolin laughed.

The sound of laughter echoed in the deadly quiet council chamber.

Everyone was stunned, their expressions shifting.

“Bravo, how wonderful! Each and every one of them does not take me, the head of the family, into account and join forces to force the court?”

Chen Daolin smiled and said, “Yes, my family’s Dong’er has indeed broken the family rules by moving his knife against Sanniang, and not only that, he is also breaking the family rules by injuring the two brothers Born and Raised in Heaven.”

What was this?

The head of the family was so quick to start concurring?

The hearts and minds of the crowd stared.

Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Dao Ping were even filled with doubt.

The words had just fallen.

Chen Daoping suddenly laughed coldly, “You, the head of the family, still understand what you’re doing, since you know that your son has broken the family rules, do you still want us to say what to do?”

“Chen Daochen, you talk a lot?”

Chen Daolin looked at Chen Daojin playfully, “Or do you think that because I’m sitting in this wheelchair now, I can’t do anything to you?”

“You ……” Chen Daoxin’s face turned red as he gritted his teeth and swallowed back the angry words that were coming out of his mouth.

Glancing at Chen Daolin scornfully, he lowered his head.

Chen Daolin’s tactics were something he had felt very deeply back then when he was fighting for the position of family head.


But anyone who had the status of successor back then and had participated in the fight for the family headship knew that Chen Daoling was a ruthless character.

A tiger with a fierce heart and a delicate nose for a rose.

This was the most appropriate way to describe Chen Daolin.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Daolin slowly swept past the crowd.

Suddenly, he said, “If I don’t agree, what are you going to do?”

With a teasing smile, he looked askance at the whole room.

It was as if he did not put everyone present in his eyes.

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyebrows tightened and her hands fiercely gripped the armrests of her seat.

Everyone was shocked and furious.

Blatantly breaking the family rules, blatantly taking sides, was this not putting everyone in their eyes?

How can a wild child have such a great privilege?

By virtue of being your son, Chen Daolin?

However, all these grievances could only be held in their hearts, and they dared not speak out in anger.

“Isn’t it too much for the family head to do this?”

Chen Daoping spoke in a deep voice, “If the family head does this, then how can the Chen family be managed in the future if the top line follows the bottom line? Just because Chen Dong is your own son, he can have such great privileges? Then in the future, won’t the Chen Family become a forbidden place for your father and son, where he can kill whoever he wants?”

“Too much? Well then, Dao Ping, you tell us how to handle this?”

Chen Daolin leaned back in his wheelchair and looked at Chen Daoping with a smirk, his gaze as harsh as a sword.

Chen Daoping met his gaze, not giving an inch, his gaze equally cold.

Invariably, a terrifying sense of oppression swept through the entire council chamber.

Everyone was silent, staring in fear.

Everyone knew that this was a confrontation between the Family Head and Chen Daoping.


Suddenly, Chen Daoping laughed, “Since the Family Head has asked, then I will say that for the sake of the Family Head, taking away this son’s heir status and not counting him as a member of the Chen Family will end the matter!”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened to the extreme.

His hands pressed against his wheelchair, and he could not help but clench them tightly, the bruises on the back of his hands protruding.

The anger in his chest seemed to have reached a critical point at this moment, desperate to explode out.

But his right leg was pressed by a large hand, and Chen Dong forced himself to hold back again.

He glanced at his father, and then resentfully looked at Chen Daoping.

To be able to confront his father to such an extent, this man was afraid that he did not just rely on Old Lady Chen for his heritage in the Chen family.

“Who agrees? Who is against?”

Chen Daoling opened his voice calmly.

There was silence in the council chamber.

Everyone had indifferent faces.

But the silence was, at this moment, like the sound of thunder.

“It seems that everyone is in agreement?”

Chen Daolin rubbed his nose and laughed softly, but his expression was gradually cold and stern.

Not waiting for him to open his mouth.

Chen Daoxin then barked, “This is already considered the lightest punishment for your son.”


Chen Daolin smiled instead of being angry.

With that, his gaze was like lightning, looking straight at Chen Daojin.

“Chen Daojin, everyone in the Chen family knows that your virtue is not worthy of your position, but you have corrupted the law and secretly swallowed billions of dollars from the Chen family’s financial company, does this count as a violation of the family rules?”

A thunderclap of words.

The whole room was in an uproar.

Chen Daoxin’s face turned as pale as a pig’s liver.

His lips mumbled, shocked, “You, how did you know that?”

As he asked this, a chill ran down Chen Daojin’s back, he had done this extremely stealthily, it was impossible for anyone to find out!

Chen Daoling smiled disdainfully.

Turning to look at Chen Daoping, “Chen Daoping, you are in charge of the overseas Chen family office, you have colluded with overseas families, and you have been splitting from the Chen family, secretly using your position to facilitate the transfer of the Chen family’s overseas properties to others at a low price, making profits from them, does this count as breaking the family rules?”

The voice was calm.

But when it fell on everyone’s ears, it was a thunderclap that rang out, deafening.

Once again, there was an uproar.

A fierce aura flashed in Chen Daoping’s eyes, his teeth clenched and his fists clenched.

Chen Daoling, however, ignored it.

Instead, his gaze slowly swept over the crowd, pausing on one figure at a time as he counted them.

“You, with the name of the Chen family, you have taken money by trickery, your family has red flags but hundreds of colourful flags outside, and you have dozens of illegitimate children alone, does this count as breaking the family rules?”

“You, in the name of the Chen family, are running roughshod over the outside world. One month ago, you stood up for a woman from the dust and destroyed a small powerful family in Kyoto.


The words are very clear, but there is a strange calmness.

But every look, every word, all of them made a Chen family member’s hair stand on end, his scalp tingling, panic and fear.

Chen Dong’s jaw dropped as he watched, his heart trembling.

Was this his father’s final killing move?

He had already memorised these sins and was taking this opportunity to take them out on everyone?

In the end, Chen Daolin’s gaze fell on Old Lady Chen.

“You, what are you looking at me for?”

Old Mrs. Chen had long since panicked, and the fact that all the people present were being counted guilty by Chen Daolin and did not dare to refute was obviously a fact.

And now, Chen Daolin looked at her, that sin ……

“Sanniang, you are a foreigner, everyone respects you because you are older and because you are credited with starting the Chen family.”

Chen Daoling’s tone was calm, but the words he spat out made old Mrs. Chen’s face pale, “But you have no self-respect, you live in the high hall of the Chen family, but use this status to facilitate your mother’s family to get all kinds of benefits, I have never bothered with you, now Sanniang teach me, is this considered a violation of the family rules?”

“You ……”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face changed to blue and red as she rose indignantly, but she was speechless and sat down heavily in her chair again.

At this moment, the old lady no longer had the arrogant look she had just had, but instead was endlessly disheveled and weak.


Chen Daolin leaned back in his chair, his majestic aura crushing across the entire room.

“Now I ask again, who is in favour? Who is against?”


Chapter 354

Inside the Council Chamber.

There was silence.

Chen Daolin’s aura was majestic, crushing the whole room.

Chen Dong’s blood boiled as he watched his father’s words, completely reversing the situation.

A list of sins was as clear as day.

If the people present really wanted to deal with him for breaking the family rules, it would be hard for them to escape disposal too!

This was making things simple and putting the choice in the hands of all.

Those who obeyed me would prosper, those who disobeyed me would die!

Simple and brutal.

It was simple and brutal, yet like a titanic mountain, it was impossible for anyone to resist.

The faces of all those present turned blue and red, and the corners of their eyes pulsated with veins.

The worse ones even trembled vaguely.

Fear, horror, despair and other emotions haunted everyone.

They all felt like they had fallen into an ice cave.

If it really came down to it, there would be one person in the room, and no one would get away with it.

All the sins, according to the family rules, the entire Chen family hierarchy would have to be turned upside down.

For each of these offences was a strict rule that was above the family rules.

Eating and cheating, lusting and pandering, enriching oneself.

Every single one of these strict prohibitions was written on top of the family rules.


Chen Daolin suddenly let out a cold snort.

Some of them, moreover, were shaken to the core by this cold snort.

“I, I object!”

Chen Daojin was the first to speak up, “This matter is but a trivial matter, so you all need not take it seriously, why bother?”

“Chen Daoping!”

Old Madam Chen and Chen Dao Ping looked at Chen Dao pro in anger at the same time, both mother and son wanted to eat Chen Dao pro on the spot.

This useless waste of a man, the gra*s is falling fast!

“I’m against it too!”

“I object!”



As Chen Dao pro opened his mouth, it was as if the floodgates had been opened, and one voice after another rang out.

To die a friend of the Way, to harm others and benefit oneself, this was what everyone had in mind.

But when a friend of the Way has to die a poor man’s death at the same time, and when he has to harm others at the same time as he harms himself, everyone is shaken.

They were not so faint and feverish that they intended to fight Chen Dao Lin to the death on this matter!

Listening to the crowd of objections.

Chen Daoling revealed a pleased smile as his stern gaze slowly looked towards Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping, “I am grateful that everyone knows how to behave, now it’s just you, Sanniang and Daoping.”

Old Mrs Chen and Chen Daoping looked at each other.

Torn, resigned and hesitant.

In the end, Old Mrs. Chen bowed her head and gritted her teeth, “Objection!”

“Objection!” Chen Daoping followed closely in agreement.

“Everyone is so sensible, as the head of the family, I am very pleased.”

Chen Daolin smiled brightly and looked askance at everyone present, “Please continue to be sensible, and do not apologise for my generosity to you as the head of the family.”

A single word was spoken, causing everyone’s face to look embarra*sed to the extreme.

On the contrary, no one dared to speak out.

Chen Daoling had just pinpointed all of their vital points.

With the slightest movement, he could dispose of any of them.

“Dong’er, after you have met your uncles, push your father to leave.”

Chen Daolin had no intention of staying behind, rubbing his head and saying with slight disappointment, “These uncles of yours, none of them were capable of fighting back then, I didn’t expect that after twenty years, none of them are still capable of fighting, only your Uncle Daojun is a bit more powerful.”

Disdain and disdain were not concealed.

Chen Dong did not hide the smile on his face.

In his heart, he was already excited and ecstatic.

A family meeting that had pushed the palace backwards, but with a wave of his father’s hand, he directly overpowered the whole room.

He was so strong that everyone dared not make a move.

How deep should this be, how big should this be?


Suddenly, Old Madam Chen shouted in a deep voice.

Chen Dong stopped, and Chen Daolin looked back at Old Madam Chen and smiled, “Third Mother, want to change your mind?”

Old Mrs Chen revealed a look of disgust, but turned to say, “Dao Lin is worthy of being the head of my Chen family, his methods are amazing, but as an older person, it is time for me to remind you that it is time to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of the successors and determine who will succeed the next head of the family!”

“Oh? Then when exactly does Sanniang think is best?” Chen Daolin asked rhetorically.

The crowd was chilled and startled.

But Old Lady Chen was not afraid: “The previous head of the family was established when he reached his fiftieth birthday, and this is generally the year in which successive heads of the family have been established.

“Fifty years of age? I’m already forty-nine this year, and I’ll be fifty in another year.

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes suddenly flushed red as she pleaded with tears in her eyes, “Do you want me to go to my grave without seeing the next head of the family and without seeing any hope for the future of the Chen family? How can I explain this to my ancestors when I go down?”

The sobbing.

At once, the crowd smacked their lips.

Many people got up to appease them.

Chen Daoping hurriedly supported Old Mrs. Chen, “Mother, it is up to the family head to decide on this matter, so don’t be anxious.”

“Can I not be anxious? As an older generation, who doesn’t want to see a glorious future for the Chen family? If I were to die one day, how would I face my ancestors if I delayed choosing the next head of the family? Am I not even allowed to worry about this?”

Old Mrs. Chen cried miserably, tears streaming down her face.

The people around her rose to appease her, all looking helpless.

“One singing and one singing.”

Chen Daolin spoke in a cold voice, raised his eyes and glanced at Chen Dong, gritted his teeth and said, “One year, that’s one year, after one year, all the successors will hand in their answers and the winner will be the king!”

One year?

Chen Dong’s heart and soul shook with horror.

But still, he pushed Chen Daolin to leave.

When the two had left.

Inside the council chamber, Old Lady Chen’s emotions gradually calmed down.

All the people also left the council chamber.

When only Old Madam Chen and Chen Dao Ping were left.

“Mom, why did you suddenly react so much just now?” Chen Daoping asked, puzzled.

Old Madam Chen smiled coldly, “If I can’t kill Chen Dong and take away his heirship, can’t the old body still use the name of the ancestors to pressure Chen Daolin to limit the period of one year?”

Chen Daoping suddenly realized and said with surprise, “Mom is trying to cut the flesh with a dull knife and use the one-year period to make Chen Dong’s B*****d completely useless after one year? That wild B*****d has only been operating for how long, and his achievements can never surpa*s those of all his successors!”

“Not only that, the old body just wants to use this to disgust Chen Daoling.”

Old Madam Chen smiled smugly, “Didn’t he boast that his son was strong and treat him like a treasure in the palm of his hand? One year, just this one year, I would like to see what kind of answer Chen Dong, this wild B*****d, can deliver.”

“One year later, at Chen Daolin’s birthday banquet, all the heirs will be present to celebrate the birthday, and all the heirs will then be judged, and by then, not only will that wild B*****d Chen Dong be left with nothing, but Chen Daolin will also be disgraced!”

“Wonderful, wonderful! As expected, ginger is still hot!”

Chen Daoping was so excited and ecstatic that he could not help but give a thumbs up to Old Lady Chen.

“In a year’s time, even if that wild B*****d Chen Dong is a great god, he will not be able to surpa*s the efforts of the other successors for years and decades!”